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    I must commend the restraint of the party. Even though my players are quick to negotiate (at least compared to some I've played with), I think they would have piled on those guys as soon as it appeared they had cast magic on Aris.

    I can't wait to see what havoc the imposter wreaks at sea.


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    Future events...

    The main reasons Benito did not try and slay the foul priest of Cyrric was mainly that when they were talking it was just Benito and Aris standing there with Variak a little ways back at the bow of the ship, the others were below decks and such. The second is they had broken no laws, that is except the spell on Aris but Benito was happy to see them on their way so that the party would no longer be delayed in it's quest for Mourn (Benito wanted to try and find a portal to Evereska for expediencies sake but Aris and the others vetoed the idea). As for the blood thirsty hordes out there who love a high body count I know I do, lol, you will not be disappointed as one of the founding members of the party meets a gruesome fate... who will it be ? Benito, Aris, Nosr, Ellysidell ??? only future posts from Broc will tell, but lets just say Westgate is a "meat grinder" hehe. Well till the next post
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    onto Westgate...

    29 Altuirak to 6 Ches,1373 Year of Rogue Dragons: "Blasted Assassin!"

    The next few days were uneventful as the Wave of Destiny rode up the coast of Turmish in the Sea of Fallen Stars. A southerly wind bolstered her sails and the ship made good time. Aris spent most of the time on the prow of the ship taking in the wind and sea with arms folded and cloak billowing behind him. He stared northwest towards what he perceived was the direction of Evereska. Mourn, I hope you are still alive. We're coming for you...

    Martial arts practice also became a routine on deck. As the rest of the party practiced with weapons, they noticed that Aris instead worked on alot of punches and kicks as well as performing fighting routines with his scimitar and hand axe. It also looked like he was dancing slowly at times. Aif and Benito talked much as well. Benito tried to alleviate his fears, but in confidence with Aris also present Aif talked about how much he feared going back. He would perform Tyr's will to the best of his ability, but talk of someone called the Duchess made the doppleganger shudder involuntarily. "There is an evil in Westgate that does not sleep...." he would whisper ominously. Aris definitely did not want to tary long in the city. He felt that anything that would put that much fear into a d'ganger, formerly a hardened assassin, was not good. He also warned Grim not to do anything that would risk notice of the Night Masks in their home turf.

    About day four, Nosr saw a familiar coastline...."Boss, can we stop in Starmantle? I want to look up some old friends," he tried to smile innocently.

    Aris rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Little brother, aren't you beyond revenge? We don't need to be embroiled in a situation that gets us side-tracked from our purpose. I know it's my fault, but we have wasted so much time already. We don't need to waste any more."

    Nosr pouted and started to go below. Aris climbed to the forecastle to consult with the captain. Alberia, Aif, and Benito hung on the maindeck. Ellysidell and Variak polished weapons on the sterncastle. Grim hid in the crow's nest on the mainmast. It was the closest thing to a tree on this floating log. Aris took in the breeze and smelled the salt air. He felt in his element. Two more days or less to Westgate and then onto Suzail. Hmmm, smells like rain, but there's not a cloud in the sky.

    Instinctively Aris leaped from the forecastle just as a two-pronged lightning bolt slammed into Captain Firth and the space he had just occupied! Grim started shouting excitedly as he pointed out towards the front of the cog. Benito activated his cape of flying and flew to just below the crow's nest to get a better view. He saw a humanoid figure about 80ft in front of the boat flying in the air. Before, the cleric of Tyr could act, however he and the captain and Aris below him were englufed in a storm of ice. Aris cried out, "To Arms! To Arms!" as a stream of arcane missles tore into him. He pulled out a vial of healing elixir and took cover behind the rail.

