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    Hanable's Hunters (OOC) - Always accepting Alts

    I am recruiting for a new PbP game I will be running. Likely to start by the end of this month.

    Background: Hanable's Hunters is an elete treasure hunter and artifact recovery organization based in Karrnath. Membership is by invitation only, but most dragonmarked houses have at least one member (to keep tabs on tips as well as for a potential share of the spoils). Sometimes they offer their services to the king of Karrnath, and have even taken on the employ of other countries as well. Mostly, they find and sell/trade artifacts and items to interested collectors, researchers, institutions, and organizations. Led by Hanable, he often personaly scouts out recruits.

    Characters: Characters are likely a mix of fairly new recruits who have shown merrit outside of the Hunters, as well as veterin Hunters who have shown great skill.

    What I'm looking for is a fairly detailed background, hopefully with a few interesting plot hooks. I will post more on character creation later, but the backgrounds will be more important. I want generaly good intentioned characters (preferably good, but neutral leaning towards good is acceptable, I'm loose when it comes to alignment). There will be a variety of action, problem solving, roleplaying, and even some dungeon crawling.

    Characters Creation:
    Level: 5th level
    Stats: Pick one set to use (These are your stats as of Level 1 before racial mods)
    Set 1: 18, 17, 15, 12, 11, 8
    Set 2: 16, 16, 15, 13, 11, 10
    Set 3: 15, 14, 14, 13, 13, 12
    Set 4: 18, 15, 15, 15, 10, 8
    Set 5: 16, 15, 14, 13, 13, 10
    Set 6: 18, 17, 17, 13, 8, 8
    Set 7: 18, 17, 15, 15, 10, 6
    Set 8: 18, 14, 13, 13, 12, 11
    Gold: 9000 GP
    What's allowed: Core Books (SRD), Eberron Campaign Setting and Races of Eberron, and Psionics. Any other books are by approval (though I don't expect their to be a problem, most of them are OK, I just want anything outside of this scope to be run by me first as I have not read the races or complete books in depth yet)
    Also, I have developed a Noble core class (link here) that should be finished by the end of this week that is an acceptable class (and comments on it are also appreciated). The Noble's Call in a Favor ability can be substituted for the Favored in House feat when qualifying for PrCs.

    On a side note, anything in races of Destiny that is open to a Doppleganger is likely open to a Changeling. Still need aproval to use it, but I'm not likely to say no to a lot of things.
    Backgrounds: Characters might know each other before hand, but don't need to. Have fun with your background, and make it interesting.

    Optional/Variant rules:
    -I'm pondering using the spontanious metamagic rules from UA, and am willing to take input from players on that.
    -I'm going to allow other players to help pay the XP cost for a crafted magic item. This will prevent the mage/cleric/artifacer from geting hosed by spending their own valuable XPs on items for others. This is NOT an option till after the adventure starts. I will be flexable on time for crafting items, but realistic as well as to when and where you can craft.
    -Paladins and Monks can Multi-class freely if explained in the background (no need to take the feat, just make an RP reason to multi-class into either (or both) class(es)).

    I think that's it. I'll monitor this thread, and post to answer questions. This is not first come first serve, I am looking for a balanced party of about six players (1 Arcanist, 1 Rogueish, 1 capable healer, 1 warrior type, 2 open). Thanks ahead for posting. Enjoy.

    FYI, just because I don't comment on your concept doesn't mean I don't like it. And feel free to submit multiple ideas.

    Current Team:
    New Recruits to the Hunters:
    Elocin - Hobbes Shifter Barbarian
    Prof Yeti - Merek d'Cannith Human/Wizard
    MavrickWeirdo - Kerlokh d'Tharask
    Rystil Arden - Selene Siobhan

    Long Time members of the Hunters:
    D20Dazza - Whitlok Dwarven Ranger/Explorer
    Unleashed - Firavel d’Thuranni

    On another assignment currently: (Possibly able to return)
    Isida Kep'Tukari - Anune d'Deneith
    Temujin - Brogen Combat Medic

    Left the hunters: (Possibly able to return)
    Candide - Thalian "Talon" d'Lyrander

    Shaggy Spellsword - Charactrer pending approval

    For any rolls you guys make, I'll be using Invisible Castle Initialize an account you want to use with a D20 roll and post a link here. Once I approve it, you can use it and post a link to the rolls if you need to roll something.

