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    heh, I really liked the post Broc it's kinda cool seeing what Aris is up to since his 'demise', especially since you run him seperately and I have no idea what theyre up to

    Speaking as Benito though I gotta say it seems strange that Aris can try to amass a legion but not find the time to get a cleric from the temple to use a sending spell to let his friends know what has happened, I' m not sure how the tyrite will react when he finds out whats been going on, he will be happy that theyre alive that is certian but what will he do after that...

    I was running through some possibilites trying to stay true to the character, one was that he would shrug it off and gladly welcome his friend back, but I am leaning towards Benito being very dejected by what has transpired and I feel certian that the young priest would not want to be part of any legion... even if his faith has been shaken he has seen enough (the Planatar General of illmater for one) to be sure that true strength lies, at least for him, in the path and ways of the God of justice and not in Aris's legion which is comprised of both evil and good characters.

    If anyone has any rp ideas on how you think Benito might respond let me know Heh, any input is good input so feel free to let me know whats up

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    Re: ...

    Originally posted by Malachai_rose
    the Planatar General of Illmater for one)
    Hint..hint...Another tribute to Sepulchrave who has given me the confidence to take the kid gloves from the campaign and bring in heavies from the MM so that I can begin to think epic!

    If anyone has any rp ideas on how you think Benito might respond let me know Heh, any input is good input so feel free to let me know whats up
    As an impartial observer I would note that only 1 of Aris/Jenner's followers is evil. Kith is now Neutral (good). Khiros is more chaotic than he used to be.

    However, Benito has every right to be hurt. But is violence a solution. Didn't Suldolphin preach mercy?

    Whether he joins the Legion or not...I would say it wouldn't quite fit his character. However, alliances are good.

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    Wow, I must say as Aris I think he will make contact when it is feasible to do so and when it is wise to do so. Benito and co. made many more enemies then we should warrant. But I must admit I think Benito would be very upset at first and then just happy and relieved. Aris truly wants to be reunited with his boon companions but many obstacles are in the way and certain enemies must be dealt with. I feel for Benito, the young Tyrite is going through alot. But Aris would be confident in the young cleric, if the Tyrite had becomed tempered in the trials that has come and the ones to encounter. Plans within plans our being laid and unfolding. In this matter "the needs of the many outweight the needs of the one." Aris would not withhold info, if he did not trust Benito to weather the news. And Aris has learned something from Benito, and that is to try to inspire goodness and hope in even the Evil. Hopefully to carry out another commission of those that are dedicated to good. Hope,mercy, and love. Convert the evil to good, redeem them if possible. Kind of like what we must do in real life. Neh!
    Well, anyway Benito is going to do what Benito is going to do.
    The die is cast and Broc will laugh or be suprised at the outcome at the very least. Oh yeah, violence is not the way. Maybe a punch.

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    Let me get some feedback here. Right now the group as a whole has many enemies and looking at this from a practical point of view, we currently do not have the numbers or the power to take them all down. I also do not like to leave an enemy behind. They can get you when you least expect it. Right now, Benito and the other heroes are fighting the forces of Loviatar and I think they still must rescue the paladin's soul. Let alone an enemy that was made in the Efreeti assassin. Let us also not forget about the same enemies that belonged to our parents, which we still have not directly confronted. There is a need for secrecy and discretion. Raising the Stormwolf Legion will provide us with our own organization, to help combat our numerous enemies. The villains roll call goes on. (Night masks, fire knives, Zhentarim, Quivering thumb, and let us not forget Tharzar de.)

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    Jenner and Valeria

    17 Ches, Year of Rogue Dragons, Evening in Westgate: An Interlude

    Jenner Stormwolf practiced in the courtyard of his new Westgate residence.

    Do my people fear me? How long must I keep this up? he thought.

    He extended his stance and breathed out with every stroke of his scimitar, moving and twirling his body in a dance that he knew he must practice.

    Desert wind rises

    He repeated the form, fondly remembering the lessons from his father and the armsmaster he once studied with.

    Jump! tumble, downward slash to the inside thighs. Little to no armor there, he recalled the lesson from a Cormyrean warmaster.