    Variak and Ellysidell grabbed their bows and ran to the front of the boat. The crew began scrambling. Alberia began climbing the rigging to attempt to join Grim at or near the lookout post. Grim, relieved that the [color=sky blue] ice storm[/color] had just missed him, fired a bolt at the figure that sailed wide. Benito flew out to the adversary and ripped into a human in gray robes with his holy sword. The mage screamed and dove into the water. Ell's keen eyesight spotted him swimming near the surface and he and Variak shot in the general vicinity, not knowing if they hit or not. However, their marksmanship gave Benito, the flying priest, a good idea of where the mage was 'hiding'. He dove into the sea after him. Slashing blindly with Mano Benito connected several times and felt the foe stop thrashing or trying to escape.
    He pulled him out from the water and flew back to the boat. Grim and Alberia had climbed down to main deck by then. The halfling recognized the mage.

    "It is the mage who attacked us with Thazar-de!"

    The rest of the party looked around at the sky cautiously for the half-fiend. Seeing no immediate attack, Benito interrogated the corpse with his divine abilities. The mage's name was Mankalla. He was trying to kill the inn's owner. He was acting alone.

    "Blasted assassin!" yelled Aris as this information was revealed. "Cut him up and throw the parts over as shark bait."

    The rest of the party and crew hesitated, but Grim grinned and as he began to hack away, he pocketed some choice items....

    The bloody mess was soon heaved over the side and the deck cleaned. The next two days were uneventful much to the relief of the heroes. Soon they spotted the city of Westgate with its sooty haze from the nearby industry. Even in the early morning light, a shadow seemed to linger on the city. As Wave of Destiny entered the harbor, the walls extending like a shark's maw ready to engulf its prey, a pilot's boat came to meet them. Aris welcomed the pilot on board and gave him a little extra money as he took Captain Firth's position at the wheel and guided the boat past fishing trawlers and smaller vessels leaving the harbor at high tide.

    "Dock us somewhere where we can get out quickly if we need to."

    The pilot smiled knowingly, having heard that request many times here in Westgate. He took the money and led the Wave to its mooring point.
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    Looks like your party is a real combat-machine! I enjoyed reading your implementation of the Dungeon adventures--I just re-subscribed recently after about a four-year hiatus, and it's interesting to see the adventures played through in this and other story hours on the board. I'm interested on how you plan on implementing Tharizdun in your FR campaign, since he's not a native Faerunian god. Maybe a little elemental evil in the future?

    Have fun and game on!

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    I love combats aboard ships. I doubt I'll be able to work one into my current campaign but they are always fun.

    Also, I like the colored spell names! That is cool. I would consider doing that for my Story Hour but those characters cast a BUNCH of spells. I'd spend so much time getting the coding right that it might take me forever to get the writeups done. I'll consider it though.

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    6 Ches, 1373 Year of Rogue Dragons: Westgate

    Benito Moltos, Holy Justice of Tyr stepped from the gangplank onto the docks. Next to him walked Aif/Kith, the doppelganger. Behind them came Alberia Dorthansdotter, Varrik of Raven's Bluff, and Babu the Artificer (carrying one of his toys--a flamethrower!). The cleric from Alaghon stared at the city the loomed before him. The day was overcast and damp and a bit chilly. A cool wind from the harbor whipped more spray onto the docks. Aris had told him to deposit Aif at the temple and hurry back. He did not want to stay long in Westgate. From all the stories Grim had heard, even the bold halfling did not want to set foot on shore unless he had to. Already sailors were helping dockworkers to unload the crates of cargo that Aris had purchased to trade here in Westgate and Suzail. The genasi directed the operation with the help of a native merchant broker. He glanced down at the party and reminded them once again to make haste. Aris wanted to leave tommorrow. He looked quickly skyward and reached for the hilt of his scimitar as a shadow crept across the deck. By Mileikki, I am jumpy today!.

    He relaxed the grip on his sword as he saw Squatto, Nosr's hawk familiar circling lazily over the cog. Just need to relax...
    Benito's soliettes squelched in the muddy streets as he led the group from the docks to where Aris's broker had directed them. The city, even at this early hour was crowded. Varrik allowed Babu to ride on his shoulders so the gnome could get a better view. They pressed through the throng towards one of the main thoroughfares, bodies of both adults and children pressing against them. "Hey! Let go of me!" he heard from behind him. He turned and saw Alberia holding a young girl by the arm. Benito smacked his forhead and checked his belt pouch...gone!.

