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    Posted by Anabstecorian:

    I have to be honest - I've completely lost track of what the hell is actually happening. Could you all post something that briefly sums up your public actions - I.E., what I and the others would know?

    Well, fifth touch has occured, thanks to my actions!

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    (I can't stay long, thunderstorm), but, the 3 members of the Legion of Dread that I control are defending who they were last turn (unless the rest of my faction complains) and we will be using our 1 hour actions to focus a very highly concentrated blast of red pudding on all of Kaboom's lands...the rest of the Legion of Dread shouldn't complain since he's targeting us.

    Edit-Melkor...thanks to your actions? *Whacks Melkor with a 2-ton whale*
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    To sum up
    Let's see. Siobhan and Kalanyr's factions have joined to form the Twilight Coalition. We consider the Dread Alliance and Melkor our main enemies. The Seelie's next attack will be heading toward someone in the Dread Alliance or Melkor,we'll work that out after seeing the results of this round of action. Since TFO has stood down from his threat to make everything go poof and Kal wants peace with TFO, we'll stand down as well. Our only enemies are those who want to destroy everything.

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    Posted by Black Omega:

    Let's see. Siobhan and Kalanyr's factions have joined to form the Twilight Coalition. We consider the Dread Alliance and Melkor our main enemies. The Seelie's next attack will be heading toward someone in the Dread Alliance or Melkor,we'll work that out after seeing the results of this round of action. Since TFO has stood down from his threat to make everything go poof and Kal wants peace with TFO, we'll stand down as well. Our only enemies are those who want to destroy everything.

    Well, I would advise you to strike me down as soon as possible, next round might be too late.

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    Mana Fortress Notes

    Ok, I think that this wraps up the 1.0 version of my fortress notes. Sorry to keep putting lengthy posts up, but I feel that it is still part of the IR, even if it just planning notes. Here are the last two guardians. The whole document (formated for easier reading) is ten pages, and can be downloaded from the link below.

    Luna, Celestial Brown Bear
    Colossal Magical Beast
    Domains: Lunar
    Hit Dice: 64d10 + 1310 (1630 hp)
    Initiative: +15 (+15 dex)
    Speed: 40 ft.
    AC: 34 (-8 size, +17 natural, +15 dex)
    Attacks: 2 Claws +93 melee (improved critical), bite +93 melee or Ninja’s Trump + 79 ranged
    Damage: Claws 2d8 +30, bite 4d8 +15
    Special Attacks: Improved Grab, Smite Evil.
    Special Qualities: Scent, Dark-vision (60 ft.), Acid/Cold/Electricity resistance 20, Damage reduction 10/+3, Spell resistance 25
    Saves: Fort +56, Ref +44 Will +27
    Abilities: Str 71, Dex 31, Con 51, Int 23, Wis 32, Cha 26
    Skills: +23 Listen, +28 Spot, +34 Swim
    Feats: Alertness, Great Fortitude, Improved Critical (claw), Combat Reflexes, Toughness x10.
    Ninja’s Trump (Minor Artifact)
    Primary Abilities
    X2 Damage against Oozes/Dragons
    Struck Targets must make a Fortitude Saving throw (DC 33) or be slowed as per the spell
    X2 Damage against Vermin
    Strikes as a Dancing Keen weapon
    Shuriken of Venom: This Black +5 Throwing and Returning Shuriken has a serrated edge. It allows the wielder to inflict a poison spell (DC 44) upon a creature struck by the blade once per day. The wielder can decide to use the power after he has struck. Doing so is a free action, but the poison spell must be inflicted on the same round the shuriken hits.

