Dragonslayers: After the second dragon

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    Dragonslayers: After the second dragon

    The City of Cillune is built around a small bay, mountains surround it rising steeply, covered with thick foliage. The ocean is a deep blue gray which stretches to the horizon. The buildings are uniformly stone and have at most two stories above ground. The homes of the trading factors are an exeption to this, rising 3 or more stories above the upper streets. The lower streets are only used in the worst of weather, as the citizens take pride in being the only free city on the surface of the Green Isles. A few roads lead up to mountain passes but they are little used. A high ledge overlooks the town, it is a blustery wet day and the ledge is empty of the guardian. It is Wyndmyr the last month of the rainy season.
    At the docks, a printed notice hangs. Rumors of its presence have brought some of you and the gathering crowd has brought others. Fruit and Fresh fish vendors wander the crowd selling bananas, mangos, pineapple and coconuts.

    Dragon Slayers Wanted

    The town of Onuthod is looking for heroes to solve a dragon problem. A young dragon has
    taken over out main fungus cavern, and if not evicted soon will cause our town to starve.
    The slayers have full rights to the dragonís heart and horde, and our smith knows the
    secrets of turning hide and claws against their kind. Please come as soon as possible!
    The message bears the stamp of the Low Post, a mail service that runs along the low road to Cebur. The low road is an empty lava tunnel between the islands, and the main trade route. It will take a week to get to Cebur using it. You could use the post horses but the cost of one phantom steed is 250 gp.

    You are all standing around looking at the posting with a crowd of Stouts and Humans, with a few Hairfeet, and Ferals. Everyone is talking about the notice, but few seem intrested in taking up the challange. Some metion is made of the most famous band of dragons slayers, Orell Dragonbane, the Binder, Nalith the crafter and Vestra the Hunter, but they have not been seen in 4 weeks. Gradually the crowd thins out leaving the six of you discussing the matter.

    OOC : http://www.enworld.org/showthread.ph...3&page=1&pp=40

    RG : http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?t=116413
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    "Sir is not allowed into the dance, because you don't have an invitation, your wearing a dress, and its covered in poo."

    "You all are the worst emissaries, ever!" the silver dragon declares, shaking with rage.
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    "Ha! This looks like a worthy and lucrative job, though not for a man alone. Well met, my friends, are you interested in adding another dragon scale to your belt?" a boistrous elf says with a laugh. He wears green and brown leathers, and is very small and thin. A silvery chain shirt can be seen beneath his clothing, and a sword is buckled at his side. A hide-wrapped longbow is on his backpack, strapped for easy access, and a barn owl sits upon his padded shoulder. His features are narrow, though his green eyes are very large, and his golden blonde hair is caught up at the nape of his neck.

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    "Dragon hunting with the likes of you? I'd sooner go fungus mining," a tall and raven looking human answers with a harsh rasp of a chuckle. His hair is shaved except for a single braid which runs nearly half of his height, capped with a carved dragonís tooth. Under a leather vest, you can make out blackened chain, and his sun-darkenned skin split with scars. Across his back is sheathed an interestingly designed falchion, alongside a longbow crafted from the bones of a dragonís wing.

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    "Well, granted I'm not much good with a sword, but I assure you I'm an excellent shot, and I've studied dragons long and hard. I can hit a squirrel at two hundred feet, or a dragon's eye at twice that!" the elf says, quite willing to get into a contest of boasts. "And you? Any good with that sword, or is it just for show?"

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    It seems that it was a good idea to seek allies and oportunities to strike back at the tyrants here after all, says a heavily-built human in a cotton gi that glints in the weak light from fine metalic threads woven through it. Go about your fungus hunting then, if you so desire. I, however, wish to join a group of like minded warriors for a task such as this. Dragon hunting is not a pursuit to be attempted alone.

    The man looks around at the remaining humanoids. Let those of us who are interested in working together on this task gather in a somewhat less... conspicuous location to discuss how we are to go about it. By the way, I am called Velsouvus, well met to all of you. The man indicates a nearby bar and heads toward it.
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    OOC: I guess the joke was lost, I had thought Lalreth and Aphram had worked together in the past, and he would recognize the lean hunter.

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    A human woman, really no more then a girl, is perched precariously on a pyramid of barrels, her legs kicking softly in a bleeding off of excess energy. The raven haired girl giggles loudly at the boasting and namecalling. Judging from the fact that she hadn't even looked at the poster, she probably was more interested in the show being put on by the erstwhile hunters. The girl is wearing what looks to be soft, supple, black leather, that does nothing to really show off her boyish figure, but it certainly does match her black hair. An identicle pair of short hilts stick downward from her lower back on either side.

    "You guys are too funny," she says, smirking mischeiviously. She watches the hunters lazily, her chin resting on a small nimble hand. "You are more interesting then the people around here though, I'll give you that much."

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    OOC - Ferrix, Lalreth is just trying to be silly.

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    "This sword... oh, yeah, just for show. Four hundred feet, paltry. At least half that again with the bulk of a dragon twitching on the end of my arrow." He chuckles again, looking to the human in the gi, his tone changes to a sharp but cold crispness, "if you've never done it alone, you've never done it." He watches the man go off towards the bar, then half cocks his head when he hears the girls voice, "funny eh?" He pauses for a moment, "stick around little lady." With that he grins at the elf, "I guess the team player is waiting for us by now. Shall we?" Gesturing towards the bar for both the girl and the elf to see.

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    Hond (barbarian)

    Hond quietly listens to the others then heads off after the 'man in the gi' to see what develops.

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