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    Tuesday, 19th June, 2018, 07:15 PM
    Whoever thought Orthanc was a worthless, old tower didn't look hard enough. Here's a link to the Roll20 Con game, and the optional pre-gen characters. Name Undolas Half-elven
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    Tuesday, 19th June, 2018, 01:34 AM
    {Clipping from The Daily Crystal} For the woman elegance, poise, and position on the go! This indispensable item is an absolute must for those situations where an entrance simply must be made. As every woman knows, the Descent Upon the Stairs is The Entrance. Behold, this stylish rod (with a wide range of customization choices and styles for the perfect match) provides, with the...
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    Monday, 18th June, 2018, 10:19 PM
    Design a special suit of clothes / armor / steampunk clockwork wearable suit which is designed to twitch-trigger a number of Immovable Rods mounted inside the clothing along various portions of the body. While a mime might be able to make creative use of this outfit, it will really show it's stuff when in the hands (or rather, on the body) of a fantasy pop-and-lock dubstep artist. You can now...
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    Monday, 18th June, 2018, 02:30 PM
    Create a mini construct that has the sole purpose in existence of clinging to the rod and pushing that button. The construct responds to a key word, specific user, or mental command for the psionic types. Connect a rope, or if you really insist, a whip to the rod. You can now throw out the rod and perform the Swashbuckler Swing™ at will. Suggested keywords: "Tally ho!", "Have at...
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    Wednesday, 13th June, 2018, 08:04 PM
    Excellent comment on cold iron. I'll double check, but if we weren't already doing that, we will be from now on. =D
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    Tuesday, 12th June, 2018, 09:02 PM
    1) pay for custom ring gates that fit snugly over the button end of the immovable rod and firmly attach in place. 2) put the rod somewhere interesting or give it to someone. (as the button is on the other side of the gate, they can't mess with it.) 3) remote control the rod via the Murphy's Law principle. 4) profit? (this requires the party to be higher level or wealthy, obviously.)
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    Tuesday, 12th June, 2018, 08:50 PM
    You are probably thinking about the damage caps on spells (Page 36 of the 3.5 DMG). Range and Duration and any other non-damage level based parts of a spell don't have a cap unless the spell says so.
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    Tuesday, 12th June, 2018, 08:46 PM
    I've always enjoyed the Rule of Cold Iron when it comes to giving martials a method of dealing with magic types. For those not familiar it is traditional in many folk lore, fairy tales, and fantasy stories for Cold Iron to be the bane and/or natural counter of arcanists and arcane effects of all types, be they natural arcanists such as Fey, or learned arcanists such as magic users. We...
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Monday, 16th April, 2018

  • 02:21 PM - Blue mentioned DMMike in post Deleted Posts

Friday, 30th March, 2018

  • 04:12 PM - Kobold Boots mentioned DMMike in post AI Creates New D&D Monsters
    It was a matter of time before the ML crowd was going to start doing stuff like this. On the note about game designers by DMMike, Yes, even now it should be entirely possible to code desired "game balance" and prevent designers from doing broken things. Whatever "game balance" is though needs to have some clearly defined rules and the fewer of them, the better. I'm in favor of this as it would completely eliminate fanboy-ism or nostalgia from builds. In my opinion, the root cause of much of what is considered broken. But again, simulationist and math nerd behind this post. Be well KB

Wednesday, 24th January, 2018

  • 07:47 AM - pemerton mentioned DMMike in post Integrating Skill Challenges With Combat
    DMMike, AbdulAlhazred - to me, asking "what happens if one fails but the other succeeds" is like asking "what happens if we beat these 3 people but the other 2 don't get beaten?" From the point of view of the fiction it's a partial win, partial loss; and from the point of view of mechanics you just adjudicate it as the mechanics requre. Eg if monsters keep spawinging until the portal is shut, then they keep spawning. If the world ends if the portal isn't shut, the world ends. If the portal gets shut but then the party is TPKed, well (as AbdulAlhazred says), that was a heroic sacrifice! In other words, I don't see any real difficulties in respect of this. Where I think it can get tricky is in more prosaic aspects of 4e resolution: integrating action economy into the skill challenge, making sure consequences (especially for individual failures as the thing unfolds) are (i) fair and (ii) engaging (just as one hopes is the case in monster design), etc. This is an area where p 42, and wre...

