Knights of the Old Republic: Last of the Sith PCs
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    Knights of the Old Republic: Last of the Sith PCs

    Thread for the PCs of the KotOR: Last of the Sith game. OOC thread is here

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    Mon Calamari // Jedi Consular 6

    STR 13 +1 (5 pts)
    DEX 10 +0 (2 pts)
    CON 11 +0 (5 pts)
    INT 18 +4 (10 pts)
    WIS 14 +2 (6 pts)
    CHA 12 +1 (4 pts)

    BAB/Grapple: +4/+5
    Defense: 15 (+5 class)
    DR: 3
    VP/WP: 30/11
    Initiative: +0
    Fortitude Save: +5
    Reflex Save: +3
    Will Save: +7
    Attack (melee): Lightsaber +6 melee, 3d8+1 dmg, 19-20/x2 crit
    Attack (ranged): Hold-out blaster +4 ranged, 3d4 dmg
    Languages: Basic, Calamarian

    Miscellaneous Abilities (Species, Class)
    - Breathe Water
    - +1 Will save in wet environments
    - -1 Will save in dry environments
    - +1d8 lightsaber damage
    - Reputation +2
    - Deflect (defense +1, attack -4), extended

    Armor proficiency (light)
    Burst of speed
    Exotic weapon proficiency (lightsaber)
    Force sensitive
    Weapon group proficiency (blaster pistols)
    Weapon group proficiency (simple weapons)

    Bluff +5 (4 ranks, +1 CHA)
    Computer Use +10 (6 ranks, +4 INT)
    Craft (lightsaber) +15 (7 ranks, +4 INT, +4 racial)
    Diplomacy +6 (5 ranks, +1 CHA)
    Empathy +9 (7 ranks, +2 WIS)
    Enhance Ability +5 (5 ranks, +0 CON)
    Friendship +7 (6 ranks, +1 CHA)
    Heal Another +8 (6 ranks, +2 WIS)
    Heal Self +3 (3 ranks, +0 CON)
    Knowledge (Jedi lore) +11 (7 ranks, +4 INT)
    See Force +11 (9 ranks, +2 WIS)
    Sense Motive +8 (6 ranks, +2 WIS)
    Treat Injury +11 (9 ranks, +2 WIS)

    All-temperature cloak
    Combat jumpsuit
    Energy cells (50)
    Hand-crafted lightsaber
    Hold-out blaster
    Medpac (2)

    Barrick was one of countless Mon Calamari hatched that year. When he was just a youngster, his strength in the Force was noted by the elders and mystics of his band. They packed him off and sent him to study under the Jedi Master, Nolem Kanu. Barrick proved to be an exceptionally bright young learner, voraciously devouring all knowledge that the holocron and Master Kanu taught him. The Jedi Master is guiding Barrick towards scouting missions to find any remaining Sith Lords, a task the Mon Calamari is undertaking gladly as a chance to test his powers. One day, he hopes to return to his homeworld and become a liaison between his people and the Quarren.

    Barrick has a pleasant demeanor. Though his appearance can be unnerving to some, he is a peaceful sort. He is loathe to use violence of any kind, and even if violence is demanded will use his blaster rather than his lightsaber. He views his lightsaber as sacred, a weapon not to be used lightly. The fact that he built his lightsaber with his own hands strengthens his belief.

    Height: 1.4 meters
    Weight: 48 kilograms
    Age: 24
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    Aerek Nexia
    Human Jedi Guardian 5/Jedi Weapon Master 2

    XP: 22,100

    Height: 2.0 meters (a little less than 6' 6")
    Weight: 118 kilograms (a little over 260 lbs)
    Age: 26 Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown Skin: Fair
    Appearance: Aerek's very tall and heavy for a human, but he's in quite good shape. He tends to favor simple clothing, and neutral colors (browns and grays). He keeps his hair cut short, and doesn't wear a beard.

    STR 16 +3 (8 pts + 1 @ level 4)
    DEX 12 +1 (4 pts)
    CON 14 +2 (6 pts)
    INT 14 +2 (6 pts)
    WIS 10 +0 (2 pts)
    CHA 14 +2 (6 pts)

    BAB/Grapple: +6/+9
    Defense: 10 + 5 (Jedi Guardian 5) + 2 (Jedi Weapon Master 2) + 2 (Lightsaber Defense) + 1 Dex = 20
    DR: 6 [Jedi Battle Armor]
    VP/WP: 52/14
    Initiative: +1

    Fortitude Save: +8
    Reflex Save: +7
    Will Save: +5

    Force Points: 5 (used one to Heal Skyka on 1/28/2005; used one in combat with BBEG at the "second temple" on Rollan on 3/27/2005; gained one for reaching level 7)

    Attack (melee): Lightsaber +12/+7 melee, 4d8+4 dmg, 19-20/x2 crit
    [normally wields his lightsaber two-handed, so 1.5 X str]; Unarmed +10/+5 melee, d4+3, 20/x2 crit
    Attack (ranged): heavy blaster +8/+3 ranged, 3d8 dmg, DC 18 stun

    Languages: Basic, Mon Calimarian, Ryl

    Miscellaneous Abilities (Class)
    - Deflect
    * defense +2 (Jedi Guardian 1 + Jedi Weapon Master 1)
    * attack -4
    - Increase lightsaber damage (2d8->3d8)
    - Increase weapon damage (lightsaber 3d8->4d8)
    - Reputation +3


    [Jedi Guardian starting feats]
    Exotic weapon proficiency (lightsaber)
    Force sensitive
    Weapon group proficiency (blaster pistols)
    Weapon group proficiency (simple weapons)

    [Force Training]
    Control [level 1]
    Alter [level 3]
    Sense [level 4]
    Lightsaber Defense [level 7; Jedi Knight]

    [Human Bonus Feat]
    Armor Proficiency (light)

