Art Bastion's campaign sketches/art and REQUESTs

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    Bastion's campaign sketches/art and REQUESTs

    Here is a couple of drawings of some pcs and npcs in my groups games.

    If you like I'll post some more, I'm trying to get some practice by forcing myself to draw.


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    Some more.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Paladin2.jpg   Grimlocke2.jpg   Calibos2.jpg  
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    Nice man, all I can say is nice.

    I would love to see your take on my group like we talked about. Hell, I would like to see more of your drawings of anything.

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    Most impressive.
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    Thanks for the comments, I'll be posting some more soon. Any comments or criticism is welcome.

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    Here's a couple.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Blackknight.jpg   Tristan4.jpg  
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    War Cleric

    Another sketch.

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    Good stuff. Hope you find the scanner you want (and when ya do, I might ask you to rescan Aneirin. Got an interesting story there, btw...)

    The Barbarian is very close to my party's own DumbBear, 'cept he's an Elf with a flail. Looks the way I imagine him, though.

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    Better scans

    I've been trying a different program to scan the pictures in lieu of buying a new scanner, so I reposted some of the pictures.

    Greylocke I'll repost Aneirin in the art gallery and I would love to hear the story.

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    Thanks BastionLB.

    The story, hmmmm, what's that? Oh yes, the STORY. This will make it into our story-hour some year, but it'll miss the nice way your drawing came into play ;p...

    Aneirin and his merry band were battling a giant. Aneirin, son of Mahavir, made his initial attack and incurred a blow from the giant. His lance pierced the giant, but did not seem to set him back. The giant prepared to attack....

    At this point the DM notices the extra sheet beneath my char sheet and says "Hey, what's that?" I reply, "Oh, but my nifty new sketch of Aneirin by none other than BastionLightbringer at ENWorld. Like?" "Oh yeah! Nice sketch" says the inimitable DM alsih2o. "On with the game...."

    And his giant promptly crits me. Crits me bad. Aneirin crumbles like so much feta cheese. -10? Oh, he only wished he was at -10. Try like -20.

    Five minutes later, as we adjourned for a smoke, alsih20 was laughing with glee, and all I could say was "Why didn't ya just go ahead and take that red pen and scribble all over the sketch? Why didn'ya?" And we laughed and laughed and [cried a little inside] and laughed and laughed...

    There ya go.

    Do you do tombstones?

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