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    Today, 02:03 AM
    A bit of an observation, the edition war was between 3e and 4e players, yet somehow the grognards won? I think lowkey is up to something. Not exactly correct, but partially right for the wrong reasons at least. I mean I think that WotC is in the best position to give us a good quality list and stuff to make gold worth it, in the same way I think they can give us a good warlord. However...
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    Wednesday, 7th November, 2018, 04:31 AM
    But isn't that still something external not internal?
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    Wednesday, 7th November, 2018, 01:08 AM
    I'm reluctant to watch the show, I've liked Sabrina for a long time. And I don't mean just the Sitcom, I used to watch the cartoons as a kid-and I don't mean the Disney and postDisney ones-. To me Sabrina is meant to be this cutesy and lighthearted thing; I'm not ready to see it as scary and chilling black humor. Also I'm not a fan of the devil pact in the new adaptation, I liked that witch just...
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    Wednesday, 31st October, 2018, 05:05 PM
    No, it is a punishment, because otherwise those souls would go to the plane they are aligned with. The whole wall is an extortion racket from the FR deities to suck every last ounce of power from the inhabitants of the Realms.
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    Friday, 26th October, 2018, 09:34 AM
    Spears basically good for monks. Magical and 3pp resources can make the weaker weapons competitive. Spears are often good for throwing as well so giving up +1 damage for extra attacks can be decent.
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    Thursday, 25th October, 2018, 10:40 PM
    I work backwards. I don't particularly care for potential player's politics. And any politics will be window dressing to the campaign/plot. I mean I'm a luddite with a particular disdain of A.I., but you'd be hard pressed to ever find a campaign that is about seizing the means of production and topple down the evil robot overlords...
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    Thursday, 25th October, 2018, 07:45 PM
    Archetypes are the new prestige class. 3pp has new classes very few worth getting excited about.
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    Tuesday, 23rd October, 2018, 10:57 AM
    Old post failing memory. Basically sentinel feat or help form class features/spells such as a Battlemaster or Dissonant Whispers IIRC. To the OP disagree about the Ranger/Rogue MC build. Rogue 8 MC into hunter ranger for the next 5 levels is a great idea IMHO. losing 3d6 sneak attack it well worth it for all the stuff you get such as hunters quarry, 2nd attack, weapon style (dual wielders) and...
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    Sunday, 21st October, 2018, 03:16 AM
    Perhaps However this is the internet. We are in an American site owned by an English gentleman with posters from all over the globe and that is this site alone. If you were to find my stuff in the wild you'd never know a thing about myself including my frame of reference. Maybe I just don't want to antagonize either side and just share things that come from the heart and reflect...
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    Friday, 19th October, 2018, 11:59 PM
    I'm more of the idea that it's the other way around, one's own perspectives, thoughts, and morals shape our political views. Or at least it goes both ways. I have a problem with this -funny how we agree on lots of stuff but this isn't the case-, art is a fuzzy thing, but the one thing that makes art, art is intentionality. No intentionality, no art. No art, no statement. And the onus of...
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Wednesday, 24th October, 2018

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Wednesday, 29th August, 2018

  • 07:05 AM - Coroc mentioned Zardnaar in post Halfling Darksun (Athasian) Variant.
    Blue The "Lucky " trait of the standard Halfling allows to reroll each 1 of a d20 also the brave trait allows advantage vs. fear without limit. I do not think that Zardnaar 's ancient wisdom overcompensates the lack of these two traits, it does not look overpowered in any way to me as it is a limited resource. Given that in a DS campaign short rests might not be that frequent its recharge is depending on some outer condition that cannot be affected by the players.

Tuesday, 31st July, 2018

  • 03:29 PM - Raunalyn mentioned Zardnaar in post Best D&D Novels- Of All TIme
    Yo, Zardnaar, I'ma let you finish, but Dragonlance Legends was one of the best D&D trilogies of all time! Of all time!!!
  • 02:52 PM - Coroc mentioned Zardnaar in post How To Faithfully Convert Campaign Settings.
    Zardnaar Kudos for notiung that the old stuff is often not known by younger generations of players. That's to my experience, gamers in my group are approx. 15 years younger than me so I can use my old 2e stuff and be sure they never heard about it in detail. 2e Ravenloft had some of the best adventures for RP orientated players Dragonlance has only one interesting area: the war of the lance. And 5e will not change that. So players best either play the heroes of the lance or play some other guys whith the heroes of the lance not existing. I still argue that gladiator should be the battlemaster and fighter the champion, since a gladiator is not a tank but rather a sophisticated fighter with many tricks and maneuvers . I still say that arcane magic out of defiler / preserver maybe warlock Templars would water down one of the core DS themes so no 5e bards and eldritch knights for me. General stuff On timelines: as with DL there are sweet spots in the timeline and more often tha...