    [Jedi Guardian Bonus Feats]
    Combat Expertise [level 2]

    [Jedi Weapon Master Bonus Feats]
    Martial Arts [level 1]

    [Normal feats]
    Armor Proficency (medium) [level 1]
    Weapon Focus (lightsaber) [level 3]
    Power Attack [level 6]


    [conventional skills]
    Computer Use +5 (3 ranks, +2 INT)
    Craft (lightsaber) +7 (5 ranks, +2 INT)
    Knowledge (Jedi lore) +8 (6 ranks, +2 INT)
    Knowledge (tactics) +8 (6 ranks, +2 INT)
    Tumble +7 (6 ranks, +1 DEX); Armor check penalty

    [Force skills]
    Battlemind +11 (9 ranks, +2 CON)
    Enhance Ability +12 (10 ranks, +2 CON)
    Force Defense +8 (6 ranks, +2 CHA)
    Force Stealth +11 (9 ranks, +2 CHA)
    Heal Self +12 (10 ranks, +2 CON)

    Self-constructed lightsaber (+1 to hit); 1kg (teal)
    Jedi Battle Armor; 16kg
    Heavy Blaster; 1.3kg

    Comlink; .1kg
    Credit Chip; .2kg
    Datapad; 3kg
    - 10 blank datacards; .2kg
    Field kit (contains two condensing canteens with built-in water purification systems, sunshield roll, 1 week's rations, two glow rods, two breath macks, twenty-four filters, twelve atmospher canisters, and an all-temperature cloak); 10kg
    Liquid cable dispenser; .2kg

    A few changes of clothes (which appear to be free and weightless in Star Wars d20)

    1015 Credits


    Total load when carrying all equipment: 32kg
    Carrying Capacity: Light Load: 38kg; Medium Load: 76.5 kg; Heavy Load: 115kg


    Though Corellia and the other core worlds were not threatened until the Republic's lowest point in the Sith Wars, Corellia had still sent a great many of its sons and daughters to the Republic's armed forces by the time Aerek's affinity for the Force was discovered. Aerek had expected to leave home as a soldier; the wars were still in full swing when he was whisked away from his family and off to the Jedi Academy, and he has both a brother and sister in the Republic's armed services. Indeed, if he had not become a Jedi, Aerek almost certainly would have become a soldier.

    Aerek became a Padawan in the Jedi Master Nolem Kanas' service not long after his 16th birthday, when the Master returned briefly to the core worlds to consult with the Jedi Masters, and to see if any of the inner-system candidates would become him students. Aerek was a little surprised that he ended up one of them.

    Aerek has always made friends quickly; both his fellow students and the Masters have always found the Corellian good company, and not just because a big guy was often handy to have around.

    In recent years, a few Sith and their allies have realized too late that big and strong did not necessarily mean slow or stupid. Aerek is quite adept with his lightsaber -- he seems well on the path to becoming a master with the weapon, and a student of tactics (in more peaceful times, the Jedi might not have looked as kindly on Aerek's interest there, but he was training in the middle of the Sith Wars).
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    Skyka Tarkrak: Human/Female (Force Adept 1/ Jedi Guardian 6)

    Character Name: Skyka Tarkrak
    Character Race: Human
    Homeworld: Rollan
    Character Classes: Force Adept 1/ Jedi Guardian 6

    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Height: 1.6 Meters (5’4”)
    Weight: 47 kg (104 lbs)
    Eyes: Ice Blue
    Hair: Pure White
    Skin: Pale

    Character Level: 7
    Reputation Bonus: +2
    Experience Points (Current): 21,800
    Experience Points (Needed): 28,000

    Known Languages: Sentarrii (R/W); Basic (R/W); Durese, Ryl


    Strength: 6 -2 (-2 Points)
    Dexterity: 17 +3 (10 points, 4th level)
    Constitution: 14 +2 (6 points)
    Intelligence: 14 +2 (6 points)
    Wisdom: 14 +2 (6 points)
    Charisma: 14 +2 (6 points)


    Hit Dice: 1d8, 6d10 + 14
    Vitality: 50
    Wounds: 14
    Force Points: 6
    Dark Side Points: [SPOILER]I’m not telling…[/SPOILER]


    Defense: 19 [ BASE (10) + DEFENSIVE BONUS (+ 6 [+3 +3 = 6) + DEX (3) + ARMOR (0) + DEFLECTION (0)]
    Flatfooted Defense: 16


    Armor Worn: Kamperdine Clothing Specialists Leather Jerkin (450 credits)
    AC Penalty: 0*
    Maximum DEX bonus: +6
    Armor Type: Light Armor
    Damage Reduction: 1
    Weight: 1.5 kg



    Save vs. Fortitude: 7 [BASE (6 [1 + 5]) + CON MOD (1)]
    Save vs. Reflex: 9 [BASE (6 [1 + 5]) + DEX MOD (3)]
    Save vs. Will: 7 [BASE (5 [2 + 3]) + WIS MOD (2)]

    Special Save Notes:


    Initiative Modifier: + 3
    Base Attack Bonus: + 6

    Melee Attack Bonus: + 4/-1 [-2 Strength]
    Ranged Attack Bonus: +9/+4


    Weapons: (7000 credits)
    Lightsaber Attacks: +10/+5 Tw: +8 / 3d8-1 / 18-20* / Energy / Character Crafted/ personalized (2500 credits) / 1 kg

    Short Lightsaber Attacks: +10/+5 Tw: +8 / 2d6+1d8-1 / 18-20* / Energy / Character Crafted/personalized (2500 credits) / .8 kg

    SoroSuub ELG-3A Attacks: +10/+5 / 100 Shots / 3d6 / 20 / Energy / 10 m / Stun DC: 17 / Mastercrafted +2 (2000 credits) / .5 kg