    "We've been robbed!" he exclaimed. "Girl, where is our money?"

    She stuck her tongue out at him and Benito began expounding on how the holy justices would make her talk, scaring the girl.

    "I have lost over a thousand gold pieces!" Varrik angrily added.

    "Gentlemen, what are you going to do? Beat the information out of her? Slap those manacles on her?" Alberia shook her head, "Men...." Turning to the little thief, she said, "Girl you are going with us to the abbey, but I a sure they will be more kind to you. It seems that Tyr is giving you a second chance at life to better your station."

    The paladin smiled and held on to the struggling girl.

    "Hey!" pointed Babu, "There's a parade! I love parades!"

    The rest of the heroes looked at him strangely, but followed his gaze. They could see and feel the crowd surging forward towards the main street. They heard a chant that the mob kept repeating,


    The rabble was starting to get a little wild. Varrik and Benito flanked Alberia and at Babu's insistence to get a better view, muscled their way through the crowd. There they saw a caged and leather-masked barbarian being carted by along the street. Asking a few questions, they saw that this 'parade' was exhibiting the most popular gladiator, The Scourge in the Colosseum run by the House of the Quivering Thumb . The gladiator shook the bars of the cage and screamed at the crowd. A tatooed man stood next to the driver of the wagon and acted as a cheerleader to get the crowd yelling. Warrior types flanked the cart and others handed out flyers announcing Scourge's next match, this very evening. Benito folded his arms and shook his head, "What barbaric practices this city has!"

    Then The Scourge passed by the heroes and stopped rattling the cage. He paused and stared seemingly at Alberia. She took a step back, put her hand on Benito's shoulder for support and had to re-grip the street urchin. Time seemed to slow. Benito took things in. Scourge was an older, scarred man. The tatooed man on the cart fingered his hand. Then the cart passed by them and Alberia was pushing her way away from the spectacle.

    "We should go! It'll be fun!" Babu exclaimed.

    "Alberia, what...what happened?" Benito called after her.

    "Nothing...nothing. I don't want to talk about it. Let's just get to the Abbey of the Blinding Truth."

    She continued to move through the people with as much haste as possible dragging a protesting little girl behind her....
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    It's been so long....

    6 Ches, 1373 Year of Rogue Dragons: The Abbey of the Blinding Truth

    [*DM note: Descriptions of the Abbey are taken from Magic of Faerun and are italicized in the text.]

    Their destination towered above the surrounding structures 50ft above the cobbled street looking more like a fortress than a temple. Even in the grayness, the white-washed walls fo the abbey gleamed, marking the Temple of Tyr in Westgate for all to see and maybe as a snub to the evil that according to Aif, pervaded the very stones of the port city.

    Twin doors of forged iron, set into either side of the gatehouse's thick walls* met the party. The symbol of Tyr--a set of scales in front of a hammer--emblazoned in gold upon the doors confirmed that the heroes were in the right place.

    "I, Benito Moltos, holy justice of Tyr from the Temple of Justice in Alaghon, seeks audience with High Lord Abbot Grigor Khazar. I come bearing gifts from High Lord Abbot Denton Crimsgard."

    The party waited. Variak and Babu figeted as they craned their necks towards the battlements and eyed the arrow slits. Aif was nervous. Alberia looked at the stones of the cobbled street, already introspective and Benito adjusted his tabard and robes to present himself as sharp as possible to these fellow Tyrites. No one would call us Turmish slackers, he thought.

    Finally, the doors opened. A faint boom, perhaps a release of magic could be heard as six guards exited the gatehouse. The heroes could see a hall, murder holes on the ceiling, that led to an inner courtyard and more impressive structures beyond. An acolyte followed the guards who flanked the party.