Monday, 30th July, 2018

  • 08:14 AM - delericho mentioned Zardnaar in post Does anyone NOT expect the Artificer and Mystic to release with the final version of 'Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron'?
    I could be wronge but it seems to me that Warforged were constructed by Artificers, in older versions of D&D Warforged could only be healed by artificers, Kalashtar are the embodiment of the perfect Mystic class race setup, and someone told me they were released together in prior editions. I'm afraid not - psionics in 3e predates Eberron by several years. Indeed, psionics support was one of the first things they added to the game, releasing in March 2001. With that in mind, the they mentioned their is another Artificer revision is around and the Mystic might be turned into the Psion class or released alone side it... Like Zardnaar, I expect the Artificer to be in the final version of WGtE, but not psionics. Though not for the same reason - I suspect Psionics support will require considerably more material than they'll want to give away for 'free' to all the people who have bought this PDF (they'll want to keep it for a hardback release... which, yes, probably means Dark Sun).

Saturday, 16th June, 2018

  • 12:41 AM - MoonSong mentioned Zardnaar in post Z's Multi classing Thoughts
    Zardnaar -curious how I always think of you as Zardinaar- I like your thoughts on multiclassing. I just want to add, that Sorcerer/Lore Bard (likely Bard4/Sorcerer3+) is just plain good as a support/control caster, only Divine Soul comes close, but having less spells hurts it a little. Tons of spells known and tons of cantrips to play around. I prefer to start Sorcerer(for the CON proficiency), then switch to bard until bard 4, then switch back until you get metamagic. From 7th level onwards you have light armor, an extra skill, a diverse spell pool to choose from (and a bunch of spells known to choose with). You are not that good with bardic inspiration, but you pack quite the utility and have access to silence/subtle spell and Twin Spell shenanigans. Also the extra subclasses in Xanathar bridge the thematic gap between the cha casters. Celestial Patron Warlock is just begging to be mixed with Paladin and Divine Soul Sorcerer, and Shadow Sorcerer fits quite well with Fey and Fiend Patron ...

Thursday, 14th June, 2018

  • 02:26 PM - Coroc mentioned Zardnaar in post Darksun Version 4.0
    Zardnaar It requires more math at the table, and with ba -1 damage is negligable but -1 to hit is a tough Cookie. The way i would do it: eg. dagger (Bone Obsidian flint) 1d4 (Steel 1d6) Spear bone Stone etc 1d8 (steel 1d10) compare this one with quarterstaff 1d6 (my houserule) 1d8 RAW But your rule is either Spear inferior 1d6 compare with qarterstaff RAW 1d8 or Spear inferior 1d8-1 compare with quarterstaff RAW 1d8 See where the Problem is? "Oh a spear with a bone tip razorsharp, i better remove it so i got a quarterstaff for more damage and it will not break on a 1" With Magic weapons the next Problem: Magic Spear+1 Obsidian 1d8-1 +1 eventually only +0 to hit because inferior, it does as much as a metal spear with your rule. With my rule it would do 1d8+1 =2-9 but with +1 to hit ok the metal spear would do 1-10 but without +1 to hit that is far more balanced. Of course with Magic weapons breakage reule should not apply
  • 01:22 PM - Coroc mentioned Zardnaar in post Darksun Version 4.0
    double post
  • 01:21 PM - Coroc mentioned Zardnaar in post Darksun Version 4.0
    Hey cool, you are at it once more Zardnaar. But you still stick to the 1 die lower mechanism for inferior weapons. Since you got a closed world because you are using 2e as a Framework, why don't you use the inferior = normal die / metal is 1 die higher role instead? It works consistent with Magic weapons made from inferior material and does not give RAW wooden Clubs and Quarterstaves an additional Advantage over the (for Quarterstaffs) already existing unbalance (Quarterstaff = 1d8 Spear = 1 d8) It does not hurt anything because no weapons will be from the outside, but it pushes the metal weapon = the least form of a Magic weapon Agenda that 2e had. Also it does not make things overcomplicated for 1d4 weapons. Several more modern weapons like Rapiers crossbows and two handed swords should not exist in Darksun anyway, and in the case of a rapier you could not make that from bone or Obsidian or Wood.

