Clutches of Evil - OOC Thread
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    Clutches of Evil - OOC Thread

    Welcome to the OOC thread for Clutches of Evil. In addition to general conversation, this thread will be used to relay some game information. First, let me provide a link below to some of the information you might need about the Homebrew World:

    World Information Thread for Enigmatica
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    As we begin, I should add a note about the inn. Many of the inns are based in the old-world bed and breakfast style motif. This is the type where a family would rent out a room or two in their house as a bunkroom (storing 6 - 8 beds, sometimes bunkbeds). You need not know each other to be in the same room. Often guests would meet when they woke in the morning. (Such is the case with Gav and the party) And the only furniture the rooms would have in them is beds and a mirror of some sort. This gives a reasonable explanation as to why people might be in the same room together regardless of their prior knowledge of each other. It was inexpensive to do this, and the family fed the house guests breakfast when they woke.

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    D'oh. Sorry 'bout that. Ah, well, I did cover myself with saying Byntrou's memory was a little fuzzy on the night before, so I suppose I've not done too much damage.


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    No, actually, there is no need for a mistake. It is entirely possible that Gav was there before the Boes & friends arrived or that he arrived after they had retired for the night. I guess what I was trying to explain is that Byntrou could very feasibly be asking Gav (and now Thibbledorf) who they were even though they were sleeping in the same vicinity. So no error at all!

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    Just poking my head in to let you know I'm keeping tab



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    Glad to have you aboard. I was getting a little worried, but it was also the weekend. Enjoy the game!

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    Yeah that's fine. I worked in that Gav arrived later, so he didn't really know who was in the room either.

    As a matter of fact, he arrived -after- the robbery, so he has all his equipment, right DM?

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    Yeah, sure. I'll give Gav his equipment...

    HA! Yeah, nice try though. Can't blame a guy for trying.

    However, I do - ocassionally - reward players who aren't afraid to ask things that are out of the box. I've been mulling over this idea for a couple of days now and Barak's OOC question shows that I should run with it. So, here goes. Since you are 3rd level characters, I will grant each of you one or two major items that you had on your person that were stolen. They can be from the DMG only and have a cumulative value of 3,000 gp. (So ... one item of 3,000 gold or less -OR- two items that add up to 3,000 gp or less) You don't have to take this option of course, but it does provide you with a little leeway if you desire to have had something significant stolen - motivation for having your stuff returned ... so to speak.

    And yes, I realize this doesn't benefit you in any way, because you are picking an item or two that was stolen ... but, well. C'est la vie, rieght?

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    Alright.. Gav would have had a dagger +1 stolen.. that's 2300 GP, so I guess it covers that.

    Oh and just to confirm.. Those thieves were -thorough-, right? 'Cause Gav would have had daggers hidden on his person, and I assume those are gone too..

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    I'll go for a +1 mithral heavy shield embossed with the symbol of Bahamut, and if I may a [spoiler]silver dragon scale with his first prayer to Bahamut inscribed on it[/spoiler]...he wants them both back of course, but the second item is much more precious to him.
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