Saturday, 6th January, 2018

  • 10:29 PM - Manbearcat mentioned DMMike in post What Is an Experience Point Worth?
    ...ard? Rewarding good role-playing makes slightly more sense, but I still dislike the practice because some players _are_ good role-players and don't need (and usually don't care about) the extra xp. They're roleplaying because they consider it fun (i.e. see above). It's the players who struggle with role-playing who'd benefit most from a rule granting them extra xp to encourage them to give their best. But if you want to treat all your players fairly, they'll still always fall behind the players who are already good role-players. In other words: granting xp isn't a good choice if you want to encourage good role-playing. What you really want to achieve is that your 'problem' players realize that role-playing is fun! So, what works better, imho, is to give them more opportunities to be in the spotlight and reward their efforts with mostly immaterial things, like better contacts or allies. I agree with Campbell and (at least in part) with Jhaelen here. The issue I have with DMMike 's position above is that it seems to assume that GM-agnostic systemization of XP gain is either not feasible or undesirable. The GM doesn't need to be in any position to hand out XP. In the Powered By the Apocalypse systems that Campbell is bringing up, XP isn't "awarded" via one person's (likely opaque and cognitive bias-laden) adjudication. Its simply gained via transparent, focused triggers; eg did you fail on a move, did you make Desperate Action Roll, did you overcome a tough obstacle/threat via coercion, did your Vice get you into trouble. The GM's role in these things isn't in the awarding. The GM's role is in following the game's premise and the player cues, in framing the action whereby decision-points related to vice temptation, desperate situations, and dangerous NPCs that can be coerced are the central focus of play (and whatever else might part of the game's PCs' portfolio and xp triggers such as themes of heritage, beliefs, aspirations, relationships). I signif...

Thursday, 16th November, 2017

  • 09:24 AM - scottaroberts mentioned DMMike in post Xanathar's, Wizards, and FLGSes Charging For Playspace
    ...posts in one reply is beyond my knowledge with this forum software. I truly appreciate people who support their FLGS via MSRP buying of products in the store. There just aren't enough of them. In fact, I've bought the arguments I hear from those who *don't* pay MSRP while trying to convince people to do so. I find it akin to accepting charity: you know, and I know, that you could get that product 40% cheaper. In essence you're donating money to me. It feels as if I am ripping people off or depending entirely on their goodwill and, well, businesses don't really succeed if they're relying on people to realize they should *not* take the bargain offered elsewhere. shidaku: I don't really expect people who can host at home to pay for space. The frequency of purchase of D&D accessories, and their price points, does not make enough money to keep a space afloat in and of itself (although in a larger store, cross-gaming customers can buy enough regularly to keep up the space). DMMike: The gaming cafe model is an excellent one--but it's also much more expensive to set up, run, etc...and the best use of such a space's appeal is not to draw an RPG crowd at all; if I were to do it, it'd be pretty much all boardgames and directed towards a dating/youth market looking for something different to do. But that's just me. Dire Bare: I love hearing about successful stores, but I'll point a few things out: first, you're in Idaho; rural areas and the midwest (due to a lack of competition for entertainment dollars) tend to do quite a lot better than places in more urban areas from my knowledge. Second, they make their money from CCGs and minis games primarily. Third, you just said they lost your business because the employees screwed up--a problem that Amazon does not have. Lastly, you *have to* "care whether they're freeloaders", though many FLGS don't. With the exception of the minority who strive to buy MSRP, RPGers essentially have a large contingent of folks who do t...

Tuesday, 14th March, 2017

  • 12:15 PM - akr71 mentioned DMMike in post Lingering Wounds Revamped
    In addition to what DMMike said, on page page 292 of the PHB says an unconscious creature "attack rolls against the creature have advantage" and "any attack that hits the creature is a critical hit if the attacker is within 5 feet of the creature." Page 197 states that "if you take any damage while you have 0 hit points, you suffer a death saving throw failure. If the damage is from a critical hit you suffer two failures instead. If the damage equals or exceeds your hit point maximum, you suffer instant death." So that big, stinky orc standing over you only needs to hit you twice, with advantage and you are dead. Now your healers only have 1 minute to get over to you safely and cast Revivify.