    HP will be max at first, and then roll 2 keep 1 from then on. That should keep them above average. And I reserve the right to allow you to reroll if I feel you're getting screwed royaly (wow, 4 1's). Just init a D20 at Invisible castle for now, and worry about HP when everything else is approved.

    Background about Hanable:
    He's believed to be a human that most people estimate to be likely in his early late thirties or early fourties, though it's been rumored that he's actualy a changeling. He was fairly unknown till he made a name for himself finding relics about 15 years ago, and founded the hunters about 10 years ago. He's a skillfull negotiator, a shrewd tactician, and good judge of character and talent. He seems to have a fairly big backing financialy, though that could be from a combination of good negotiations and excelent services. The hunters have a bit of the autonomy of the houses in many ways, having taken a fairly neutral stance in the war (mostly operating on a contract basis, often disclosing info he found to any/all sides involved in an operation, strangely enemy nations might join in a contract to hire him hoping to use info gained before their enemy or at least be prepaired for what their foes might learn) as well as among the houses, by bringing in people from all over.

    I am accepting Alts. If you want to be an alt, submit a background and write up a character. If I accept you, I'll keep you in consideration if players drop, or if I start a second Hunters group.

    I have attached a sample character sheet form. While it's not required that you use it, it is nice and I personaly like it.
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    I can just see a Warforged Barbarian named BA Brakiss


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    I would love to get in on this as Eberron looks like it would be a lot of fun to play. This character concept is from a previous PBp that kind of fell to the way side and eventually stopped but I would love to bring this guy back to the light.

    Used Ability stat set #2.

    Hobbes - Shifter Barbarian

    Hobbes, Male Shifter, Beasthide Rgr2/Bbn3: Medium Humanoid (Shapechanger); HD 2d8+6(Ranger) , 3d12+9(Barbarian) ; hp 59; Init +6; Spd 40; AC:18 (Flatfooted:18 Touch:14); Atk +8 base melee, +9 base ranged; +10 (1d10+5, Talenta Sharrash +1); +10 (1d8+3, Longbow, composite ( +3 Str Bonus), Masterwork); +7/+7 (1d4+3, Dagger, Masterwork; 1d4+3, Dagger, Masterwork); SQ: Low-light Vision (Ex), Shifting (Su), Beasthide (Su); AL CN; SV Fort +9, Ref +8, Will +1; STR 16, DEX 18, CON 16, INT 13, WIS 10, CHA 9.

    Balance +6 (Dex +4, Racial +2)
    Climb +5 (Str +3, Racial +2)
    Escape Artist (Dex +4)
    Handle Animal +5 (Ranks 6, Cha -1)
    Hide +12 (Ranks +8, Dex +4)
    Jump +9 (Str +3, Racial +2, Misc +4)
    Listen +9 (Ranks +8)
    Move Silently +11 (Ranks +7, Dex +4)
    Ride (Dex +4, Misc +2)
    Search +7 (Ranks +6, Int +1)
    Sense Motive +1 (Feat +1)
    Spot +8 (Ranks +7, Feat +1)
    Survival +8 (Ranks +8)
    Swim (Str +3)
    Use Rope (Dex +4)

    Armor Proficiency: light
    Armor Proficiency: medium
    Shield Proficiency
    Simple Weapon Proficiency
    Two-Weapon Fighting
    Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Talenta Sharrash
    Shifter Instincts

    Talenta Sharrash +1 (2318 gp)
    Longbow, composite MW ( +3 Str Bonus) (700 gp)
    Arrows 60 (3 gp)
    Dagger, Masterwork x2 (302 gp)
    Mithral Shirt (1,100 gp)
    Explorer`s outfit (10 gp)
    Rations, trail (per day) (6) (30 sp)
    Bedroll (1 sp)
    Blanket, winter (5 sp)
    Flask (2) (6 cp)
    Flint and steel (1 gp)
    Pouch, belt (3) (3 gp)
    Rope, silk (50 ft.) (10 gp)
    Waterskin (full) (2) (2 gp)
    Whetstone (2 cp)

    Quiver of Ehlonna (1,800 gp)
    Wondrous: Heward`s Handy Haversack (2,000 gp)

