Strahd's "The lost Caverns of Tsojcanth" CLOSED
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    Strahd's "The lost Caverns of Tsojcanth" CLOSED

    Second Starday, Coldeven. 8/3/600

    Ahhh.. the beginning of the spring, just two weeks ago the capital city dressed in holiday, celebrated Needfest with bonfires and sacrifices in the outskirts of town, but the sky darkened in the last two day, storm is brewing, last night it thundered in the far horizon, above the Vesve Forest, making her way to consume northern Furyondy.
    You are summoned by a delegate of the king, a bunch of noble counselors dressed in fine clothes, those arrogant bustards know only to drink wine and flatter to the king.
    A large brown oak table and match carved sits are placed in the center of a decorative hall, fine tapestries and paintings cover the walls, silverware are placed on the table, a large unlit fireplace, an enormous Chandelier hangs from the ceiling and other valuable antiques. The most impressive that you can spot is a large stone statue of a Knight, possibly a former king.
    2 guards stand on each side of the room, they are well dressed with decorative plate armors and holding glaives, two stand in the south doors, where you came from, and two others in the north finely carved wooden door.
    Wine and fruits are served as you wait for your host.

    A severe storm is coming, hopefully they don't want us to go outside in this weather.
    A man turns to you from the window and takes an apple from the basket.
    I'm Keldar. Says the tattooed human, clearly of Oeridian origin, with blue eyes, black hair, and tanned skin, He wears a black cloak and fair cloth.

    ooc - you can interact with each other as you wait. Keldar is Steve Gorak's player, I'll NPC him for now.
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    Atesh Yakhar, Baklunish Sorcerer

    The man with the red cloak responds to Keldar "You can bet my friend."
    He drinks his wine and says "...and this is not good for a desert nomad like me. I'm Atesh Yakhar, nice to meet you."
    The middle aged Baklunish man, standing 6' tall has very dark skin and gray eyes.
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    Turo looks up at the assembled guests as he stretches up to take some fruit. Looking up to Baklunish and Keldar he nods curtly, blonde ruffles on his head shaking slightly. "Hi, I'm Turo. It's a pleasure to meet you all.".

    Walking around to get a good look at everyone he deftly dodges the knees and feet of anyone who has not spotted him.

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    A blonde woman in a stunning green outfit sits down at one of the tables, picking up a glass of wine and a few fruits. Her fair appearance marks her Suloise ancestry.

    “Well, at least they know how to sweeten our wait. I'm Allyra. Sometimes I wished they would have taught us useful, everyday spells at the university, like Protection from Rain. Now that would have some appeal! Hopefully it won't be raining too heavily.”

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    Maor smiles at Allyra's comment, and his golden eyes glister in appreciation - whether of the joke or her figure you ain't sure. His appearance is otherwise of a young Oeridian, albeit with blond hair.

    Maor, of the king's guard. Glad to meet you all. It's my first time in the palace. His gaze passes over the statuery. Impressive.

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    The great Hall

    After sometime, while you enjoy the fine wine and fresh fruits, the north door open and a couple of nobles enter.
    Greeting, I'm overwhelmed to see that you find the hospitality to your convenience, I'm Atzil, first counsel of His pious Majesty, Lord of the seven families. The great King of Furyondy, Belvor the IV, may Pelor shine on him everyday.
    The rest of the counselors take a sit, some of you can recognize Matbea, the ministry of treasure, Katzin, captain of the royal guards and few other who serve minor positions in the King's court. He motions the guards to close the northern doors.

    You are summoned to this court for a noble cause, you are the finest of all Available agents that we could muster with such an hurry.
    He smiles in sarcasm, takes a sip from his wine and returns a look, this time he frowns.
    Furyondy face danger.
    He says with firm voice
    Agents stationed in the cursed city of skulls (Dorakaa, capital of Iuz) reports that the old one has sent his minions to retrieve a lost and ancient magical artifact, a group led by a powerful mercenary, Cleric of Hextor.
    The evil god's name echoes in the great hall, the window's burst open with chill draught, shivering pass in your spines and every counsel make a silent prayer.
    The treachery Ketties have sent a group of their own, and our peace lover neighbors sent their finest priests and knights of Rao.
    The item must not fall to the hand of the enemy, we are on a race!