    "Welcome, Benito Moltos of Alaghon. We have been expecting you."

    With confidence and Aif slightly behind him, Benito led the way into the gatehouse. Aif screamed in pain and began to writhe on the floor as the party passed through. The guards drew weapons and stood poised for treachery.

    "No, no! He is with me. I vouch for him!" yelled Benito helping his doppleganger convert from the floor.

    The acolyte waved the guards off and the rest of the party, except for Alberia, stood confused and became a bit more nervous. They stepped quickly into the courtyard.

    "I-I am fine. Just a reminder of what I used to be, I guess." Aif assured Benito as the pain subsided.

    An acolyte went to fetch the high abbot and Benito watched him as he walked quickly, not to the cathedral or to a building that looked like barracks, but to a group of shirtless warriors practicing hand-to-hand combat. The acolyte approched the man leading the practice and led him back to the group. As Benito saw the well-muscled older man approach, he felt suddenly over-dressed. The man extended his hand.

    "Grigor Khazar," he said as he clasped Benito and then each party member's hand. "Welcome to the Abbey of the Blinding Truth," he gestured at the courtyard and the impressive buildings that lay within. "I realize that you have pressing business. Tomas will escort you to a meeting room in the cathedral, while I freshen up."

    "Will there be refreshments?" asked Babu

    Benito glared at him, but Grigor smiled gesturing for the acolyte that had initially greeted the party to lead them towards the cathedral. Dark granite walls of this imposing edifice loomed 100ft above the courtyard....A detailed bas-relief sandstone carving encircles the mighty oak-and-iron doors. The carving depicts the cautionary tale of a rich merchant, who becomes a member of a city's ruling council and believes himself to be secure in his wealth a power. But he then incurs the wrath of the Just God after accepting bribes to looke the other way while thieves rob and burn a family's home. The merchant's corruption is exposed and he is first judged and then executed by his fellow councilors.* Babu gulped as they passed through the doors into the catheral itself. The acolyte Tomas led them up a flight of spiral stairs into a meeting room. Cakes and other pastries had been placed on a large oaken table in the room's center.

    The party waited again. Babu made the most of the wait by tearing into the refreshments. Variak ate sparingly. Benito, Aif and Alberia went over the events of the parade. The paladin and cleric shared their suspicions that the Scourge was Dorthan Lhal. Alberia did not want to belive it, but had that gut feeling. She detached herself and stared out a stained-glass window. Aif openly admonished himself by not using his ability to read minds to see if the gladiator indeed was Alberia's father. Benito consoled the reformed Night Mask. How would he have known to do so? It showed that he had changed by fighting against his instincts to read thoughts automatically.

    Grigor joined them at length and he and Benito talked together about Aif and his prospective role as a double-agent for the temple. Benito shared about the doppleganger's conversion with confidence seemingly satisfying the Abbot. Grigor attempted to recruit Benito to help with the situation in Westgate as well. The cleric was tempted but refused. Benito also shared his belief that the Scourge as Dorthan Lhal.

    Grigor recognized the name and was pleased to know that Alberia was the famous paladin's daughter. He called her over to partake in the discusision. As Benito conveyed that he wanted to confirm his supsicions, Grigor advised caution. The Quivering Thumb were alot more than they seemed and as of yet, mainly because of the concentration against the Night Masks, not alot of information had been gathered about them. The abbot would not allow Aif to go on any information gathering expedition. He needed to be briefed and protected for the moment.

    Then the conversation turned to the party. Benito shared willingly and openly as much as he could about the Heroes. Grigor asked what kind of man was Aris. Could he be trusted? As the conversation continued Grigor spoke out loud, "After all these years, Denton still holds a grudge." when Benito talked about his High Abbot's dismissial of Dorthan and cold treatment of Alberia.
    Apparently, Grigor Khazar knew something about the relationship between Denton, Dorthan, Aris's parents....Did he know about Benito's father and mother? Benito was afraid to ask and he had another question that burned in his mind and needed to be answered....was the Scourge really Dorthan?