    Wealth - 445 GP, 3 SP, 2 CP

    Thinking back to my younger days I never thought I would be living in the city of Karrnath – a CITY mind you– about to set out on another adventure with the friends I have made ever since I joined "Hanable's Hunters" a few years back. In my search for any information on my family and more importantly the goblins, and whatever that thing in the sky was, I was lead to the city of Karrnath. Once I arrived I had no idea where to go and what to do but I was bale to find employment with random adventuring parties as a guide and scout and made a decent living at that. Hanable's Hunters grew interested in my talents after they heard talk about my exploits in the field and they invited me to join them. I lept at the chance as I also had heard of them and with thier influence it would be easier to track down what information I needed, and the pay was a lot better. To think it has been 5 years now since that fateful day that set things in motion……

    Having never known my parents I was raised by my Uncle Thadius and the Talenta Plains was where we called home. Whenever I asked about my parents Thadius would inform me in no uncertain terms that when I was older and could handle the information he would let me know about them, but not until then. I also asked him why so many people did not like or trust me and why they always seemed to just stare at me. I was so conscious of the looks I was getting I made it a habit of wearing hooded robe whenever I was around other humans. Thadius always told me that there was nothing wrong with me, just hat I was special and most people just did not understand. I kind of liked that, being not like the others and secretly I thought that I was better than most. I could usually hold my own against most anyone with naturally affirmed that I was better than most.

    We lived a good life as hunters and occasional guides to whoever was willing to pay us. Most people just wanted to sight see and wander around the plains looking at the herds of dinosaurs that the Halflings used as mounts. Some of them were in search of information on such ridiculous stories as Undead Dragons in the “Boneyard” or some other such nonsense. The only serious threat was from the occasional Goblin raiding party that came out of the Endworld Mountains to the east. My uncle was fair in most things and even taught me how to use the impressive Talenta Sharrash that the Halflings are know for wielding on the backs of their dinosaur mounts. I remember the day that my Uncle gave me mine as a birthday present when I reached the age of 12 - it was the most exquiste gift I have ever had and it fit my hands perfectly. I remember when he attempted to train me in the art of using a sword and boy was that a fiasco, I just could not grasp the subtleties of sword fighting as I would tend to use over exaggerated chopping motions and full two-handed swings in the style of the Halfling Barbarians. I became rather proficient with the Talenta Sharrash and even learned the fun trick of tripping my opponent in the middle of combat. I remember the looks on the faces of my opponents as a boy half their age could beat them in mock-combat every time. My Uncle always reminded me to never underestimate your opponent and to use all your primal force in combat to best your enemy.

    One night after setting up camp after a day of guiding a party of “Adventurers” – babies all of them - Thadius queitly woke me up and whispered that there was danger nearby. He gathered the rest of the group around and informed us all that there was a marauding band of Goblins stalking us. He did not think we could escape thier ambush and told us that it would be best to stand our ground here. Thadius took me aside as the rest got ready to fight and told me to stay close by so he could protect me as best he could. I told him not to worry and that we could easily take out anything that came our way. The look in his eyes told me something different, something was wrong and he would not tell me what. After what seemed like hours I informed the rest of the group that I could see shapes stalking us. Everyone laughed at the notion of a boy seeing the attackers before they themselves noticed the danger. The look my Uncle gave them made them think twice about doubting me. It was at this point that I happened to look up and see the thing above us. It could not have been what it looked like, that was a myth, a silly story that was used to scare children. I hardly believe it myself anymore, that it must have been my nerves but I swear I saw a thing flying above us that had no skin, a thing so horrible it made my knees buckle. From pictures I have been shown and stories told to me it looked like a dragon but just the skeleton of a dragon. Certainly the stories could not be true, as I shook my head to clear my eyes and looked back up there was nothign there.

    The battle did not go well for us. I saw an unnaturally large goblin fighting Thadius and I could not reach him in time as he was brought down. Screaming out his name I was filled with such hatred that I guess I lost consciousness as I remember nothing of the rest of the fight. My next thought is about Thadius and I do not even see the mangled bodies of goblins at my feet and scattered around me. One of the adventures looks at me and mutters “Lycanthrope” with fear etched on his face as the rest of them gather there things quickly and take off, leaving me alone with my Uncle. Racing to his side I can see he is still breathing but there is blood everywhere, he says that he is sorry that he never told me about my family and that I should beging my search in “Karrnath”. I vow to avenge my Uncle and bring death to all the goblins I can find while trying to find my family.

    PS - The feat Shifter Instincts is from MM3 - listed under Shifter - and provides a +1 to Listen, Sense Motive and spot and gives you a +2 to Init. Let me know if I am allowed to use this, otherwise I will just go and choose another one.