Friday, 8th June, 2018

  • 07:39 AM - Coroc mentioned Zardnaar in post How Dark is Your D&D Preference?
    Zardnaar Imho Darksun is rather "dark" because it is so gritty. It is not necessary evil all the time, of course an abundance of evil also exists in DS, but it is often survival, aka who eats who, and who gets his share of water and who not.
  • 03:14 AM - Yaarel mentioned Zardnaar in post Will you make transsexual Elves canon in your games ?
    @Zardnaar 5% or so self-identify as strictly gay. But bisexuality dramatically increases this percentage. In settings, it tends to be fun to make about one out ten couples samesex. • some of these couples are spouses • some of these couples are close friends • some of these couples are one-night stands (Same goes for oppositesex couples.)

Thursday, 7th June, 2018

  • 11:33 AM - Coroc mentioned Zardnaar in post How Dark is Your D&D Preference?
    Ye i do it similar, would have given them muscets but since one of my Players did not want firearms they stick to crossbows. That is technically more appropriate vs all sorts of plate armor which make bows pretty useless. I also got a orcs riding manticores "air force"- But since Iuz = CE my orcs are still CE, their discipline comes from fear of punishment. Btw. any News on your DS conversion Zardnaar ? I liked especially your conversion of the Monsters to 5e .

Friday, 4th May, 2018

Monday, 23rd April, 2018

  • 10:42 AM - Hussar mentioned Zardnaar in post Amazon: D&D at the start of 2018
    Well, Zardnaar, I'd think that the fact that the RPG market has tripled in size in the last five or six years might have something to do with 5e. Even comparing to the height of 3e, the market is still about 50% larger. I think it's very safe to say that 5e is doing extremely well. And the fact that it is doing this well four years after release is practically unheard of.

Friday, 30th March, 2018

  • 04:35 AM - FrogReaver mentioned Zardnaar in post Lets design a Warlord for 5th edition
    Zardnaar Why do you never talk about the specific implantation of at-will attack granting that we talk about here? Why do you repeatedly bring rogues up when the implementation for it here doesn't allow an extra sneak attack? Why do you base your decision for it being OP on a rogue being present in the party when it won't matter with our implementation at all? You continually ignore just how many attacks a sorcerer is capable of granting in a day and try to justify that such is okay because it's on a daily resource. It's like you aren't even trying to objectively look at such an ability anymore. You are irrational in regards to it. Heck, you've stopped giving sensible rebuttals and offering sensible discussion in relation to it long ago.

Thursday, 29th March, 2018

  • 01:17 AM - Hussar mentioned Zardnaar in post Lets design a Warlord for 5th edition
    I have to ask here. Zardnaar is the only one here who thinks that at will action granting is too powerful. No one else seems to have a problem with it. Why are we bothering with his criticisms? It's been repeatedly pointed out that at-will attack granting is not overpowered, and I don't think anyone here (other than Zardnaar) has an issue with it. So, howzabout we simply ignore Zardnaar's issue and constant derailment of the thread, and get back to designing a warlord that we'd actually want to play, rather than designing a warlord that satisfies the lone squeaky wheel in the wilderness.
  • 01:03 AM - FrogReaver mentioned Zardnaar in post Lets design a Warlord for 5th edition
    @Zardnaar , Please try to give reasoned thoughtful responses to these questions How many attack grants (not action grants) should a 5th level character be able to grant in a day (assuming that they are only allowing the character granted the attack to make an additional attack on their turn, unlike haste which does allow a method for the granted attack to be on an off turn)? We know a level 5 Sorcerer can cast a twinned haste 3 times per day (I estimate that at 24 attacks granted per day). We know a battlemaster fighter at level 5 can generally grant 8-12 attacks per day depending on short rests. All of these can be off turn attacks as well. Should a Warlord be able to reach those limits especially with an "on turn" restricted extra attack? Or should he maybe get to exceed those limits? And if so by what amount? And if that amount is already quickly approaching the number needed in the day to make it be "essentially at-will" then what's the problem with just letting him have at-will atta...