    Benito and the rest of the party made the decision to return to boat, brief Aris and get to the bottom of their new mystery. Taking their leave respectfully and with his blessing, Benito, Babu, Variak, and Alberia left the abbey. The mist was lifting, but it was still damp and the party felt the cold wind bear down upon them as they left the bastion of Tyr and headed for the docks
    Read The Return of the Heroes of the Vilhon Reach or of their past and find out where all started
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    6 Ches (afternoon), 1373 Year of Rogue Dragons: Things go south in Westgate

    Upon returning to the Wave of Destiny Benito informed Aris on what they had seen. The genasi cursed his luck, realizing at once that perhaps their brief stay in Westgate would not be so brief. He was just as curious, however, and agreed to Benito's idea to do some information gathering. The instructions were specific: Gather information that confirms the Scourge is Dorthan, but DO NOT extract. That needs to be planned better, thought Aris.

    Benito requested a personnel change, and he and Grim put their heads together to formulate a plan to visit the Scourge. Nosr was to be a noble fop requesting an audience with his favorite gladiator. Benito was to be his spokesperson. Grim and Ellysidell, his wild and exotic bodyguards. Babu would tag along as a fellow eccentric--a part in which he would have no trouble acting. Variak had had enough of the city and wanted to stay with Aris overseeing the loading and unloading of cargo. Alberia was strongly encouraged to not go on the recon mission. Aris did not want anyone to jump into a rescue prematurely. Hurt by the implication that she would not be able to control herself, Alberia stormed off towards the ship's prow to be alone in her "contemplations".

    After Nosr had his hawk familiar Squatto fly over the Quivering Thumb compound and return, did the entourage of Lord Byron of Starmantle proceed to the Colisseum of the Quivering Thumb. Nosr left his hawk on the boat. The heroes took in the structure. It was an impressive arena located just outside the city gates with and avenue cleared around the buildings that made up the Quivering Thumb's compound. A chain also blocked a direct approach and a small kiosk guarded the only entrance which lay some 50 ft from the walls of the arena. And the place was guarded. The kiosk was attended by man in black pantaloons and a loose sleevless dark purple--possilbly silk, noted Nosr--shirt. His arms were heavily tatooed. With him were five mercenary types armed with crossbows and armored in black and silver banded mail. Ellysidell always looking up noted archers on the top of the Colisseum itself. Benito and the others stopped and gulped collectively when what they thought were two statues guarding the entrance to the arena turned out to be real. They were three-armed giants with giant metal-shod morning stars and armored also in black and silver banded mail. They wore basinet half-helms that covered their eyes but allowed their tusks to protrude from their giant mouths. A plume of dark purple whipped in the wind from the tops of their helms.....

    "My master wishes to meet The Scourge, " announced Benito to the Attendant. "He will pay well. 1000 gold pieces!"

    The tatooed man raised an eyebrow, but seemingly was impressed with the bravado of the group.

    "I will consult my master and give you an answer. It is an odd request, but not without precedent. How do you know of the Scourge?"

    "We have followed his exploits for the last several months. My master Lord Byron has heard of him even from Starmantle. We know he fights tonight. We wish to see him before. Who knows if he might live or die in the arena."

    [DM note: something that I forgot to mention during the meeting with Grigor is that Benito questioned the High Abbot about the Scourge and how long he had been in Westgate...It coincided in the heroes' minds with when Dorthan had disappeared....]

    "Please wait here, then."

    The Attendant rushed away between the two giants and into the Colisseum. The kiosk guards closed in and remained vigilant, but did not raise their crossbows. The heroes waited, watched the crowd that milled in the area, and actually they were minding their own business when a black cloaked sun elf crossed their path screaming and inscensed, and pointing the finger at Grim.

    "How dare such N'Tel'Quessir scum wear a cloak of the People! Remove that cloak!"

    [DM note: Grim owns a cloak of elvenkind]

    The party was shocked. Nosr repsonded first.