    Hit Point Rolls
    Keeping Highest Roll
    Ranger 2 HP's (1d8+3=7, 1d8+3=10)
    Barbarian 1 HP (1d12+3=6, 1d12+3=15)
    Barbarian 2 HP (1d12+3=8, 1d12+3=10)
    Barbarian 3 HP (1d12+3=8, 1d12+3=13)
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    Recently, a DM dropped a thread where I was playing Kort the halfling barbarian..
    I could update it if you'd accept it in your game.

    Kort posing near a human paladin friend (grayed out)

    Name: Kort
    Class: Barbarian 1 / Fighter 1
    Race: Halfling
    Size: Small
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: CG
    Deity: -
    Str: 14 +2 (10p.)    Level: 2        XP: 1000
    Dex: 16 +3 ( 6p.)    BAB: +2         HP: 24 (1d12+1d10+6)
    Con: 16 +3 (10p.)    Grapple: +0     Dmg Red: -
    Int: 8 -1 ( 0p.)    Speed: 30'     Spell Res: -
    Wis: 10 +0 ( 2p.)    Init: +3        Spell Save: -
    Cha: 8 -1 ( 0p.)    ACP: -1         Spell Fail: -
                     Base Armor Shld Dex Size Nat Misc Total
    Armor:         10    +3    +0 +3    +1    +0 +0    17
    Touch: 14             Flatfooted: 14
                             Base Mod Misc Total
    Fort:                 4    +3     +1    +8
    Ref:                 0    +3     +1    +4
    Will:                 0    +0     +1    +1
    Weapon             Attack Damage     Critical
    Mwk Greatsword         +7     1d10+3     19-20/x2
    Spiked Gauntlet         +5     1d3+2        20/x2
    Knife                     +5     1d3+2     19-20/x2
    Knife                     +6
    Comp.Longbow +2         +6     1d6+2        20/x3
        mwk arrow             +7     1d6+2        20/x3
    Languages: Common/Orc
    -Fast movement
    -rage 1/day (8 rounds)
    -Weapon Focus: Greatsword
    -Power attack
    Skill Points: 13 Max Ranks: 5/2.5
    Skills                 Ranks Mod Misc Total
    Climb                     0    +2 +2     +4
    Jump                         0    +2 +2     +4
    Intimidate                 4    -1         +3
    Handle animal             3    -1         +2
    Hide                         0    +3 +4     +7
    Listen                     3    +0 +2     +5
    Move Silently             0    +3 +2     +5
    Survival                     3    +0         +3
    Equipment:                Cost Weight
    Masterwork Greatsword (s)    350gp    4lb
    Composite Longbow +2 (s)    300gp 1.5lb
        Arrows x30             1gp 1.5lb
            Mwk Arrows x20     120gp
    Spiked gauntlets (s)         10gp    1lb
    Knife (s)                     2gp 0.5lb
    Studded leather armor (s)     25gp 10lb
    Potion Cure light wounds x1    50gp     -
    Alchemist fire x1             20gp 1lb
    Misterious Medallion
    Backpack                     2gp    1lb +12.5lb
    Waterskin                 1gp    2lb
    Bedroll                 1sp 2.5lb
        Rations x1                 5sp    1lb
        Silk rope 50'             10gp    5lb
        Grappling Hook             1gp    2lb
    Flint/Steel             1gp    -
    TOTALS                     873gp 19.5lb (31lb)
    Total Weight:18.5lb (32lb) Money: 5gp 20sp 0cp
                             Lgt Med Hvy Lift Push
    Max Weight:         43.5    87 131 262 655
    • +2 morale bonus on saving throws against fear
    Age: 22
    Height: 3'02"
    Weight: 39lb
    Eyes: blue
    Hair: blonde
    Skin: white

    Long dark blonde hair, tied on the back with a copper band and a short unkempt beard. Penetrating blue eyes that narrow to slits when he gets angry.

    Kort wields his adopted father's bastard sword, swinging it as a small greatsword with his two hands, clad in mean looking spiked gauntlets.

    A studded leather armor, stained two shades of dark brown and with darkened studs allows him to better meld with his background while stalking prey with a small composite longbow so tough to draw that average humans twice his height find too hard to use.