Wednesday, 28th March, 2018

  • 02:20 AM - Hussar mentioned Zardnaar in post Lets design a Warlord for 5th edition
    How is your fighter at 5th level doing d8+6 damage? Even with a 20 stat, it's +5, and that's only possible if you played a variant human and dumped both ASI's into Str. A sword and board fighter with protection style is dealing, probably d8+3 x2 at 5th level. Which is no better than the 2d10 for a cantrip. You really, REALLY need to stop laser beam focusing on optimized characters when trying to make a warlord Zardnaar. That's NOT where the balance point is.

Tuesday, 27th March, 2018

  • 07:53 AM - Hussar mentioned Zardnaar in post Lets design a Warlord for 5th edition
    Zardnaar - I think if you're going to insist that at-will action granting is impossible, that's basically a non-starter for any warlord build. There are several ways to grant actions. Good grief, a 3rd level battlemaster can grant an attack 12 times per day, with bonuses to damage, and that's not even specialized. An adventuring day is what, 20 rounds long? So, even right now, out of the PHB, a 3rd level fighter can grant bonus attacks 50% of the time. By 7th level, he can do it 21 times per day, or, essentially, every round. Arguing that changing that to 100% is going to break the game is a strange hill to die on considering we already HAVE a class that can effectively grant at-will attacks. BTW, why does it take a 10th level sorc? A 7th level sorc has 7 sorcery points and 3 3rd and 1 4th level spell. He can drop haste 5 times per day, which grants a heck of a lot more goodies than a single attack, and still have all his 1st and 2nd level slots left over. By 8th he's got enough...

Monday, 26th March, 2018

  • 11:09 AM - Aldarc mentioned Zardnaar in post So Why is 5E So Popular?
    Zardnaar: There is another factor that I would add to your list. 5E (and tabletop games, on the whole) have benefited tangentially from a reemergence of the boardgame hobby into the mainstream. Boardgames are cool now, and they are a considered a viable alternative to "going out" for a group of friends wanting to hang-out together. Tabletop RPGs, particularly D&D because of your aforementioned reasons, are generally regarded as extensions of boardgames in that they involve a group of friends playing a game in person around a table. I know many people who got into D&D 5e not through online streaming of D&D and the like, but, rather, through board game groups. This even includes boardgame-themed bars and the like that also began hosting tabletop RPGs. Yes, the game being a bit easier to pick up helps once the players are at the table... but in my opinion it's the large amount of streaming and videos to watch that then inspire the players to actually move to the table after they discover ex...

Tuesday, 20th March, 2018

  • 02:42 PM - Aldarc mentioned Zardnaar in post Mike Mearls Happy Fun Hour: The Warlord
    Musings on Warlord Subclasses: Creating "narratives" for warlord subclasses is not particularly difficult at all. I also don't think that every warlord subclass should be martial/mundane. Instead, the mundane/martial/magicless only needs to reflect the core chassis of a hypothetical warlord class. So what sort of subclasses could work for a warlord? Zardnaar has a pretty good core three: the gung-ho bravura, the inspiring marshal, and the tactical battle captain. Essentially, "I lead by example," "I lead through inspiration," and "I lead with tactical insight." I would also like to see a subclass that incorporates divination magic and luck, utilizing a mix of strategic foresight and dumb luck. A warseer? Or doombringer? Other subclass flavorings that would be nice include a psionic subclass. Or more villanous terror, and fear-leading warlord would also be nice.

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Thursday, 8th November, 2018

  • 10:36 PM - clutchbone quoted Zardnaar in post A Knife in the Dark, A Rogues Handbook
    Old post failing memory. Basically sentinel feat or help form class features/spells such as a Battlemaster or Dissonant Whispers IIRC. To the OP disagree about the Ranger/Rogue MC build. Rogue 8 MC into hunter ranger for the next 5 levels is a great idea IMHO. losing 3d6 sneak attack it well worth it for all the stuff you get such as hunters quarry, 2nd attack, weapon style (dual wielders) and collossus slayer/hordebreaker. Hunter Ranger is frontloaded a bit level 9-13 are not to exciting for Rogues. Would kick that one up to dark blue and the fighter MC is possibly gold although the light blue rating is fine:pFighter is good for 1-8 levels generally or you can go strength based and tank around in heavy armor with shield master and expertise in athletics- you can still sneak attack with a rapier and key it off strength. Yeah, Hunter is out, Gloom Stalker is in. I've actually updated the multiclass section a bit for XGtE subclasses, as well as the Unearthed Arcana races section for Race...