    Dryad, Wood Elemental Treant
    Colossal Elemental (wood)
    Domains: Plant
    Hit Dice: 64d8 + 1234 (1490 hp)
    Initiative: +9 (+9 dex)
    Speed: 15 ft.
    AC: 35 (-8 size, +9 dex, +24 natural)
    Attacks: 2 Slams +75 melee or Garuda Buster +62/+57/+52/+47/+42/+37/+32/+27/+22/+17 ranged
    Damage: Slam 4d8 + 27, or Garuda Buster 1d8 + 5 + (10d6)
    Special Attacks: Animate trees, trample, double damage against objects, Spikes,
    Special Qualities: Plant, fire vulnerability, half damage from piercing, Elemental, Dark-vision (60 ft.), Damage reduction 10/+1, Wood-sense
    Saves: Fort +53, Ref +25, Will +30
    Abilities: Str 65, Dex 28, Con 49, Int 32, Wis 35, Cha 32
    Skills: Hide +21, Intimidate +24, Knowledge (nature) +24, Listen +15, Sense Motive +15, Spot +15, Wilderness Lore +15
    Feats: Iron Will, Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, Precise Shot, Shot on the Run, Toughness x6.
    Garuda Buster (Major Artifact)
    Ability Scores: Int 18, Wis 15, Cha 20, Ego 15
    Allignment: Lawful Good
    Communication: Speech
    Languages Spoken: Common, Draconic, Elven, Formian, and Ignan.
    Primary Abilities
    Detect evil at will
    Find traps at will
    Detect magic at will
    Wielder can see invisible at will
    Locate object in 120-ft. radius
    X2 Damage against Animals/Beasts
    Casts Confusion on Strike (DC 30)
    Holy (10d6 damage against evil creatures)
    Intelligence/Wisdom gain a +10 Magical bonus
    Strikes as a Keen weapon
    Extraordinary Abilities
    Wielder gains free use of Imbue Arrow
    Wielder gains free use of Seeker Arrow
    Wielder gains free use of Phase Arrow
    Wielder gains free use of Hail of Arrows
    Wielder gains free use of Arrow of Death
    Oathbow: Of elven make, this white +5 Longbow whispers “Swift defeat to my enemies” in Elven when nocked and pulled. If the firer swears aloud to slay her target, the bow’s whisper becomes the low shout “Swift death to those who have wronged me.” Against such a sworn enemy, the bow has a +10 Enhancement bonus, and the arrows launched from it deal double normal damage (and x4 on a critical instead of the normal x3). However, if the firer does not deal the killing blow on the sworn enemy within 24 hours, the bow falls inert for one week, during which it possesses no magical abilities or bonuses at all. Further, the character is demoralized and suffers a –10 to morale penalty to attack rolls, saving throws and skill checks during that week.
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    Castle Illvithar: IC, OOC, RG
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    That must have taken a while to type up. Congrats on the achievement!

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    Originally posted by Melkor, Lord Of ALL!
    Well, I would advise you to strike me down as soon as possible, next round might be too late.
    Could very well be. There's a good chance that's what will happen. Or not. I hate to just tell people where the hammer is falling. You and the Dread Alliance will find out soon enough as it is.

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    The Song of Life

    OOC: I am on good terms with the Taraakians. I am not attacking the Forsaken One.

    This will likely be the last time Hazen tries to call for a compromise. I suggest that everyone take Melkor's suggestion to attack him seriously.
    __________________________________________________ __

    Hazen stands in a plaza in a city matching the one in the vision of the Angels. Tall buildings of many forms and shapes stand near by. The sun is shining.

    He breathes deeply, his face loving and concerned. He prays that the Angels will help this message reach the people who need it and serve as guides who accept it in their hearts. He prays to Rao and the Eternal that his words may help others find a way to avoid the Sixth Touch or to at least find a refuge from the storm that threatens to devour worlds.

    “We stand at the edge of the Domains of Dread. The destruction of three worlds in the Athas star system and its sun as well as the continued fighting is feeding the Dark Powers. Many people are afraid. They fear not just their own deaths but the deaths of their families, their cultures, and their worlds. Extinction is the threat I see for many.”

    “Many brave people have warned of where things are headed. The UC of Toril issued its warnings. As did the Oerth Alliance and the Angels in showing visions of the future to us: one sublime and the other hellish. We were all shown the City of Peace – which has been reproduced here – and the Domain of Dread.”

    “You were shown a vision by beings of tremendous love and wisdom who serve a power of infinite love. Yet the vision seems not to have been taken to heart. The Angels mourn that this has occurred, and I will mourn with them if you fall into the Domain of Dread. You are precious and loved more than any words of mine can say.”

    “I ask people to consider what they have seen and ask what vision will they chose. Perhaps some compromise is possible between the warring factions. Perhaps the only thing everyone agrees on is the preservation of their power and the continuation of their own agenda. In the process, the question may be: What future are we building?”

    “I believe force should be the last resort of the rational mind. Violence is easy; trying to solve problems and finding common ground is more challenging. Resolution of conflicts is more challenging, and I believe a better test of intelligence.”

    “It seems the only common ground that has been reached is the decision to disagree. Some seem to value freedom, others life, others power, and some destruction. You have the right to chose your own values. However, others can legitimately question your values as well as your actions.”

    In this conflict it seems that many people have different opinions of the value of life, love, and free will. I view all three as critically important. Different factions have different values and priorities.”

    “The Taraakians believe that they must avenge the attacks on their allies and that they and the lives of many worlds are threatened. I know many have diverse opinions about them. I believe this statement is accurate in describing the Taraakians: “To defend - this is the Pact.but when life loses its value,and is taken for nought, then the Pact is ... to avenge!!”

    “If they win, the vanquished shall be members of their empire and allowed to live with limits on their freedom.”

    “The Alliance of Dread seems to value slavery and death for all not allied to it. I believe that life is precious and must be protected. They view otherwise, emphasizing freedom and power for themselves and denying it to others. They are in favor of worlds being dragged to the Domains of Dread for enslavement and death.”

