Slaves of the Dragon (orsal judging)

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    Slaves of the Dragon (orsal judging)

    In Jakubs wagon, everyone can find a place to sit, though it isn't very comfortable with the number of people. "Don't worry - as I understand, some of you will want to scout the wilderness, so it won't be as cramped the whole time. Grenton, the village Sina is from, isn't on most maps, it's too small. Let's see, it is about here... (see attachment). So, who's going where, again?"
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    Veras-Re, bulging pack upon his back, climbed aboard the wagon. He set his burden down , wordlessly made himself comfortable beside his things.
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    Stepping inside the cramped wagon, Quarion bluntly remarks, "I do not like it in here." Trying to stay close to the door, he stands quietly, feeling the grain of the wood in the wagon and listening to whatever plans are being made.
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    Planus hops into the wagon, looking terrified at the cramped interior, "This better not be a long ride."

    The rest of the characters get the feeling that while Planus was speaking of himself, they better hope it's not a long ride with Planus either.
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    He doesn't take up much room, so Thanyvan curls up and tries to be quiet and wait for his cue to deploy with the rest of the scouting group. He quietly goes into his mind and asks for Phyrah's blessing on this journey, for himself and all of his companions.
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    Farid smiles and tries to lighten the mood, "Ah, hm, tight fit. We'll have to get comfortable then, wont we?"

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    Opale enter the wagon. "So, who wanted to question the people? And in how much time will we reach our destination?"

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    Jack comes riding around from the back of the Inn on a saddled and bridled wolf hound. The massive dog is dripping with shaggy, brindled grey fur, and is easily a match in size for any war-trained pony. Jack, riding easy in the saddle, is bundled up in his worn and faded traveling cloak.

    "No offense meant, Mr, Jakub," Jack greets the merchant and his wagon, "but I've got my own ride, if you don't mind."

    Despite the appearance of a typically itinerant halfling, a keen eye will notice that, for such a small figure, Jack is practically armed to the teeth. A metal buckler with an odd sheen is strapped tightly to his forearm, and a faint tinkling betrays the prescence of a mail shirt beneath his home spun tunic. The thick wool cloak cannot quite conceal the slim scabbards of a deceptively lethal half-sized sword and dagger hung from his belt. To round out the arsenal, an almost toy-like hunting bow and a sheaf of arrows are tucked away with the bulging pack that is slung behind the saddle.

    Vares-Re and Farid immediately recognize that the buckler has been crafted from fine mithral metal. They couldn't be certain without at least a look, but the hidden mail shirt sounds like it could be as well.

    "Are we missing anyone?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pbartender
    "Are we missing anyone?"
    Katherine arrives shortly behind Jack, on foot but leading a docile looking pony. "Nibbles and I have a quick stop to make on our way out of town - does anyone need any trail rations or other supplies?" The young half elf has braided up her hair and changed into a suit of leather armor and is carrying a whip and crossbow, as well as a wand tucked into her belt.
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    Rika, Elven Fighter

    Rika steps in to the back of the wagon and sits down right after Kathrine rides up. You can see a rapier at her side and a shortbow across her back. The sound of tinkling metal comes from under her shirt.
    "I'm coming on the wilderness party. As I said, I'm not good at subtlety or woodswork, but i'll be less likely to blow our cover outside of town. Kathrine, could you get me a couple days more trail rations? I'll pay now. Rika hands Kathrine a gold coin for the rations.

    Oh, we should probably scout by day. If recall, kobolds and dragons see much better at night than we do, so we should scout go by day to even the field.

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