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    Ciaran apCallain
    Human (Flan) Storm Wizard 4
    XP: 8333
    True Neutral

    Str 10
    Dex 14
    Con 14
    Int 19
    Wis 12
    Cha 11

    BAB +2 AC 12 (Touch 12, Flatfooted 10) HP 20

    Fort +3 Ref +3 Will +5

    Languages: Common, Flan, Old Oeridian, Giant, Auran

    Feats: Scribe Scroll, Animal Affinity, Skill Focus (Concentration), Sudden Widen

    Concentration +12 (+2 Con, 7 ranks, +3 SF)
    Craft (Alchemy) +8 (+4 Int, 4 ranks)
    Handle Animal +4 (0 Cha, 2 ranks, +2 AA)
    Knowledge (Arcana) +11 (+4 Int, 7 ranks)
    Knowledge (Geography) +11 (+4 Int, 7 ranks)
    Knowledge (Nature) +11 (+4 Int, 7 ranks)
    Knowledge (The Planes) +6 (+4 Int, 2 ranks)
    Ride +6 (+2 Dex, 2 ranks, +2 AA)
    Spellcraft +13 (+4 Int, 7 ranks, +2 synergy)

    Level 0: All
    Level 1: Charm Person, Color Spray, Comprehend Languages, Disguise Self, Grease, Identify, Jump, Lesser Orb of Electricity, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Obscuring Mist, Ray of Enfeeblement, Shield, Shocking Grasp, Jet of Steam
    Level 2: Gust of Wind, Glitterdust, Web, Acid Arrow, Scorching Ray, See Invisibility, Fireburst, Electric Vengeance, Kelgore's Grave Mist, Wall of Gloom, Seeking Ray

    Typical Spells Prepared:
    Level 0: Ray of Frost (Domain), Prestidigitation, Mage Hand, Detect Magic, Flare
    Level 1: Obscuring Mist (Domain), Lesser Orb of Electricity, Jet of Steam, Magic Missile
    Level 2: Gust of Wind (Domain), Glitterdust, Seeking Ray, Scorching Ray

    Galliard, Hawk Familiar (100 gp)

    Tiny Magical Beast
    HD 4, HP 10, AC 19 (+2 Size, +3 Dex, +4 Natural)
    Initiative +3, Speed 10 (Fly 60)
    BAB +2, Grapple -8
    Attack Talons +7, 1d4-2 damage
    Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +6
    Str 6, Dex 17, Con 10, Int 7, Wis 14, Cha 6
    Listen +4, Spot +16
    Alertness, Weapon Finesse
    Improved Evasion, Shared Spells, Empathic Link, Deliver Touch Spells, Low-Light Vision

    Encraidd, Heavy Warhorse (400 gp)

    Large Animal
    HD 4d8+12, HP 30, AC 17 (-1 Size, +1 Dex, +4 Natural, +3 Armor)
    Initiative +1, Speed 50
    BAB +3, Grapple +11
    Attack 2 Hooves +6 (1d6+4), Bite +1 (1d4+2)
    Fort +7, Ref +5, Will +2
    Str 18, Dex 13, Con 17, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 6
    Listen +5, Spot +4
    Endurance, Run
    Low-Light Vision, Scent
    Tricks: Attack, Come, Defend, Down, Guard, Heel

    Military Saddle (20 gp)
    Bit and Bridle (2 gp)
    Saddle Bags (4 gp)
    Studded Leather Barding (100 gp)
    Spell Component Pouch (5 gp)
    Spellbook (15 gp)
    Scroll of Identify (125 gp, bought)
    Scrolls, Crafted: (total 25 gp, 2 xp, Level 1 caster)
    Jump, Color Spray
    Scroll, Mage Armor (75 gp, 3 xp, Level 3 caster)
    Scroll, Scorching Ray (75 gp, 6 xp, Level 3 caster)
    Scroll, See Invisibility (75 gp, 6 xp, Level 3 caster)
    Potion of Cure Light Wounds x2 (100 gp)
    Oil of Shillelagh x2 (100 gp)
    Light Crossbow (35 gp)
    20 Crossbow Bolts (2 gp)
    Bedroll (1 sp)
    Winter Blanket (5 sp)
    6 Scroll Cases (6 gp)
    Ink and Inkpen (8 gp and 1 sp)
    10 sheets parchment (2 gp)
    Flint and Steel (1 gp)
    Signal Whistle (8 sp)
    Sunrod x4 (8 gp)
    Thunderstone (30 gp)
    Traveler's Outfit

    26 gp, 7 sp, 10 cp
    Small Blue Sapphire (700gp)
    Small Red Ruby (700gp)
    Small Emerald (700gp)
    White Opal (1000gp)
    1525 gp

    Ciaran apCallain is one of the native Flan, hailing from Tenh. Trained for a nomadic existence by his tribe, he was ready to become a hunter on horseback. Then, his gift for magic surfaced. He was quickly banished from his tribe and deemed unlucky, for "a storm brewed inside him, and nothing good would follow," the tribe's wise woman proclaimed. As he left, the forces of Iuz overran his tribe.

    Ciaran wandered for a time, despairing that he was cursed, and fearing what the "storm" meant. Nothing good came from the Flan studying magic, he was told. Over time during his travels, though, he witnessed good men perform bad deeds, and bad people perform acts of kindness. He decided that his own choices will bring about good or evil, and that it is not up to just the gods. With this philosophy, he was ready to study magic in earnest when he found himself in Hommlet. There, he worked as a stablehand as he practiced the arcane arts.

    Ciaran is typical for the Flan, with black, curly hair, swarthy skin, and a compact body. He stands only about 5' 7" and weighs 150 lbs. He still dresses in the traditional fringed leathers of his homeland, and wears warpaint when he expects a significant battle during the day. He has adopted the Thunderbird as his totem, and prays to Beory for guidance.


    Photo by Eric Lafforgue.
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    Block Dire Lemming