    Weapon weight: 2.5 kg


    Ambidextrous (1st)
    Weapon Finesses (Human)
    Two-Weapon Fighting (2nd)
    Combat Expertise (JG 2nd level)
    Weapon Focus: Lightsaber (3rd)

    Form Mastery IV (Jedi Knight)
    Improved Two Weapon Fighting (Jedi Weapon)
    Niman Mastery (4th)



    Name/Total Mod (Ability) ** # Ranks taken

    Craft: Lightsaber + 7 [5 Ranks, Int + 2]
    Hide + 7 [4 Ranks, Dex + 3]
    Listen + 6 [4 Ranks, Wis + 2]
    Sense Motive + 6 [4 Ranks, Wis + 2]
    Spot + 6 [4 Ranks, Wis + 2]
    Survival + 6 [4 Ranks, Wis + 2]
    Tumble + 12 [10 Ranks, Dex + 3]


    Force Skills:
    Affect Mind + 5 [3 Ranks, Cha + 2]
    Battlemind + 10 [8 Ranks, Con + 2]
    Empathy +5 [3 Ranks, Wis + 2]
    Enhance Ability + 7 [5 Ranks, Con + 2]
    Enhance Senses + 5 [3 Ranks, Wis + 2]
    Friendship + 5 [3 Ranks, Cha + 2]
    Heal Another + 5 [3 Ranks, Wis + 2]
    Heal Self + 5 [3 Ranks, Cha + 2]
    Illusion + 5 [3 Ranks, Cha + 2]
    Move Object + 5 [3 Ranks, Int + 2]
    Plant Surge + 5 [3 Ranks, Int + 2]
    See Force + 5 [3 Ranks, Wis + 2]


    Special Abilities
    Weapon Group Proficiency [Primitive Weapons]
    Weapon Group Proficiency [Simple Weapons]
    Weapon Group Proficiency [Blaster Pistols]
    Exotic Weapon Proficiency [Lightsaber]
    Force Sensitive
    Force Training: Control (Force Adept)
    Force Training: Alter (Jedi Guardian)
    Force Training: Sense (Jedi Guardian)
    Deflect (Defense +1; Attack –4; Extended)


    Equipment & Gear: (2460 credits)
    Military Grade Comlink (900 credits) .1 kg
    Power Pack (4) – Blaster (100 credits) .4 kg
    Energy Cell (4) – Light Saber (400 credits) nil kg
    Liquid Cable Dispenser (4) (100 credits) .8 kg
    All-Temperature Cloak (100 credits) 1.5 kg
    Glow Rod (10 credits) 1 kg
    Grappling Spike Launcher (50 credits) .3 kg
    Credit Clip (100 credits) .1 kg
    Aquata Breather x2 (700 credits) .4

    ARMOR WEIGHT: 1.5 kg
    WEAPON WEIGHT: 2.3 kg
    TOTAL WEIGHT: 8.4 kg

    Carrying Capacity 6 STR Light: up to 10 kg Medium: 10.1-20 kg Heavy: 20.1-30 kg


    Credits: 90


    Base Speed: 10 Meters


    Standing at 1.6 meters Skyka would never be accused as being a physically imposing figure nor gifted with an abundance of physical strength and having been born on a low gravity planet didn’t help matters. Skyka is best described as being slight, though less diplomatic would probably say she is frail, but she doesn’t try to change this instead she simply accept her lack of strength and focuses her training upon making her lithe body as agile and nimble as it can possible be. To help offset her lack of physical strength Skyka has even gone so far as to learn a technique to wield two lightsabers at the same time.

    While her slight build might allow others to lose Skyka in a crowd her most unique feature, her pure white hair and a symbol of her heritage and ability to mimic the force, draws them in. To a Sentarrii their hair represents who they are and were they come from, to be marked with white hair is a great honor and one that Skyka values. Because of this she wears her hair in very traditional Sentarrii ways, which for a woman with no lifelong mate is pulled uncut, up, and braided as its a great taboo in her society for an unwed woman to be seen with her hair down. (It’s comparable to being seen naked.)

    With her face framed perfectly, if not slightly exotically, by her braided white hair one is hard pressed not to notice Skyka’s pale ice blue eyes. To some her azure eyes are cold, a opinion fueled by her guarded and wary demeanor, while others see her pale blue eyes, pale skin and her white hair as an exotic creature capable of great beauty if she would only smile more, which is something she’s not in a habit of doing.

    Not much for fashion Skyka prefers to wear simple styled clothes of dark colors, almost always in forestesque colors of various browns and greens, with her typical clothes being a tight fitting dark green jumper and am open light muddy brown cloak over the jumper. Her lightsabers and other equipment hang out of sight but within easy reach.

    Personality Alot has happened to Skyka during her 18 years, robbed of her childhood by tradition and a Sith invasion a young child with little concerns went from floating rocks to a leader gravely and direly concerned with finding food for her people, protecting them becoming nothing more than the next victim of the Sith’s slave collars, watching friend after friend die, and of course trying to drive the Sith from her homeland in a seemingly unending and unwinnable fight has left her serious, professional, and nearly humorless.

    With her serious and humorless nature most mistake Skyka as being cold, calculating, and heartless but to those who know her realize that she subconsciously tries to avoid making friends and having them come to harm… Though this type of behavior usually produces someone who’s sense of loyalty is lacking its actually quite the opposite with Skyka whom is furiously loyal to her friends and unable to accept the thought of leaving a friend high and dry. Though it would seems that Skyka wants few, if any, friends the truth is that she does and that no one who shows the desire, the patience, and understanding will quickly find themselves with a fiercely loyal friend.

    Though she would do anything for her friends Skyka remains a very quite and slightly withdrawn individual. She suffers, nearly nightly, from nightmares that are a constant reminder of what happened on Rollan yet she tells know one of them, and only her bunkmate, Bud'd Dwelve, knows of her nightly terrors. (At least as far as Skyka knows, few secrets are left uncovered upon a ship the twice the size of the Ossus Talon, yet alone a ship of it’s size.

