[RG] Pool of Radiance
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    [RG] Pool of Radiance

    In this thread you will find the descriptions (but not the complete character sheets) of the player characters and some non-player characters for the Pool of Radiance campaign.

    Please refrain from posting in this thread (this includes the players, I will make all the posts here), if you have any comments or questions, there is a link to the OOC thread below, please use that one. Thank you!

    The Party

    outside Phlan

    • Eliath, moon elf fighter|rogue (HolyMan)
    • Elrohas Nenmacil, sun elf duskblade|cleric (Nac Mac Feegle; NPC)
    • Grynth, orc barbarian|ranger (Tailspinner; NPC)
    • Kylest Soulstone, shield dwarf fighter|scout (hafrogman; NPC)
    • Selvaggio, human druid|ranger (Mista Collins; NPC)
    • Intrepido, Selvaggio's wolf companion
    • Storm, human fighter|ranger (renau1g; NPC)
    • Thunder, human barbarian|favored soul (Branding Opportunity; NPC)

    currently missing...

    • Aylor Creegan, shield dwarf monk|fighter (Bloodweaver1; NPC)
    • Sir Dryw Domiel, half-elf knight|druidic avenger (Mark Chance; NPC)
    • Kordunn Asteroth, gold dwarf paladin|sorcerer (Voadam; NPC)
    • Oog, goblin rogue|warlock (Krug; NPC) - disguised as Elmus, halfling gourmet


    [IC1] First Game Thread
    [IC2] Second Game Thread
    [INFO] Campaign Information
    [OOC] Out of Character
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