Monday, 22nd October, 2018

  • 03:59 AM - squibbles quoted Zardnaar in post A Knife in the Dark, A Rogues Handbook
    Tips, Tricks & Combos Your damage will spike upwards if you manage to get reaction attacks with Sneak Attack. See "Ways to attack with your Reaction" in the Handy links section. I was not able to find the link for "Ways to attack with your Reaction", would you kindly point me in its direction? Much obliged.

Monday, 8th October, 2018

  • 11:46 PM - Mike Myler quoted Zardnaar in post The Mahout: Basic Class Information
    <things> <also, things> I'm not great at tagging on these forums and a little pressed for time today so bear with me. Some changes (improvements!) to the mahout (eventually implemented to the articles on the Patreon but for convenience sake and before I forget, reprinted below). Thank you both for your feedback! <3 Mystical FerocityAlso at 6th level, your pet’s natural weapons count as magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage. Keeper’s GraspAt 10th level, you’ve mastered grabbing an unruly pet. You gain the Grappler feat, even if you do not meet its prerequisite. In addition, you are able to grapple creatures up to two sizes larger than you.

Sunday, 7th October, 2018

  • 01:05 PM - Connorsrpg quoted Zardnaar in post Norse World
    Very good. I have thought of using Earth before but replacing cultures with D&D ones. Same. And one time I did it.

Thursday, 4th October, 2018

  • 10:56 AM - Hussar quoted Zardnaar in post Why D&D Can't Have a Good Video Game
    Gets back to my OP. Pillars and Kingmaker are reasonably cheap to make so why can't 5E have a good game. I don't expect a witcher 3, assassins creed or gta5 levels of graphics. OTOH, we have no idea how much of their own money the production studio ponied up either. We know that they got about 1 million for a game that's based on the Unity Engine. So, we're not exactly talking about ground breaking here are we? And, let's be honest, Hasbro likely isn't interested in diluting the brand with a cheap product either. I mean, Neverwinter according to the 30 second googling I did, has about 15 million players. That's certainly respectable. Not what I want to play, but, it's not like there isn't a 5e game out there.

Monday, 1st October, 2018

  • 10:05 AM - Jhaelen quoted Zardnaar in post Pathfinder: Kingmaker Is An Isometric RPG Experience
    1. People still use Macs?Currently, I'm still using a PC running Windows 7. But my next PC is likely going to be a Mac, since I will never voluntarily use a PC running Windows 10. After over 25 years Microsoft has finally managed to alienate me.

Sunday, 30th September, 2018

  • 03:25 PM - Oofta quoted Zardnaar in post Tell Me About Your Experiences With High Level 5E
    Maybe not for new DMs. I started a spin off thread but a few tricks I know these days I did not know 20 years ago. Otherwise yeah encounters are more of an art form, 4E tried to regulate them and make all the monsters similar but had the side effect of the treadmill and a lot of monsters of similar level having very similar defences. Ultimately it was boring. There things in 5E I do not like, I don't call the designers lazy. Its mostly a few leftovers who have not gotten over their preferred D&D died and very little of that playstyle carried over (a lot of concepts did though). Its like in Magic the Gathering and why they make bad card when they could design everything as good. Its part of what appeals to the games and the various groups that play the game (Timmy, Johny, Spike). The monsters are designed for ability scores of 16, no feats, no multiclassing for new players. For old salts its a bit on the easy side. Hopefully new judges aren't jumping in to high level campaigns. If t...