    He slams his fist on the wooden table, his face twists in pain but he shakes it off immediately
    You must find the artifact before the old one's forces put their hand on it, before the greedy Ketties will do any harm and even before Veluna's rightful cause … or so they call it … no matter what.

    He looks over to Katzin and nods, the captain of the royal guards takes out a wooden chest, unlock it and pulls out a map and few papers.
    These are the possible locations of the artifact, gathered by knowledge of sages and wizards, ancient tomes and long forgotten books, it could be in a cave, mine, quarry, underground, in the belly of a mountain …
    He looks quite desperate
    … if only the gods could help us.
    He whisper and hand out the papers to Atzil.
    According to the writings
    Atzil continues from here
    Nearly a century passed, when the archmage Iggwilv sent her evil minions to conquer the lands around her abode and brought the marches of Perrenland under her domination, great loot brought to Iggwilv's lair in answer to her insatiable demands for treasure. Legends states that the arch mage ruled from the lost caverns of the forgotten king Tsojcanth, wherein was hidden magic of unsurpassed might.
    From those caves she brought her downfall, she battled with the demon prince Graz'zt and although the demon prince was forced to flee to the abyss, Iggwilv was so stricken that her powers were forever lost. Her slaves stole her treasure and scattered to the four winds in the face of enemy armies.

    He pauses for a sec. the others nobles stare in awe as he tells the story, but all are quiet.
    Legends say that she buried her self in a hiding place in the caverns with several tomes of great power and the fabled lamp called Daoud's Wondrous Lanthorn.
    Atzil sits and takes his drink, the captain of the royal guard cough and stands, he hands you the map the sages have drawn.

    The map describe the south east part of the Yatils
    An examination of your map reveals that the track through the mountains has numerous branches, at the end of each track is a number, evidently standing for something unknown.
    he predicts your question
    We cannot tell you anything about their significance, except that it is likely that at one of this sites are the caverns we seek.
    He hand you a scrap of parchment with a bit of doggerel on it.
    It might be a clue. He shrugs.

    Note: how to use the hex map.
    Location 1 – Q20
    Location 2 – C13
    Location 4 – D3.5
    Location 6 – V11.5 and etc…


    The Horn of Iggwilv
    Pierces the heart-
    Look over your shoulder
    Before you start
    How many sorrow?
    Foolish men
    Because they didn't
    Turn back then


    Some of the nobles exit the room in this stage from the northern door, leaving you with Katzin, Matbea and Atzil.
    Sitting silently all the time, Matbea, ministry of the kingdom treasury takes your attention.
    Honorable servants of the kingdom, although the kingdom treasury is quite low, as you know we build the army and our border defenses after the war, I managed to secure some funds, 100 gold each, and a box of healing potions to each of you. [4 clw, 2 cms, 1csw], Those of you who are trained with horses will receive combat ones [Light War Horse] , the others will get regular steeds [Light riding horses].

    You are leaving tomorrow
    Atzil announce,
    make your preparations and sleep well, I'll meet you at "King's Belvor II" gate at sunrise.
    Any Question ?
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    Maor, Aasimir Favored Soul - Has Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Atzil
    Any Question ?
    A few.

    Maor gives the map only a cursory look.

    Do we know what Iuz's men are looking for? Is it this lamp, or perhaps a tome? Or something else?

    More importantly, is this trail
    he points at the map the only path? If so, all the parties will have to arrive and move on it. Perhaps we can find a way to use it to our advantage.

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    The legends say that the lamp is the most known artifact in the lost horde, if they will be able to put their demonic hands on it, the balance will tend to their side.
    Atzil say and look at Katzin, the royal captain turns the map and point to the north east.
    I suspect Iuz's party took an unknown route across the mountains near the Veseve, as for the ketties
    He passes his finger to the North West portion,
    there is a route from the north, from the cursed plains and hills of Perrenland, if the Ketties got any brain they will take that route.

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