    "Do not talk to my bodyguard in that manner, sir elf."

    "Do not address me, half-breed. Know your place and know your betters. I hold you responsible for the insult to the People. And you," pointing to Ellysidell, "even though you are a barbarian, how could you cavort with such as these!"

    Benito shook himself from the surprise of this random meeting. Babu fired the pilot light on his flamethrower...

    "If you know what is good for you, sir elf, you will turn around and go away. My master does not trifle himself with uncouth rogues who insult their betters!."

    There was a brief stare down as Ell now drew his flaming falchion. Benito put his had on the hilt of Mano. The Quivering Thumb guards stepped back and raised their crossbows. One put a steel whistle in his mouth.


    The sun elf smiled very smugly and turned his back on the party with a flourish, walking back into the crowded avenue. A hawk flew overhead. Benito shook his head at the oddity of the event and looked at his companions. The hair on the back of his neck stood up and he turned towards Babu who laughed mischieviously, pointed his flamethrower at Nosr, and before Benito could warn the sorcerer, let out a gout of flame. Nosr screamed in surprise and more than a little pain.

    "What's going on!?" yelled the burning mage.

    Grim darted out into the crowd, suspicious of the elf in black, but the racist was nowhere to be found. He ran back to the group where he saw Benito and Ellysidell trying to subdue the cackling gnome.

    "What has gotten into you, crazy gnome?!" yelled Benito as he smote the little guy with the hilt of his longsword.

    Nosr, furious, unleashed magic missles on Babu. Ell, not wanting to burn the little guy, drew his dwarven waraxe to bludgeon Babu with the flat of the blade. Meanwhile, the guards had dropped back and the three-armed giants had quickly moved forward holding out their morning stars and waving them slowly, but menacingly at the edge of the chain. Babu torched Benito and laughed some more. Ell took a glance at the giants and clutched his axe...What if.....

    Benito saw the half-crazed look in the wild elf's eyes and shouted, "Ellysidell! NO!"

    The wild elf shook his head and shuddered, "There is foul magic about!"

    Grim smacked the gnome hard and Benito restrained Nosr from doing any more real damage to Babu. Ell downed the gnome as he began to turn his weapon towards the guards! Whew! thought the elf.

    He looked at Benito as they both saw that the Colisseum grounds were going crazy. The saw large hairy humanoids running towards the chain barrier. "Talk us out of this one, priest! Please!"

    Grim crouched as low as he could to escape just in case things got worse. The giants held their ground but continued to threaten.

    Benito spied the Attendant and cried out to him, "My apologies!" and not knowing exactly what happened, "I do not know what came over our companion. He has been restrained. No harm done. See?" motioning to the group most of whom were a littel singed if not burned.

    He offered the Quivering Thumb representative 500 more gold. The Attendant looked at them and shook his head.

    "I accept your gold, but return when things cool off. There is a tavern, the Parched Patrician just inside the city walls. Rest there and come back in one hour."

    The heroes where crestfallen, but saw that the situation was bad. At least there was still hope.

    "Thank you. You are too kind, good sir," was all Benito could say as he led the party away (with Ellysidell carrying the unconscious Babu) from the colisseum.

    Grim muttered under his breath while he searched everywhere for pursuit, I got a bad feeling about this....
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    crazy gnomes

    and it all starts here folks, lol no more happy fun times for the heroes And just let me comment that an insane gnomish artificer with a tweaked out flamethrower and almost 60 hitpoints is no fun at all to try and beat down, lol, well not much anyways

    Possible names for the next post...


    Whadda ya mean he was a nightmask ?!?

    I take how much con damage ?!?

    NO !!! Not Squatto !!!

    Wow... That had to hurt.

    Okay, Everyone make a will save...


    these will be much funnier once Broc has the next post up I promise
    "The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed"

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    6 Ches (afternoon), 1373 Year of Rogue Dragons: Death in Westgate

    The Heroes staggered, tired and frustrated into the Parched Patrician, a few blocks from the gate that led from the city into the Colisseum 'district'.