    Name: Shoon
    Class: Monk 4
    Race: Human
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: LG
    Deity: Pelor
    Str: 13 +1		Level: 4		XP: 6000
    Dex: 18 +4		BAB: +3			HP: 23 of 23
    Con: 10 +0		Grapple: +4
    Int: 13 +1		Speed: 40 ft.
    Wis: 16 +3		Init: +8
    Cha: 10 +0		
    	Base	Armor	Shield	Dex	Size	Nat	Misc	Total
    Armor:	10	0	0	+4	0	0	+3	16
    Touch: 17	Flatfooted: 13
    	Total	Base	Mod	Misc
    Fort: 	4	+4	+0	0
    Ref: 	7	+4	+3	0
    Will: 	7	+4	+3	0 +2 Against Enchantment
    Weapon			Attack		Damage		Critical	Range
    Unarmed strike		+6		1d8+1		x2
    Quarterstaff		+4		1d6+1		x2
    Kama			+6		1d6+1		x2
    Siangham		+6		1d6+1		x2
    Sai			+6		1d4+1		x2		10
    Masterwork Nunchaku	+6		1d6+1		x2
    Unarmed Strike
    Flurry of blows +1/+1
    Stunning Fist x4
    Still Mind
    Ki Strike (magic)
    Slow Fall (20 feet)
    Improved Unarmed Strike
    Stunning Fist
    Deflect Arrows
    Weapon Finesse
    Improved Initiative
    Combat Expertise
    Skills				Total	Ranks	Mod	Misc
    Appraise			1	0	1	
    Balance				12	6	4	2
    Climb				7	6	1	
    Craft				1	0	1	
    Escape Artist			10	6	4	
    Forgery				1	0	1	
    Heal				6	3	3	
    Hide				3	0	3	
    Jump				9	6	1	2
    Listen				6	3	3	
    Move Silently			3	0	3	
    Ride				3	0	3	
    Search				1	0	1	
    Sense Motive			3	0	3	
    Spot				5	2	3	
    Survival			3	0	3	
    Swim				1	0	1	
    Tumble				12	6	4	2
    Use Rope			5	0	3	2 +2 with silk rope
    Equipment:				Cost		Weight		Armor/Shield Bonus
    Monks Outfit				5 gp		2 lb.
    Backpack				2 gp		2 lb.
    Quarterstaff				-		4 lb.
    Kama					2 gp		2 lb.
    Siangham				3 gp		1 lb.
    Sai x4					4 gp		4 lb.
    Masterwork Nunchaku			302 gp		2 lb.
    Inside Backpack:
    Grappling Hook				1 gp		4 lb.
    Rope, Silk				10 gp		5 lb.
    Climbers Kit				80 gp		5 lb.
    Healers Kit x2				100 gp		10 lb.
    Total Weight: 40 lb.
    Heavy Warhorse				400 gp		-
    Bit and bridle				2 gp		1 lb.
    Pack Saddle				5 gp		20 lb.
    Wagon					35 gp		400 lb.
    In Pack Saddle / Wagon
    Monks Outfit (spare)			5 gp		2 lb.
    Tent					10 gp		20 lb.
    Bedroll					1 sp		5 lb.
    Flint and steel				1 gp		-
    Trail Rations x20			10 gp		20 lb.
    Feed x4					2 sp		40 lb.
    Water Skin				1 gp		4 lb.
    Masterwork Manacles, good lock x5	650 gp		15 lb.
    Masterwork Manacles, good lock S x3	390 gp		9 lb.
    Potion of Cure Light Wounds x 3		150 gp		?
    Bullseye Lantern			12 gp		3 lb
    Hooded Lantern				7 gp		2 lb.
    Oil Flank x7				7 sp		7 lb.
    Chest with good lock			82 gp		25 lb.
    Money: 283 gp
    		Light		Medium		Heavy		Lift		Drag
    Weight Limit:	50 lb. or less	51-100 lb.	100-150 lb.	300 lb.		750 lb.

    Age: 18
    Height: 5 10
    Weight: 137
    Eyes: greenish blue
    Hair: Blond
    Skin: tanned

    Shoon's hair is short though not short enough to make you think it would stick up in the way it does. He has a lean, athletic build. He wears relatively practical, loose clothes that wouldn't make him stand out as someone who might be skilled in combat were it not for the Kama and Siangham secured at his waist.

    As a child, Shoon was left with a Monastery of the Scarlet Brotherhood for reasons he is unaware of to this day. He learned nothing of morality for most of his childhood, learning only to follow orders. One day in his fifteenth year however, he met a cleric of Pelor who inspired him. Filled with thoughts of a greater purpose, he escaped the monastery, and ventured forth into the world. He found that his talents were particularly suited to bounty hunting, and so that is the profession he took up.

    In his travels he met Anemone Dufresne, a young cleric of Pelor who for reasons he is not entirely sure of decided to join him. In any case he started to become quite infatuated with her, but unfortunately one of the things he'd never been taught in his stunted upbringing was how to talk to women. Eventually she did realize how he felt, and it seemed like she felt the same way, but his continued social ineptitude repulsed her and one day while they were staying at an inn, she ran off with the Bard that had been singing there that night. When he awoke to found her gone he remembered seeing her talking to the bard the night before and the way she had reacted to him and immediately decided that he had kidnapped her. Thus began his pursuit after her and the Bard.

    His travels eventually led him to Hommlet where he stayed the night at the Inn there, unaware of the evils that were brewing nearby.

    Anemone Dufresne, brunete with amber eyes, fair skin, about average height, and very attractive, because I lack of better words. Please feel free to use my character's background to make a fool of him.

    Sorry I don't have much fluff yet. I had some for this sharacter but it was terrible, then I made some more but it only worked in the setting he was originally in.
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    Block Rhun

    Map Post

    Maps for Level 2, and for Level 3
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    Aeron, the Last Prophet of Caria
    Male Human Cleric of Pelor 4 (XP: 6,000)

    Str 14 -- (6 pts)
    Dex 10 -- (2 pts)
    Con 14 -- (6 pts)
    Int 12 -- (4 pts)
    Wis 18 -- (13 pts + level 4 bonus)
    Cha 14 -- (6 pts)

    Hit Points 31
    AC 20 (+8 mwk full plate, +2 heavy steel shield, +0 Dex), Touch 10, Flat 19
    Init +0
    BAB +3, Grap +5
    Speed 20 (base 30, load 93/58, heavy armor)
    Fort +6 (4 +2 CON), Ref +1 (1 +0 DEX), Will +8 (4 +4 WIS)

    +6 Melee, heavy mace +1, 1d8+3, 20/x2
    +5 Melee, silvered heavy mace, 1d8+1, 20/x2
    +5 Melee, club, 1d6+2, 20/x2

    Medium, 5'8", 190 lbs., 26 yrs old
    Black hair, Blue eyes, Pale skin

    Speaks common and celestial

    +9 Concentration (7 + 2 Con)
    +11 Heal (7 + 4 Wis)
    +8 Knowledge (religion) (7 + 1 Int) synergy to turning checks
    +8 Knowledge (planes) (7 + 1 Int)

    -Extra Turning
    -Improved Turning
    -Extend Spell

    Human Traits
    -Bonus feat and skill

    Cleric Abilities
    -Aura (Ex): aura of good
    -Glory Domain: +2 on turning checks and +1d6 turning damage
    -Sun Domain: 1/day greater turning in place of regular turning (undead normally turned are destroyed)
    -Spontaneous Casting: can spontaneously cast cure spells by losing prepared spells
    -Turn Undead (Su): as level 5 cleric; 9 times/day; 1d20+6 (+ 2 Cha + 2 Know [rel] + 2 glory domain); 3d6+6 turning damage

    Spells Prepared
    0th- detect magic, create water, light, guidance, guidance
    1st- bless, bless, disrupt undead (D), protection from evil, protection from evil
    2nd- bless weapon (D), restoration (lesser), bull's strength, spiritual weapon

    Mwk Full Plate (worn, 50 lb)
    Cleric’s Vestments (worn, 0 lb) 0gp
    Wooden Holy Symbol (worn around neck, 0 lb) 1 gp
    Wooden Holy Symbol (worn, ring on right 3rd finger, 0 lb) 1 gp

    Heavy Mace, silvered (belt left, 8 lb) 102 gp
    Heavy Mace +1 (belt left, 8 lb)
    Scroll Case (belt front, 0.5 lb) 1 gp

