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    Title: Gwendolynn von Holden's Diary

    Author: Eeralai

    Number of threads: 1

    Type: Fantasy

    System: 3.0

    Setting: Homebrew from the imagination of Bardstephenfox

    Started: Sept. 2005 ( Campaign ended several years ago)

    Status: Still writing

    Average length of post: Short with the occasional medium and coming up a few long

    Frequency: Spontaneous and unpredictable

    Available for download: No

    Perspective: First person journal style

    Overview: This is a story of the heroes known as Greerson's Glory told from the perspective of their youngest member, Gwendolynn. They are currently trying to rid the forest of the Yuan-ti. In the bigger view, they will try to save the world with the help of another group not yet discussed in the story. They are often inept and unlucky, but they battle forth with great tenacity.

    Reader Quotation: There are several fun ones from Steeveroo, but you have to read the story hour for them to make sense, so here is one from Sandtiger: Just wanted to say, I have been reading this story hour and enjoying it. I guess I'm a sucker for

    Author's note: A huge chunk was lost when enworld was down. I am hoping that they might find it eventually, but in the mean time I put a little song in there to recap what had happened. Please look forward to the next update.


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    Its more heavily warded than a Kundarak vault...

    Block Aneul

    Title: Amidst the Ruins
    Author: Aneul (Player of Nwm and Imir)
    Number of Threads: One formal, but theres another one which I created accidentaly after the crash- please pay it no attention.

    Type: D&D, fantasy/mild horror
    System: D&D 3.5
    Setting: Homebrew

    Started: October 22, 2005 in America
    Status: Discontinued (but you never know, I might start it up again at some point)
    Average Installment Length: Medium
    Frequency of Installment: Sporadic

    Available for Download: No
    Style: 3d Person narrative

    Overview: Follows the expirience of a party of adventurers in a post apocalyptic world where humans struggle to survive amidst the ruins of their once great empire, plauged by undead and fouler things of origins unknown. High points include: Paladins, shamanistic plains dwelling elves, desperate human refugees, hordes of undead monstrocities, and hints of a nameless evil bent on the destruction of sentient life!

    Reader Quotation: Promising start. You've got yourself a new reader with me. Bring on the next post! - Spider _ Jerusalem
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    Block Mark

    Title: Red Hand of Doom
    Author: Mark

    Type: Fantasy
    System: D&D 3.5e

    Started: March 2006
    Status: Ongoing
    Check out 30 Things Can Happen! A System-Free Sourcebook for Fantasy RPGs.

    Follow on CMG Google Group, Facebook, Twitter @MarkCMG, and the Creative Mountain Games website, the Grymvald Gazetteer (Campaign Setting) website, and

    "Griffins & Grottos" - MF WARS (Medieval Fantasy Wargame and Roleplaying System) & "Surcoat" - MF CMG (Medieval Fantasy Combat Miniatures Game) website.

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    Block A'vandira Silvermane

    Title: Orc Trouble in The Great Forest
    Author: A'vandira Silvermane (Player of Ke'lana Amyn'dur Redraluin)
    Number of Threads: 1

    Type: Fantasy
    System: D&D 3.5e (with spells Darkness & Dimension Door as per 3.0 rules) (houserule)
    Setting: Homebrew (with elements of Greyhawk & Forgotten Realms)

    Started: April 24, 2006
    Status: Ongoing
    Average Installment Length: Medium/Long
    Average Frequency of Installments: Bi-weekly (generally two days after the session)

    Available for Download? Not yet
    Style: 1st person narrative prose (diary entries).

    Overview: a group of young but talented adventurers find themselves in the adventure of their lives as their home forest is invaded by orcs

    Reader Comment:

    Special: Links to web sites, Rogues Gallery threads, other such stuff (if needed).

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    Blog Entries

    Block Elodan

    Title: Age of Worms - A Realms based D&D/AE campaign
    Author: Elodan

    Type: Fantasy
    System: Arcana Evolved\D&D 3.5E

    Started: December 2005
    Status: Ongoing
    Certainty of death, small chance of success. What are we waiting for!

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    A New Power

    Title: A New Power
    Author: Angcuru
    Number of Threads: 1

    Type: Star Wars
    System: Star Wars d20
    Setting: Star Wars Alternative Universe

    Started: 06 April 2005
    Status: Game sputtered out, story goes on through GM's writings.
    Average Installment Length: Very Long
    Average Frequency of Installments: Varies, but I try to keep it up.

