Any advice for the newly evil?

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    Any advice for the newly evil?

    The DM in my group decided that he wants to run an evil campaign. I've only ever been in one other evil adventure, and that was just for 1 session (we all died). I was an evil telepath who was priceless outside of combat. In battle, he usually fainted.

    The DM is all but requiring us to be either lawful or neutral evil, though one of the players is almost certainly going to be chaotic (the DM and I don't expect him to last very long, though). We're starting at level 1, and I think I'll want to go as either a psion again (with ITCK), or as a psychic warrior going for the revised soulknife prestige class -- and I'm fond of humans and elves.

    So, can anyone give me advice or suggestions on history, feats, powers, strategies, etc? How has everyone else's experience with evil been? Anything I should try to avoid.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Be crafty evil, not evil evil. Pretend to be good and use and abuse.

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    As Crothian said. Evil is not necessarily stupid, and if it wants to last for a bit, definitely not so. As someone smart once said (paraphrasing): "Evil will beat good every time, since evil is more organised." Remember that an evil character can be consistent, reliable, have friends and values, like animals, be nice to kids, make donations to charity, etc. A good deal of the above, however, will simply be done in order to gain things for yourself.

    Things to avoid: Simple. Being evil just for the sake of it. And thinking in the short-term.
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    The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.


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    Good intentions and sound reasoning are the best paths to evil. Evil always has a reason (its never evils fault). Just a few ideas.
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    Be true EVIL - a lot of people think kicking a puppy is evil or just being mean and wearing black is evil, think beyond that.

    Think about things that you can define as evil, look at the gods in the players handbook and pick one as a role-model, then think big. Now as said above 'good intentions', it is best to be seen as a someone that is doing right, someone with right ideas, someone who is helping provide a better way for a group. Then taking it too far. Basicly have a plan, define your actions, and aways do the thing that will make people look at you and say that was evil/cold.

    Oh, being a nice guy helps too. (hint, wink, ebow)
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    I'd advise being Lawful Evil. That allows you to be the most crafy/scheming/etc. evil ever (as mentoined by others). You can refrain from overtly evil acts when necessary in favor of gaining power later. Don't immediately reveal your agenda -- wait until the time is ripe.

    And I like the saying "Evil will beat good every time, because good is dumb."

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    Step 1. Think of a long term goal

    Step 2. Let NOTHING get in your way.

    Raistlin wanted to be a powerful mage and he let nothing and nobody get in his way to become one. He didn't harm his friends because he enjoyed it, or even go out of his way to do it. He simply had a plan and they were in his way.

    Goal: Run an empire

    Step 1. Gain influence in politics
    Step 2. Gain power in politics

    Most of the steps can be completed using typical D&D campaigns. In the above goal of running an empire you first need to be well-known by those in power. Running errands and being known as the kind of person that "gets things done" is a good way to be known.

    Ever play Shadowrun? Most runners would be evil in the D&D setting.

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    If you are gonna be lawful evil you will most certainly need two disctinct personalities. One pleasant with his superiors and one completely diferent and tyrannical with the ones below you...
    And as it has alredy been pointed out, evil doesn't mean stupid. Back in 2nd Edition I ran a lawful evil wizard that got up to eleventh level (in our creepy campaigns THAT was a record ). Our group was all composed by evil characters, but we all had honor and that was what kept us together... (honor and the promise of a bigger treasure if we teamed up to fight a bigger enemy )
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