    Aris, now calling himself Jenner Stormwolf, combined the knowledge he had been taught. He would need every ounce of skill he could muster if vengeance would be had. And he had to survive.

    Clap, clap... came a noise that interrupted his practice.

    "That last manuever is from a Cormyrean school. Nicely executed, " came a familiar feminine voice.

    "Yes, Alb..Valeria. You should know it. Your father taught it to me." Jenner paused, and then after a deep breath continued, "I must apologize to you and you must know that I am in debt to your father for my life, but my decision to not go and see the Scourge fight is a sound one. We cannot afford to, at this time take on the Quivering Thumb, Night Masks, and the Fire Knives. Let alone that racist group of Purist Elves that started all this trouble. Your father was a great strategist. He would agree with me. Do not let your emotions get the best of you now. "

    She folded her arms and leaned up against the wall. Sometimes she thought that Stormwolf was a doppleganger and like Kith could read her mind. It wasn't a pleasant feeling to be called out and told to wait.

    Can't I finish MY quest to? she thought, but held her tongue.

    "Fate did not lead us here to just let us end," added Stormwolf.

    Fate, that must be your name for Tymora, I guess.

    Valeria did not agree with the additon of Jhovan the Grey to the company. The old Aris would have killed the Assassin, now here was Aris calling himself Jenner Stormwolf and attempting to reform an Assassin. Maybe he had listened to her and Benito after all.

    We'll make you a worshipper of Tyr yet, Jenner Stormwolf!

    She thought to herself we are all more focused, refined, and more thoughtful, but also colder in a sense. More law, then good? The drawing of the cards had been something else to take into consideration. She could feel herself being drawn into something bigger than the whole group. Artifacts and legacies?

    Jenner interrupted her thoughts, " We have many enemies Valeria, and not many allies, at least ones that we couldn't endanger. If our parents did not succeed, what must we do to succeed? Do you not feel there is a mystical force here at work?Fate has dealt us a hand that we cannot fold."

    Valeria quietly took it all in. She was still waging an internal battle about her father. Many emotions were swelling in her chest. It seemed to her that the old Aris died back there in the dark waters of Westgate's harbor only to be reborn as Jenner Stormwolf--Chosen by Fate? Regardless his logic was inescapable.

    Perhaps, the old Alberia had died back there as well. She couldn't remember anything but darkness and shadows, not the endless plain that Nosr had described.

    Valeria, the Red. I can be that, especially if it means completing my father's quest and one day restoring my family again. Yes, she thought, I have my quest, my personal reason to fight!

    She thought again about the assassin Jhovan.

    May Tyr have mercy on his soul. May he find redemption in our company. If not may his death be swift!

    She stepped further into the courtyard square and drew her longsword.

    "Come Stormwolf, let's see how much my Father has taught you."

    Jenner Stormwolf bowed and obliged. Soon the sound of steel on steel rang out from the courtyard. Laughing now and again, the two combatants sparred well into the night.
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    Yes! Heroes!

    Well...it's about time! And Thank You Sepulchrave!

    22 Ches, 1373, Year of Rogue Dragons, Twillight Hollow: Redemption, part I

    Benito awoke and without preamble, rose and exited the inn, marching with a purpose towards the Temple of Ilmater carrying the body of Ellysidell in his arms. Grim and Meliane, with Souliess' body followed, silent as well, and not surprised by the cleric of Tyr's demeanor. Benito was bleary-eyed and tired both physically and mentally. His spirit had been shaken. He needed a sign, and in the temple he meant to call for one.

    In the sanctuary, he demanded to see the high priestess. The previous night he had tried to raise Ellysidell and the spirit of the wild elf had not responded. When the priestess arrived Benito asked if she could bring Souliess back.

    "I cannot. I did not ask for miracles of that nature for this day."

    She also reported that the prisoner had been murdered in the night.

    Andres was also visibly shaken, but this went unnoticed as Benito, realizing that she couldn't help, had already forgotten that she was there. She quietly excused herself and hurried out. Benito raised Souliess!

