What are you? Powergamer or role-player?

Poll: What are you?

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    What are you? Powergamer or role-player?

    How would you describe yourself? Please, no derogatory words to one group or the other Let's all just get along.

    Powergamer: One who likes to have his/her stats as high as humanly (or elfinly, dwarfenly... you get the idea) possible and a +5 vorpal flaming holy longsword is mearly a toothpick. The more the better!!!

    Role-player: One who likes to make up a detailed background for his/her character, and who plays his character as if it was a real person, with strengths, flaws etc.

    A little of both: self-explanitory.

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    Most definately powergamer, possibly munchkin?

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    I guess I'm both, I make may character the best I can by setting a goal for a prestige class then role play the character as I think he/she would be like.
    Make's for a fun campaign.

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    Im told I'm a power gamer, but I believe I'm a little of both

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    I'll let the following answer the question for me

    Why I like Munchkins

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    Well, let's just say that this quote basically sums me up:

    They looked at armor of command and went "w00+!! That'll fit perfectly with my two levels of paladin and cloak of charisma!"
    Well, not exactly. I mean, I don't say "w00+!!" And technically, I don't have the cloak of charisma YET. And I have FOUR levels of paladin....

    Yeah yeah, stop staring. I'm a powergamer at heart.

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    Definitely a role-player. Stats and +5 vorpal flaming holy longswords are just a means to a end in helping me define and develop the character further.
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    at heart im a roleplayer and i usually make up indepth backgrounds/personalities for all my pcs... and i usually take con as a dump stat (along with wisdom - bah! i dont need wisdom in real life OR in game!)

    however, evil grin, in my spare time i often try to make up messed up ridiculous power combinations... i never end up playing them though

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    I'm a bit of both. I like a character with at least some use in combat so I will twist the numbers as much as I can where it concerns my character concept. But the concept is rather important and I've taken less then optimal feats and weapon choices to keep the concept alive and kicking.

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    i'd have picked a LOT of both, but that option wasn't available! heh heh.


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