Team: TITAN, Class of 2004
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    Team: TITAN, Class of 2004

    [OCC] OK the game has started.

    OCC discussion is here

    Character stats are here

    When you post, please put your character's name in the Title. When we get into combat, please include your 'condition' and the number of Hero Points you have.

    Thoughts should be in Italics; [OCC] should be at the bottom of your post (and in the future will be for me also ). and can be different colors or however you want.

    If you want to use a skill or power, please put that in your post in the OCC with the bonuses include. For exampleů

    [occ] I am going to use Diplomacy on the cabby +6 to my roll [/occ]

    I will be making all the rolls, but if you want to spend a Hero Point to try and succeed something please post that in with your action that round. When we get into combat, I would like you to post something likeů

    Robin kicks the thug in front of him, then strikes the one with the gun behind himů

    [occ] Rapid Strike, Attack +9 (+5S) against the first thug; Attack +9 (+5S) against the second thug. I will spend a hero point to re-roll any Damage Save that I miss by more then 10 points this round.[/occ]

    OK sound good? Alright then, time to beginů

    Two Days ago - Deep Underground somewhere? A dark throne like room.

    A shadowy figure sits upon a large throne-like chair made of some golden material. Touching a green gem like button on the right armrest, a door 30ft away swings open silently. Into the room march two purple robes figures, both fairly large. They stop 10 feet before the throne and bow deeply.

    One, in an oily voice, speaks "We come Master. How may we serve?"

    The shadowy figure's voice echoes like it would within a cave "Is everything in order? Our troops are in position? The seals are readied?"

    The second speaks, in a whisper that is almost a shout, says "Yes, they are my Master. We have all known routes to the school under observation and strike teams, Obsidian and Midnight are ready to move at a moments notice. We have been siphoning power off the city's grid for almost a month and gateway platforms are fully charged. We are ready my Master"

    The figure on the throne looks to the first "And the mercenaries have arrived?

    The first nods and says "Yes Master, they have and are awaiting in the gateway room Beta. They are unruly heathens, but they will be except weapons my Master."

    "Good, all is in order and is going according to what has been foretold. When our agents see her, contact me directly. I wish to look upon her again. Yesů it is a good day. Soon we will rule, and the world will fall down in worship at our feet. But first there must be a cleansingů"


    Today, October 29th, 2004, Central City, USA, Team: TITAN facility grounds, 10:21am

    Over the last few weeks, each of you have received an "invitation" to join the new Department of Extranormal Operation to join a new school being set up just for 'specials' such as yourselves.

    The TITAN program was set up by the D.O.E. to train (and protect) young meta-humans and exceptionally trained individuals in an increasingly violent world.

    In the wake of the Darkseid Invasion, the war on terrorism and political instability in many part of the developing world, the U.S. government has instituted a number of 'meta' laws that restrict un-sanctioned vigilantly activity. With the Justice League, the government has a powerful tool in tracking down and putting a stop to these unlawful activities. These so called heroes are given the option of hanging up their capes, joining the JL as a probationary member, or jail. Those under 18 where generally encouraged to become trainees to more experienced JL members, but with the creation of Team: TITAN, they now have an option of training with out young specials, away from the hustle and bustle of the east coast.

    Your letters of invitation include airplane tickets and limo rides from the airport if so required. You are requested to check in at the front gate even if you don't accept the limo ride. For security reasons, flying or sneaking onto the campus grounds these first few days is not allowed and could result in 'accidents'. Check in time is Friday, October 29th, at 10:00am, and any who take the free airplane and limo ride, will show up right on time at the front gates. The campus itself is surrounded by a 15ft redbrick wall, with lots of hedges and small tress lining it so that you can't see unto the campus grounds from outside.

    The gates are guarded by four D.O.E. agents (promptly nick-named 'Men-In-Black' as they are uniformly large, fit looking muscle men, dressed in black suits, dark sunglasses, and clean shaven) although observant students notices that there are at least two armored-turtle shell suits back in the shadows of the gate. State-of-the-art LexCorp land battle-armor is not what you might expect on your first days but then the government wants to protect each and every one of you from the many dangers of the world right?

    Once past the front gate you are driven into the campus groundsů it really does look an ivy league private schoolů lots of green grass and trees, a sports field, redbrick buildings that are no more then three stories tall, lots of open space. The limos stop near the main administration building, where two men await the students; the first is an attractive young man with a dark hair dressed in a business suit. He looks very athletic and standing at military attention. The second might not be human as his skin is bright red, and his face looks almost unfinished or very flat, with no visible nose or ears, and a flat, lipless mouth. His suit matches the first man's, but looks uncomfortable one him.