Tuesday, 28th February, 2017

  • 05:37 AM - Lanefan mentioned DMMike in post Keepiing Current HP from players...
    Sure, you can go shopping for new clothes the whole game if that is more interesting.I think DMMike is trying to remind us there's two other pillars to the game besides combat; neither of which is nearly as subject to a 5-minute workday as combat is. And I agree with him: a DM whose game is all combat all the time with very little (or virtually none at all, I've seen it) exploration or social interaction is doing his players a disservice by only running 1/3 of a game. It maybe gritty and intense but it is not very DnD. Sounds more Rolemastery to me, maybe CoC if you just want players to be more cautious going up against creatures that can insta-kill you given half a chance.Gritty and intense can be very D&D. Just maybe not very this-century-design D&D, more's the pity. Lanefan

Monday, 6th February, 2017

  • 11:18 AM - Quickleaf mentioned DMMike in post First time making a "serious" dungeon! How do you do it?
    DMMike I always forget about OGRE. Thanks for reminding me! And yes, "dungeon" is often D&D's quirky shorthand for "lair." Jhaelen Maybe that was part of my thinking in the past. I saw plenty of examples I felt were sub-par so I kind of avoided it. Only after years of DMing and writing do I finally feel like I have what it takes to design a big dungeon well. One of the first questions posed in 3e Dungeoncraft is What is the function of your dungeon in your campaign setting? Before you set pencil to paper, you need to decide how the dungeon fits into your campaign setting. Take a moment to consider why the dungeon exists, how it interacts with the rest of the world, and what purpose it (and other dungeons) serve in the grand scheme of things. You could just say that dungeons are the ruins of a forgotten civilization, but many other interesting possibilities exist. Death Trap... Near Frontier... Agent of Evil... Legendary Location... The Bizarre... My hunch is Krak al-Mazhar fits ...

Wednesday, 21st December, 2016

  • 07:43 PM - pdzoch mentioned DMMike in post Walock of the Fiend supported by two Enchanters
    DMMike, that's the approach I've decided to take. Typically, I do not want to over plan any encounter, but generally most creatures only have a few actions they can take anyway. Spell casters add numerous more options, and if you include multiple spellcasters, well ... its a lot of action to account for. I've decided that planning the encounter in more detail is not so much planning as it is managing. I recall reading in several published adventures modules guidance to the DM on how to play particular spellcaster enemies. That guidance usually included order of spells to cast and when to cast other spells. For this particular encounter, I have a Warlock of the Fiend and two Enchanters (both from Volo's Guide to Monsters) in an enchanting room performing a ritual the players are supposed to disrupt. The Warlock of the Fiend has the following spells: Alter self, False life, Levitate, Mage armor, Silent image - which he can cast at will as an innate ability. Feeble mind, Finger of...

Friday, 9th December, 2016

  • 08:11 PM - pdzoch mentioned DMMike in post Rules Transparency - How much do players need to know?
    DMMike, Interesting thread, but I think the discussion is drifting into group dynamics and compatibility over DM game management (which is how I understood your post initially). Group dynamics and compatibility (usually with the concepts of gaming styles of the group) is a challenge affecting every group of people who get together for a game, whether it be card game, board game, or RPG game. Sometimes a group completely falls apart because of the differences within a group. (Someone's play style is just too aggressive, or obnoxious, or too serious or not serious enough for the rest of the group) Some groups might even exclude a member for fear of disrupting group stability. (Poker groups refuse to let a bad poker player join/ Bridge players jealously guard their partners). But many groups know there are differences within the group and they accommodate. (over in the board game circles, many player will play a game they do not prefer or play poorly just to be with the group knowing ...

Tuesday, 6th December, 2016

  • 10:56 PM - pemerton mentioned DMMike in post The importance to "story" of contrivance
    the only way to learn how to create event sequences that lead from A to B to C (where C is a fun/interesting outcome) is by playing the game and seeing what works. What I have learned over the last thirty-plus years at the gaming table is to not rely on a preset sequence of events. This does not mean I don't plot my adventures--of course I do that. <snip> The trick is to keep NPCs/intelligent monsters simple. Sure, write up a long and detailed backstory if you must, but follow the advice in the 5E DMG and boil your NPCs down to a few basic motivations, and then stick to them during play no matter what. Linking this to my reply to DMMike upthread: I don't plot adventures. I come up with a few ideas for possilbe NPCs, and perhaps locations - the latter are more important in D&D than other systems. As far as NPCs are concerned, I'll have a basic idea of the NPC's place in the world, but not detailed motivations - those I work out more-or-less as Paul Czege describes here: I frame the character into the middle of conflicts I think will push and pull in ways that are interesting to me and to the player. I keep NPC personalities somewhat unfixed in my mind, allowing me to retroactively justify their behaviors in support of this.

