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Wednesday, 5th August, 2015

  • 11:50 AM - delericho quoted Peter Holland in post Why Should You Vote In The ENnies?
    With WotC coming away with basically all the awards it shows that sheer voting numbers are what counted. This year. But this year is an unusual one, because WotC published a new edition of D&D. If they stick with their planned slow release schedule going forward, then next year they very likely won't have entries in all the categories.

Friday, 21st March, 2014

  • 08:11 PM - Morrus quoted Peter Holland in post First Session Feedback
    Where in the book does it mention trading attack dice for damage? I can't see that in the combat section. The bottom of page 103. That's the seed of what will be the Combat Tricks system (which, if you want a preview of, check out the O.L.D. document -- though that is mainly geared towards medieval weaponry- but the principle is the same, and the stuff on page 103 will be expanded into a system much like it). In playtests I've been in, that particular trick (2 attack dice reduction per 1 dice damage increase) has been *really* popular. It models shots which are more damaging due to improved accuracy very well. it's mainly used to beat armour (it represents a headshot or something similar).
  • 08:08 PM - Morrus quoted Peter Holland in post As of N.O.W. the O.L.D. and N.E.W. playtest documents are P.U.B.L.I.C.!
    I notice on N.E.W. you mention minor changes- what sort of changes? Just some typos, and added in the test of the "lesser" exploding dice. If you have the previous one, you don't need this one (though you're welcome to it, of course). There will be another major update before the Kickstarter, so you can expect that at the beginning of April.
  • 12:55 PM - Morrus quoted Peter Holland in post First Session Feedback
    Having spoken with another of my players, I'm not sure that will actually work. He's going to log on to explain that at some point, but suffice it to say, he's found a serious flaw in combat. If the exploding mechanic is to be re-added, perhaps it should only work for your Luck Dice- that way we can encourage use (as suggested previously, with different coloured dice etc.) without having to always use them. That's another option, sure. Right now we're throwing round lots of ideas, we'll need to test these things to see how they play out.

Monday, 17th March, 2014

  • 08:10 PM - Morrus quoted Peter Holland in post First Session Feedback
    Edge of the Empire works in a similar manner and actually works really well. I personally find that a bit fiddly.
  • 08:08 PM - Morrus quoted Peter Holland in post First Session Feedback
    Surely it would make sense for the phaser stun to be the same as the three other weapons that stun? More that I'll likely change them to the way phasers will do it. Simpler, fewer dice rolls, faster gameplay. I did wonder if you were going to do Ammo like that: I think it would work. Playtest feedback was very negative. I didn't feel it felt right, either. If you want, try it and let me know how it goes.
  • 08:06 PM - MarkB quoted Peter Holland in post First Session Feedback
    Not having a penalty for shooting into combat seems silly- melee is surely two people dancing around each other- shooting one of them would be difficult- it goes against all sense not to have a rule governing it. If you want something like that, I have a quick-fix suggestion: Melee combatants grant cover bonuses to people behind them, and a character engaged in melee is not subject to the Pinned Down mechanic.
  • 07:54 PM - Morrus quoted Peter Holland in post First Session Feedback
    Dividing into suggestions and questions/issues. Questions: 3) Stun on Phasers? Same as others? I don't think the phaser stun feature has been written quite yet - I'd put that aside for later. But basically, it's going to be a type of non-lethal damage. Get reduced to zero HEALTH with a stun, and you fall unconscious but stable. 4) Ammo- how much actual ammo do weapons have? or do you roll each shot and on a 1? 6? you run out? For now, ammo isn't being tracked. Originally I was going to use the countdown mechanic, but it doesn't work quite right for ammo. It'll likely end up just as a track of charges/ammo. 5) What's the difference between a Blaster and a Laser Pistol? essentially a Blaster seems better on all counts. They are. Laser pistols are more primitive than blasters. The blaster is the better choice in settings where both are available. Suggestions: 2) Assisting on skill checks? Half the lower skill? Or add your skill ranks to theirs? There isn't currently a rule for assist...