    Backpack (center back, 2 lb) 2 gp
    Heavy Steel Shield (strapped to backpack, 15 lb) 20 gp
    Bedroll (under backpack, 5 lb) 0.1 gp

    Mirror, small steel (backpack, 0.5 lb) 10 gp
    Rations, 2 days (backpack, 2 lb) 1 gp
    Waterskin (backpack, 4 lb) 1 gp
    Everburning Torch (backpack, 1 lb) 110 gp
    Holy Water x 2 (backpack, 2 lb) 50 gp
    Club (backpack, 3 lb) 0 gp

    Wand of lesser vigor; 43 charges
    Wand of lesser vigor; 50 charges

    Riding Horse (provided by the crown)

    Coins- 47 gp, 3 sp, 5 cp (backpack)
    Aeron was born and raised in the secluded community of Caria, of about only 60 adults (and fewer children). His community was virtually unknown to the rest of the world, and the world was unknown or ignored by the community. The small village was entirely self-sufficient, surviving by foraging, hunting, and gardening. Because of this, Aeron, and all the children of the community, were essentially reared by the whole village, and all the children were like siblings.

    Being so small, the village had only one figure of authority: the Prophet. The Prophet was not even truly an authority figure, in the traditional sense, in that he/she was more of a councilor, teacher, and mediator rather than a ruler. The Prophet was also blessed with some small ability to heal. While the Prophet, and indeed the village as a whole, did not worship any deity (they didn’t believe such existed), they venerated the land and the “sun spirit” as the force behind their lives. It was believed to be this force that gave the Prophet power and wisdom. The only thing binding a Prophet was that at some time the Prophet would foresee his/her own death and, knowing it to be coming soon, would choose a replacement. The Prophets always said that the sun spirit would tell them to whom they should pass the role.

    Even when Aeron was a young child, some of the villagers believed that he would be destined to be the Prophet some day. He had a natural intuition, almost like a sixth sense. He was also good at aiding others. Aeron helped tend the ill, and sometimes predicted changes in the weather. He even believed he could sometimes sense the sun spirit. Aeron also had a strong presence and character. He found ways to inspire both the children and adults. Somehow even the children that were envious of him all liked him.

    Despite all of this, Aeron himself did not want to become the Prophet. As intuitive and personable as he was, he was sometimes prone to dark moods. When these odd times hit him, he wanted nothing to do with anyone. He didn't see himself as the leader of these people. Oddly, or perhaps actually not, the Prophet alone seemed to understand his plight. The current Prophet was Saevel, and he always told Aeron that if his heart longed for a solitary life, that is what he should seek. Despite the fact that Aeron did not want to become the next Prophet, he found himself more often in Saevel’s company than anyone else’s.

    Because of the relationship they had forged and Saevel’s insistence that Aeron pursue his own life, Aeron felt very betrayed when Saevel pronounced one morning that the sun spirit revealed Saevel's coming death and named Aeron as his successor. Despite the fact that the villagers assumed Aeron would be the Prophet, they were also taken aback. Saevel was not even yet 45 years old, while Aeron was still a child barely past 16. Unable to contain his bitterness and sorrow, Aeron quickly ran out of the village, climbed into a tree, and cursed his life until he fell asleep. Saevel implored the people to let him go, saying that Aeron would return as the sun spirit would dictate.

    Aeron awoke in the night to the sounds of his people screaming. Caria was being attacked. He ran to the edge of the village and was shocked to see a horde of fiendish monsters and undead slaughtering his people. By the light of the full moon he could well see the forms of humans lying motionless among the burning homes. He despaired. There was nothing that could be done. It seemed that it was over before he even reached the village. Aeron had decided to vanish into the forest when he saw the most horrid sight he has ever seen. In the middle of the village a walking corpse was eating the face of a dead man. But Aeron could tell by the staff lying next to the form that it was the body of Saevel. Consumed with rage, Aeron ran to grab a burning stick from one of the houses. He swiped at the corpse, and it fled. He ran out to Saevel and knelt by his desecrated form. Aeron began to sob immediately, as Saevel's blood soaked into his clothing, not even noticing the undead moving toward this one last living man. As he sobbed, one of the wicked creatures laughed. The hideous noise was only barely recognizable as such, but it was indeed a laugh.

    Aeron grabbed the Prophet’s staff and slowly stood to meet the gaze of these foul creatures. Soaked in blood, face full of tears, he stood resolute before them. Saevel, the Prophet, was dead. Aeron had been named, which meant that whether he wanted or not, though his people were all dead, he was now the Prophet of Caria. Aeron summoned all his will, and in a voice steady and proud called to the creatures: “By will of the Prophet, you shall leave NOW!”

    Silence. The creatures did not stir. Aeron didn’t even know if they had understood him. It was almost as if his words alone had caused them to be taken aback. Then, the monster in front laughed again. A black “something” flew at Aeron’s face. He dodged, but there was another. And then…darkness….

    An odd sensation. Bumping, moving.
    “Not yet. Rest child.”

    The sensation again. Yes, I am awake. I am being carried. Strong gentle hands.
    “Yes, dear child, you may rouse for a bit.”
    “No, my son. I am not he.”
    “Let me walk. Why can I not see? Who are you?”
    “Remain calm, child. Had I meant harm, it would be done by now. You cannot yet walk on your own, and your eyesight will come back soon. You will see the sun again.”
    “But who are you?”
    “So inquisitive. Yes, you must rest more.”

    “…but I sensed something. I tell you, Father Orlpar, the boy is special.” A female voice? But I thought it was a he.
    “Yes, Amra, but bring him inside. He has obviously been through a great deal.” That one is male, but not the same.
    “Whe…where is the other?” Aeron softly asked.
    “My goodness!” Amra exclaimed. "The boy is coming around."
    “What other, child?” Orlpar asked. “There was no one with you.”
    Aeron opened his eyes, and was amazed. The two standing over him where surely humans, but they looked not like his brethren. And the place he was in had an intricate feel he admired, but it was nothing like the simple work his people did. And so many people…
    “Oh, Father, by the look on his face, he must be one of those reclusive folk that has never seen a city before.”
    “Fear not child. You are at the house of Pelor, the Shining One.”

    Aeron spent the next few years or so leaning to be a cleric of Pelor. The clergy are quite scholarly and taught him many things. He came to realize that the sun spirit that he and his people had been so connected to was in fact Pelor, and the powers the Prophets had were actually divine. He also came to think that the man who had saved him and brought him to the city may actually have been the Shining One himself. The clergy believed it to be possible as well.

    He focused his main attention upon learning about the creatures that were responsible for the destruction of his people. He knows that time will give him the strength to right the wrongs that occurred.

    Aeron, after training, left the city to search out the evil that he seeks to destroy. He has traveled to a couple of places, sometimes at the mere rumor of undead. Now he's caught wind of the trouble in Hommlet. Perhaps, in this place that once held such great evil, Aeron will be able to do the work of his master. His determination is matched by his overwhelming sense of what is good.