Wednesday, 27th April, 2016

  • 12:29 PM - Li Shenron mentioned DMMike in post Wound Levels -- an alternative way to deal with HP
    I quite like this Wounds system (I take it that your Healing house rules are separate). I wouldn't go with DMMike suggestion about using "HP thresholds" for wounds because in such case everyone would get wounded all the time. At least for my tastes, I'd like to keep wounds fairly uncommon, so that normally there are 0-2 wounded PCs at any time. So I actually like that Springheel system introduces wounds only when reaching 0hp. This is similar to the idea I have been waiting to use (but haven't need so far) i.e. to replace death with a lingering injury, so in my case I'd even wait until the 3rd failed Death ST. I take your point about the unconsciousness. That isn't realistic, but it's a 5e concession I'm willing to live with. Yeah I was actually thinking about this as I read your system... What if you allow the PC to stay conscious? If I were to develop a similar system, I would probably have a small random table for wounds effects instead of your fixed progression, and "unconsciousness" could be just one of the possible effects in the table. Notice that if the player decides the PC stays ...

Thursday, 23rd July, 2015

  • 11:13 PM - pemerton mentioned DMMike in post Critical Hits - why, and why not?
    If a battle axe hits you right between the eyes and you aren't dead there's something wrong with the damage system. As others have pointed out, in D&D there are no hit location tables. If an attack with a battle axe succeeds, and the target's hit points have not been reduced to zero, and the GM nevertheless narrates the result of the attack as hitting right between the eyes, or decapitation, or whatever, the problem is with the GM, not with the hit point system. (As Gygax wrote in his DMG, I think on p 61, because most hit point damage is bruising, scratches, and wearing down luck/resilience, hit locations are not germane to successful attacks in D&D.) On the issue raised by DMMike, as to whether critical hits are an admission of failure: in D&D they're just a way of imposing a non-linear damage curve. Whether or not that's a desirable thing, it doesn't seem to be an admission of failure.

Saturday, 11th April, 2015

Thursday, 2nd April, 2015

  • 05:00 PM - Herobizkit mentioned DMMike in post What does a Martial Artist do?
    @DMMike It gives you a d4 unarmed attack and proficiency in improvised weapons. Also, you can start a grapple as a bonus action if you hit. Improvised weapons do the same damage as a weapon that could best represent it in-game. A broken glass could be a 'dagger', while a mop could be a 'staff', or a chair could be a 'greatclub'.

Saturday, 14th March, 2015

  • 12:19 AM - Desh-Rae-Halra mentioned DMMike in post Discussion of the Cypher System
    DMMike, The problem with assigning 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 is that generally you are placing thins in Easy, Moderate or Hard. As someone still playing Numenera, that means the die roll( number needed for success on a d20) would be 6 (easy) 12 (harder than average) 18 (very hard) 24 (really unlikely!) and 30 (You would need to be Tier 6 (the highest, essentially Level 20), spend 6 points of effort, and still only have a less than average chance of success, not considering training, specializaitions, or assets. I think an average difficulty is 3, and you expect that players who have Skill training or Specialization will reduce the difficulty to actually make it easy. Of course this all depends on context: the variables are your skills, assets, and amount of effort you are willing to expend. So a highly skilled party might find a Difficulty 3 swimming task actually daunting, because without skill or effort ( or assets), that makes your chance just better than a coin toss to succeed.

Thursday, 26th February, 2015

  • 04:15 PM - Jester David mentioned DMMike in post New position advertised by WotC: Associate Game Producer
    I think I saw this advertised on ENWorld a little while back. The fact we're seeing another push either means they're nearing the end of the fixed-date hiring period or they're having trouble finding someone to take the job. As DMMike says, this is pretty much a temporary position. So it might not be a surprise people are reluctant to interview. It's a good job for people who live in the area, but certainly not a good job to move to take. It does look like a very minor office type job that just happens to concern D&D. Manage licences, do paperwork and filing, and generally be the personal assistant to the entire department.