    Then he and Meliane proceeded to heal him to full strength. The cleric of Tyr demanded that the body of the assassin be brought. Benito stood in front of the group and commanded Grim to bar the doors. Questioning the body revealed importantly that the entrance to the cave complexes beneath Twillight Hollow lay in a barn in nearby Ulstan farm. However, the nature of the killer of this assassin remained cryptic--something with mutiple arms and claws that just appeared in her cell and did her in. Benito stood up and paced for few minutes.

    Then he spoke: "My friends, what I am about to do can change the path for our lives. I will call upon the divine, but it has a cost. We have been through some tough times lately, and I respect all of you. Because of that I give you now the option to leave our company for I intend to finish this quest for Shaunnara's soul and then find Mourn. I do not want you bound to same Fate that I will now be obliged to follow."

    None of the Heroes of the Vilhon Reach stirred. A tear came to Benito's eye. He could still have faith in his friends. He turned and faced the altar of Ilmater, gazing upon the mural of the god of suffering. Then he fell to his knees and raised his eyes heavenward and began to chant and sing the song that Tyr had just gifted him...the song of celestials....

    In the House of the Triad the mighty song was heard. It cried out for justice for the good people of Twillight Hollow. It begged for forgiveness and mercy. It asked for redemption....

    To the assembled hosts of Tyr, Torm, and Ilmater, the blind god spoke a single word...


    A winged form saluted and its spirit was overjoyed at the summons....He felt the approval of his master...It was time to end the suffering of the people of Twillight Hollow!


    Back on Faerun, the mural of Ilmater in a small temple in a backwater town somewhere in the Sunset Vale, glowed with heavenly light. The figure of Ilmater began to swirl and with a powerful sound--like a clarion call, the blue-green winged creature exploded from the extra-planar gate that Benito, Holy Justice of Tyr had created. The sanctuary filled was filled with a holy nimbus. The heroes, even Grim, were speechless and held in awe.

    In her room, Andress Nagheson saw the events and rapidly ended her scyring. Hastily she whisked off a sending to Harular to meet her at their pre-arranged location. Then knocking over everything in her path to the way down, she ran. Lovitar, please mistress, do not fail me.... There was no answer....

    The planetar hovered above the altar radiating holiness that soothed the heroes, his skin was criss-crossed with many blue scars, souveniers of countless battles. He held a mighty greatsword aloft. It glowed more powerfully than anything they had ever seen.

    I, Suldolphin, General of the armies of Ilmater, seek to do the will of the Triad. What would you ask of me?

    Benito wept tears of joy and at first could not answer. The rest of the companions were stunned as they heard the planetar speak in their minds.

    Speak, Benito Moltos. Tyr and Ilmater have heard your pleas. They hear the cries of the sorrows of their children here in Twilight Hollow. Justice will be done, but not without mercy. Remember mercy, young one.

    "Great General," Benito gulped, "Please, seek out this Painmistress and return her to me so that justice may be done."

    It will be done! And in return, son of Thaeglos, you must finish the quest of your fathers. Redeem him in return for the grace that Tyr has shown to you.

    How?!... Benito was confused, but tried to remain humble.

    Seek the Gatekeeper's Crystal. End the cycle. You will see signs and portents. They will guide you

    Then Suldolphin vanished.
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    very cool post Broc, the arrival of the planatar was indeed welcomed, heh, and to think that Benito never thought that spell was worth much Shows he has alot to learn still.

    As a side note Benito is done with the 5 lvl holy justice prestige class and I was wonderin what he should take next, if any one has any ideas that you think might fit with the character let me know

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    it continues...

    22 Ches, 1373, Year of Rogue Dragons, Twillight Hollow: Redemption, part II

    Benito strode from the temple without a word to the others, but this time he was beaming with confidence. His jaw was set and he headed towards the inn to confront the innkeeper...the spirit of the captured assassin had implicated him in the Lovitaran conspiracy here in the village.

    Grim, Meliane, and Souliess having, snapped out of their glamour, followed the cleric of Tyr as he marched down the street. People turned and stared at the group as they went. The Heroes were refreshed and set in purpose. Today, the Painmistress would be dealt with and the soul of the paladin Shaunnara would be freed.

    A little girl ran across the muddy road towards Benito.

