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Tuesday, 14th March, 2017

  • 12:04 PM - Morrus mentioned easl in post EONS #46: Trader Captains
    Some useful observations there, easl. I do have some thoughts on them! You may be right, and it may need a little tweaking, but I wanted to add some extra food for thought. In order -- 1. Sure. You could model in some extra complexity there. I'm not convinced it would add to the game, but it's worth exploring! 2. Assuming you have at least 4 PCs, you have no crew cost there. That said, those small ships are designed for shorter runs - they don't even reach 1 parsec in operational range. I would assume inner-system trade there, maybe to a close-by neighbouring system. The limit on the CHA roll per parsec does seem to break a bit at those lower values. 3. Yep, the article assume that 1MCr=1,000cr. In general, that's my base assumption - the 1,000,000cr is more a nod to Traveller than anything else. 1,000cr works much better in almost every way - you can buy a small ship like you'd buy a used car. Note that the mortgage cost of a new Murphy is about 15Kcr, but you're not going to buy a brand new combat capable ship like ...

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Thursday, 13th December, 2018

  • 02:35 AM - David Applegate quoted easl in post Helmets!
    Well...not just that. 1. Higher quality items can hold upgrades. Those aren't specified for helms, but I could definitely see allowing them to include eliminating the defense and initiative penalties that some helm types start with. 2. An exceptional quality helm is required if you want to enchant it. 3. An exceptional quality black metal helm is required if you want to give it 2-3 enchantments. ....those are official. Now, a couple unofficial ideas... 4. Items have HP and soak for when someone attempts to destroy/damage them. While there's no explicit rules for damaging a helm, it seems very reasonable to me that higher quality construction could add HP, soak, or both. 5. On the more story-side, I could see a unique, famous, or obviously expensive helm reasonably contributing to REP roles in some cases. It's basically like carrying a giant flag saying you're a noble/badass/guy who was able to steal this from the famous badass owner. If you treat your character as more t...

Thursday, 29th November, 2018

  • 12:12 AM - Steven Barker quoted easl in post WOIN Trait Tier List
    I'm a fan of Stoic. Conceptually, it's very heroic to be able to survive that one giant explosion or a fall from space to the ground or whatever. Heck if I were playing a character with it, just having it would encourage me to take stupid risks (at least until I'd used it for the day). "Don't worry, I'll be the one to jump out of the plane without a parachute and catch them on the way down." Who doesn't want to be the guy who stares down the dragon, takes the swipe that sends them flying across the room...and gets up again. That's the stuff of coolness. Hmm, I'm not sure I'd like giving Stoic that much power. If a stiff upper lip can undermine instant death effects, it risks breaking suspension of disbelief. I'd hope for a GM to say "No your stoicism can't help you survive being vaporized by that battleship's lasers. Make a new character." Of course, they might handwave it a bit. "Sure, you survived falling from that airliner 30000 ft with no parachute. You have one HP for the moment. B...

Tuesday, 4th September, 2018

  • 08:55 AM - Morrus quoted easl in post It's the official WOIN character builder!
    Very nice! How do you (or do you?) plan on integrating the options of taking defensive skills and universal exploits into the career choices? Also things like armor skills. I don't know how the code works but maybe have separate drop-down menus? I.e. under each "career skill" drop down put a "Common skill" drop down, and under the "career exploit" drop down put a "universal exploit" drop down. then either add directions or code in the ability to only pick 2 skills and 1 exploit maximum per career. When you pick your free universal exploit it also gives you a choice to switch any skills to defensive skills.

Saturday, 1st September, 2018

  • 05:28 AM - Brian I quoted easl in post [WOIN] How to handle minion groups?
    WOIN rules for crossfire and flanking can be used for minions - basically, let them fan out around a PC and their wimpy 2d6 attack becomes 5d6. The PC's would then be strongly motivated to not become surrounded by a group of "weak" minions. Nice - that's a great point. Allowing mob groups to engage and get crossfire and flanking bonuses, because that's what they do.

Tuesday, 29th May, 2018

  • 12:39 PM - Morrus quoted easl in post N.O.W. The Modern Action Roleplaying Game Is Here!
    Hello Morrus, quick question about NOW character creation and learning Chi stances. Are chi stances like universal exploits, in that you can take them instead of a career exploit? If not, how do you get them? Because there are no careers that allow you to gain one. They are universal exploits, yes.

Monday, 22nd January, 2018

  • 05:14 PM - DesertDogSledder quoted easl in post [WOIN] WOIN Character Assistant, a character creation tool
    Very cool app. My apologies if this wasn't covered in the 13 pages (!!) of other messages, but there doesn't seem to be any way for characters with a positive psi score to add universal psionic exploits. Will this be added in future versions? Hey there, easl! You just happened to spot one of my oversights. Nice catch! I totally didn't think to check the Psionics page for other exploits... This is easily added. Things have gotten a lot busier with work, so I can't provide an ETA just yet. I'll hold off pushing that tiny code update until I get this added, I think.