    As for her master, Nolem Kanas, Skyka has nothing but the almost respect for him as he was a major contributor to her peoples reclaimed freedom. Skyka tries to be the best Jedi that she can be in the hopes of honor her people, and also to honor Master Kanas. If she would allow herself a moment to have a young girl’s dream it would be to unbind her hair in her master’s presence.


    The low gravity planet of Rollan, a lush temperate mountainous world cloaked almost entirely in unending forests that run through it’s valleys, lies in the outskirts of Allied Tion Sector, and close to Rhen Va yet to most Rollan’s existence is rather unknown and to those whom know of it their reaction is one mostly of indifference.

    The except for this is the occasional businessman, whom can looks past the rough and unfriendly terrain and see the abundance of natural resources as a great prize to be claimed by the most determined, and by those intrigued in the force, for Rollan, and it’s many creatures, seems slightly more touched and slightly more connected than those found elsewhere but an official inquiry has never been preformed by the Jedi.

    Though not native to the planet humans have colonized Rollan in numerous waves and have sparsely populated it for countless eons but not all of the colonization has been for the same goal and the Sentarrii, the eldest group, original reasons for coming to Rollan is not known even by their wisest elders.

    Though the Sentarrii doesn’t claim Rollan as their own they do look to protect its natural beauty and its creatures, these belief have caused much strife over time between the Sentarrii and those who seek their fortune upon Rollan. Over time as one corporation has failed upon Rollan another has eagerly taken it’s place upon the forest world and though not all of them know of the Sentarrii upon their arrival they have all learned that the Sentarrii being more determined and unbendable in their beliefs.

    This was the world into Skyka was born and though the birth of children was always a cause of jubilation amount the Sentarrii, but Skyka’s birth also caused a clamor amongst her tribe as she was born with a head of shimmering pure white hair.

    This was a supernatural sign to the Sentarrii, Skyka was to be a winter witch, a powerful tribe of women, with deep connection to the force, whom had long ago been formed to protect the Sentarrii and Rollan from the corporations.

    As Skyka grew up she accepted her role and though she showed great promise by remarkably completing far more training than those 3-4 years her senior Skyka would never complete her training as new visitors had arrived upon Rollan and these visitors were not interested in profits but were instead interested in the unique connection that Rollan had with the force.

    These new visitors were unique as they had no desire to strip Rollan of its natural resources but instead they were interested in the strange connection that Rollan shares with the force.

    The new visitors were the Sith, a dangerous and savage enemy, and an enemy that the Sentarrii simply were unprepared to deal with and countless numbers of the Sentarrii were slaughtered. The winter witches did not fare much better and most of the order was quickly wiped out. Unknown to the Sentarrii, or the Winter Witches, an ancient artifact, empowered by the force, was the source of Rollan’s uniqueness, and it didn’t take long for the Sith to discover this.

    Skyka was a mere child of 8 years old when the Sith arrived, and though she was strong in the force her inexperience made her no match for the Sith… From the shadows she watched in horror as her sisters fell one after another in combat with the Sith, the technology of their red colored lightsabers was simply to much for the winter witches to stand up too and Skyka was in tow as the few remaining Winter Witches retreated deeper into the uncharted forests.

    The Sith now possessing the treasure for which they came for were not done with Rollan, though the Sentarrii lacked the skills, and the mindset, to make them great slaves yet the Sith were not over picky or concerned and quickly they started to enslave the Sentarrii. This changed the perspective of the Winter Witches, their first belief had always been to protect Rollan from outsiders but with the realization of their brothers and sisters suffering from oppression they changed their perspective… No longer would they worry about protecting Rollan first, they instead would protect their people first.

    As time passed the Winter Witches fought and tried to lead their people to safety a handful at a time the Sith, still with their artifact and now with their much needed slaves, started to withdraw and turn their eyes elsewhere but Skyka would be 16 years old before the oppressive yoke would be removed completely.

    The yoke would be removed only with the assistance of the Jedi, mainly that of Master Nolem Kanas, and a final wave of battles that left the remaining, abit few, Sith fighting and struggling just for a chance to make it off planet.

    Though the Sentarrii had earned its freedom few of them, even fewer of the Winter Witches, remained and it was decided amongst the surviving elders that while most would work upon rebuilding their civilization and restoring Rollan to its natural beautify a few would be sent with the Jedi to learn their ways, traditions, and to also honor the freedom that the Jedi helped restore.

    Two years ago Skyka was the first be chosen, to her it was an honor, it wasn’t just a chance to represent her people but help restore order and bring justice to those who could not do so for themselves, the memory of being powerless before the Sith had left a lasting impact upon Skyka.

    Progression Notes: 8th JG (Form Mastery IV); 9th Jedi Weapon Master (Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Niman Mastery);
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    Sneevel Jedi Guardian 4, Force Warrior 1

    STR 10 (+0) [2 pts]
    DEX 24 (+7) [13 pts +1 increase]
    CON 14 (+2) [6 pts]
    INT 10 (+0) [4 pts]
    WIS 11 (+0) [4 pts]
    CHA 8 (-1) [2 pts]

    • +6 Dex, -2 Int, -2 Wis, -2 Cha
    • SQ: Mood Musk=Sneevels give off strong scents that indicate their moods. Non-Sneevels within melee range must make a successful Fort save or suffer the effects of exhaustion. Sneevels or characters that understand the Sneevel language (which is partially based on scent) receive a +2 on Sense Motive checks when dealing with a Sneevel.
    • Force Training
    • Deflect - Defense +1, Deflect Attack -4
    • Uncanny Dodge (retains Dex Bonus)

