Planet names of Settings

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    Planet names of Settings

    I was wondering what all the Planet names of the different settings were, the name and number of moons and suns, or any other spoace objects that are around the planet.

    Forgotten Realms/Kara Tur/Al Quadim/Maztica: Toril, 1 moon (name?), 1 sun(name),
    Dragonlance: 3 moons (can't thik of th enames at the moment)
    Grey Hawk: Oerth
    Dark Sun: Athas
    Kingdoms of Kalamar:

    Feel free to add any other settings that I am forgetting.
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    Dragonlance is Krynn, the moons are the three aligned gods of magic (I forget them too Solinari, lunitari, nuitari?)
    Greyhawk is Oerth
    Ravenloft is not a world but a shifting demiplane
    Spelljammer has tons of worlds in it including all the 2e standard ones from tsr

    I think Scarred Lands is called Scarn.
    Oathbound is a planet called the Forge it has two suns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Viper
    Forgotten Realms/Kara Tur/Al Quadim/Maztica: 1 moon (name?):
    As I recall, the moon in the FR is known as Selune like the goddess and there are some little asteroid type things near it that are known as "Selune's Tears")

    Quote Originally Posted by Red Viper
    Kingdoms of Kalamar:
    Isn't this one Tellene?
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    Technically, the name for the planet on which the Forgotten Realms, Al-Qadim, Kara-Tur, and Maztica campaign settings take place is Abeir-Toril.

    Voadam is correct -- the moon's of Krynn are called Solinari, Lunitari, and Nuitari.

    The planet for the Eberron campaign setting is called Eberron. Their mythology says it's formed from the body of Eberron, the Dragon Between, who broke up a fight between Siberys, the Dragon Above (who forms the ring around the planet) and Khyber, the Dragon Below (who embodies the planet's interior).

    The Spelljammer cosmology for Greyspace is as follows:
    Oerth -- the planet for the Greyhawk campaign setting
    Kule -- the smaller moon orbiting Oerth (called Celene by the Oerthans), settled by drow and illithids
    Raenei -- the larger moon orbiting Oerth (called Luna by the Oerthans), with no indigenous sentients (although it has settlements from Oerth and one from Krynn)
    Liga -- the sun, settled by fire elementals with small outposts of water elementals
    The Moth -- a planetoid orbiting Liga (Greyspace is geocentric, meaning all the heavenly bodies orbit Oerth, including Liga), completely lifeless
    The Grinder -- asteroid sphere
    Edill -- air planet populated by dragons
    Gnibile -- air planet populated by undead
    Conatha -- water planet populated by sahuagin and merfolk
    Ginsel -- crescent-shaped planet populated by standard sentient races
    Borka -- cluster planet populated by goblinoids
    Greela -- cluster planet populated by humans and elves
    The Spectre -- disk planet populated by standard sentient races
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    I'll fill in what I know ...

    Forgotten Realms/Kara Tur/Al Quadim/Maztica:

    The main planet is Toril. The moon is called Selune (the same as the main moon-goddess), and it is followed by small planetoids called "Selune's Tears." There are several other planets, including Coliar (halfling desert-world), a lizard-man planet, a couple gas giants, a giant floating plant ... The names largely escape me now, however.


    The planet is Krynn, and the moons are Solinari (Good), Lunitari (Neutral), and Nuitari (Evil).

    Ravenloft: Not so much a planet as ... something else.

    Ebberon: Eberron (check your spelling! ) is the name of the planet. It has 12 moons, one for each month: Zarantyr, Olarune, Therendor, Eyre, Dravago, Nymm, Lharvion, Barrakas, Rhaan, Sypheros, Aryth, and Vult.

    Mystara: It's called the "Known World," as near as I can tell.

    Planescape / Spelljammer: All of them?

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    Just am additional question - are all the above named planets spheres?
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    Technically, in the Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting, Tellene is a continent, though its inhabitants believe it encompasses the entirety of the planet. Tellene has a warm-to-temperate climate. The southernmost tip of Tellene lies at roughly 20║ latitude, while the northernmost explored areas rest at about 54║ latitude. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

    So Tellene is the name for the continent and the name for the planet.

    Orbiting Tellene are three moons: Diadolai (Elven Moon), Pelselond (Big Star) and Veshemo (Mother Above). Diadolai is the smallest of the three moons and is reddish-pink in color. It is on an 80 day cycle from full moon to full moon. For most of the 80 day period, however, Diadolai does not appear in the nighttime sky. Because of its size (about 1/3 the size of Veshemo), Diadolai does not give off much light, even when full. The elves believe Diadolai to be the home of the gods.

    Pelselond is a small moon as well, appearing only slightly larger than Diadolai. Pelselondĺs full moon cycle is approximately 34 days and it usually appears white or off-white in color. Pelselond has an elliptic orbit and therefore, appears to be moving at varying speeds across the sky.

    Veshemo is the largest of the three moons and occasionally eclipses the other moons from view. It is on a 28 day cycle, which is the basis for the calendar that most of Tellene uses. On the 14th of every month Veshemo is full; but being pale yellow in color, Veshemo gives off only slightly more light than Pelselond.

    Every 280 years the three moons are aligned and full simultaneously. This event is recognized, but not necessarily celebrated, by almost every religion on Tellene. Veshemo and Diadolai are full together on various days in a 20 year cycle. Veshemo and Pelselond as well as Pelselond and Diadolai are full together at least once per year. Veshemo, Pelselond and Diadolai align or are full concurrently once every few years in a 40 year cycle. Two of the moons are in alignment several times a year.

    The Brightstar: Another star exists only about half a light year away from Telleneĺs. It is a double star with its twin being a black hole. The two rotate around each other so this very bright star slowly disappears and then reappears. Some hold that the two stars influence good and evil. While the Brightstar shines goodwill prospers, but when it dims, evil reigns supreme.

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    Kingdoms of Kalmar : Tellene
    Scarred Lands: Scarn
    GURPS Fantasy World: Yth
    Oriental: Kara Tur (this reffers to the eastern FR Continent, not sure if they ever mentioned the oriental version of Toril)
    Sovergien Stone : Loerem
    Midnight: Eredane
    2e Ravenloft didn't have a world name, it was merely known as the Demiplane of Dread with different domains within. Not sure about 3e.
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    Quote Originally Posted by twofalls
    GURPS Fantasy World: Yth
    Yrth, actually. Unless they've changed it for 4th edition.
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    For the world of Greyhawk, I believe that the solar system is analgous to ours, although the worlds have different names, drawn from the GH mythology. IIRC, the name of the Jupiter-analog is Rao...

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