Saturday, 29th September, 2018

  • 11:06 PM - Sabathius42 quoted Zardnaar in post Why D&D Can't Have a Good Video Game
    1. Its not an actual D&D game although it is fantasy. 2. Witcher is an 80 million dollar game. WoTC can't afford that and they go for the cheap developers it seems. Do you think the author of Witcher paid $80m to produce a Witcher game? All WoTC has to do is be wise with who they farm out the licensing to and they could have a good DnD game again. DS
  • 02:30 PM - Ristamar quoted Zardnaar in post Why D&D Can't Have a Good Video Game
    I think Pillars was 4 million. In game development that is money down the back of a couch levels. Witcher 3 80 million, GTA V 200+ million, Assassins Creed 100+ million. You can still make good cheap games though (Sins of a Solar Empire, Europa Unversalis IV, most Paradox titles really). I think your perspective is skewed by the few remaining mega developers/publishers that can dump tens of millions into well established franchises and are capable of weathering a couple of disappointing releases. 4 million is a fortune for an isometric CRPG. Even Witcher 2 only had a budget of 10 million. CD Projekt RED is both awesome and insane for having the brass to self fund huge titles like Witcher 3 and the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077. However, if one of their massive ventures doesn't resonate with the market, they could be in big financial trouble.
  • 01:19 PM - Ristamar quoted Zardnaar in post Why D&D Can't Have a Good Video Game
    HTis is kind of what I mean for a good D&D game. Kingmnaker was probably cheap in terms of game development and looks nice/fun to play. Not as cheap as you might think. They received nearly a million dollars in a Kickstarter campaign to supplement their existing development budget. They also had a big publishing partner (Deep Silver). Granted, it's not AAA levels of funding, but it's not a tiny indie game budget, either. It's probably comparable to Pillars of Eternity.
  • 04:21 AM - Jay Verkuilen quoted Zardnaar in post Pathfinder: Kingmaker Is An Isometric RPG Experience
    Never really got the reason why people use macs except perhaps for "prestige" or to say you have got one. Been over priced and underpowered here for decades. Maybe in the days before windows 95 I can understand it. Kind of like an I phone, pay more money get a less functioning phone. I am typing on one now. It's a 4 year old computer. It runs like a clock, still quite capable computationally, and maintaining it has been very simple. That's why I buy them, although next time I buy a compute I may get a Windows machine due to some software compatibility issues. I don't play graphics-heavy games on my computer, though.
  • 01:13 AM - Morrus quoted Zardnaar in post Pathfinder: Kingmaker Is An Isometric RPG Experience
    Never really got the reason why people use macs except perhaps for "prestige" or to say you have got one. Been over priced and underpowered here for decades. Maybe in the days before windows 95 I can understand it. Kind of like an I phone, pay more money get a less functioning phone. I’m sure you’ll like something one day. It’s gotta be tough.

Friday, 28th September, 2018

Thursday, 27th September, 2018

Wednesday, 26th September, 2018

  • 05:19 PM - Pauper quoted Zardnaar in post 5E And The D&D Play style "Won"
    Put simply the online stereo types about the various D&D playstyles do not apply to how peopel play the game. Those stereotypes broadly speaking are. 1E. Fantasy Vietnam. 2E. Narrative settings. 3E. Powergaming. 4E tactical. I think this is an interesting way to look at the differences between previous editions and 5e, though I have Thoughts. For example Fantasy Vietnam in AD&D mostly exists in a handful of adventures with certain reputations the Tomb of Horrors being the prime one (Ruins of Undermountain and Labyrinthe of Madness). The thing here is that for the most part I suspect those play styles are actually in the minority. I think, generally speaking, you're right. Classic 'meatgrinder' dungeons might do well in lists of all-time best modules, but they're also highly polarizing. It's hard to tell any kind of story in a meatgrinder other than Day of the Dead, and arguably that movie had more story in it than most meatgrinder dungeons allow. That's not to say it'...

Tuesday, 25th September, 2018

  • 11:16 PM - Eric V quoted Zardnaar in post Do Cleric/Druid players just ignore a large portion of their spells list?
    The cleric spell list in particular has a lot of spells that are so good you are kind of an idiot if you don't take them. Bless, some fo the healing spells, Spiritual Weapon/Guardians etc. This may vary by domain I would not take a few of them as a light cleric for example. I have heard some players are struggling with Druids as well as as you either go wildshaped but the others are kind of half way between a cleric and wizard in terms of healing and blasting. Outside of the Moon Druid the Druid is never really going to be any good in a fight but every cleric can cast spiritual guardians although the Druid is better at range (except some domains). I don't know about idiotic, but there are definitely some spells on the Cleric list that will be more universally useful than many others; you identified the classics. Mind you, it's not unique to the cleric: wizards with Shield, Misty Step, Fireball, Banishment, etc. Just part of the game.
  • 09:50 PM - Elfcrusher quoted Zardnaar in post Do Cleric/Druid players just ignore a large portion of their spells list?
    We don't use bless as much now either for mostly those reasons. Ok, saying that one must be an idiot to not take them is a bit...hyperbolic? And, by extension, there are good reasons to not take the supposedly "best" spells?

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