    "My brother!" she panted as Benito crouched to catch the wayward child. "My brother...he...he wanted to be just like you and ran to rescue our cousin at the Ulstan farm!"

    Ulstan farm was where the assassin had indicated the entrance to catacombs lay. Benito knew there would be bandits or worse.

    "Meliane, see to the girl. Secure the innkeeper. Grim, to me!"

    The halfling understood instantly and climbed on the back of the Holy Justice. Benito activated his cape and flew towards the farm...


    Meliane talked to the girl and convinced her to go home and that Benito would rescue her brother if he needed rescuing. Then she and Souliess went to confront the innkeeper.

    Predictably, he was hostile when Souliess called him out. The druidess warped the bar into a cage to prevent his escape and then went after the stable boy who fled to the kitchen. Quickly, she intimidated the poor boy and dragged him back to main hall. Meanwhile, Souliess probed his mind and determined that the man was acting against his will. Souliess , recognizing the amateur attempt to control the man's will, dominated him. This caused a mental backlash that caused the owner of the Double Bolt Inn to fall unconscious. The stable boy whimpered.

    Meliane sighed, "Souliess, please go and retrieve some temple guards to collect these two. We will leave them to Benito."

    Souliess ran on all fours (he had begun to realize how much faster that was in his new form) out the inn and into the mud. He was startled by the whinnying of a horse and tumbled out of the way as the steed's hooves came crashing down. Souliess turned, sat on his haunces, and examined the newcomer. An elven woman sat astride a fine warhorse, a scimitar in one hand and a short sword in the other. She glared menacingly at the wild beast in front of her.

    "Meliane!" yelled the psionic wolverine

    Faun had arrived.....

    Ulstan farm was quiet as Benito and Grim approached. A barn stood prominent in the area 40 or so paces from a house. Benito saw a well and a grain silo. He deposited Grim near the silo and the sneak crept towards the barn where he noticed the door slightly ajar. Benito circled the barn. Grim heard voices and guttural laughter and saw the cleric in the air above him.

    Orcs! Grim sent.

    Benito acted quickly. He flew into the hayloft and surprised three orc archers. Unfortunately, he too was surprised and the orcs fired a volley of arrows as the cleric flew past and down a ladder. They followed. Grim meanwhile had tried to kick open the door and instead had stubbed his toe. The door creaked open and Grim slid inside in time to see the cleric of Tyr fly among a group of over a dozen orcs, two humans wearing black robes and carrying scourges, and a huge half-orc wielding a greataxe. Grim gulped as the sound of his door mishap had alerted the half-orc. The beast spun to face him.

    Benito meanwhile saw what the evil orcs and men had gathered to do. Two orcs were torturing a boy of no more than eight summers. The cleric flew down in the tight confines of the barn and scooped the lad in his arms, taking a few hits as he went. The orcs hearing the shouts of their brothers upstairs ran at the cleric and with axe, spear and sword hacked at this new adversary. Benito gave them his back, protecting the human boy, and took a beating as several weapons pierced unprotected parts of his body. Grim tumbled back out the door and ran towards the house. Benito flew and crashed through the door. The orcs gave chase.

    First things, first thought Benito as he flew into the meadow surrounding the farm.

    There he deposited the unconscious young boy, stablizing him with some healing. He flew back to the battle. Grim was surrounded by several orcs and was tumbling back and forth to avoid their axes and swords. Benito saw the half-orc leading some more of his underlings around the back of the house to get behind the halfling. A black ray from one of the priests hit him. His will brushed the spell aside. He returned the favor with a bolt of searing light and what he recognized as a Lovitaran priest, doubled over. Then he summoned the fire worms. In the span of less than twenty heartbeats, the barn and farmhouse where on fire, another priest of Lovitar was dead, a burning husk surrounded by Benito's summoned thoqquas, and some more were moving to engage the orcs that Grim now confronted at the back of the house.

    It was there that the half-orc began to tear into the small halfling. The monster swung at Grim and finally connected, sending the rogue spinning. He quickly regained his balance, and avoided a downward chop that sent dirt flying. Benito, seeing the melee and Grim's blood flying here and there, hesitated and looked for other targets. Spying three or four orcs attempting to flank Grim, Benito called down a flamestrike. The trees smoked as the orcs were blasted into charred flesh and bone....