    These are of course must Nightwing, and Red Tornado. The one you assume is Nightwing steps forward with an easy smile and introduces himself "Welcome to the campus, Dick Grayson, or Nightwing if you wish. And this is Red Tornado, and as you should know your mentors here at TITAN. But we don't need to be to formal yet, school does not official start until Monday. You have the weekend to settle in, and later Tornado or I will be giving tours of the grounds. There is a lot more here than you might think and it might be a little confusing for a day or two.

    "First things first though, lets run your stuff up into your rooms. You each will have a semi-private, and bathroom. Your roommate assignments where made fairly randomly so if there are problems we can move you around to make sure everyone fits and gets along. But part of your training is interaction with your fellow team members.

    "Hawk and Dove, it was decided that you would be bunched with other team mates. It is good that you have already worked as a team, but working with and interacting with other team members is an important part of your training. If in the future you wish to have a room change, talk with and I will make the arrangements. Right now, second floor will be the boys' wing. Hawk we placed you with Risk in room 2A. Dove, you and Arsenal will be in 2B. Superboy you and Beast Boy will be roommates in 2C. Next we have Cyborg and Impulse in 2D. Last on the boys' floor for right now will be Robin and Aqualad in romm 2E. The 3rd floor will be women's floor then. Terra you and Raven here will be roommates in 3A. Huntress isn't here yet, we expect her here tomorrow or Monday at the latest. Anyway, Starfire you will be sharing room 3B. The last two will be Argent and Wondergirl will be bunching in 3C.

    "Now we are not full by any means, and we will be accepting new students as time goes on. The school might seem a little empty for a while but that will change I promise you. You are all the first class in this grand experience. I hope that you are as excited by this as I am.

    "A quick run down of you first day here will be mostly settling in. Lunch will be in the cafeteria, starting at 11:30am. I would like all of us to be there for this one so we can talk a little more and get to know each other better. Normally the cafeteria will be open every day from 8am to 8pm, but you will have access to it 24 hours a day.

    "OK are there any questions?


    [OCC] Go ahead and describe how you are planning on arriving at the Campus (taking the limo, flying, sneaking in, etc.) and how you are dressed (costumes, normal causal clothing, someway else). Then you are introduced to each other.

    The NPCs are as follow...

    A green skinned boy, maybe 14 or 15 years old, dressing in a black "Oozy Osborn" teen shirt and blue jeans. He is introduced as Beast Boy (Garfield Logan) and he is smiling a lot, especially when talking with or looking at any of the female team members.

    A tall, attractive, young man, with very short blond hair, dressed in a nice business suit. He is introduced as Risk (Cody Driscoll) and he speaks with a slight European accent.

    Another young man, again maybe 14 or 15 years old, dressing like a street skateboarder. He is introduced as Impulse (Bart Allen) and speaks very fast most of the time.

    The last man introduced is a very attractive and athletic young man. He has long, straight, glossy black hair and is dressed in causal, designer clothing. He is introduced as Aqualad (Garth, "just Garth") and he talks in a smooth easy voice that has a slight accent.

    The first young woman introduced, fairly tall for her age of maybe 15, has shoulder length blond hair and is very pretty. She is dressed in red designer jeans and a black half tee shirt that shows up her well-muscled stomach and bell-ring. Her name is Wondergirl (Cassie Sandsmark) and she speaks with a slight New York accent.

    The next young woman is very tall, almost 6ft tall in fact, with long straight golden colored hair and large fully green eyes. She is dressed in a very fashionable dress and white blouses, and you are not really sure how old she but she acts 15 or so. She is introduced as Starfire only, and seems very happy to be here and to meet all of you. Her accent is hard to place though.

    The next young woman is of average height, also fairly attractive, but has pale white skin and black eyes. She is probably 15 or 16 years old and she is wearing average looking jeans and black long shelve tee shirt. She is introduced as Argent (Toni Moneti) and her voice is fairly quite and smooth.

    The last girl of the group is of average height, dark haired with pale skin (yet not as pale as Argent). She is dressed in a black one-piece dress, and strangely enough a long black cloak. She has the hood drawn up most of the time. She is introduced as Raven, no other name is given. She speaks very little and also has an accent that can't be easily pinpointed.
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    Once Arsenal is introduced to the female members of the group he attempts to be suave. "Well hello ladies....I'm Arsenal..Archer Extraordinaire! If you're not careful, just like Cupid, one of my arrows just might pierce your heart."