    Base Attack Bonus: +5
    Base Defense Bonus: +5
    Defense: 22
    Vitality: 48
    Wounds: 14
    Init: +7
    Fortitude: +8
    Reflex: +13
    Willpower: +3
    Force Points: 5

    Unarmed (Melee): Att +12, Dmg 1d6, Crit 20/x2
    Lightsaber (Melee): Att +13, Dmg 2d8, Crit 19-20/x2

    • Battlemind (8) +10
    • Craft - Lightsaber (5) +5
    • Hide (3) +10
    • Enhance Ability (8) +10
    • Tumble (8) +15

    • Alter
    • Control
    • Martial Arts
    • Sense
    • Weapon Finesse (Lightsaber)
    • Weapon Finesse (Unarmed)

    • 7,815 Credits
    • Lightsaber (Self-Crafted)
    • All-temperature Cloak
    • Aquata Breather
    • Comlink
    • Electrobinoculars
    • Glow Rod
    • Grappling Spike Launcher
    • Liquid Cable Dispenser
    • Recording Rod

    Like most of his species Shombay is attracted to adventure. However, that desire is tempered by his own drive to succeed. As a child he was sent to study the ways of the force. It was all very boring and not at all like the adventure he wanted. Until the time came for combat training. During battle Shombay felt a connection with the living force that was stronger then anything he had ever felt before. He decided at that moment that if it was his fate to be a warrior of the jedi then he would be the best warrior in the galaxy. He trained day in and day out until his entire body was a weapon, his lightsaber an extention of that body.

    Shombay is 1.8 meter high and average weight. A bit of a joker he realizes he is the low man on the totem pole. He has the most to learn but that just makes him want to prove himself to the group even more. He takes his duty very seriously. When the chips are down Shombay is all business. His Basic has a thick accent so he speaks in slow deliberate tones. He wears simple brown tunic and pants. His hands, forearms, shins and feet are wrapped in white cloth because of his training.
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    Miralukan Jedi Consular 4, Jedi Investigator 2

    STR 8 (-1)
    DEX 10 (+0)
    CON 10 (+0)
    INT 16 (+3)
    WIS 15 (+2)
    CHA 18 (+4)

    • +2 Int, -2 Dex, +2 Init Checks
    • Sense as a free feat
    • Sense Surroundings ability as a free action, out to 1km
    • Deflect - Defense +2, Deflect Attack -4
    • Profile
    • Target Bonus +1
    • Contact
    • Lightsaber Damage +1d8
    • Reputation +3

    Base Attack Bonus: +4
    Base Defense Bonus: +6
    Base Defense: 16
    Vitality: 34
    Wounds: 10
    Force Points: 6
    Dark Side Points: 0
    Init: +2
    Fortitude: +6
    Reflex: +4
    Willpower: +8

    Lightsaber (Melee): Att +4, Dmg 3d8-1, Crit 19-20/x2
    Stun Baton (Melee): Att +3, FSDC 15
    Blaster Pistol (Ranged): Att +4, Dmg 3d6, Crit 20/x2, RI 10m
    Stun Grenade (Thrown): Att +4, FSDC 15 (Direct Hit), 12 (within 4m blast radius), RI 10m (Thrown)

    • Affect Mind (4) +10
    • Craft - Lightsaber (5) +8
    • Empathy (3) +5
    • Enhance Ability (1) +1
    • Enhance Senses (6) +10
    • Farseeing (3) +7
    • Friendship (6) +10
    • Gather Information (6) +10
    • Heal Another (2) +4
    • Heal Self (2) +6
    • Illusion (2) +8
    • Inspire (6) +10
    • Knowledge - Jedi Lore (3) +6
    • Knowledge - Streetwise (2) +5
    • Search (2) +5
    • See Force (5) +9
    • Sense Motive (8) +10
    • Telepathy (3) +7

    • Alter
    • Aware
    • Battle Meditation
    • Control
    • Exotic Weapon Proficiency - Lightsaber
    • Force Mind
    • Link
    • Mind Trick
    • Sense
    • Weapon Proficiency - Blaster Pistols
    • Weapon Proficiency - Simple Weapons

    • 4,740 Credits
    • Lightsaber (Self-Crafted; Color: Light Blue)
    • Blaster Pistol
    • Stun Baton
    • 2 Stun Grenades
    • Comlink
    • Datapad + 10 Blank Cards
    • Flight Suit
    • Fusion Lantern
    • Grappling Spike Launcher
    • Liquid Cable Dispenser
    • Sensor Pack

    As a baby, Urcala Nattu was left orphaned in the care of the Jedi Librarian Tezzu on Ossus. The Jedi suspected that the child was born of a noble family, as evidenced by her name as well as jewelry left with her on the library doorstep. While it is not known exactly why the child was left with the Jedi, they took her in. As with all Miraluka, Urcala was talented in The Force, using it to see and sense her surroundings.

    Her strength and skill in The Force grew with age and experience, and Urcala was soon among the most high-profile Padawan in training at Ossus. Nattu's skills were much stronger in enhancing her social skills, and she evidenced little interest in toying with the lightsaber. Urcala excelled in debating and interpersonal networking, gaining many friends and contacts around the Library.

    Becoming an archivist at the Jedi Library, one of the youngest in recorded history (and one of the only Padawan to do so), Urcala studied Jedi lore and the planets of the galaxy. Nattu's master, Marin Essenu, received a premonition of the destruction of Ossus nearly a week before the actual devastation of that planet, and though she was unable to convince the Jedi to leave the doomed planet, Essenu took her Padawan from the library just in time to avert their deaths.

    Fleeing to the Jedi Enclave at Ord Mantell, Nattu and Essenu set up shop and Urcala's training resumed. Though she would no longer be a librarian in training, Urcala still had much potential with her sensory abilities, and started to gravitate toward using her abilities to aid the investigators of Ord Mantell.