    A halfling orphaned in an accident (actually the heir of a Great House, may manifest a dragonmark later) in the Eldeen Reaches. The caravan his parents traveled with was attacked by bandits, and when help arrived he was the only survivor, hidden by his mother under a low cart.
    One of the rescuing Wardens of the Wood, a half-orc named Krag adopted him and raised the halfling with the help of his human druid wife.

    He earned his adult name and inherited his father sword showing braveness and ferociousness in fighting the bandit lords.Now, in this new era of peace, he decided to investigate his true origin. The only hint of it a golden medallion of strange design he was found with, Kort left with his parent´s blessing to the city of Passage.

    Tough good hearted and noble, Kort doesnt have much brains and has a short temper. He is usually in a festive mood and loves to party at the tavern after a good fight..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypersmurf

    I can just see a Warforged Barbarian named BA Brakiss

    Only if you have a mohawk

    That's what I get for picking the first H name that came to my head.

    Kort would work, feel free to update him/tweek him to fit the character creation guidelines I have posted (I'll have the stat sets tonight).

    Keep in mind I'm not accepting characters till I get more than enough submitions, and will be looking them over, but interesting and fun concepts definately will get a nod over other ideas. The idea is to have fun, and help everyone else to have fun too.

    FYI, this will be around the official Eberron timeline (around 2 years after the end of the War).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elocin
    If this does not work for you I would not mind playing a Warmage - not sure of race - as they look pretty damn cool to me.
    Feel free to make multiple character concepts, and I'll pick from them. Need to look up the warmage, but I don't forsee any problems with it at the moment.

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    And now for a Warmage

    Female Human Fighter 1/Warmage 4

    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 140
    Age: 19
    Alignment: CG
    Dark tanned skin
    Black hair
    Green eyes
    Tattoo around neck

    My parents must have had a lot of patience as I am still alive. I was never like any of my sisters; I refused to wear a dress, as I found my pants much more useful and made of hardier stock. When the children of the village would get together and re-enact battles from the last Great War I seemed to always find myself on the front lines with a lot of the older boys and they never seemed to mind. I could definitely hold my own against most anyone whether at range or in melee. Then one day my best friend had something secret to share with me. Karl stole a bottle of alchemist fire from some merchant and my eyes were glued to how the mixture seemed to be alive, swimming back and forth in the vial. I snatched the bottle from Karl as I wanted to look closer at it and I saw the bottle dropping from my fingers. The vial fell to my feet and the result was astounding as the explosion consumed my body, but I did not burn. The fire was creeping along my body and then it looked like I absorbed the energy and at that exact, something awoke in me that I never knew existed. I could feel the same kind of power flowing through my veins and I knew where I needed to go.

    I had heard from some merchants that there was a town some leagues away that had a small academy of sorts. It was a magical academy that trained gifted people in the use of magic and combat training and fused them together to form a fighting combination almost as powerful as the mages of old. I wanted to be one of them and so informed my parents that I was leaving and I wished them luck as the very next day I set out on my grand adventure.

    I left the school some years ago and have been traveling ever since; looking for adventure anywhere I could find it. I can feel the power growing more and more intense as the days crept past. It sometimes feels like I am searching for something but I know not what it could be. Deep down inside I feel as if I was meant for something, but that something has not found me yet. I love the rush of excitement that washes over me in the heat of combat and because of that I am always eager for a fight. So now I find myself in a city called Karrnath looking for some adventure.....

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    You said things for Dopplegangers in RoD would be open to Changlings, right? Would you allow a Changling rogue headed into the Chameleon PrC?

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    How about an artificer/rogue changeling going towards the Chameleon PrC.

    Argh... basically beaten too it! Not fair!

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    I'd also be into this game. I have a couple ideas for characters, all of them pretty twisted.

    A Lawful Good Human Cleric of the Blood of Vol: He's more than a little deluded about his faith, and will defend it to the end. Oh, he also believes that undeath is the next step in the evolution of all sentient beings. The elves of Arenal have a good idea, although the whole deathless thing doesn't really appeal to him; plus, it takes to long.

    A Neutral Shifter Child of Winter Druid: He's had enough of this whole civilization thing, and thinks its time to bring it to a close. He's just biding his time, riding a large cockroach into battle.

    A Kalashtar Telepath/Monk who is more than a little paranoid about the Inspired out to get him. He is constantly protecting himself from possesion and psionic attack.

    I'll flesh them out a bit more later.

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