Saturday, 25th November, 2017

  • 01:53 PM - Morrus quoted easl in post N.E.W. v 1.2 is here!
    Congrats! I note the errata removing attribute substitution was not incorporated into p14 (though it is elsewhere). A small thing but if someone's using that page to guide them through char gen, it could be confusing. Something to note for version 1.3 :) Actually, if you redownload it now, thatís gone!

Friday, 25th August, 2017

  • 04:16 PM - Dalamar quoted easl in post O.L.D. Errata Document
    Defense scores are dice pool x3.5, rounded up (reference is page 56, OLD). The Squire exploit that allows you to take half your charges' damage rounds it down (OLD page 47). When you defeat an opponent of 'half grade' you get half experience, rounded down (OLD page 58). So, in conclusion, there doesn't appear to be a 'general rule'. That was what I had gathered as well. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite tell me what to do with Climb Speed (and swimming, etc.) or Jump distances without a running start. For the latter, I don't really have a problem with half-feets, but half a square of movement seems more out of place. Sent from my PLK-L01 using EN World mobile app

Saturday, 1st July, 2017

  • 11:59 AM - Morrus quoted easl in post Official Errata Thread
    Quick question on whether the Pirate career (O.L.D.) attributes are an error or not. They read as: AGI +1, INT +1, LUC +1, EP +2. Clearly that last entry should be "REP." But that also adds up to 5 attribute points. Is that correct or is there an error there? You're correct. That should be REP +1.

Saturday, 24th June, 2017

  • 01:41 PM - Morrus quoted easl in post Combat Questions
    Flips, I'd suggest Deadly Strike (if your caster PC qualifies) before you pick up Evoker. Same benefit with fewer restrictions. Of course having both is deadlier than either one alone. Which brings up a question: could a mage casting an Evoke cantrip do 1d6+1 with DS and 2d6+1 with DS + Evoker? I'm an idiot. Deadly Strike didn't even enter my mind. There we go, no need for an Evoker exploit!

Saturday, 10th June, 2017

  • 06:02 AM - Khaalis quoted easl in post Psychic career exploits costs and adding targets for Star Knight's Psychic Push?
    Make a single attack using your PSI at a cost of 2d6. Every person within 1' per PP whose DEFENSE is exceeded by your attack is knocked down. Things brings up a quick question as I am still digesting the system. Does the 2d6 cost get deducted before or after your pool limit is applied? For instance if you have enough dice to have a 6d pool but have a 5d cap, would the final pool after a 2d cost be... ? a) 4d (6d-2d) b) 3d (5d cap - 2d)

Monday, 22nd May, 2017

  • 01:45 AM - Konrad Zielinski quoted easl in post OLD Magic Question
    I have not really looked at how PCs compare at high grade marks, but at low grades the "problem" (and I put it in quotes because it might not be one) is that it's trivially easy to put together a physical melee fighter with 4d6+X damage. This is actally something you find in many girtty games, as something of a nod to realism. In the real world people can and have died from one punch. This is just part of the default assumptions in WOIN not being Heroic High Fantasy. So combat can be brutal. Even then Woin is still genereous when compared to other point buy Systems like GURPS where healing is even slower, and there are rules for maiming injuries.

Sunday, 21st May, 2017

  • 11:09 PM - Morrus quoted easl in post OLD Magic Question
    I have not really looked at how PCs compare at high grade marks, but at low grades the "problem" (and I put it in quotes because it might not be one) is that it's trivially easy to put together a physical melee fighter with 4d6+X damage. You really only need a longsword and Deadly strike, and you can do it all day. To do that with a spell takes 8 MP and a skill of 8 [or a fully dedicated firemage, and deadly strike]. So it seems that you need to invest a lot more in magic - either exploits for a firemage, or skills for a general mage - to achieve the combat ability that a non-magical character can achieve with just 1-3 skill points and one exploit. That seems somewhat unreasonable to me. It's deliberate. It's not designed to emulate D&D, which has much higher magic; it's more Tolkien where magic is less flashy and isn't usually the only thing you can do. With a sprinkling of it being harder to learn, but potential rewards for high grade casters being greater. If you're thinking of start...