Thursday, 11th December, 2014

  • 06:15 AM - Orich Starkhart mentioned DMMike in post Armor as DR
    Not quite, DMMike. Yes, AC and the DEX save reflect defense, but in different situations according to the game. With respect to combat, the notion of advancing defense skill in D&D is reflected in increasing hit points, not "armor points", except in an indirect way, in that with experience and advancement, characters generally acquire magic that might afford protective bonuses, as well as wealth and maybe prestige and favor which can be parlayed into increasingly effective armor, for those who have access to the required armor proficiency. One of Sadrik's proposals Parry class = 8 + Prof + DEX + Parry Which is a hybrid between AC and Dex save. A hybrid and redefinition (as armor is removed) I endorse, in general. Perhaps defense in combat ultimately becomes a dex save, and then armor protects from some of the resulting damage. An interesting question given HP's new role. There are three game-rule outcomes: The wall deals no damage. The wall deals some damage, but you don't drop to zero HP. The...

Sunday, 7th December, 2014

  • 08:24 AM - Orich Starkhart mentioned DMMike in post Armor as DR
    A few responses to points made by DMMike and Sadrik: Then I have a game for you! I'll check out your game. Parrying is a skill. You increase it just like your swimming skill or acting skill. And you use it to defeat attack attempts. Agreed that "parrying" is a skill, but I think Sadrik's "Parry" refers to defense in general rather than solely to parrying action. Shields provide a bonus to the parrying skill, but weapons do not. I disagree that weapons do not contribute. Certainly it's harder to get a good hit on a person armed with a sword than one who is not armed, if they can block or parry with their sword or if that sword is a threat to the attacker. I suppose the effect of weapon might be insignificant, or at least smaller, in combination with a shield. Perhaps where Sadrik had +2 for a sword, +3 for sword alone, it should be +1 for sword, +2 if it's the only thing held, and shield at +3 or +4 makes for sword and shield parry at +4 or +5. Think about this: a two hander is much bigger and has more blocking...

Sunday, 16th November, 2014

  • 06:35 PM - SavingThrow mentioned DMMike in post Building a Better Bard - Some examples of non-musical bards for character builds
    Thanks, DMMike. Could you point me to the ToS? I wasn't aware I was violating anything for this forum but obviously wanna fix it for any future posts! Sorry for any confusion! I think you're right: bards are almost custom built for some sort of leadership role. They often fill that slot (often whether they want to or not) in some of my games. It's awesome seeing a power struggle between a paladin and a bard for control of the party. In the article the author has two examples - the Dirty Limerick Bard who uses naughty poetry to intimidate his enemies and amuse (and rally) his friends. Grab any good tasteless joke book popular with 8-year olds and you've got a treasure trove of material to base spells and such from. The other is the Dark Monologue Bard. An actor or orator who mesmerizes enemies with compelling performances. Grab any Shakespeare for Dummies and find a few good monologues - Henry V's St. Crispin's Day speech to rally your troops, for instance - and you're off and running. This ...

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Monday, 14th May, 2018

Saturday, 14th April, 2018

  • 10:44 PM - CapnZapp quoted DMMike in post expanded crit range
    Try using Advantage, with or without Inspiration. It almost doubles your chances of a crit.That post makes Captain Obvious proud.
  • 02:32 AM - Bromjunaar quoted DMMike in post Ten basic medieval fantasy classes
    This has me thinking that there could be three base classes - warrior, mage, thief - and each one has two varieties based on which direction it takes to differ from the base. The Skyrim standing stones might be too much of a pigeon hole though, but warrior/fighter and mage/wizard seem pretty obvious. Poet doesn't sound like a good class, but as a person who uses his mind to get what he needs, it fills the gap between warrior and mage pretty well. The older Elder Scrolls framework (Such as Oblivion's) might be a better framework to build from than Skyrim's if you are going to use classes, since each of the classes had favored attributes and such, though Skyrim's framework would work fine for a classless style. With the Oblivion style, even with only three attributes, you could set it up with an open skill system, with a stamina attribute being related to increases in P, magic boost from S, and a number of skill points from M. Ex: Every level, P, M, and S increase by 1 due to leveling,...

