(adventure) Armgill’s Heirloom - <Knight Otu judging>
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    (adventure) Armgill’s Heirloom - <Knight Otu judging>

    The Armgill Manor is in the north part of the city, only a few blocks from the garrison barracks and on a major street that is used to access the harbor. The Armgill’s are somewhat well known in the city. They own a fleet of small trading ships that run between Orussus and the Vestermarch cities, as well as a few warehouses along the docks. The Manor itself is Hendrallian architecture and stands out in the city. It is a solid limestone castle like design that is about three stories tall with two small rampart towers on opposite corners that reach a half story taller than the pitched roof. Large oak doors with ghoul knockers under a ramparted balcony mark the front of the manor. A few dead Ivy vines scar the gray face of the house, the color being only broken by a few stained glass windows that seem decorated as flames.
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