Your Top Gifts for RPG Players
  • Your Top Gifts for RPG Players

    We asked and you answered: Here's the top gifts you recommended for the tabletop role-playing game players in your life.

    Dice (44%)

    It's not surprising that dice is at the top of the list, since that's one of the primary tools for tabletop RPG play. We covered what to get your game master, but sometimes the tables are turned too -- especially for DMs who might be tired of players losing their dice. MortalPlague said:

    "I had a DM buy a set of gorgeous tungsten dice for all the players in a long-running campaign. It was a marvelous gift, and whenever I look at those dice, I remember the good times we had in that game."

    Amazon has many choices, but one of the all inclusive sets is Augshy's 49-piece Dice Set. It includes seven different-colored sets of polyhedral dice, seven dice bags, and even seven dice trays (ignore the hilarious picture of dice being used for Monopoly). That's seven players covered for just $14, or $2 per person!

    Rulebooks (38%)

    In D&D games, the DM usually needs more books than the players -- including the Dungeon Master's Guide and the Monster Manual, not to mention any additional hardcovers. But everyone usually needs at least one book, and that's the Player's Handbook. DMMike explained:

    "Rulebooks. Hands-down. Nothing lets the David-Player fight back better against the GM-oliath than rules. Just kidding. Those two are supposed to be in cooperation. Depending on the game."

    Your mileage with other games may vary, as per TrippyHippy:

    "I prefer to buy my own rulebooks, and my own tastes are possibly quite difficult to fathom. If somebody bought me a game, and I didn't like it, I'd be obliged to keep it because it was a gift."

    You can buy the Player's Handbook in hardcover for $23 and Amazon Prime shipping.

    Miniatures (37%)

    Unlike DMs, who could potentially need a miniature for every conceivable monsters, most players need just a handful of minis to represent their characters, followers, and pets. aco175 explained price limits:

    "I picked rulebooks and minis but this depends on the money you plan to spend. I most likely would not spend $50 on a book for the DM, but would spend 20 on some minis he may need/want."

    Miniatures for players are a tricky thing. If you just want any miniature for any occasion, you can just buy a bunch and hope the players find a mini to their liking. But if you want to get a miniature that's exactly represents a player's character, you can't go wrong with a digital gift voucher to Hero Forge for $25 (including shipping).

    The Other Stuff

    Spellbook Cards were surprisingly popular (25%). You can get a set of all of the arcane spells from the Player's Handbook for $20 (perhaps shared by all the wizards in the group). Spellbook Cards were followed in popularity by gear to carry all the aforementioned stuff (24%). ThinkGeek's Bag of Holding is popular at $40.

    The remaining choices included RPG-Themed Clothing (21%), RPG Decor (12%), Character Creation Software (8%) and Character Sheets (4%). In the Other category (5%) was something we didn't think of but that's usually welcome at any gathering of adult friends. Intillectrician said it best:

    "How has no one said ALCOHOL? This holiday season, I'll be helping my players get in to character with 750ml bottles of social lubricant."

    For other recommendations see Brimmel's Gift Guide and your gift ideas for GMs. Happy Holidays!

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    1. delericho's Avatar
      delericho -
      $23 for the PHB really is an astonishing deal.
    1. Sadras's Avatar
      Sadras -
      I know my players would prefer an increase in level.
    1. Aiden_Keller_'s Avatar
      Aiden_Keller_ -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sadras View Post
      I know my players would prefer an increase in level.

      1 Free Feat
      2 Dragon Henchmen
      3 Dozen Arrows +3
      4 Scrolls of Messaging
      6 Swords of Slaying
      7 Sanguin Swimming
      8 Maids a Serving (FREE BEER!)
      9 Extra Levels
      10 Lordly Favors
      11 Bards Singing (Praise of my deeds)
      12 Orcs Drumming (Warband announcing my entrance into town)
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