    Now, Urcala hopes to soon complete her Jedi training and officially join the ranks of the Investigators. Urcala understands that her knowledge of the Force is still growing, and that it is far from complete.

    Height: 1.62m
    Weight: 54kg
    Eyes: None
    Hair: Blonde
    Distinguishing Marks: Nattu Birthmark (Lower Back)
    Age: 25 (Miraluka age at the same rate as Humans)
    Urcala typically appears in a light brown cloak draped over a violet gown. Over where most humanoids have eyes, Urcala wears a blue and gray scarf - she realizes that her lack of eyes makes other humanoids uncomfortable, so she wears the scarf to avoid any unpleasantness. As a cloak clasp, Urcala wears the Scarab of Nattu, a jewel precious to her noble family line. She also wears on her left hand the Bracer of Nattu, which links by chain three rings worn on the middle three fingers of her hand. These rings signify the three branches of the Nattu family. On her belt, Urcala wears the lightsaber she has just finished crafting. Its blade shimmers with a light blue colored energy.
    Attached Files Attached Files  
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    Jei Garu
    Nagai Jedi Guardian 6



    STR 12 (+1)
    DEX 17 (+3) +2 Species
    CON 11 (+0) -2 Species
    INT 15 (+3) +1 Bonus
    WIS 12 (+1)
    CHA 11 (+0)


    •+2 Dex, -2 Con.
    •SQ: Soothing Voice: +2
    •Species Bonus Feat: Lightning Reflexes
    •Force Training
    •Deflect - Defense +1, Deflect Attack -4, Extend and Attack
    •Increased Saber Damage (3d8)


    Base Attack Bonus: +6/+1
    Base Defense Bonus: +5
    Defense: 10+5 +3 = 18
    Wounds: 11
    Force Points:6
    Init: +3
    Fortitude: +5
    Reflex: +10
    Willpower: +4
    Reputation: +2


    Lightsaber (Melee): Att +10/+5, Dmg 3d8+1, Crit 19-20/x2. Jei has crafted his own Saber.


    •Balance 5/ +8
    •Climb 2/ +3
    •Craft: Lightsaber 5/ +8
    •Jump 2/ +3
    •Knowledge: Jedi Lore 2/ +5
    •Tumble 5/ +8
    •Write Basic
    •Enhance Ability 5/ +5
    •Force Strike 5/ +8
    •Heal Another 2/ +3
    •Illusion 2/ +2
    •Move Object 5/ +8
    •Battlemind 5/ +5
    •Force Defense 4/ +4
    •Force Stealth 2/ +2
    •Heal Self 2/ +2


    •Force Sensitive

    •Lightning Reflexes
    •Weapon Finesse: Lightsaber
    •Dissipate Energy


    •7,900 Credits
    •Lightsaber (Blue)
    •All-Temp Cloak (Black)
    •A99 Aquatabreather
    •Grapple Launcher


    The Nagai are a species that value personal freedom and individuality, so it was natural for the parents of Jei Garu to strike out from their home system as explorers of unknown space. When they reached the fringes of known Republic space they unfortunately landed on a backwater planet, inhabited by reactionary farmers. Fearing invasion by this hitherto unknown species, the farmers killed Jei’s parents. Fortunately for Jei, a jedi on the planet sensed the anger and rushed to aid. He was to late to stop the farmers, but did find Jei safely stowed on their spacecraft. Recognizing Jei’s potential, he ensured that Jei was accepted into Jedi training.

    Jei certainly proved his aptitude in his studies, but the innate Nagai need for personal freedom meant that he chafed against the strictures of his apprenticeship more than once. He will often push the bounds of what is acceptable for a Jedi, if for no other reason than just because he can. He treasures the relationship with his master and fellow padawans as his own family, however, as he often feels lost and anomalous out in the wider galaxy. On the verge of knighthood, he is eager to prove himself, and awaits the trials which he believes will give him greater authority to act upon his own feelings.

    Jei stands about 1.9 m tall, with a slender, almost frail, physique. His black hair is long and shaggy, and he often wears face paint that accentuates his spectral pallor, as does his black cloak. His appearance, along with his soft, soothing voice, is often misleading, as he is capable of swift, forceful actions that take many by surprise.
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    (I imagine he’s earned one name because he became a Findsman. However, he’s not yet “earned” his second name)
    Race: Gand
    Class (Level): Scout (1) / Jedi Consular (5) / Findsman (1)

    STR: . 10 . . +0 [(2 pts)]
    DEX: . 17 . . +3 [(10 pts) . (Level 4)]
    CON: . 14 . . +2 [(6 pts)]
    INT: . .14 . . +2 [(6 pts)]
    WIS: . 16 . . +3 [(6 pts) . (+2 Race)]
    CHA: . .8 . . -1 [(2 pts) . (-2 Race)]


    ARMOR CLASS: . 21. . [(+3 Dex) . (+2 Race) . (+5 JC) . (+1 FM)]

    SAVE . . . Total . Base . Mod . .
    Fortitude: . +8 . . . +6 . . . +2 . .
    Reflex: . . . +8 . . . +5 . . . +3 . .
    Will: . . . . +10 . . . +7 . . . +3 . .

