The PH state that an Awakened Plant or Animal is friendly toward you. It doesn't change their alignment, many of which would be "Always Neutral." This doesn't preclude it from having a whole list of people that it may feel has slighted or helped it over its lifetime. How quickly does it adjust to the world with its new thinking?

What are the concerns of an Awakened Plant or Animal? Does a plant try, in a friendly way, to persuade someone to replant it in a better location? Does Farmer Giles' dog start planning its revenge against the neighbor kids for torturing it that one summer day last year? Perhaps he's got something to say about the food?

Awakening brings with it a sudden realization that a great many things are possible now, that were not possible before. Not everything is known, of course, but just knowing you can speak about yourself might prompt some odd utterances, eh?

So what's the first thing out of an Awakened mouth?