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    Island Empire Characters

    Please post your final approved characters here. Send all drafts to me via email.
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    Morwyn Sachiel - Genasi - Berserker 3 / Fighter 2

    Moved character information to attached document.
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    Radoon - Michael Leibrock

    Radoon updated on 10-26-2011
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    Rook Character Sheet

    Sorry guys. I tried to pst my character straight from the spreadsheet, but it didn't work out.
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    Rook - Scout/Mage Blade

    Rook Male Tiefling (+1 LA) Scout (3)/Mage Blade (2) Chaotic Neutral Exp: 15001
    Medium 6'4" tall 225 lbs 25 yrs old Black hair Black eyes Black skin

    STR 14 +2 (6 points)
    DEX 18 +4 (10 points & Racial bonus +2)
    CON 10 +0 (2 points)
    INT 16 +3 (6 points & Racial Bonus +2)
    WIS 10 +0 (2 points)
    CHA 13 +1 (6 points & Racial Penalty -2 & +1 at 4th Level)

    Hit Points 32 (Max. at first then 75% round up)
    AC 19, Touch 14, Flat 15
    Init +7 (DEX +4; Blooded +2; Battle Fortitude +1)
    Speed 40 (Base 30, +10 Scout, Light Load)
    Fort +2, Ref +8, Will +2

    Melee (BAB +3)
    +6 Athame Keen Bastard Sword (+1 Athame bonus, 1d10+4, 17-20/x2, 6 lbs., p. 2335)

    Ranged (BAB +3)
    +8 Shortbow (Mighty Masterwork, 1d6+2, 20/x3, 2 lbs., p. )
    +7 Dagger (1d4+2, Range 10 ft, 19-20/x2, 1 lb (x4), p. 2 (x4))

    Languages: Common, Na Sg, Gnoll, Giant, Aquan

    Skills -- Scout: 66 (11x6) Mage Blade: 10 (5x2)

    Appraise (Cross; 3)
    Balance (Scout; 12)
    Bluff (Cross; 3)
    Climb (Scout, MB; 6)
    Concentration (MB; 0)
    Craft (Scout, MB; 3)
    Diplomacy (Cross; 1)
    Disguise (Cross; 1)
    Escape Artist (Scout; 4)
    Forgery (Cross; 3)
    Gather Information (Cross; 1)
    Heal (Cross; 0)
    Hide (Scout; 19)
    Intimidate (MB; 1)
    Jump (Scout, MB; 4)
    Knowledge (Arcana) (MB; 5)
    Knowledge (Geography) (Scout, MB; 5)
    Knowledge (Local Sea) (SD, MB; 5)
    Knowledge (Nature) (Scout, MB; 5)
    Listen (Scout; 8)
    Move Silently (Scout; 17)
    Perform (Cross; 1)
    Profession (Sailor) (SD; 2)
    Ride (Scout; 4)
    Search (Scout, MB; 11)
    Sense Motive (Scout; 4)
    Spot (Scout; 8)
    Survival (Scout; 4)
    Swim (SD, Scout, MB; 4)
    Tumble (Scout; 12)
    Use Rope (SD, Scout; 6)

    - Blooded (+2 Initiative; +2 Spot Checks)
    - Dodge (+1 AC vs. Single Attack/Round)
    - Mobility (+4 Dodge Bonus to AC vs. Attacks of Opportunity due to Movement)

    Tiefling Traits
    - +2 DEX, +2 INT, -2 WIS
    - Outsider (Native Type)
    - Not subject to spells affecting Humanoids
    - Darkvision (60)
    - +2 Bluff Checks, +2 Hide Checks
    - Darkness (Sp) 1/Day
    - Resistance (5) vs. Cold, Electricity, Fire

    Scout Class Features
    - Skirmish (+1d6 Damage (Primary Attack) and +1 AC (Competency) when moves 10+ in a round)
    - Trapfinding (Use Search to find traps including those with a DC above 20 and magical traps)
    - Battle Fortitude (+1 Fortitude Checks, +1 Initiative)
    - Uncanny Dodge (Cant be caught Flatfooted (as long as not Immobilized))
    - Fast Movement (+10)

    Mage Blade Class Features
    - Proficiencies (All simple and martial weapons, light armor and shields)
    - Spell Casting (As Sorcerer, no Somatic Components if casting w/ Athame)
    - Athame (Focus Weapon; +1 Bonus; Empathic Link (always knows Distance/Direction to Blade); Wielding negates Spell Failure Chance due to Armor)