    [DM note: If you FR fans have a map of Westgate, I placed the Colisseum and complex of the Quivering Thumb in what was formerly the shantytown area southwest of the city. The Abbey of the Blinding Truth is one block south of the Temple to Mask along what is called 'Temple Row'. The abbey is on the Northside and the arena is on the southside of the city, a good ways from each other.]

    Once inside, they ordered a round of drinks and Benito began the considerable task of reviving and healing Babu. Meanwhile, Nosr had summoned Squatto from the Wave of Destiny, and was with Benito's added comments, writing Aris about what had happened. Unfortunately, Aris, Variak and Alberia attending to their own duties did not notice that the hawk had left.

    "If Aris had been with us, things would not have turned sour," Benito muttered to himself, feeling the pressure of taking a leadership role. I prefer being the hand of Tyr, not the voice....

    Babu explained, after regaining consciousness and coming to his senses that he had felt that he was back in his village surrounded by orcs. "What a horrible, nightmare. Did I hurt anyone?"

    Nosr glared at the gnome, but went back to writing the message. He also grew wings, underneath his cloak with his spell to alter self just in case a quick exit was needed. Quickly finishing the missive to Aris, he dispatched Squatto and took a long draught of ale. It alleviated his pain somewhat, but out of pride he refused more healing from the cleric of Tyr.

    Ellysidell stood near the party's table and watched the back stair that led to meeting rooms while Grim slunk into the shadows by the door.

    "Well, we have an hour before we go back to the Quivering Thumb. Do we make the appointment or go back to the abbey?"

    "Benito, I think we should return to the ship and leave this city," suggested the wild elf.

    "Back to Aris," added Nosr.

    "This place is no fun anymore, but I don't want to go back out there. It's dangerous for little guys like me. I say we hang out here for a while and then get out of town. What do you think?"

    "I think that you talk to much, munchkin." Nosr responded icily.

    Before the gnome could respond, taken aback and hurt by the sorcerer's crack, those at the table saw Nosr turn pale and almost faint.

    "Squatto!" he yelled and rushed for the door.

    "What? Wait! Nosr...Grim!" Benito sputtered as the young mage tore towards the exit.

    Grim intervened, grabbing at Nosr to stop him, but somehow got caught and almost tangled in the folds of Nosr's cloak of charisma.

    "Hold it for me..." Nosr said slowly and softly as he unclasped the cloak and took to the air, wings unfolding.

    "Look mama, an angel!" said a young passerby.

    Grim looked up catching the cloak as it floated down towards him, and saw Nosr lit by ray of sunlight as he began to fly. Time seemed to slow and the halfling saw his companion's arms fly back and his back arch. He heard the sorcerer's scream echo across the street. A bolt protruded from his back. Benito, the first to act, pushed past the halfling activating his cape of flying to try to catch Nosr. As he reached out to the falling form of the mage, the body fell through his arms to splash with a resounding thunk! on the muddy street.

    "Noooooooo!" Benito cried and drew Mano de la Justicia looking for the assassins!

    Movement drew him to the roof of the tavern and he saw cloaked and huddled figures. He flew towards them. Back in the tavern, Ellysidell wanted to join his companions quicker but was delayed by a protesting Babu. The elf, not feeling patient, picked up the gnome and carried him outside. Grim pointed at Nosr's fallen body and sent his elf friend a message as he began to scamper up the wall to join Benito on the roof, tucking Nosr's cloak into his belt.

    Nosr's gone! Watch your back, my friend.

    Ell strove towards the body, yelling at the forming crowd to step away or suffer bodily harm. Dangling a kicking and screaming gnome in one hand he reached down and picked up the body of his fallen comrade-in-arms. The bolt had pierced the mage all the way through so that point barely protruded from his chest. The wound also looked foul to the wild elf, and Nosr's breaths were ragged. In that span of a few seconds, Grim's prediction became accurate. Blood welled from the mage's mouth, his eyes rolled back and fluttered and his tongue lolled from his mouth, blood-spittle running from it, staining Ell's arms and shoulder.

