Arcanis: Gonnes, Sons, and Treasure Runs (COMPLETED)
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    Arcanis: Gonnes, Sons, and Treasure Runs (COMPLETED)

    Welcome to an experiment that turned out to be a lot longer than any of us any anticipated. This story hour takes place in Arcanis. If you're not familiar with Arcanis, check out Onara Online and LIVING ARCANIS Home Page to get an idea of how the world works. Hint: it involves lizard people, flintlocks, and Romans.

    Our game, which started as just a handful of people, has expanded to encompass friends and relatives across three states (NY, ME, CT). The cast varies depending on where and when we play. You can read more about my experiences with role-playing in my National RPG column for the Examiner.

    Most of the adventures are either from Living Arcanis modules, Cthulhu adventures, or Freeport adventures. We generally stay true to the material, but NPCs get switched out often, sometimes with PCs. Speaking of which, we don't usually include PCs whose players aren't present, unless it's to act as part of the plot (thus, Quintus and Kham have both been convenient plot devices when their players weren't present). That said, all of these adventures contain spoilers, so if you plan to play in Arcanis or Freeport, you might want to stop reading once you recognize the name of the adventure.

    The story hour is now completely written, but I'm still posting installments of the full 66 chapters, one a day. It's recommended you start at the beginning (that'd be uh, here), which will ease you into the universe. If you want to be reminded of updates, I post a copy to my blog at, which in turn sends an email every night to my subscriber list.

    The cast includes elements of the typical "five-man band" consisting of the Hero (Quintus), the Lancer (Kham), the Smart Guy (Sebastian), the Big Guy (Beldin, Calactyte, or Vlad), and the Chick (Ilmare or Bijoux). We also have the Sacrificial Lamb (Holden) and the Sixth Ranger (Nauris).

    For more information about the campaign, see the Gonnes, Sons and Treasure Runs Home Page.


    This story hour is a home game from the tournament module, "So Shall Ye Reap," written by Henry Lopez, set in the Arcanis setting. Our cast of characters includes:

    • Quintus Aurelius Ignatius (human Clr1), played by Mike Tresca (that's me):
    • Kham Val'Abebi (val Rog1), played by Jeremy Ortiz: Jeremy Robert Ortiz
    • Ilmare Galen (elf Brd1), played by Amber Tresca (my wife)
    • Vlad Martell (human Ftr1), played by Matt Hammer.

    (Clarifying Note: Quintus does not normally use his first name with folks he doesn't know that well. That changes after the first adventure).

    Our DM is the inimitable Robert Taylor, a gaming legend in his own time:

    This is an interesting exercise in documenting what happened before as well as flexing my writing muscles so I can take a break from my novel.

    What transpires below is very close to how the game took place, which does not strictly follow the adventure path. A lot of dialogue has been added as the characters were fleshed out later to help tie the plot together more tightly and extrapolate on each character's background.

    I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed playing it!
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