    “Indeed, in this conflict we see some who seek life and freedom for their people temporarily siding with those who want the deaths and enslavement of their temporary allies. Politics and war indeed make for strange bedfellows.”

    “Each of you is valuable, a unique being in Creation. There are many like you but that does not diminish your value. There are powers that love you. The Angels of the Seventh Heaven lover you, many gods love you, and the Eternal loves you always. You are the children of the multiverse, capable of passion, reason, and courage. Each of you have been given remarkable gifts, the greatest of these are life, the ability to love, and fee will.”

    “I offer this place as a refuge for those in need. I will not allow those who plan to sabotage this place or commit violence here. However, I will allow those who wish to live in peace with others to do so. There are many who have no true desire to fight to the death for a cause they never voted to join. There are many who wonder what is the point of fighting if everyone will die in all sides of a conflict.”

    “All who will live in peace with each other and need shelter from the storms of their worlds or their hearts are welcome."

    "Let this place be a refuge like unto Hope Isle, both a beacon and a haven for those who seek one. All I ask is that those who come here pledge not to harm another. Let this place not be marred by violence or hate."

    “BILLIONS have died who could have lived. So much has been lost. Behold and listen!”

    A wondrous melody begins playing from nowhere, with the sounds of strange voices and instruments. It is sad and sweet, and profound. Often defiant. Those with hearing greater than those of a human being hear additional notes that are part of the song. It is a soul stirring song, provoking great emotions and showing the work of a mind of great depth and skill. Many images appear with the music.

    “Olvirianna Kelsanna, an elven woman of Celene who died defending her home.”

    “Kerrecurr the Formian Soldier, who was slain by the Red Armada.”

    “Gorin Hax, a bold soldier of the Union of Worlds, who died fighting the Red Armada.”

    “Skannar Hendricks of the League of Warlords, an old trooper who died fighting the Union.”

    “Thomas O’Kane of Ravensbluff, dead in the attacks on Toril.”

    “Revoth, a captain of the Church of Shade, dead in the Battle of the Line at the Blood Wastes.”

    “Turrirhop Windhand, a kender of Krynn who died while eating his dinner.”

    Suddenly the music stops.

    “The song that you heard is called The Song of Life. Its composer was trying to complete it when the sun which Athas once orbited exploded and incinerated his world.”

    “Each of these people and many others had something noteworthy about them all were unique. Some were cunning, others brave, others quick of wit, and others passionate. They are all dead now. In some cases they are mourned by those who knew them. For some, no one who knew them is left to mourn them.”

    “These unique lives all had value and meaning. Your lives have value and meaning.”

    “If you wish for your leaders to pursue something besides war, tell them. For whether a government sees itself as serving the governed or the governed serving it, a nation needs its people. You have the right to your own opinion and your own destiny. Even the most rigid regimes allow some choices.”

    “If you chose to come here and abide by the restrictions I have set, you are welcome here. You are loved and valued for your self. You are truly unique and have depths of being which you do not yet realize. All of us do.”

    “I have offered many possible compromise to resolve the current war. If everyone wishes to continue, they may soon find themselves in the Domain of Dread. I believe Lord Melkor has already stated how he will treat people in his domain.”

    “Diplomacy is about give and take, about compromises. If anyone can suggest a reasonable compromise it would be appreciated.”

    “Of course someone could act to make it impossible to continue this war without destroying everyone. Some have suggested negating the power of imprisonment magics and negating the most powerful magics. This would require a sacrifice of power, and could mean that who ever does so might be open to more conventional attacks from enemies. Or at least giving up of several plans and perhaps having a harder time of defeating foes. I see few people ready to give up power. The benefit would be an end to the war and the likely gratitude of people not wishing to be destroyed.”

    “This possibility has been raised but not acted upon. It is not in my power to do so.”

    “I have done what I can. For those who seek a refuge and will abide by my terms, I welcome you regardless of who you are and where you come from. For even if a remnant of the peoples of our worlds survive free in this place if all else is destroyed I will have accomplished some good. Even if the worlds of Oerth, Athas, Krynn, Toril, and Mystara are destroyed, their cultures shall be remembered and cherished here. There is still time to prevent the Sixth Touch. I urge those who can to do so.”

    “A refuge has been prepared for you. I have asked the Angels to help guide all who seek it in truth who will not come here to harm another. I offer this place to you, my beloved brothers and sisters of many worlds, freely and out of love and respect for you. I will share its wonders, its bounty and its safety with you, beloved peoples of the worlds.”

    “Remember peoples of the world, you are precious and you are loved. Each of you is unique, a voice in a wonderful chorus such as that in the Song of Life. May your voices sing with the chorus for many years to come. May the Eternal and all the powers of good, light, life, reason, and justice bless you and comfort you in this dark time.”

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    Edena, I am moving all of my people to Hazen's refuge.

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