    "Mama, the angel's dead....," a young girl began crying.

    "Damnation!" swore Ellysidell. He looked to the roof were he saw Benito's holy sword flash and blood spray....then he could not move! A lone tear escaped from his eye. Am I to die this day, also? Grim!

    ...But the halfling was too far away and busy dodging a bolt as he propped himself on the ledge of the roof. Benito made short work of two dark-clad assassins who had attempted to flank him. Grim spotted another trying to hide on the doorshed. That one jumped quickly down and the halfling saw another assassin run across the roof. He also saw Benito in high-speed mode and decided that the matter was well in hand. Intinct made him glance below where he saw Ellysidell frozen with the gnome Babu screaming to be let go. Not good! Tymora, please protect us! he prayed as he lept from the roof and hit the mud-splattered street rolling. Babu had torn himself free and looked to see the halfling with drawn sword charge him. Confusion set in, He's not my friend! I need to find my other friends.

    "No, no get away, you crazy halfling!Don't hurt me!"

    "Calm yourself, you fool!" cried Grim attempting to restrain the gnome.

    Again his strength failed him as Babu, also covered with mud, slipped free from his grasp and sprinted into the crowd screaming nonsense about finding his new friends. Grim thought it was funny....too funny he realized too late as he began to roll in the mud laughing uncontrollably.

    On the roof, Benito was in a fury and took out the next adversary and charged the other who was attempting to escape, ripping through the enemy with the Hand of Justice as if he were harvesting wheat. As he downed his last enemy, he looked around and saw a circling hawk that was not Squatto and looked kind of out of place. The hawk spotted him and took off. Benito flew after the bird, using the magic of his cape and boots to catch up to the flying creature. With a mighty swing of Mano, the hawk exploded in a burst of feathers.

    Grim tried to focus through tears. He was laughing so hard that it hurt and he felt utterly helpless. He tried to grope for his weapon, but it was just too hard and too funny a prospect. Through his hazy vision he saw the gold elf that had insulted him earlier melt from the crowd and approach him and the frozen Ellysidell. Without a word, the elf ripped the elven cloak from Grim and dropped a note. He then went to Ellysidell and smiled, drawing a dagger, "Remember," he said coldly as he sliced the barbarian's throat, but not too deep to kill him. Deep enough to make Ellysidell wince if he could and realize that he was at the elf's mercy. He felt the blood trickle down his throat. The rage boiled inside the wild elf, but he was helpless. Grim continued to laugh like a maniac as the gold elf retreated into the crowd and the shadows. Somewhere, unseen by the rest of the party, the gold elf staggered and almost vomited. He looked to the sky, recovered quickly and melted once again into the shadows.

    Benito satisfied that justice had been served flew back down to the scene of Nosr's demise. The crowd was still there but keeping its distance. He found Grim sitting at Ellysidell's feet, with both weapon's drawn. Grim was not happy. He stood as the cleric flew down to meet him.

    Out loud, the halfling said, "Nosr's dead. Babu ran away. Ell was almost dead. The elf that you insulted stole my cloak. "

    He handed Benito the message which said simply :
    You have crossed the Night Masks. We have been merciful. Leave Westgate

    As if on cue, Ellysidell collapsed in the mud. He rubbed his neck right away and vomited. When Benito, confused at the situation tried to give aid to the barbarian, he held up his had in refusal and rested on all fours.

    Time passed for the heroes in silence as each one did not know whom to blame for what had just happend. Nosr was dead. Babu was gone. Their personal reflections were interrupted by the sound of hoofbeats. A patrol of soldiers approached on horseback and a bird flew slightly behind the sergeant who led them.

    "Let us at least look like heroes," said Benito as he helped Ellysidell to his feet. The wild elf placed the body of the fallen Nosr before him as the horsemen dismounted. Grim had already darted off to examine the dead assassins....
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