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    Depends on how long they stay in the area, and if they activily work to gain that feat. If the campaign prevents people from wanting that feat (because they can't stay in that area or have a tutor), and they really want it. Then, I would suggest having the person do research in libraries or finding other people from that area to talk to. Of course, this would make getting the feat tougher and longer to learn.

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    Hrm. To take a quick break from this [partly to see if further discussion of this is really even necessary] I would like to ask what you two think about the idea of 1 feat every level while having the feats at 1st, 3rd, 6th, etc be racial/regional feats? Is there any way you would rather have it?

    Atm, I think it's essentially, that, the normal slow progression, simply one every level, and then Jeff's way. I like my way because when I read it, it just kinda 'struck my fancy' though I can't really put into words specifically why I like it.

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    I just merely think that with all the options for feats out nowdays a character just doesn't get enough choices anymore. The only real difference between our versions (aside from amount gained) is that mine doesn't allow combat feats (an option that still needs to be better defined) while your could but only if its a regional/facial feat. With your method the only thing I would worry about is that the extra number and allowed (select) combat feats would allow a greater chance to min/max even more feats and pose that much of a greater chance at being potentialy game breaking. Aside from that part I really don't care how many feats we gain.

    Long bit short, I like my version because it excludes the selection of alot of extra combat feats, but I like yourse because the feat choices are better defined.

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    So far, the only good thing I like about jeffs idea is that I end up buying nothing but Openmine feat, because its such a huge hassle to define 'noncombat' feats. Since most of the feats tend to have alot of combat in them...its just too much of a hassle. While openminded is a good feat, I perfer the unique feats that define my character's personality and behavior better.

    The good thing about josh's idea is that it allows more combat feats and spice because of racial feats. It is more defined and adds more uniqueness to characters. I have noticed that some racial feats are preatty good, some of them are just too simplified for a certain situation for a certain class the race favors. That part would be abit of an annoyance if your a halforc cleric and all the halforc racial feats revolve around barbarian/fighter.

    What I think you should include in the Racial part are the feats for the Special Feat selections that have very special requirements like: Initiate of '[Deity Name]' feat for divine casters, Membership Feats (like Ettercap Beserker in Unapproachable East), Knight Feats (like the ones in Champions of Valor), and now the Progression Feats (like Aberration/Draconic/Undead). If you have those special lvls for special racial feats, then maybe the character could add those to it if they wanted.

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