Saturday, 15th March, 2014

  • 02:05 AM - Morrus quoted Peter Holland in post First Session Feedback
    Combat wasn't a problem- there's plenty there to boost. Luck wasn't really used because players got so few Luck dice (many had good WIL so were on 1 or 2 dice)- they were reluctant to use them. Heh - they're there to be used! I have some thoughts on probability manipulation as a psionic power or powers - essentially manipulating the size of a luck pool. It's only a vague idea right now though. I may also revisit some careers and give them the occasional ability to use a free luck die, plus add luck dice in as a reward type alongside XP.

Friday, 14th March, 2014

  • 06:40 PM - Morrus quoted Peter Holland in post Character Generation feedback
    END 5 gives 3 dice, giving between 3 and 18 health. With the triple END rule there's really no point in rolling. So unless that changes, it may as well be the same as Cr. or triple END. Heh, yep, I can do the math! :) It's playtest feedback I was after. In other word, for END 5, 15 health vs. 18 or so. It's really not a big difference (3 points or so, or the equivalent of about one damage dice) so it won't affect things *that* much. My point with the psionic careers is they all require PSI 2+, so there are only the two ways to actually get into them. Yes, there are currently very few ways to get into psionic careers. There will be more if/when I get enough feedack on the psionic system to start building on it a bit more.
  • 09:34 AM - Morrus quoted Peter Holland in post Character Generation feedback
    A few things: 1) With health do you roll your END dice or dice equal to your END stat? People have been trying both in playtests. I'd be interested in feedback on whichever you try! Too high, too low, about right? 2) The character sheet has the wrong calculations for defences Thanks. Editing the sheets is quite work intensive, so they don't get updated quite as often as the documents do. 3) There are two ways to develop your Psi: being a psionic race or a human Talent with +1 psi for your species ability. Should there be another way to develop your psi? There are psionic careers also. There will likely be more psionic content later (as you can see, the powers chapter only has a small number of powers so far) but I haven't had any feedback on the basic starting system yet, so I've held off building on it. If you try it, please do let me know how it goes!

Monday, 10th March, 2014

  • 02:27 AM - Cadence quoted Peter Holland in post Working out the XP of creatures
    Seriously need help here- the formula is so insanely complex and not very clear is it Health/ ((25.2/Defence)*25.2)*soak PLUS 24/(attack [all attack dice or some?]*4.2)*(damage dice*4.2)+((range [squares or feet?]/10)*4.2)? From the spreadsheet, unless the Soak covers everything, I think a few terms can be collected to give: 0.294*Health*AttDmgDice*(AttDice+(Range/10)) / ( (635.04/(1.4*Speed+Defence+10)) - Soak ) Putting it into the language R and checking it on columns M, C, and D gave the same results as the spreadsheet. > ex<-function(Health,AttDD,AttD,Range,Speed,Defence,Soak){ 0.294*Health*AttDD*(AttD+Range/10)/((635.04/(1.4*Speed+Defence+10))-Soak)} > ex(16,2,4,25,4,30,4) [1] 6.160594 > ex(24,4,4,20,6,9,10) [1] 12.85183 > ex(36,4,6,20,10,8,10) [1] 34.40203 --- As an aside, my favorite gaming formula is still the carrying capacity one from Villains and Vigilantes that's actually the maximum weight you can lift and determines the hand to hand damage: ((Strength/10)^3+(Endurance/10))*(We...