Friday, 13th April, 2018

  • 10:30 PM - Tonguez quoted DMMike in post Ten basic medieval fantasy classes need a day or two to let us know what those might be? ;) The "adventuring" is a good distinction on the PPM scholar. It implies that a character, or adventuring, has a required Physical component to it. Tomb Raider is a good choice, but is there a medieval equivalent? Also interesting to see rogues and merchants in the same category. Does the handling of large quantities of money constitute a class characteristic? Are merchants less physically oriented than rogues, or is that not a necessary distinction? Tomb Raider is just a more heroic title for the Grave Robber, a role that did exist in Medieval times - in a Europe=based setting you've got a Tomb Raider digging in to ancient Barrow mounds to steal the crown of a buried king, in the fantasy setting that gets complicated when that King and his guards wake up and try to stop you. For me the MMP line implies Skills + Physical ability. Thats obvious for Rogue but also works for your merchant if Social Skills are emphas...

Wednesday, 11th April, 2018

  • 06:22 PM - Mistwell quoted DMMike in post AI Creates New D&D Monsters
    I had this in mind: Marraganralleraith 5 A horrid ghost, sometimes seen as darkness, sometimes as a dim glow in the dark, that is bound to the totem of the boar. This wraith is first seen as a decapitated boar's head, which springs to life and floats in the air where the wraith's head would be. The marraganralleraith (or "ghost boar," for non-ghost-hunters) prefers to haunt and fight in the dark, where it can use its owl's eye perk and sneak skill to the best effect. Goal: steal the lives of any creatures that do not honor the boar totem. Flaw: its physical abilities are limited to that of a floating head. P 12, M 8, MP 15 Skills: magic (float 4) +1 (1), magic (fear 1) +8 (1), sneak +4 (3) Perks: bonus action (magic), thought shield (natural), martial artist, sleepless, owl's eye Gear: boar tusk d6, boar hide d4 96291 Excellent :)

Sunday, 8th April, 2018

  • 04:53 AM - Bromjunaar quoted DMMike in post Ten basic medieval fantasy classes
    Not entirely off base, but the D&D class list isn't very well-rounded until you include the NPC classes Aristocrat and Expert. Aristocrats are classic adventurers: see Jon Snow, Boromir, King Graham, Prince Adam... The Expert, or Skill Monkey Supreme, is more technically useful than a thief, and less likely to stab someone in the back than a rogue/assassin. I'm not inclined to peg the Ranger as an overly Mental type, although being a tracker requires some sense. Casting spells and speaking with animals points them in a Supernatural direction. SSS is a good spot for sorceror, but it's also a good spot for shamanist/animalist type classes too. So your pegs look good, but it's not a D&D class list that I'm after. My question is: what list of ten classes would make you say, "I think I see the character I want," instead of "there's no X? I'm going to find another game." Is there a major medieval fantasy trope that's not represented in your list? The starting point is basically th...

Thursday, 5th April, 2018

  • 09:06 PM - snickersnax quoted DMMike in post Bulmahn on Pathfinder 2's Goblin Ancestry
    What's the pushback against goblins? Are people afraid that all-goblin PC groups will be the new norm? Or maybe, goblins will lose their minion status if the game endorses them as playable characters? The horror... I'll have to admit that my pushback stems from paizo goblins seeming like mis-behaved kick-me dogs that the owner thinks is cute and should be treated like a king and insists that you should too. In fact they should be getting a gold medal for choir competition because, you know...they can sing.
  • 07:07 PM - Charlaquin quoted DMMike in post Bulmahn on Pathfinder 2's Goblin Ancestry
    Nothing to see here.
  • 06:45 PM - Jer quoted DMMike in post Bulmahn on Pathfinder 2's Goblin Ancestry
    What's the pushback against goblins? Are people afraid that all-goblin PC groups will be the new norm? Or maybe, goblins will lose their minion status if the game endorses them as playable characters? The horror... Many people also don't like Dragonborn or Tieflings being part of the core of D&D either. There are folks who play the game as "if its in the core rulebook, it's allowed" and they get irritated when new things are added between editions because their campaign has no room for those things. To them these are fundamental changes to the game that are worse than mere mechanical rules changes because they are core setting changes they never asked for and now have to deal with one way or the other in their own games (either by disallowing them via a house rule to keep the setting consistent or stay with "anything core is allowed" and be forced to make setting changes). I don't personally play the game that way - I'm a kitchen sink GM and most of the worlds I run are kitchen...