    “I thank you, sir. I don’t know what we would have done if you hadn’t found the cultist raising the zombies.”
    “Think nothing of it, madam. No, please keep your gold. You have more need for it.”
    “Thank you, sir. What did you say your name was again?”
    “I am Aeron, the Last Prophet of Caria.”
    To those that do not know him well, Aeron seems quite serious, perhaps even severe at times. Those that know him, however, know that he has a strong compassion that he keeps buried from harm. Most of the time Aeron is gentle, kind, and patient. He is always eager to help. However, sometimes Aeron gets in a dark mood. At these times he is just as helpful, but he is curt rather than kind. When he is in these moods he tends to act quickly and decisively, and he will not suffer "the ignorance of fools." These moods rarely last long, however, as Aeron's compassion cannot be stifled.
    Aeron is of average build. His appearance varies depending upon whether he is having one of his moods. Normally, he appears well-kempt: shaved clean and armor polished. He is fairly attractive, and looks attentive to those around him. However, when Aeron is in one of his dark moods, he will neglect shaving. At these times he looks quite disheveled, and the look on his face is severe. His clear blue eyes, rather than looking attentive, seem to stare coldly through anyone that meets his gaze.
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    Name: Vaseda
    Class: Focused Conjuration Specialist 3 / Master Specialist 1 (CM70)Starting Level: 4
    Race: Grey Elf
    Region of Origin: Free City of Greyhawk
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Str: 08 -1 (2)	Level: 4	XP: 8,350
    Dex: 14 +2 (4)	BAB: +1		HP: 17/17
    Con: 12 +1 (6)	Grapple: +0	
    Int: 21 +5 (17)	Speed: 30'	Stat Increases:1 INT
    Wis: 12 +1 (4)	Init: +2		Spell Save: +5
    Cha: 12 +1 (4)	ACP: -0		Spell Fail: 0
    	Base	Armor	Shld	Dex	Size	Nat	Misc	Total
    Armor:	10	+0	+0	+2	+0	+0	+0	12
    Touch:	12	Flatfooted: 10
    Spell Res: None
    Dmg Red: None
    	Total	Base	Mod	Misc
    Fort:	+2	+1	+1	+0
    Ref:	+3	+1	+2	+0
    Will:	+6	+5	+1	+0
    Weapon			Attack	Damage	Critical	Range
    Notes: Will not use a manufactured weapon.
    Languages: Common, Draconic, Elven, Celestial, Abyssal, Infernal, Terran
    Gray Elf:
    +2 dexterity / +2 intelligence / -2 strength / -2 constitution (already included)
    Immune to magical sleep
    +2 racial bonus to saves vs. enchantments
    Low-light vision
    Proficient with longsword, rapier, longbow & shortbow For RP reasons I give this up freely.
    +2 racial bonus on listen, search, and spot checks
    Notice secret doors
    Wizard (Focused Conjuror):
    Familiar / Alertness, etc. - traded familiar for Rapid Summons ability in UA (Summoning spells are now a standard action)
    Bonus Feats (already included)
    High intelligence gains bonus spells daily
    Specialist gets 1 extra conjuration spell/level/day
    Focused specialists get two extra spell slots at each level for the specialty spells, and give up one general slot.
    They also take an additional forbidden school
    Forbidden Schools - Necromancy, Enchantment, & Evocation
    Spell Focus (Conjuration)  (1st) 
    Augment SUmmons [free to wizard - traded Scribe Scroll for it] 
    Summon Elemental (CM 47) - +1 to CL of summoning spells, can summon elementals (RESERVE FEAT)
    Skill Focus (Spellcraft) (Bonus - MS 1)
                               Skill     Ability             Misc. 
    Skill Name 	          Modifier   Modifier   Ranks    Modifier
    Concentration                +8        +1        7 
    Bluff			     +4	       +1	 3 (6 points)
    Knowledge (Arcana)           +12	+5	 7       
    Knowledge (Architecture)     +6 	+5	  1
    Knowledge (Dungeoneering)    +9 	+5	  4
    Knowledge (History)          +7 	+5	  2
    Knowledge (Nature)           +10 	+5	  5
    Knowledge (Religion)         +10 	+5	  5
    Knowledge (Planes)           +10 	+5	  5
    Spellcraft		     +17	+5	  7       2 [Knowledge, arcane] +3 (Skill Focus)
    Equipment:					Cost	Weight
    Spellbook					15gp	1lb	
    Spell Component Pouch				 5gp    1lb
    Arcanist's Gloves (MIC 72)          	 	500gp    -
    Cloak of Resistance 		   		1000gp	1lb
    Everfull Mug   (MIC 160)            		200gp    - 
    Everlasting Rations (MIC 160)       		350gp    2 lbs
    Wand of Orb of Acid, Lesser (lvl 1 CL)		750gp	- 
    Traveler's Outfit				1 gp	5 lbs
    Belt Pouch					1 gp	1 lb
    Backpack                                        2 gp    2 lbs
    Bedroll						1 sp    5 lbs
    Tome of Worldly Memory				1500gp  1 lb
    Tome of Worldly Memory
    3/day - spend a standard action to review book, gain +5 on a single knowledge check
    Arcanist's Gloves
    2/day - add 2 to the caster level of the next 1st level spell you cast before end of next turn
    Eternal Wand
    2/day - Cast Identify as a 1st level wizard
    Everfull Mug
    3/day - fill mug with 12 oz of water, cheap ale, or watery wine
    Everlasting Rations
    1/day - creates enough trail rations for 1 Medium sized creature.
    Total Weight:19lbs Money: 25gp 9sp Xcp Lgt Med Hvy Lift Push Max Weight: 30 60 90 180 450


    0 - 4 + 3 (Conj)
    1st - 3 + 3 (Conj) + 2(High Int)
    2nd - 2 + 3 (Conj) + 1(High Int)

    Spells Known from levelling:

    0 - All, except Evocation, Enchantment, & Necromancy
    1st - 10 (3 (lvl1) + 5 (high int) + 2 (lvl2)) - Grease*, Mage Armor*, Obscuring Mist*, Summon Monster I**, Wall of Smoke*, Shield, Color Spray, Ray of Clumsiness, Benign Transportation*, Orb of Acid, Lesser*
    2nd - 4 (lvls 3 & 4) - Summon Monster II**, Web*, Glitterdust*, Rope Trick
    3rd - 0

    * are Conjuration spells

    Spells Known Scribing:


    Barred Schools: Evocation, Enchantment, & Necromancy
    1st -
    2nd - Ice Knife* (SpC), Cloud of Bewilderment* (SpC), Chain of Eyes (SpC)
    3rd - Icelance* (SpC), Acid Breath* (SpC), Protection from Energy, Haste, Gaseous Form
    * are Conjuration spells

    Total Cost = 1050gp:
    1st: 0 x 50gp =
    2nd: 3 x 100gp = 300
    3rd: 5 x 150gp = 750

    Typical Spells Memorized:

    0 - Acid Splash (3)*, Detect magic (2), Prestidigitation, Mage Hand
    1st - Grease*(2), Summon Monster I (3)**, Mage Armour*, Wall of Smoke*, Obscuring Mist*
    2nd - Summon Monster II**(2), Web*, Glitterdust*(2), Rope Trick
    3rd - n/a

    Save DC's*:

    0 - 15
    1 - 16
    2 - 17

    *If Conjuration +1 to DC of saving throw (Spell Focus)
    **Summoning Spells

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    Bellus Mughandle

    Bellus Mughandle

    Bellus isn't the kind of dwarf you want to bring home to mother, unless your mother's into protection rackets, fencing stolen goods, and sometimes breaking a leg or two. Among the urchins and gangs of Greyhawk City, Bellus is a known face, a low-level enforcer and troubleshooter. It's a rough life, but the perks make it worthwhile. Bellus might live in the lower-class quarter, but he doesn't live like it. He eats well, drinks well, has his pick of the ladies (especially when he's got the coin to spend), and more than few wannabe hoodlums look up to him as someone who's paid his dues and made good.