    DbhGadhr (BlackWatch) Black Mithril Chain Shirt; +1 Enhancement Bonus; Shadow/Silent Moves Properties - +5 to Hide & Move Silently)
    DbhRsr (BlackRazor) Athame; +1 Keen Bastard Sword; Properties only active when wielded by Rook; Wielding negates Spell Failure Chance due to Armor; Empathic Link (Distance/Direction)
    DbhAnil (BlackBreath) Mighty Masterwork Shortbow (+1 Masterwork Bonus to Hit; Use STR Bonus to Damage)

    Arrows (20)
    Waterskin (Full)
    Alchemists Fire (1)
    Rope (50; Silk)
    Smokestick (5)
    Monks Outfit (Over Armor)
    Grappling Hook
    Tanglefoot Bag (1)
    Small Duffel Bag
    Belt Pouch (2)
    Thunderstone (5)
    Winter Blanket
    Tindertwigs (50)

    With his black skin, hair, and eyes, Rook is an imposing figure. He is 64 tall and weighs 225 lbs. His features are finely chiseled, and his hair is fine and straight. He has a deep voice, and the fact that Common is his second language (only Na Sg was spoken in his home growing up) gives him an exotic accent that is very rarely accurately placed. He dresses in dark colors, usually in clothing of simple cut and wearing a loose tunic over his armor to de-emphasize the fact that he wears it.

    Rook is unfailingly polite and soft spoken, but will always speak his mind. He cares little for laws or social structure, and is indifferent at best to questions of right and wrong. He will take whatever actions seem right at the moment hes required to act. He is a loyal friend and an implacable enemy, and in business once bought he stays bought.

    Rook was born 25 years ago in the Border Isles. His parents are of Sg descent. The Sg are a race of black skinned humanoids whose homeland is East of the Bastiander Desert. The Gnolls of the Desert frequently raid into Schn for prisoners to sell as slaves. Rooks Great Grandparents were sold into slavery in the Empire. They managed to pass on (in secret) their ancestral skills as Mage Blades, and when they obtained their freedom they began to practice openly. The workings of this craft are unknown outside of Schn, and the family found that they could make a good living as mercenaries using their special skills.

    At the age of 15, Rook and his father had a horrible argument, and Rook ended up leaving home. He spent a few years crewing on various merchant ships, and discovered a natural talent for Covert Operations. When he was 18, Rook received word that his father was very ill and returned home to reconcile. He kept his family company until his fathers death, at which point his mother revealed to him his family heritage, and gifted him his fathers sword, bow, and armor. Rook spent five years studying the Mage Blade craft with his mother, learning to integrate it with his training as a Scout.

    When he left home again at the age of 23, Rooks first professional undertaking was with Captain Marin, sailing on several of his ships and masquerading as normal crew to investigate and expose a smuggling operation amongst the Captains personnel. He successfully completed his assignment, earning high marks from the Captain for his resourcefulness. Hes now been on his own for two years, building a reputation as a very capable and reliable, if somewhat unorthodox, agent.
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    Rook - Scout/Mage Blade

    At long last, here's my character!

    BTW, I HATE posting my character like this. Scott, could I post a link to my character as an Excel spreadsheet, like you did with the map? If so, could you give me instructions on how to do so?
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    You can add an excel version if you like. Just create a new post and select 'manage attachments' from the 'additional options' section below. A new window will open--note that pop-up prevention software can interfere with that, so you may have to turn it off. Anyway, the new window has a 'browse' button, just drill down to the file you want and hit 'upload'. It gives a list of file types, but it doesn't say what the size limit is. I know it is pretty small. Give it a shot and see what happens. You might have to just copy out the output pages and put them in a new document and not post all the calculations and such to get it small enough.

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    Rook - Scout/Mage Blade

    Hey, guys!

    Here's a link to my character on a real character sheet in PDF format. Makes it a lot easier to find stuff.

    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Michael Storm (Warlock)

    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Guys --

    I'm working on a picture of Rook. My friend Chris drew one out for me in graphite pencil on paper, and I'm using Photoshop to doctor it up a little (Chris didn't put in his sword -- he didn't know at the time Rook would wear one -- so I've got to add that in and then I'm going to apply some effects. I'm pretty excited about it! I'll post it as soon as I get it done.

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