    Back in town, things had become tense. However, Souliess's ability to read minds came in handy and while the elf was rude and hostile, the psion did come to the conclusion that this Faun was tracking Harular. Still, that didn't excuse the lack of manners and Souliess had a mind to scramble her brains just to teach her a lesson.

    That was when he and Meliane saw and heard a ka-boom in the distance. They looked and saw smoke and fire.

    "Benito and Grim are in trouble!" shouted Souliess and took off in that direction. Meliane turned into a bear and followed. Faun, seeing no other recourse did the same, passing the two talking animals in no time on her swift steed and heading towards the sounds of battle in the distance....

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    ouch! Planetar's rock!

    22 Ches, 1373, Year of Rogue Dragons, Twillight Hollow: Redemption, part III

    Having fought minions of Lovitar over the ages, Suldolphin knew exactly where to go. He found the path and teleported directly there. His innate magic resistance blasted through the wards and he was before the Altar of Agony in the Painmistress's inner sanctum. The battle was not even fair. Suldolphin summoned a giant embodied hand that grasped and held the priestess. A xill cleric was kept at bay by the planetar's aura. The black, spiked altar animated. Somewhere in between shrugging off blows from the construct, the celestial's great sword, knocked Harular across the room as the half-dragon tried to flank him. Andress Naghesson's spells either failed to manifest due to her being grappled or were unable to penetrate Suldolphin's spell resistance. The xill's weaker magics did not even register as a tickle.

    Harular peeled himself from the the stone portal he had been smashed against and crawled away. The blow should have killed him, but instead it just hurt really bad.* After sneaking out of sight of the giant, blue-green, bird man, Harular staggered punch-drunk to a well, tore off the capstone, and jumped in. His alliance with the Lovitarans was over. The chilly waters of the underground stream revived him somewhat and he floated downstream to collect the rest of his men, seriously planning to leave this one-horse town.

    As the altar crumbled to pieces, Suldolphin closed with the priestess. He offered her mercy while he demanded her surrender and raised his greatsword above her. The foolish mortal attempted one last spell even though held tight by the giant hand. Suldolphin sighed and dealt her a blow across the face, smashing her mask and sending her into unconsciousness. Then he finished the xill, showing it no mercy. The evil outsider's head bounced across the stone floor.

    The inner santum was purified with holy magics emanating from the celestial. He scooped the fallen priestess in his arms and returned to the Temple of Ilmater in the blink of an eye....

    Benito closed with the half-orc and challenged the burly humanoid to pick on someone his own size. The brute turned and focusing on the symbol of Tyr emblazoned on Benito's tabard and cape, became enraged, foaming at he mouth. He charged, driving Benito back as the great axe came crashing down on the cleric's shield. The priest's arm went numb, but fortunately, it wasn't his sword arm. Mano exploited the half-orc's lack of defense and dealt him a deep wound across the abdomen. The hulking barbarian didn't stop and his second and third axe slices opened gashes across Benito's thigh and shoulder. Another two hacks with his holy sword failed to bring down the brute, but then, as the raging half-orc raised his axe for a mighty chop, two sharp points protruded from his belly with a sick pop!, and he sank to his knees. Grim kicked the now unconscious hulk forward and wiped his mouth, still dripping with a quickly quaffed healing potion.

    Thanks for the distraction, B. the halfling smiled.

    Benito sent the thoqquas to chase down the remaining orcs, and stabilized the half-orc for later. The fire worms left a smoky trail through the woods. Grim had already gone to examine the bodies. That's when he heard a rider approach. Grim crouched behind the well. Benito saw the horse and the elf mounted on its back and stood there sword ready. He no longer felt the liberty to take chances and trust mere strangers.

    * Suldolphin wields a +4 holy keen merciful huge greatsword, oh and I gave him two or three levels of the Weaponmaster prestige class...
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    Gotta love Grim, He slices he dices he juliennes fries... all that and he deals sick damage on sneak attacks as well heh, what more could you ask for in a bud.

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