    One of those wannabes is Mick Silverblade, a scrawny half-elf with a smart mouth and a light touch. Bellus hasn't heard from Mick in a while, and the grizzled dwarf got curious. (Not worried, mind you; just curious.) Mick's mother hadn't seen the lad in days. Bellus asked around and found out that Mick left Greyhawk City for the Hommlet-Nulb area, drawn by rumors of a gang paying easy gold for ready blades.

    "Oh, I don't like the sound of that," Mick's mother said. "Ya gotta fetch him back, Bellus. Ya just gotta. He'll lis'n to ya."

    Bellus promised Momma Silverblade that he'd see what he could do, and when Bellus Mughandle makes a promise, he keeps a promise.

    Stat Block

    Rogue 4; XP 7350
    58-year-old male dwarf; Alignment & Type N Medium Humanoid (dwarf)
    Init +2; Senses darkvision 60 ft., Listen +6, Spot +6
    Language Common, Dwarven, Orc, Undercommon
    AC 16 (+2 Dex, +4 armor), touch 12, flat-footed 16; +4 dodge bonus vs. giants, uncanny dodge
    hp 30 (4 HD)
    Fort +5, Ref +7, Will +4; +2 vs. poisons, +2 vs. spells and spell-like abilities, evasion, trap sense +1
    Speed 20 ft. (4 squares)
    Melee masterwork morningstar +6 (1d8+3/x2), or
    Melee masterwork morningstar +3 (1d8+9/x2 plus Intimidate check +11), or
    Ranged masterwork light crossbow +6 (1d8/19-20, x2; range increment 80 ft.), or
    Ranged masterwork light crossbow +6 (1d8+1 plus 1d6 electricity/19-20, x2; range increment 80 ft.)
    Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
    Base Atk +3; Grp +5; +4 to resist being bull rushed or tripped when standing on the ground
    Atk Options +1 attack rolls vs. goblinoids and orcs
    Abilities Str 14, Dex 14, Con 17, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 12
    SQ trapfinding
    Feats Intimidating Strike (B), Power Attack (B), Open Minded (x2), Rapid Reload (B)
    Skills (Ranks) Appraise +2 (+4 related to stone or metal), Bluff +6 (5), Climb +9 (7), Craft +2 (+4 related to stone or metal), Diplomacy +5 (0), Disable Device +9 (7), Gather Information +8 (5), Hide +8 (6), Intimidate +8 (5), Knowledge (local) +7 (5), Listen +6 (4), Move Silently +8 (6), Open Lock +9 (7), Search +9 (+11 related to unusual stonework) (7), Sense Motive +7 (5), Spot +6 (4), Use Magic Device +8 (7)
    Possessions +1 studded leather, +1 shock crossbow bolts (x10), cloak of resistance +1, elixir of hiding, elixir of sneaking, potion of cure moderate wounds, masterwork morningstar, masterwork light crossbow, dagger, crossbow bolts (x10), backpack, bedroll, caltrops, belt pouches (x3), waterskin, thieves' tools, 6 pp, 11 gp, 9 sp
    Stonecunning: Notice unusual stonework within 10 ft. and intuit depth underground.

    Variant Rogue: Gain bonus feats as fighter. No sneak attack.
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    Meddyg Dawnus

    IC Posting Conventions:
    "Color & Quotes" = Speech
    Color & Italics = Thoughts