Sunday, 9th March, 2014

  • 10:11 PM - Morrus quoted Peter Holland in post N.E.W Playtest- first read feedback
    However, it is the example you give in the book. Yeah, the example is left over from a previous iteration. Thanks for spotting it! The only time I can ever see a static difficulty would be when trying to be stealthy or sneaky, wouldn't it make more sense to have a 10+2xINT+Perception ranks as a defence instead? An opposed AGI vs. INT check with stealth or perception providing d6 bonuses on each side is what you'd use there That said, I do have pre-calculated static perception scores for monsters - mainly just to speed up play.
  • 06:00 PM - Morrus quoted Peter Holland in post Working out the XP of creatures
    Also-on a sidenote- is it possible to hyperlink the contents in the next update? It would make the book slightly easier to navigate. Unfortunately not. It would be very work-intensive, and it changes too frequently. Sorry - I know it can be a pain navigating 300 page PDFs, and the published version of the PDF will if course be fully bookmarked, hyperlinked, etc. Now we just need technology to do the same to the hardcover version!
  • 04:41 PM - Morrus quoted Peter Holland in post Working out the XP of creatures
    Then at some point it would be good if there were guidance on how to award it- an angry politician can be far more dangerous than a deadly creature. Of course. You only have about half the book there; I have a LOT more yet to write. But I want to be sure what's currently there works before I write another 75K words building on it. Plus I have to use it all for O.L.D., too, so I need to be doubly sure! :)
  • 04:35 PM - Morrus quoted Peter Holland in post Working out the XP of creatures
    With D20 you ballpark as well Sorry, I was talking about overall monster/NPC design, not XP. Drifted off topic there for a moment. And what about non-combat NPCs? What about them? The XP formula is a tool to specifically help guide combat XP. Non-combat XP is a separate thing.
  • 02:09 PM - Morrus quoted Peter Holland in post Working out the XP of creatures
    I think perhaps a more simple 'art' style system like d20 might make things a little easier- it won't be mathematically as perfect- but it will be easier for GMs to work with. The d20 system has a lot more restriction and math than this one. That aside, the monster creation section is guidelines only. If you want a 3' tall alien with the strength of a tyrannosaurus, go right ahead. If you want Q from Star Trek, just give him the necessary powers. You'll have to ball-park the XP value if you use unusual abilities, but that's fine.
  • 03:10 AM - LucasC quoted Peter Holland in post N.E.W. Custom Careers (Mutants)
    What about a Charismatic Mutant- with some form of charm? I think a CHA mutant is in order but will need a separate starter career. The -1 CHA and negative to Contacts/Rivals wouldn't really be appropriate. I'll work that up in a bit. With the secondary mutations, is there a chance for abuse? As all the careers give you access to them- perhaps if they were ranked an gave some more standard bonuses (e.g. for the lawman career) My thought was to treat them similar to the manner psionic powers work. Each time you pick a psionic career you choose another psionic power. If I've succeeded in my goal, those secondary mutations give limited enough gains that they are not overpowered. As to standard abilities, I figured if a player wanted to say, be a wasteland lawman but not choose a mutation, they could just pick a standard career like Police Officer or Detective. Might be worth ranking them up and mixing in some standard abilities with the mutations.
  • 02:53 AM - LucasC quoted Peter Holland in post N.E.W. Custom Careers (Mutants)
    I really like the ideas- they've certainly got a Judge Dredd feel to them (rather than say a Warhammer 40k feel). I understand the END increases, but there is a part of me that wonders whether the effects of the radiation might negate gains in toughness? Thanks! A Dredd feel was exactly what I was shooting for. I see your point about END so I dropped that from my Mutant starter career, allowing me to pump the mutation gain from 2 to 3. So, for instance, Freakishly Strong now gives +3 STR. If I had one observation, it'd be the same one I have with many d20 feats and the like. It's possible for you to have a "freakishly strong" character with below average strength (and do on). It's like d20 feats like Toughness which can still result in you being less tough than everyone else. I never really gave too much thought to addressing that - it was never a big deal - but it's something I think I'd try to avoid when designing myself. Had not really thought of that, it's a good point though. What do yo...

Wednesday, 5th March, 2014

  • 11:35 PM - Morrus quoted Peter Holland in post N.E.W Playtest- first read feedback
    Considering there are a lot of careers that give them. Yep, I'm aware of them. For now, it's safe to consider then a +1 per day luck pool recharge, though that'll change in the next document.

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