Tuesday, 25th April, 2017

  • 06:56 AM - Morrus quoted easl in post Hybrid careers
    It's nice, but your (4) is still a bit broken. Let's say I have a career I like (say, Spy), but it doesn't have a skill I want to take (say, starship tactics). I make a combo spy/navy tour career using your rules that looks exactly like the spy career - same attributes, etc. - but lo and behold, it now has a a bigger skill list and I can take starship tactics. IOW, your system allows every career to have practically any skill attached to it. That's kinda wrong. That's the case with any new career you create, though. I think the GM approval of it making logical story sense is the key thing - if you're just combining two careers to get a skill rather than because it makes sense for your character, then the GM should disallow it. Skills aren't exactly a rare resource in the game - you can pick up a new one for just 3XP, and the system does encourage diversification and broad areas of competence by making them easy to come by and capping dice pools. Personally I'd go with simpler advi...

Monday, 13th February, 2017

  • 03:13 PM - Morrus quoted easl in post EONS #42: Variant Humans
    Thanks for the update...but, uh, that still means they can only use one in each category. So same question? Erm. I'm afraid I don't understand the question, then! Could you rephrase it? (Edit, I mean you're correct in observing that currently only two psionic powers meet those conditions - was that the question?)
  • 02:43 AM - Morrus quoted easl in post EONS #42: Variant Humans
    Very nice. Question on the Warped: their "Warped Psionics" exploit allows them to start with two psionics exploits that they don't have the Psi rating to purchase (or use). How is this handled? I understand there are other instances of PCs being allowed to acquire a universal exploit without meeting the pre-reqs, but does a Warped get to use these exploits even though doing so would require spending more psi/turn then allowed? Or do they only get to use these exploits if they take additional ranks in psionics such that they can meet the minimum point cost per turn? Typo! Warped get +4 PSI. And no WIL bonus (I'm not sure how that snuck in there!) -- I'll amend the PDF. Thanks for spotting it! They're the most naturally psionic race published yet - part of the properties attributed to black holes, which are going to be fun to unveil. :) SaveSave

Wednesday, 18th January, 2017

  • 12:51 AM - Morrus quoted easl in post ZEITGEIST Player's Guide
    Question: what are the age categories for the new races? Sorry, I didn't spot this question until just now. Devas have no racial categories. They are reincarnated, and so do not the have the traits of young or old characters. Tielflings live for exactly 99 years, divided into three age brackets of 33 years each. Eladrin share the same age categories as sylvan elves.

Saturday, 31st December, 2016

  • 07:27 PM - Morrus quoted easl in post Official Errata Thread
    N.E.W. p69 Sasha Bolotnikov is listed as having the Astrogation skill, but her careers give no access to it. Compounding this problem, the N.E.W. space travel system requires regular astrogation rolls but only three origin careers (Farmhand, Navy Brat, Service Droid) and *no* standard careers give access to it or its category (which is [vehicle]). If I may suggest a fix: add Astrogation to the skill list for Academy, Navy Cadet Cruise, Navy Tour, Pilot, and possibly also Smuggler and Space Jockey Look for Navigation. As noted on p21, it's interchangeable with Astrogation (though I know the phrasing isn't super-clear).

Friday, 9th December, 2016

  • 06:00 PM - Morrus quoted easl in post [WOIN] Fantasy Careers errated version is now available
    Great! Going through it now. First Orcs really get STR+2, AGI+2, INT+3? I thought the +3 was an error, and it was supposed to be errata'd to +1? You'll have to remind me - that's not ringing a bell. Then again I do have a lot of discussions! Total of +7 which is high-ish, but I think it's OK. One of my players is an orc (has been for about a year) and it seems fine. Second question...p45 defensive skills: did you guys forget to add the armor skills? They aren't listed. I was going to, but it's a terminology thing. They're not *strictly* defensive skills (you can't use them to increase your DEFENSE scores), so putting them there would be confusing. Now you mention it, though, it looks like it isn't referenced elsewhere. One one the list for any future updates. Third question...p48-49, the new Patrons section. This is nice flavor. However, it doesn't seem like there is any advantage to taking them, only penalties. The section tells you what you *can't* do (or what take...

Saturday, 26th November, 2016

  • 09:56 AM - Morrus quoted easl in post A couple of questions
    One house rule you could use to emulate D&D-style magic would be to create a new exploit like this. A magic-user could use their free exploit to take it. It's not to my tastes, personally - I'm not a fan of at-will magical attacks - but it may suit some play styles. It's similar to the Firemage's firebolt, but a little weaker on the range and lacks the "Greater" upgrade. I haven't playtested this. Arcane Missile. You gain an at-will ranged attack based on a secret you know, which uses MAG as its attack attribute. It has a maximum rage of 30' (one range increment) and does 2d6 damage of the appropriate type. [UPDATE: the rules are contradictory on this. Page 16 says you can take a career *or* universal exploit when picking a career. Page 36 says you can only take universals once you have taken all career exploits. Hopefully the designers will address this in the corrected version; until then, I'd go with page 16] Actually, it doesn't say "only" on page 36. :)

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