      Name: Meddyg Dawnus         Age: 25
     Class: Cleric             Height: 6'4" 
      Race: Human (Suloise)    Weight: 175 lbs
      Size: Medium               Hair: White-Blond
    Gender: Male                 Eyes: Sky Blue
     Align: Alignment            Skin: Milky White
     Deity: Phaulkon
    Str: 10 +0 (02 p)     Level: 04             XP: 8350
    Dex: 12 +1 (04 p)       BAB: +3             HP: 31
    Con: 14 +2 (06 p)   Grapple: +3        Dmg Red: 0/anything
    Int: 10 +0 (02 p)     Speed: 30'     Spell Res: None
    Wis: 18 +4 (13 p)      Init: +1     Spell Save: 14 + SL
    Cha: 16 +3 (10 p)       ACP: -0            ASF: NA
        AC:     Total  Base  Armor  Shld   Dex  Size   Def   Nat  Dodge  Misc
                  16    10    +4     +1    +1    +0    +0    +0    +0     +0
                      Touch AC: 11              Flatfooted AC: 15
    Saving Throw   Total  Base   Mod  Misc   Special
    Fort:            06     4     +2          
    Ref:             02     1     +1          
    Will:            08     4     +4          
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage         Critical     Special
    Darkwood Longbow          +9        1d8            20/x3     
    Darkwood Shortspear       +4        1d6            20/x2     
    Darkwood Shortspear (T)   +8        1d6            20/x2     
    Languages: Common
    Racial Traits:
        * 1 Extra Feat at 1st Level
        * 4 Extra Skill Points at 1st Level, 1/Level after 1st
        * Languages: Common
    Class Abilities:
        * Weapon/Armor Proficiency: All Simple Weapons, All Armor/Shields
        * Turn/Rebuke Undead
        * Spell Casting
        * Domains:
          * Sky: Fly (as Spell) 1 Rnd/Lvl/Day (needn't be consecutive)
                 Spot is a Class Skill
                 Range Penalties are Halved (-1/Increment)
          * War: Weapon Focus w/ Deity's Favored Weapon (Longbow)
        * (Human Bonus)  Rapid Metabolism
                          Heal Natural + Double CON Bonus/Day (No Rest)
                          Heal Double Natural + Dbl CON Bonus/Day
                            w/ Heal Check by Other (No Rest)
        * (Domain Bonus) Weapon Focus: Longbow
                          +1 TH w/ Longbow
        * (1st Level)    Zen Archery
                          Use WIS Modifier TH w/ Ranged Attacks
        * (3rd Level)    Healer's Touch
                          Healing Spells Maximized when used on Others
    Skill Points: 21 (02 + INT Mod/Lvl (x4 @ 1st); 07 Pt Human Bonus)
    Skills                Total   Rank  Ability  ACP   Misc
    Appraise                0      0       0      0    
    Balance                 1      0       1      0    
    Bluff                   3      0       3      0    
    Climb                   0      0       0      0    
    Concentration           7      5       2      0    
    Craft (Bowyer/Fletcher) 3      3       0      0    
    Decipher Script                0       0      0    
    Diplomacy               3      0       3      0    
    Disable Device                 0       0      0    
    Disguise                3      0       3      0    
    Escape Artist           1      0       1      0    
    Forgery                 0      0       0      0    
    Gather Information      3      0       3      0    
    Handle Animal                  0       3      0    
    Heal                    9      5       4      0    
    Hide                    1      0       1      0    
    Intimidate              3      0       3      0    
    Jump                    0      0       0      0    
    Knowledge (Arcana)             0       0      0    
    Knowledge (Dngnrng)            0       0      0    
    Knowledge (Engnrng)            0       0      0    
    Knowledge (Geography)          0       0      0    
    Knowledge (History)            0       0      0    
    Knowledge (Local)              0       0      0    
    Knowledge (Nature)             0       0      0    
    Knowledge (Nobility)           0       0      0    
    Knowledge (Planes)             0       0      0    
    Knowledge (Religion)    3      3       0      0    
    Listen                  4      0       4      0    
    Move Silently           1      0       1      0    
    Open Lock                      0       1      0    
    Perform (       )       0      0       3      0    
    Profession                     0       4      0    
    Ride                    1      0       1      0    
    Search                  0      0       0      0    
    Sense Motive            4      0       4      0    
    Slight of Hand                 0       1      0    
    Speak Language                 0       0      0    
    Spellcraft                     0       0      0    
    Spot                    9      5       4      0    
    Survival                4      0       4      0    
    Swim                    0      0       0      0    
    Tumble                  0      0       1      0    
    Use Magic Device               0       3      0    
    Use Rope                1      0       1      0    
         * Situational Bonus not included in Total
    PP: 00     GP: 25    SP: 05     CP: 00
    Equipment                      Cost     Weight
    Explorer's Outfit                       
    Holy Symbol (Silver)            25 gp   01  lb
    Mithril Shirt                 1100 gp   10  lb
    Mithril Buckler               1015 gp   02 lb
    Darkwood Composite Longbow     430 gp   01 lb
    Darkwood Shortspear (2)        662 gp   03  lb
    Heward's Handy Haversack      2000 gp   05  lb
      Bedroll                       01 sp   00  lb
      Winter Blanket                05 sp   00  lb
      Rope (50', Silk)              10 gp   00  lb
      Grappling Hook                01 gp   00  lb
      Trail Rations (10 Days)       05 gp   00  lb
      Waterskin (Full)              01 gp   00  lb
      Flint & Steel                 01 gp   00  lb
      Healer's Kit (10)             50 gp   00  lb
      Artisan's Tools (B/F, MW)     55 gp   00  lb
      Arrows (40)                   02 gp   00  lb
      Holy Water (3)                75 gp   00  lb
      Alchemist's Fire (3)          60 gp   00  lb
      Potion (CLW: 6)              300 gp   00  lb
      Potion (CMW: 2)              600 gp   00  lb
                             Total Weight:  27  lb
                Light  Medium   Heavy    
    Max Weight: 0-33   34-66    67-100

    Stat Block
       HP: 31/31       AC: 16   AC(T): 11  AC(FF): 15   Init: +01
      BAB: 03     Grapple:+03     ACP: 00     ASF: 00   Spot: +09
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage         Critical     Special
    Darkwood Longbow          +9        1d8            20/x3     
    Darkwood Shortspear       +4        1d6            20/x2     
    Darkwood Shortspear (T)   +8        1d6            20/x2     
    Domain Powers:
        * Fly (4/4 Rnds/Day)
    Prayers Available:
        * Orisons                * 1st Level
          * Guidance               * Raptor's Sight (D)
          * Guidance               * Bless
          * Purify Food & Drink    * Divine Favor
          * Resistance             * Magic Weapon
          * Resistance             * Shield of Faith
        * 2nd Level
          * Spiritual Weapon (D)
          * Aid
          * Bull's Strength
          * Restoration, Lesser



    Meddyg is a Suel; he hails from the lands of the Frost Barbarians, cold and mountainous in the extreme northeast. He was scrawny and short of stature from his infancy, and for months after his birth his parents were uncertain if he would live. But live he did, and eventually his height actually became almost respectable. However, he remained scrawny and was never able to effectively wield the massive weapons favored by his people. Perhaps in compensation, he trained incessantly with the longbow and became a marksman without peer amongst his agelings in the clan.

    Perhaps it was his birdlike frame, or perhaps his fascination with the longbow that led him to identify so strongly with the God Phaulkon. Regardless, when he came of age he chose to enter the temple, in service to the God of the Skies.

    When he achieved his priesthood, Meddyg took to the road. He spent his days follow the tenets of Phaulkon, wandering where the sky-god led, and aiding those less able in defense of their homesteads. Much of his time and energy were also spent healing the victims of attacks once that defense was completed.

    His wanderings gradually took him farther and farther afield until one day he realized he'd not seen his clan for months, and that he was many hundreds of miles south and west of his homeland. He'd been in a small village in the kingdom of Furyondy for weeks, teaching the citizens archery and helping them defend their village from a nearby band of outlaws - orcs and human thugs primarily.

    The rulership of Furyondy heard of his aid and sent for him once the village was safe. They asked him to help them further - there was a small village to the southwest where some strange things had been happening. A party was already investigating, but their belief was that more help was needed. They sent him south to help in the investigation of the happenings in Hommlet.

    Meddyg is tall and very thin, and moves deliberately - others often say that he reminds them of a crane or heron. His coloring is typical of his people (the Suel): milky white skin and white-blonde hair, with sky blue eyes.

    His travels have taught him the value of cooperation and getting along, and so he is friendly and open. His good nature and willingness to help have won him many friends in his travels.
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    Thorfinn Gondolfssohn