    BAB: +4 [(+3 Jedi Consular) . (+1 Findsman)]
    SPEED: 10m

    +2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma
    +2 Natural Armor
    Darkvision: 20m

    Deflect (Defense +1)
    Deflect (Attack -4)
    Extended Defense and Attack

    1st Notoriety
    1st Target Bonus +1

    Exotic Weapon Proficiency; Lightsaber (Starting Jedi Consular)
    Weapon Group Proficiency; Simple Weapons (Starting Jedi Consular)
    Weapon Group Proficiency; Blaster Pistols (Starting Jedi Consular)
    Weapon Group Proficiency; Blaster Rifles (Starting Scout)
    Armor Proficiency; Light (Starting Findsman)
    Armor Proficiency; Medium (Starting Findsman)
    Sense (Force Training)
    Control (Force Training)
    Alter (Force Training)
    Aware (JC L2)
    Track (Scout L1)
    1st Spaceship Operations (Space Transport)
    3rd Weapon Finesse; Lightsaber
    6th Dissipate Energy

    Empathy (2 VP): +8 …(+5 Ranks)…(+3 Wis)…
    Enhance Sense (3 VP): +7 …(+4 Ranks)…(+3 Wis)…
    Farseeing(3/6/9 VP): +9 …(+6 Ranks)…(+3 Wis)…
    Force Defense (3 VP): +3 …(+4 Ranks)…(-1 Cha)…
    Heal Other(varies): +6 …(+3 Ranks)…(+3 Wis)…
    Heal Self(varies): +2 …(+3 Ranks)…(-1 Cha)…
    Move Object (1+ VP): +8 …(+6 Ranks)…(+2 Int)…
    See Force (3 VP): +4 …(+1 Ranks)…(+3 Wis)…

    Astrogate (S & FM): +7 …(+5 Ranks)…(+2 Int)…
    Climb (S): +2 …(+2 Ranks)…(+0 Str)…
    Computer Use (All): +4 …(+2 Ranks)…(+2 Int)…
    Craft (Lightsaber) (JC&FM): +5 …(+3 Ranks)…(+2 Int)…
    Hide(S&FM): +6 …(+3 Ranks)…(+3 Dex)…
    Jump(S): +2 …(+2 Ranks)…(+0 Str)…
    Listen(S&FM): +7 …(+4 Ranks)…(+3 Wis)…
    Move Silently (S&FM): +7 …(+4 Ranks)…(+3 Dex)…
    Pilot(JC & S): +10 …(+7 Ranks)…(+3 Mod)…
    Repair (S): +4 …(+2 Ranks)…(+2 Int)…
    Search (S&FM): +6 …(+4 Ranks)…(+2 Int)…
    Sense Motive(JC&FM): +5 …(+2 Ranks)…(+3 Wis)…
    Spot (S&FM): +7 …(+4 Ranks)…(+3 Wis)…
    Survival (S&FM): +8 …(+5 Ranks)…(+3 Wis)…


    Lightsaber (Silver) +7 to hit, 2d8 damage, 19-20 crit.
    +2 Blaster Rifle = +9 to hit, 3d8 damage, 19-20 crit, Stun DC: 18, Range Increment 44m
    10x Energy Cells
    All Temperature Cloak
    Breath Mask
    10x Atmosphere Canisters
    Credit Chip
    Datapad, Mastercraft
    Electro Binoculars
    Field Kit
    2x Liquid Cable Dispenser

    Credits = 605

    History to come. Basically, he was an advance scout who unconsciously used the force to aid his skills. He was discovered by a Jedi and taken to train. His Jedi skills have helped him to become a Findsman of his race.
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    Bud'd Dwelve

    Bud'd Dwelve

    Exp: 21'800
    Female Twi'lek - Jedi Consular 7
    Homeworld: Ryloth
    Height: 5' 0"
    Weight: 87 lbs
    Skin: Charcoal (deepest orange mottling to her lekku as they taper to a point)
    Eyes: Bright Amber
    Age: 17

    Str: 8 (-1) [0pts]
    Dex: 14 (+2) [5pts, +1 Lvl 4]
    Con: 10 (+0) [2pts]
    Int: 16 (+3) [10pts]
    Wis: 14 (+2) [10pts, -2 racial]
    Cha: 15 (+2) [5 pts +2 racial]

    Vitality: 1d8/lvl = 43 (Current = 0)
    WP:10 (Current = 2)
    Def:18 (10 = +6 class +2 Dex) *21 if Lightsaber wielded*
    Init: +2
    Speed: 10m
    Force Points: 7

    Fortitude +7 [+5 base +1 Con +1 racial]
    Reflex +6 [+4 base +2 Dex]
    Will +7 [+5 base, +2 Wis]

    Class and Racial Abilities:
    +2 Cha -2 Wis, Med size, Speed 10m, +1 fort, Low Light Vision, Read/Write&Speak: Basic and Ryl, Speak Lekku; Starting Class feats, Lightsaber, Force Training, Deflect (+1 Defense, -4 Attack, Extend Defense and Attack), Increase Lightsaber Damage (3d8)

    BAB: +5
    Melee Atk: +4
    Ranged Atk: +7/+2

    Modified Dual Phase Light Saber (Att +10/+5 [+5 base +3 Dex +1 Wpn Focus +1 self crafted] dam 3d8 Crit 18-20 [Mod - Extended Crit Range] x2, Large weapon*2-handed*= 4m reach)
    Heavy Blaster Pistol +2 (Att +9/+4 dam 3d8+2 Crit 20 x2)

    Skills: (90 skill points)

    Craft (Lightsaber) +8 (5 ranks +3 Int)
    Knowledge (Jedi Lore) +6 (2 ranks +3 Int)
    Diplomacy +6 (3 ranks +2 Cha)
    Sense Motive +6 (3 ranks +2 Wis)
    Pilot +6 (3 ranks +2 Dex)
    Computer Use +6 (2 ranks +3 Int)
    Treat Injury +6 (4 ranks +2 Wis)
    Gather Inormation +5 (3 ranks +2 Cha)
    cc - Entertain +3 (2 ranks +2 Cha)
    cc - Spot +5 (2 ranks +2 Wis +2 Feat)
    cc - Listen +5 (2 ranks +2 Wis +2 Feat)

    (Force Skills)
    Affect Mind +14 (10 ranks +2 Cha +2 Feat)
    Illusion +14 (10 ranks +2 Cha +2 Feat)
    Move Object +13 (10 ranks +3 Int)
    Heal Self +10 (8 ranks +2 Cha)
    See Force +10 (8 ranks +2 Wis)
    Force Defense +9 (7 ranks +2 Cha)
    Heal Another +7 (5 ranks +2 Wis)