    Available for Download? No
    Style: 3rd person narrative. Splits between eras in form of present Rebellion Era and flashback to Old Republic/Clone Wars.

    Overview: Two Jedi prodigies become disillusioned with their Order near the end of the Clone Wars and desert. Faking their deaths and travelling as refugees to avoid suspicions their transport experiences a horrible hyperdrive malfunction and crashes on an unknown planet. Jump several decades into the future, and they have created their own Order of force users among the crash survivors on a planet rife with aggressive, hostile wildlife. Within the space of a few hours two ships find their ways to this world and also crashland, with the Empire not far behind...

    Reader Comment:
    Quote Originally Posted by ledded
    Cool stuff so far, my man, very, very cool. I'll try to keep up and make all the unruly kids in the back row behave themselves.

    Now on with the show.
    Rogues Gallery 1
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    Block Ipissimus

    Title: Maure Money
    Author: Ipissimus
    Number of Threads: 1

    Type: DnD / Humour
    System: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5
    Setting: Grayhawk/Maure Castle

    Started: 12 July 2006
    Status: Game continuing, meet once every month
    Average Installment Length: short -> medium
    Average Frequency of Installments: Monthly

    Available for Download? No
    Style: Movie Script

    Overview: Maure Money is the only slightly dramatized story of my monthly Maure Castle campaign. The humour all comes from what happened at the table, what people said, did and played out in character in game. Hired by the Archmage Manzorian to investigate the rumours that Maure Castle is once again inhabited, four intrepid adventurers descend into the depths to win their fortunes. Hilarity ensues.

    Reader Comment: -
    Disciple of Glasya

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    Block spacehulkster

    Title: Order of M.A.C.E.
    Author: Spacehulkster
    Number of Threads: 1

    Type: Fantasy
    System: D&D 3.5e
    Setting: Forgotten Realms - Moonsea & Dambrath regions
    Started: June 2005
    Status: Ongoing
    Average Installment Length: Short/Medium.
    Average Frequency of Installments: Weekly to Monthly

    Available for Download? No
    Style: 3rd person narrative prose, with occasional winks to the underlying mechanics/Journal/Whatever.

    Overview: An Evil campaign. A group of misfits band together to earn riches and glory.
    Each PC has a major social flaw and each has thier own agenda.

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    Block Delemental

    Title: Tales of the Legacy (originally started as "A Company of Vagabonds")
    Author: Delemental
    Number of Threads: 1

    Type: Fantasy [High Magic]
    System: D&D 3.5e
    Setting: Homebrew

    Started: 22 July 2004
    Status: Concluded on 21 December 2008
    Average Installment Length: Long, despite my better intentions
    Average Frequency of Installments: Weekly...ish

    Available for Download? No
    Style: 3rd person narrative prose, with footnotes to explain homebrew material. Occasional entries of pure fiction not based on a game session.

    Overview: A band of ordinary adventurers becomes embroiled in the rise of powers thought long lost, and now race to prevent a disaster that threatens all existence. Magic, psionics, and the gods clash; who will emerge the victor?

    Reader Comment:
    Quote Originally Posted by Psyke
    I love your DM's world... the cosmology in particular. The blending of the elemental planes, the dieties, and the outer planes are all brilliant. Any chance that there's more setting info in published form somewhere?

    you really do write this exceptionally well, as well as Sepulchrave or Spyscribe. Several times I found myself just pausing to contemplate the latest story development, and what I'd do if I was a player. Very nicely done.
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    Block tmart

    Title: Marshall Flowers' Sentimental Journey Through Post-Apocalyptica and Mutantville
    Author: tmart
    Number of Threads: 1

    Type: post-apocalyptic
    System: d20 Modern
    Setting: homebrew, Gamma World-inspired

    Started: 10 August 2006; campaign since June
    Status: Ongoing
    Average Installment Length: 500-1000 words
    Average Frequency of Installments: Near daily until I catch up to myself, then weekly.

    Available for Download? No, the original file has to be censored for Eric's grandmother.
    Style: 1st person narrative prose (Marshall Flowers' journal)

    Overview: Some decades after nuclear armageddon, Marshall Flowers and friends explore the world outside their colony of survived survivalists.

    Reader Comment: No forum replies yet, but friends and fellow players responded so favourably that I decided to post the journal online.

    Special: Marshall Flowers' current character sheet attached.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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