      Name: Thorfinn Gondolfssohn             Age: 42
     Class: Ranger 1/Fighter 2/Monk 1      Height: 4'2"
      Race: Dwarf                          Weight: 175#
      Size: M                                Hair: Red
    Gender: Male                             Eyes: Green
     Align: LG                               Skin: Pale
    Str: 18/+4         Level: 4           XP:  
    Dex: 14/+2           BAB: +3          HP: 33
    Con: 14/+2         Speed: 20          SR: -
    Int: 14/+2          Init: +2          DR: -
    Wis: 14/+2                   
    Cha:  8/-1             
              Total  Base   Mod  Misc   Special
    Fort:        9     7     2          +2 vs Poison, +2 vs spells/spell-like abilities 
     Ref:        6     4     2          +2 vs spells/spell-like abilities  
    Will:        6     2     2          +2 (feat), +2 vs spells/spell-like abilities 
            AC:   Total  Base  Armor  Shld   Dex  Size   Def   Nat  Dodge  CExp   Touch   Flatfooted   Special
    Armoured 1:     28    10    11      5     2    0      0     0     0    (+3)     12        26       +4 vs giants
    Armoured 2:     21    10     4      5     2    0      0     0     0    (+3)     12        19       +4 vs giants
    Unarmoured:     14    10     0      0     2    0      0     0     0    (+3)     14        10       +2 (WIS), +4 vs giants                                   
    Weapon:              Attack    Damage   Critical   Type   Special
    Dwarven War Axe        +8      D10+4     20/x3       S    -2 to hit while using Tower Shield
    Heavy Pick             +7       D6+4     20/x4       P    -2 to hit while using Tower Shield
    Punch                  +7       D6+4     20/x2       B    -2 to hit while using Tower Shield
    Common, Dwarven, Orc, Goblin
    Racial Abilities:
    Resistant to Magic
    Darkvision 60'
    Stability - +4 vs trip/bull rush while standing on the ground
    +1 attack bonus vs orcs and goblinoids
    +4 dodge bonus to AC vs giants
    +2 on Appraise and Craft (metal or stone) checks
    Class Abilities:
    Favoured Enemy (humans)
    Wild Empathy - CHA check to influence non-domestic animals
    Flurry of Blows (only while unarmoured)
    Iron Will (Level 1)
    Track (Ranger bonus)
    Exotic Armour Proficiency: Dwarven Plate (Level 3)
    Close Quarters Fighting (Fighter bonus)
    Low to the Ground (Fighter bonus)
    Improved Unarmed Strike (Monk bonus)
    Combat Expertise (Monk bonus)
    Skill Points: (6+2)x4 + (4+2) + (2+2) x2
    Skills                     Total   Rank   Ability  Misc
    Appraise                     +3      1        2    +2 if metal or stone    
    Climb                        +5      1        4    -6 ACP
    Craft (Armoursmith)          +5      1        2    +2 (racial)
    Craft (Weaponsmith)          +5      1        2    +2 (racial)
    Decipher Script
    Disable Device          
    Escape Artist  
    Gather Information                  
    Handle Animal 
    Heal                         +6      4        2
    Jump                         +5      1        4    -6 ACP
    Knowledge (Arcana)      
    Knowledge (Dungeoneering)    +7      5        2
    Knowledge (Engineering) 
    Knowledge (Geography) 
    Knowledge (History)       
    Knowledge (Local) 
    Knowledge (Nature)           +7      5        2
    Knowledge (Nobility) 
    Knowledge (Planes)
    Knowledge (Religion)                             
    Listen*                      +6      4        2
    Move Silently
    Open Lock
    Profession (Soldier)         +5      3        2
    Search                       +7      5        2
    Sense Motive*                +6      4        2                               
    Sleight of Hand 
    Speak Language  
    Spot*                        +6      4        2
    Survival*                    +9      7        2    +2 to follow tracks, +2 underground/outdoors
    Swim                         +5      1        4    -6 ACP
    Use Magic Device
    Use Rope
    * +2 vs humans
    PP:        GP: 100     SP:       CP:   
    Magic Items:
    +1 Dwarven Plate (3650)
    +1 Tower Shield (1180)
    Item                                  Cost    Weight
    MW Dwarven War Axe                    330       8
    Chain Shirt                           100      25
    Heavy Pick                              8       6
    Metalworking tools                      5       5
    Waterskin                               1       4
    Backpack                                2       2
    Hooded Lantern                          7       2 
    Oil (1 flask)                           1       1 
    Flint and steel                         1      -- 
    Rope (hemp) 50'                        10       5
    Belt Pouch (2)                          2       1 
    10 torches                             .1      10
    Bedroll                                .1       5
    Blanket                                .5       3
    Trail rations (6 days)                  3       6
    Sack (2)                              0.2       1
                                   Total Weight:  146lb
                                 Carried weight:  115lb
                Light  Medium   Heavy 
    Max Weight:  100    200      300


    Name: Thorfinn Gondolfssohn
    Unit: 2nd KonigsDonnerKrieg
    Rank: Corporal 2nd class

    Service History

    Originating Unit: 43rd Infantry
    Commander: Sigurd Sigurdson
    Comments: Pt Gondolffsohn displayed a degree of initiative and willingness to learn both during and after basic training. Recommended transfer to specialist unit where his talents might be more gainfully harnessed.

    Transfer Unit: SchnellPfadSucher
    Commander: Usta Gretarson
    Comments: Pt Gondolffsohn quickly established himself as part of the unit, coping with basic training very easily. While he is not the most communicative of individuals, he is a good listener and responds well to direct leadership. He also excelled in trailcraft, and frankly I was disappointed when he chose not to continue with us, opting instead to serve his second mandatory tour with a Heavy Assault unit I hope he finds time to keep his hand in with some of the skills we taught him although I fear hours of drilling will dampen his capacity to think on his feet.

    Second Term Unit: SchwerHarnischAngriff
    Commander: Mads Thorkilson
    Comments: I was delighted to have Pt Gondolffsohn under my command for a term. Despite the comments made by Major Gretarson, I feel Pt Gondolffsohn found his true calling with us, proving to be adaptable, and able to cope with the rigours of our training program with relative ease. It is unusual to find someone with his willingness to learn while he spent the requisite amount of time in the gymnasium with his fellow soldiers, he was a frequent visitor to the library, and picked up a deal more skill in maintaining his kit than most. While we wouldn't expect to be sent into action without our smiths and field engineers, his ability to turn his hand to repair work may serve him well in future. As he was coming to the end of his tour, he indicated a desire to stay on for an extra rotation, and I have no hesitation in writing a letter of commendation for whichever specialist unit he applies to join.

    Supplementary Duty: UntergrundAbwehr
    Commander: Ingo Freiburg
    Comments: It's not often we get volunteers for our group, let alone someone who purposefully stays beyond his national service term, but Thorfinn came with a good letter of recommendation and quickly showed his aptitude for our methods. I could count the number of times he was pushed back during the formation drills on the fingers of one hand, but he brought a rare perspective to our little unit. Often recruits find the 'Tunnel Rats' to be a bit claustrophobic, and coming from his background in the 'pathfinders' I wondered if he would be cut out for us; I'm happy to have been proved wrong, and was equally happy to recommend a promotion, even though if I recall correctly, Thorfinn was more interested in broadening his skills than advancement so he wasn't particularly enthusiastic about the idea. I'd say he would go far with his attitude, and yet he seems happy to stay in with the 'grunts' if he re-enlists for another term, as he tells me he intends to, whoever gets him will have a fine soldier on their hands.

    Second Supplementary Duty: OffenhandVerstand
    Commander: Elsa Helgasdottir
    Comments: I have to say I was very surprised when I got Corporal Gondolffsohn's request to spend some time with us. It's not a traditional path for a soldier to follow, and the circumstances were unusual to say the least; what with him already being past his mustering out date. It took him a little while to adjust to our way of thinking. I imagine going from spending most of his time in dark enclosed spaces to our more fluid way of life could be quite off-putting but rather than shy away from our unarmed combat training, he took to it with a rare determination. I'd go so far as to say he even impressed one or two of the instructors with his willingness to put aside his past training, and I think by the time he finished with us he had an appreciation of things sadly missing from most of his colleagues in the service. It is my understanding, he now wishes to be considered for a field posting, and I would support his application to join one of his choosing.

