Dragonlance Adventure Game Cancelled

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    Dragonlance Adventure Game Cancelled

    from ICv2
    Sovereign Press and Wizards of the Coast jointly announced the cancellation of the Dragonlance Adventure Game, which was to have been released this month by Sovereign under license from WotC. There's no word on the reason for the cancellation, although there's some speculation that the introductory game may have been too close in concept to WotC's own recently released D&D Basic Game.


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    Was it just a game, or was any further setting related stuff cancelled?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghettognome
    Was it just a game, or was any further setting related stuff cancelled?
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    Asked and answered already.

    The cancellation was only for a new DL intro game. Sovereign Press is still running at full steam with all its other DL products. Apparently, some of the material in the cancelled game will be incorporated into future SP productions.

    No worries.

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