When to award XP?

Poll: When do you award XP? [When does your DM award XP?]

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    When to award XP?

    When do you (or your DM) award experience points?


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    Typically I award XP at the end of the session. We play pretty infrequently so if I wait until later, it takes more time than it should to go through, remember the different encounters worth XP, roleplaying awards, story awards etc. I think the only times I have not awarded XP at the end of the night was when I had to run. In that case I would usually send XP awards via e-mail within the next couple of days.

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    Whenever I feel like it.

    Honestly, I'm not consistent, and my PCs don't seem to have a problem with it. Sometimes I'll give XP right after an encounter, sometimes I'll wait until much later. Just depends on how much else is on my mind at the moment.

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    In our group, we get XP when the characters sleep.

    I have DMed just once (a one-off that lasted several weeks) and I had intended to give XP much less regularly than that, perhaps only at major safe places. However, I kind of chickened out knowing how my groups loves its XP. Maybe next time...

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    I used to only award XP and allow level advancement "in town." And sometimes (usually) I would wait until the end of a given storyline/adventure. I have discovered (as a player) that this sucks.

    So, award XP every game session, no matter what. If someone levels up, let them have the level up even if they are in the middle of a dungeon crawl.

    Seeing your character advance in level is one of the big rewards of DnD (and most RPGs). Why force someone to delay that gratification for "story" reasons, or "realism"? It's a freaking game, it's supposed to be fun. Levelling up is fun.

    Don't award XP in mid-session. Levelling up should be done between games to ensure the most possible play time (not book keeping) at each session.

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    When they beg for it. When they beg like the dogs they are!!!!


    Or, you know, at the end of the session.

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    Ideally, I'd like to award (and be awarded) XP as it is earned. But realistically, it ends up being every few encounters or so.

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    I keep track of experience myself and tell the players when they level. So far everybody has levelled together every time and I prefer to keep it that way even if I have to fudge a little.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ankh-Morpork Guard
    Whenever I feel like it.
    Ditto!! Those lazy players need to get some patience demanding XP as often as once a month. I keep track of XP myself and if they ask I'll tell them but I usually just telkl them when they've gained a level. It actually helps keep the game focused as the PC are not concerned with XP nearly as much as most groups get.

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    End of the session just because it creates the least amount of delay during the game, you don't want someone deciding what their new feat is gonna be whil eyou have a horde of Orcs standing there waiting to kill them

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