Clutches of Evil - IC: Chapter One
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    Clutches of Evil - IC: Chapter One

    “Mighty Pelor!”

    The party is awoken by the sound of a teenage boy yelling as he spies the party through the open door to the room theyl purchased for the evening. The boy’s eyes are wide open as he takes in the scene. His tattered shorts hang loose around his waist and his shirt is only half tucked into his shorts. It appears that may well be what he was in the middle of doing when he strolled by the party’s room.

    “By the gods, people, you alright?”

    The owner of the voice takes a few ginger steps into the room. His eyes nervously dart around into all of the dark corners to make sure that whoever had done this to the paid occupants of the room were long gone. Satisfied, his eyes dart to each of the two Boes sitting in the room and a moment of panic passes over his face. His eyes shift away from the horned humanoids - around to the rest of the occupants of the room and they quickly pick up a plain looking Aster, and a figure of a smaller stature. Finally, his eyes rest upon two people that looked like him. If his memory served him right, one of these two was some sort of religious figure. He approaches Keryth and cautiously leans toward him and whispers, “Mister, you and your friends here alright?”

    From down the hall a female voice can be heard yelling, “Thomas Gaines Fortuno, if you are bothering my patrons at this hour of the morning I am gonna tan your hide young man!” The voice of the woman seems old enough to be this boy’s mother, if not even his grandmother. “These good patrons of ours might be interesting to you, but you don’t interest them none in the least. Now leave ‘em alone and lets them get some good rest, you hear? Maybe once ‘n’ they be rested they’ll come out here and have a meal and lets you pester them with your questions. But you lets ‘em sleep now.”

    A brief silence fills the air as she awaits a response. “Tommy? You hear me, boy?” The woman’s voice grows a little more stern when she doesn’t hear a response from the teenage boy. Tommy’s face turns back to the door and then returns to Keryth. He seems to want to wait for some sort of reply before addressing the woman’s voice. Heavy footsteps can be heard coming down the hallway from the direction that the voice had come, but there are several moments before the owner of the footsteps arrives.

    Inside the room, there doesn't seem to be any sign of forced entry. The bunks are all in the same place as they were the night before. The plain wood-panelled walls seem undisturbed - even down to the cobwebs that hang in the corners.
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    Byntrou shakes the cobwebs from his head as the young boy enters. There's a ringing in his ears, though luckily the sword bashing seemed to have left his horn intact. A moment of panic subsides when he feels Delcoi's presence in his mind, reassuring him of her continued health as she exits her hiding place to climb his arm and coil on his shoulder.

    "I believe we'll recover, son," Byntrou tries to reassure the boy, "But it appears someone in this town doesn't share your mother's sense of hospitality. I think you or she should call the local guard."

    As he begins to stand and get his bearings, Byntrou notices they seem to have an extra guest in the room. Knitting his eyebrows and trying to get his memory sorted out, he asks the little man "But...who are you, and how did you wind up in our room?"

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    Pwent still groggy stares at the boy until he comes into focus, then he notes that he is in a room full of strangers and has removed his armor for the first time since he put it on, "I musta been some kinda drunk last night. First I get this god forsaken dream about bein robbed and then I wake up without me armor." He rolls over to take stock of his surroundings. "Who are y'all and how did I get here"
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    Keryth, Male Drakontos Cleric

    Keryth reaches for his holy symbol as the boy utters his first question upon entering the room, finding it still attached to the thong around his neck he sighs with relief. He then opens his eyes and begins to sit up, rubbing his head, as the boy approaches.

    Remembering the events of the evening quite vividly, and with a throbbing reminder just in case that wasn’t enough, he looks into the boys worried eyes and places a comforting hand on his shoulder before answering, “Thomas I don’t think there’s any lasting damage, but I think my friend Byntrou is right the guard needs to be called.”

    Keryth then turns his gaze upon the rest of the patrons, making sure they’re all okay.

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    Thomas nods slowly as Keyth speaks to him and glances back to Byntrou. This second glance at Byntrou was one of curiosity then of anything else. Not wanting to stare, he backs up a few paces and says, "Okay, I think I'll tell my mom. She'll know where to get the guard at this time of the morning." Thomas quickly exists the room to tell her mom what had occurred. The party can hear a quick muffled conversation between Thomas and his mother out in the hall. Thomas' feet make the sounds of running away down the hall while the feet of Thomas' mother begins once more to head in the party's direction.

    While Thomas is gone, Destiny rubs her eyes slowly and grimmaces from the pain. She tilts her head from side to side a few times until a small pop can be head from her neck. "Oh, man, I feel like I've been backed over by an oxen cart." She slowly turns her head to the unknown human and adds, "As for how you got here, I don't know. But look around, I don't think the robbery was a dream. Unless you didn't come in with anything of value in the first place."

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    Gav had remained silent, and as still as he could manage as the discussion between Thomas and the others was going on. The only part of him that had been moving were his eyes, taking in his surroundings, and the others in the room. He had arrived pretty late, and the room had already been dark, so all he could make out the night before were large, shadowy shapes.

    And then they.. They.. NO!

    The boy begins shaking, his whole body shivering. His eyes water, and then tears start flowing freely. Finally, he jumps up and punches the wall as hard as he can manage, his body turned toward it to hide his tears from the others, but too late.

    "Why? Why would they do that, huh? I'm just a kid! Why would they take my stuff?"

    Turning back towards the others, his eyes roam over them, almost, but not quite, accusingly. And it is finally obvious that it's rage that has his body shaking, and his tears

    "I'll find them. I'll find them, and then I'll knock them out, and then I'll take their stuff. You'll see. You just wait and you'll see."

    Finally, the words spoken by Thomas just before he left registers, and uncertainty shows in his face.

    "The.. Guards? Now there's a very bad idea."

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    Bahruul Boer Barbarian

    Standing and shaking his head from side to side the great Boer looks squarely at the small boy "And why would calling the guard be a bad idea?" he rumbles at the youth "tell us, what do you know of our current predicament?"

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    Gav looks up at the large boes, and although he does back up a bit, it seems to be more to establish an easier line of sight with him than out of fear.

    "Of course I don't, or else I'd have gone with them, not been bonked and stolen from too. As for the guards, they won't help us. We're nothings. They'll blame us, and try to make us into the bad guys. Well, me and you two, anyway."

    Gav starts pacing the room, a fist under his chin, as he goes on, his words running together in a stream of consciousness thing.

    "You guys saw that noose thing? Now that's a clue. Because don't kid yourself, if we want our stuff back, and I sure do, we'll have to get it ourselves. There's ways. Oh there's ways. Plus we can't let them get away with messing with us like that, oh no we can't. That's not how it works in the street. Someone kicks you? You take it, and you give it back, only harder. They you tell them. Never kick a dog because he's just a pup, or you better run for cover when the pup grows up!"

    Finally he pauses, then looks up at the boes and grins.

    "Or come back with bigger, meaner dogs, I guess."

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    A slight grin crosses Destiny's lips as she listens to Gav. The smile passes under her six long whiskers. Her head cocks ever so slightly to the right and she says, "Kids got spunk, if nothing else."

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    "And dogs aren't the only thing they need fear" Bahruul says with a wink at Destiny. "Ok then, let's start with a search of the room shall we? See if anything got left behind" lowering himself to his knees Bahruul starts to examine the floor under the beds.

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