    Field Unit Commander's Comments: Corporal Gondolffsohn has proved himself to be an exceptional soldier. He has supplemented his natural attributes with a diverse range of service postings, which have given him a broad range of skills in addition to mastery of several different fighting techniques. He has already been awarded the Malachite Service Pin, and I'm sure he will continue to serve His Majesty with distinction for many years to come.


    Thorfinn is a young dwarf of rather dour countenance. His red hair is closely cropped, and he keeps his beard plaited into 4 strands. He is rarely seen out of armour: an awesome piece of dwarven craftsmanship which makes him look like a miniature iron golem, so all-encompassing is it. Yet, for all the fact it must have seen a lot of use, it is very well kept, with very few scratches or dents evident. It has absolutely no decoration at all on it apart from four small symbols expertly engraved down the right arm. Closer inspection reveals them to be - in order from top to bottom - a tree, a shield, a mountain and a hand.

    In his right hand he carries a huge rectangular shield, with a beautiful design of a stream running through a glade on the surface - obviously NOT dwarven work. In his other hand he has a more traditional implement: a large axe with a wickedly curved blade.

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    Block Rhun


    Bellus Mughandle - Redux

    Bellus Mughandle
    Neutral Human Dwarf
    Rogue 4 (variant*)
    XPs: 7350

    Age: 58
    Gender: Male
    Height: 4 ft. 5 in.
    Weight: 155 lb.
    Eyes: Violet
    Hair: Coppery (red-brown)

    STR: 14 [+2] (6 points)
    DEX: 14 [+2] (6 points)
    CON: 17 [+3] (6 points + 4th level ability increase)
    INT: 14 [+2] (6 points)
    WIS: 14 [+2] (6 points)
    CHA: 12 [+1] (6 points)

    HP: 30 (6 + 12 + 12 CON)
    Armor Class: 16 (10 base + 4 armor + 2 dex)
    - Flat-footed AC: 16
    - Touch AC: 12

    Initiative: +2
    BAB: +3
    - Morningstar (MW) +6 (1d8+3/x2)
    - Morningstar (MW) +3 (1d8+9/x2 plus Intimidate check +10)
    - Light Crossbow (MW) +6 (1d8/19-20, 80' range increment)
    - Light Crossbow (MW) +6 (1d8 + 1d6 shock/19-20, 80' range increment)

    Speed: 20' (30 base)

    FORT: +5 (1 base + 3 con + 1 resistance)
    REFL: +7 (3 base + 3 dex + 1 resistance)
    WILL: +4 (1 base + 2 wis + 1 resistance)

    Languages Known
    - Common
    - Dwarven
    - Orc
    - Undercommon

    - Darkvision 60'
    - Stonecutting
    - Weapon Familiarity
    - Stability
    - +2 racial bonus on saving throws vrs poison
    - +2 racial bonus on saving throws vrs spells and spell-like effects
    - +1 attack vrs orcs and goblinoids
    - +4 dodge bonus to AC vrs giant-type monsters
    - +2 racial bonus on Appraise checks related to stone or metal
    - +2 racial bonus on Craft checks related to stone or metal
    - Trapfinding
    - Trap sense +1
    - Evasion
    - Uncanny Dodge

    1st Level
    - Open Minded
    - Intimidating Strike (B)
    2nd Level
    - Power Attack (B)
    3rd Level
    - Open Minded
    4th Level
    - Rapid Reload (B)

    - Appraise +2/+4 (0 ranks, +2 int/+2 race when related to stone or metal)
    - Bluff +6 (5 ranks, +1 cha)
    - Climb +7 (5 ranks, +2 str)
    - Craft +2/+4 (0 ranks, +2 int/+2 race when related to stone or metal))
    - Diplomacy +5 (2 ranks, +1 cha, +2 "synergy" )
    - Disable Device +11 (7 ranks, +2 dex, +2 equipment)
    - Gather Information +8 (5 ranks, +1 cha, +2 "synergy")
    - Hide +9 (5 ranks, +2 dex, +2 equipment)
    - Intimidate +10 (7 ranks, +1 cha, +2 "synergy")
    - Knowledge: Local +7 (5 ranks, +2 int)
    - Listen +5 (3 ranks, +2 wis)
    - Move Silently +10 (6 ranks, +2 dex, +2 equipment)
    - Open Locks +11 (7 ranks, +2 dex, +2 equipment)
    - Search +9/+11 (7 ranks, +2 int/+2 race when related to unusual stonework)
    - Sense Motive +7 (5 ranks, +2 wis)
    - Spot +5 (3 ranks, +2 wis)
    - Use Magic Device +8 (7 ranks, + 1 cha)
    - Use Rope +3 (1 rank, +2 dex)

    Armor & Shield
    - Studded Leather +1

    Melee weapons
    - Morningstar, masterwork
    - Dagger

    Ranged weapons
    - Light crossbow, masterwork
    - Crossbow bolts x 10
    - Crossbow bolts, +1 shocking x 10

    - Vest of resistance +1
    - Thieves' boots (masterwork tool, +2 move silently)
    - Thieves' cloak (masterwork tool, +2 hide)
    - Backpack
    - Bedroll
    - Caltrops, 1 bag
    - Beltpouches x 3
    - Waterskin
    - Thieves' tools (masterwork)
    - Travel rations x 4
    - Alchemist's Fire x 2
    - Rope, hempen (50')
    - Grappling Hook
    - Handkeg of ale

    Other Goods & Gear
    - Elixir of sneaking
    - Oil of magic weapon
    - Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds

    Weight Carried:
    Remaining money: 2pp, 37gp, 7sp

    * Variant Rogue: Gain bonus feats as fighter. No sneak attack.

    Stout and muscular, Bellus has the typical dwarven build. He is craggy and gnarled, and not at all
    attractive (at least by human standards). Despite this, Bellus has a gifted tongue, and is quite
    personable. He wears an eyepatch over his right eye, and bears several scars and tatoos. His hair and
    beard is of a coppery coloration, and the dwarf has a generally disheveled look to him.

    Bellus isn't the kind of dwarf you want to bring home to mother, unless your mother's into protection
    rackets, fencing stolen goods, and sometimes breaking a leg or two. Among the urchins and gangs of
    Greyhawk City, Bellus is a known face, a low-level enforcer and troubleshooter. It's a rough life, but the
    perks make it worthwhile. Bellus might live in the lower-class quarter, but he doesn't live like it. He
    eats well, drinks well, has his pick of the ladies (especially when he's got the coin to spend), and more
    than few wannabe hoodlums look up to him as someone who's paid his dues and made good.

    One of those wannabes is Mick Silverblade, a scrawny half-elf with a smart mouth and a light touch. Bellus
    hadn't heard from Mick in a while, and the grizzled dwarf got curious (not worried, mind you; just
    curious). Mick's mother hadn't seen the lad in days. Bellus asked around and found out that Mick left
    Greyhawk City for the Hommlet-Nulb area, drawn by rumors of a gang paying easy gold for ready blades.

    "Oh, I don't like the sound of that," Mick's mother said. "Ya gotta fetch him back, Bellus. Ya just gotta.
    He'll lis'n to ya."

    So Bellus promised Momma Silverblade that he'd see what he could do, and when Bellus Mughandle makes a
    promise, he keeps a promise.
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