Thursday, 29th March, 2018

  • 04:31 AM - Bromjunaar quoted DMMike in post Ten basic medieval fantasy classes
    Very 3e of you (I approve). However, toward the end of creating a spectrum of heroes, the 3e list might be a little redundant. I'll try it though: PPP - Barbarian PPM - Warrior/Fighter PPS - Monk/Ranger PMM - Rogue PMS - Aristocrat/Commoner PSS - Paladin/Cleric MMM - Expert MMS - Bard MSS - Wizard/Sorceror SSS - Druid The pieces fit, but there's some reconciling in order. What do you call a class that could work for a monk and a ranger? Or an aristocrat and a commoner? Is Druid too much of a pigeonhole for an all supernatural class? This helps out in another way. Working on the above list, I wondered if I could view each class by their amount of time spent exercising (P), reading/studying (M), and meditating/praying (S)... What about moving Sorcerer to SSS, as Sorcerer is a castor with inate magic, and moving Druid to PMS, as a spell user capable of filling a bunch of different roles? Also, wouldn't PPS be Paladin, with the class being a predominately fighter class with magic bac...

Tuesday, 27th March, 2018

  • 09:33 PM - Tony Vargas quoted DMMike in post Ten basic medieval fantasy classes
    So one class might be three Physical parts, or PPP. This is most likely a warrior of sorts. The wizard is likely three supernaturals, SSS, or a mental and two supernatural parts, MSS. Oookay... What name, or class, would you give to each? PPP - Hero (D&D Fighter + Rogue &c) PPM - Martial Artist PPS - Mystic (D&D Monk or D&D Psychic Warrior, I suppose) MMM - Mastermind (Holmes & Moriarty) MMP - General (D&D Warlord) MMS - Sage (D&D Wizard, but less & less powerful direct spell casting) SSS - Madwand (D&D Sorcerer or D&D Psion) SSP - Templar (D&D Cleric) SSM - Sorcerer (D&D Warlock or Shaman) PMS - Adventurer (D&D Bard, less the music baggage)

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  • 09:22 AM - Jhaelen quoted DMMike in post Ten basic medieval fantasy classes
    As my quest to reimagine character classes continues, I have a new problem to solve: what are the ten most fundamental fantasy classes? Now now, don't just give me names. That's too easy. I'm asking for ten classes because each class has a construction of three parts, each part having one type: Physical (P), Mental (M), or Supernatural (S). Ha! That's extremely similar to an idea I once had for a new RPG system. The primary stats for each character were Physical, Mental, and Spirit, each with an Active expression and a Passive expression. (Okay, in a way that was just renaming ye olde D&D stats...) I wanted each character to cover two 'roles', represented by combining a Primary stat and a Secondary stat. I.e. Pp, Pm, Ps, Mp, Mm, Ms, Sp, Sm, and Ss. I really need to dig into my old RPG stuff to see if I can find my notes again. Iirc, I came up with a couple of classes that you don't typically see in RPGs. One example was an Archeologist (Mp?). Basically, that's your Indiana Jones ...
  • 12:14 AM - Eltab quoted DMMike in post Ten basic medieval fantasy classes
    Monk opens up the question: do racial/ethnic characters fit as character classes? An unnumbered mass of Benedictine Monks (c.500 AD and onwards) want to know what is wrong with their race/ethnic background. Many of them came from the Warrior class before becoming Monks, and presumably could handle themselves in a fight if they had to.

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  • 05:47 PM - DM Magic quoted DMMike in post Rules for Improvised Attacks
    This looks like it will produce some quality attacks, but I'm not seeing how you can avoid putting thought into it. It has multiple steps and table references, which pretty much ends its chances of being "on the fly." For me, I'd have these rules and the table references on the same sheet, so no looking between pages in several books. Look at it this way: 5e damage is usually (always?) variable, and if you're using a DM Screen®, your players won't know how many dice or what kind you're rolling anyway. They won't even know if you're looking at the dice. True, though I always roll in the open, plus this would be more for the players than for me. What's your goal? To create perfectly simulated damage models, to produce levels of damage that the PCs can't legally complain about, or to administer an amount of damage that generally respects the type of attack and level of the PCs? My monsters make extensive use of terrain and the environment and I like to encourage the players d...