    Weapon Group Profficiency (Blaster Pistol)
    Weapon group Profficiency (Simple Weapons)
    Exoctic Weapon Profficiency (Extended Lightsaber)
    Force Sensitive
    Weapon Finesse (Lvl 1) [Dex bonus to melee att]
    "Alter" (Lvl 1 Jedi)
    Alertness (Lvl 2 bonus) [+2 to Spot and Listen]
    "Control" (Lvl 3 Jedi)
    Mind Trick (Lvl 3) [+2 Affect Mind and Illusion]
    "Sense" (Lvl 4 Jedi)
    Weapon Focus "Lightsaber" (Lvl 6) [+1 att with Lightsaber]
    Lightsaber Defense (Lvl 7 Jedi Knight) [+2 Def bonus if wielding Lightsaber]

    Languages:Basic, Ryl, Lekku, Durese, Huttese, Calamarian

    Equipment: Modified (Extended Crit range - 18-20) Dual Phase Lightsaber (Orange Blade) - self crafted, Mod costs 2250cr
    Masterworked Heavy Blaster Pistol +2- 3000 cr
    4x Energy Cells - 400 cr
    4x Power Packs - 100 cr
    Field Kit (Contains two condensing canteens with built-in water purification systems, sunshield roll, 1 week's rations, two glow rods, two breath masks, twenty-four filters, twelve atmosphere canisters, and an all-temperature cloak- 1000cr
    2 Medpacs - 200 cr


    3050 credits


    As would be expected for her species, Bud'd is slight and athletic. Her dark charcoal skin (A VERY rare shade among her people) and contrasting bright amber eyes offer a startling, yet non-offensive image of feminine beauty. Her lekku are usually left unadorned and hanging down her back, not decorated or arranged as Twi-leks are known to do. the coloring on her Lekku turns from the dark of the main of her body at their base to an orange mottling gradually thickening toward the tips to a solid dark orange. Those who would peer closely enough will notice she has freckles across her cheeks of the same dark orange. She is dressed in an off-white sleeveless v-necked vest and olive green trousers, tucked into knee-length brown nerf-hide boots. A light scarf (A shade darker than the olive of her trousers.) is tied about her neck and she has the same brown colored nerf-hide belt and bands wrapped around her wrists.

    Background: *Background to come*
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    Caitriona 'Cai' Stormflyer, Human Guardian 6

    Name: Caitriona (KEE-lin) 'Cai' Stormflyer
    Class: Guardian Race: Human Size: Medium Gender: Female

    Str: 14 (+2) Level: 6 XP: 10,000
    Dex: 16 (+3) BAB: +6/1 WP: 14
    Con: 14 (+2) Grapple: +8 VP: 51
    Int: 12 (+1) Speed: 10m Force Points: 7
    Wis: 12 (+1) Init: +1 Dark Side Points: 0
    Cha: 12 (+1) ACP: -0 Reputation: +3

    Base + Class + Dex + Size + Nat + Misc + Total
    : 10 +6 +3 +0 +0 +0 19
    Touch: 19 Flatfooted: 16
    Armor DR: n/a

    Base Mod Misc Total
    Fort: 5 +2 0 +7
    Ref: 5 +3 0 +8
    Will: 2 +1 0 +3

    Weapon Attack Damage Critical
    Lightsaber* +9/+4 3d8+2 19-20
    Unarmed +5 1d3+4 **

    Languages: Speaks: Shryiwook
    Read/Write: Basic

    Special Abilities
    Deflect (Defense +1)
    Deflect (Attack -4)
    Deflect (extend defense and attack)

    Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Lightsaber)
    Skill Emphasis (Battlemind)
    Weapon Group Proficiency (simple weapons)
    Weapon Group Proficiency (blaster pistols)

    Force Feats:
    Burst of Speed
    Dissipate Energy
    Lightsaber Defense

    Skill Points: 54 Max Ranks: 9/4.5
    Skills Ranks Mod Misc Total
    Craft (lightsaber) 5 +1 0 +6
    Knowledge (Jedi Lore) 5 +1 0 +6
    Spot 2 +1 0 +3
    Tumble 5 +3 0 +8

    Force Skills Ranks Mod Misc Total
    Affect Minds 2 +1 0 +3
    Battlemind 6 +2 +3 +11
    Empathy 4 +1 0 +5
    Enhance Ability 4 +2 0 +6
    Farseeing 1 +1 0 +2
    Force Defense 6 +2 0 +8
    Force Stealth 2 +2 0 +4
    Force Strike 4 +2 0 +6
    Move Object 5 +1 0 +6
    See Force 3 +1 0 +4

    Equipment Cost Weight
    Lightsaber n/a 1kg
    Jedi Robes n/a 1.5kg
    Comlink n/a 0.1kg

    Homeworld: Tatooine
    Age: 21
    Height: 1.4 meters tall
    Weight: 49kg
    Eyes: Black
    Hair: Black
    Skin: Deeply Tanned

    [Brief History]
    Caitriona (Cai for short) Stormflyer is a young Padawan on the verge of becoming a Jedi Knight. Her training under Master Folgo'th had been arduous and at times frustrating, but Cai never thought that it was too demanding. She always understood the and accepted that learning the way of the Force is a journey, not a destination. All the exercises, the meditations, and training seemed natural to her, as though the Force itself were guiding her along.

    On their last mission together, Master Folgo'th was killed by Sith poison, leaving her fellow student Wryy'ethh and herself alone for the first time. She was confused and a bit angry at first. Then spent a few weeks wandering on their old master's ship the Peaceful Remembrance. She has finally come somewhat to terms with Folgo'th death, but she is restless and ready to find the Sith and destroy them once and for all!
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