    [OOC: Roy will attempt to pick up any female breathing, not-breathing.. whatever! If you want to do a bluff/diplomacy/charisma check, I'm sure there will be penalties for sheer cheeziness ]
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    After landing at the airport and taking the limo to the campus, Cyborg listens to Nightwing's introductions. Cyborg's wearing an Eagles football jersey and loose sweatpants. Some of his implants are still quite obvious, though.

    "Hi, everybody, I'm Vic Stone... or at least I used to be, before the accident," he says. "I go by Cyborg now. Nice to meet you all."

    OOC: I'll get Cyborg's stats up on Monday, I'm not likely to be on much this weekend.
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    Robin stands to the back of the crowd, trying not to draw attention to himself. Though he is dressed very casually (blue jeans and an officially liscenced Batman (TM) t-shirt) he looks very uncomfortable in them as he tugs at his collar and adjusts his jeans.

    "..Umm, hi...Tim Dr..Drake....Tim Drake. can just call me Robin. Please, call me Robin..."
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    Eyeing the LexCorp "protection," Superboy sighs. "So... all this to protect us super-teens? A little extreme, if you ask me," he says, unzipping his windbreaker to reveal the "S" on his outfit.

    Superboy rolls his eyes, chuckling a little at Arsenal's bravado. "Take a cold shower, Archer-boy, and let a real super-man handle the ladies," he cracks. "C'mon, Beastie, my bunkie - let's take a look around this place and get settled in," he says, cutting a polite path through the crowd.
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    TITAN campus, 10:18am, Oct 29th 2004. Admin building

    As Arsenal talks with the ladies...
    ...Diplomacy 6 +7 =13...
    ...Raven totally ignores him, Wondergirl rolls her eyes, Argent laughs lightly; not sure if she is laughing at you or with you, while Starfire smiles and looks innocently at him...

    Starfire laughs with joy and says in an innocent voice "But why would you wish to shot any of us? Are we not teammates now? I am most happy to be here and to meet you and the rest of my new teammates. This is a wonderful day."

    She then looks over to Robin and says "I am Starfire Tim, I am so pleased to meet you. We will be wonderful friends! and then gives him a big hug.

    Argent just giggles a little and says to everyone (eyeing Superboy's back) "Yea lets drop off our luggage and see this new campus"

    Beast Boy (staring at Starfire's chest) looks over at Superboy and says "Sure thing. This place is soooo cool. I wonder what kind of computer system they got here? Got to check that out as soon as we can"
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    " grip. Thanks. I'm, uh...I'm going to go check out my room and then go for a run. I'll, uh....see you at lunch. It was nice meeting everybody.

    Robin grabs his bags and makes his way to his room.

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    TITAN campus, 10:19am, Oct 29th 2004. Admin building

    Aqual lad says "I'll come with you as we will be housed together. I do hope that have adequate swimming facilities here. So you are Robin? Far younger then I thought you would be. Did you not serve the Batman some ten years ago?"

    Nightwing speaks up about then saying "Sounds like a good idea getting you all settled in. Lets take you over to the 'Residency'"

    Nightwing leads the group to a nearby building. It is 3 stories tall, and redbrick and marble. Entering you find yourselves in a large lobby with a double stairwell leading up. To the left of the entrance is a large dinning area, and kitchen farther back. To the right is a large common room with a large screen LCD flat-panel TV and expensive looking sound system. Nightwing explains that there is a video arcade father back, behind a small library.

    Before letting you head up to your rooms he says "There are comm. pad throughout the building and campus that look like this hereů" he points at a wall where a red button and screen are set flush against the wall "If you would like a guild to see the rest of the campus, just hit one of those and ask for me or Red Tornado. The computer will route the call to that person. OK good luck people, and enjoy yourselves. Remember lunch at 11:30am right here. Other then that you are free to roam aroundů"

    Upstairs, you break up to find your respected rooms. The rooms are quite large, "L" shaped with a bed, desk & chair, computer, cabinet and dresser in each wing. They offer each student a bit of privacy. The bathrooms are common on each floor but could easily accommodate each of you and then some if you all wanted to use them at once.
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    Arsenal listened to Nightwing's speech with mild disinterest. He was however taking in the place between occasionally checking out his female team-mates.

    "So it looks like we are gonna be roomies Dove." he said elbowing the hero in the ribs. "Say you and the big guy..." he motioned to Hawk "...aren't a couple or anything are ya? Not that there's anything wrong with that."

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    Looking a bit shocked to find Aqualad talking to him, Robin responds, ", yeah. Well, I'm not that Robin. I'm, well, I guess you could say that I'm Robin 2.0." Looking shocked at himself, Robin continues, "Not, uh, not that I mean that I am better than the first Robin...I'm just the new guy."
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