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  • 08:07 PM - cthulhu42 quoted DMMike in post Any Dungeon World players here?
    XP to pemerton for impressive summoning skills. Quick question for DW users: would you call the game "light rules?" I haven't played, but the moves-system seems to put the focus on storytelling instead of rules-negotiating. How often do you need to reference the rulebook in a single session? I would call the game, "explanation light." In general, action resolution is very simple. Anything else is pretty much adjudicated by the GM on the fly. But there are many nuances to the game that, I feel, are given less than adequate explanation. Hence threads like these that litter the internet. Honestly, I have no idea how someone would figure out some of the specifics without the internet to turn to, and even then it's a struggle. Despite the excellent advise given on this thread, I'm still struggling with some of it. That said, the one session I've played was a total hoot! The rules really do push the game and the story forward. I went into our session with only a bare outline...

Sunday, 18th March, 2018

  • 02:20 AM - CubicsRube quoted DMMike in post Any Dungeon World players here?
    XP to pemerton for impressive summoning skills. Quick question for DW users: would you call the game "light rules?" I haven't played, but the moves-system seems to put the focus on storytelling instead of rules-negotiating. How often do you need to reference the rulebook in a single session? Well i dont ever reference rules while running, unless people go shopping. I do however keel a list of gm and monster moves handy. It is extremely rules light, but that doesn't make it easy necessarily. It falls on the gm to make things cinematic and dynamic. Because its less structured you have to be comfortable with (or learning) to improvise a lot in these in dw (and i assume other pbta games)

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  • 11:30 AM - Jhaelen quoted DMMike in post Can you earn experience points for your comrades?
    Ideally, a player would have some sort of character in mind to play, and choose a class goal that he agrees with. So there's no punishment involved - the class goal is something the player sees his character doing in any event. No, there would be no race goals, because being a race is not something that you improve (although it's possible).To me that's a bit of an odd concept, effectively restricting role-playing in ways I wouldn't enjoy. Playing a fighter grown weary of battles, only relying on combat as a last resort? "Not in my game, sir!". Having said that, there's precedent to that line of thinking: In Earthdawn, all player characters are 'adepts'. They don't choose their discipline (aka class), they're chosen by it! They have magical talents allowing them to excel in the activities they are meant to perform. Here's a good description of this idea. To quote the most important aspects of it: Each discipline is also a philosophy, a way of life - truly requiring dedication and focu...

Sunday, 11th March, 2018

  • 11:06 PM - Lanefan quoted DMMike in post Can you earn experience points for your comrades?
    No, there would be no race goals, because being a race is not something that you improve (although it's possible). Player #1: "I'm going to be the Dwarfiest Dwarf ever!" Player #2: "How can you be Dwarfier than any other Dwarf?" Player #1: "No idea, but I'm gonna do it - just watch me!" :) This is the kind of situation where class goals would help. Greedy Joe has only one class goal, and presumably gets XP from one type of accomplishment. So he can't hog the rest of the helpful party's XP if his class goal wouldn't help in a given situation. Under the OP proposal, he might earn some XP for the party member whose class goal would best resolve a situation, or he might make the situation worse by pursuing his class goal although it's not suited for the situation. This is one factor that may make my own experiences different from some: our games practically run on greed. If you decouple class from playstyle, you run into the problem that D&D now has: you need a type of XP award that...
  • 12:45 AM - Tallifer quoted DMMike in post Can you earn experience points for your comrades?
    So, yes, a PC can earn experience points for his comrades, but experience shouldn't have anything to do with which class you choose, or whether or not you participate? 1. I run a system in which all classes use the same experience chart. (If on the other hand, I ran AD&D, I could probably grant each player a certain equal % toward his next level.) 2. Participation has its own rewards in enjoyment, treasure and story.

Saturday, 10th March, 2018

  • 09:32 PM - 5ekyu quoted DMMike in post Can you earn experience points for your comrades?
    This is just a difference in opinion of what a Class is. To you, a class is a set of bonuses that your character gets. To me, a class is a play style. Actually, part of my motivation is to redefine "class," since the set-of-bonuses type became so bland after years of abuse. A "rogue" shouldn't necessarily depend on stealing for advancement. A "thief" should have no problem with that at all. Which is why I would title my classes appropriately...but I think that's a different conversatioin. Its less to do with my view of what class is as how much i want the rules to enforce my view of what a player's character is or how they should be played as opposed to what the player's is. Well, see, back in the day when classed systems had nobackground or skills and so basically race, class, alignment were about all the tools at your disposal, class did to a very substantial amount equate to playstyle and goals... And some, perhaps many, me included found that less satifying and migrated away to ot...

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