SX:2 The Antiques Roadshow (Keia judging)-Completed
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    SX:2 The Antiques Roadshow (Keia judging)-Completed

    I expect 4-6 heroes, and hope that they'll be able to post at least once a day, but more is always better, less works as well, if you are willing to be NPC'd if need be to keep the action rolling. If you will be gone for a while, just inform me. I will RP your character where appropriate. I also occasionally take vacations or get pulled into work related emergencies an will keep everyone informed if there is a break in my posting.

    When posting, please color your text with a different color than everyone else (I prefer dark colors), and feel free to use line/paragraph breaks to break up chunks of your documents.

    Also, familiarize yourself with the usage of SBLOCK and SPOILER. I use SBLOCKs more often, particularly to hide OOC comments or for items for specific people only.Keep OOC posts to a minimum. Usually some IC content can be tied to an OOC post.

    The Briefing will begin when enough people have filed into the room.

    Players should feel free to use Invisible Castle to make rolls, although i'll roll for people if they don't want to make their own rolls.

    The players

    Codename: Sergeant
    Name: Sergeant Patrick O'connor
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Trade-Off: (Att:+4/Dmg:-4)(Def:+2/Tou:-2)

    Str: 12 +1 PowerLevel: 8 PP: 120
    Dex: 12 +1 AB: +6
    Con: 14 +2 Grapple: +7
    Int: 16 +3 Speed: 30'
    Wis: 14 +2 Init: +1
    Cha: 18 +4 Hero Points: 5 Luck(4)

    Base Power Feat Total
    Defense: +10 +0 +0 20
    Dodge: +5 Flatfooted: 15

    Base Mod Feat Power Misc Total
    Fort: 1 +2 +0 +0 +0 +3
    Ref: 1 +1 +1 +0 +0 +4**
    Will: 4 +2 +0 +0 +0 +6
    Toughness: +2 +1** +0 +3* +2/+5*/+6**
    *Undercover Vest (Equipement)
    **Defensive roll cannot be use on both save

    Attack Attack Damage Save Type Type
    Unarmed +6 DC 16 Tough Bruise
    Heavy Pistol +12 DC 19 Tough Lethal/Bruise

    Attack Focus (Range) 2 +2 attack bonus to all range attack
    Attack Specialization (Heavy Pistol) 2 +4 attack bonus with Heavy Pistol
    Benefit (Security Clearance) Easier acces to classified info and ressoucres
    Connected Gain favor with successfull Diplomacy roll
    Contact Gather Information take 1 minute to use
    Defensive Roll +1 Toughness or +1 Reflex against area attack
    Eidetic Memory +4 bonus to remember, can use Knowledge untrained
    Equipement 5 25 points worth of equipment
    Fascinate (Bluff) Can fascinate target with oppose Bluff roll
    Improved Pin -4 opponnt's grapple check to escape
    Improvised Tools Do not suffer -4 penalty for not having tools
    Inspire 5 Give bonus to allies for an HP
    Leadership Can remove some condition for an HP
    Luck 4 +4 HP
    Power Attack (-AB/+Dmg)
    Precise Shot 2 Reduce penalty for Cover and shooting in melee
    Well-Informed Can roll Gather Information to learn about a group

    Skill Points: 100
    Skills Ranks Mod Misc Total
    Bluff 9 +4 +13
    Computer 2 +3 +5
    Concentartion 2 +2 +4
    Craft (Visual Art) 2 +3 +5
    Diplomacy 9 +4 +13
    Disable Device 5 +3 +8
    Drive 2 +1 +3
    Gather Information 9 +4 +13
    Intimidate 5 +4 +9
    Investigate 9 +3 +12
    Knowledge (Behav. Sc.) 5 +3 +8
    Knowledge (Civics) 2 +3 +5
    Language 2
    Notice 9 +2 +11
    Profession (Pol. Off.) 5 +2 +7
    Search 9 +3 +12
    Sense Motive 9 +2 +11
    Stealth 5 +1 +6

    French, English, Spanish

    Binoculars (1) -1 visual Notice every 50ft
    Camera (1)
    Cell Phone (1)
    Digital Audio Recorder (1) Pick sounds at 10 feet
    Flashlight (1) Light at 30ft, 15ft wide
    Handcuff x2 (2) Disable Device (DC:25) or Escape Artist (DC:35) to escape
    Heavy Pistol (8) Dmg: +4, Range: 40ft
    Mini-Tracer (1)
    Multi-tool (1)
    Parabolic Microphone (1) -1 audio Notice every 50ft
    PDA (1)
    Stun Ammo (1) Allow bruise damage with firearms
    Supressor (1) Subtle PF on firearms
    Undercover Vest (4) +3 Toughness

    Lgt Med Hvy Lift Push
    Max Weight: 43 86 130 260 650

    Attributes(26) + Skills(25) + Feat(31) + Combat(32) + Saves(6)



    Name: Monique De Lorme "Psyren"
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Female

    Str: 8 -1 (-2 PP) PowerLevel: 8 PP: 120
    Dex: 12 +1 (2 PP) AB: +5 (10 PP) XP: 0
    Con: 12 +1 (2 PP) Grapple: +4 HP: 1
    Int: 14 +2 (4 PP) Speed: 30'
    Wis: 16 +3 (6 PP) Init: +0
    Cha: 18 +4 (8 PP)

    Base Power Feat Total
    Defense: +4 +0 +2 16 (8 PP)
    Dodge: +2 Flatfooted: 12

    Base Mod Feat Power Misc Total
    Fort: 4 +1 +0 +0 +0 +5 (4 PP)
    Ref: 4 +1 +0 +0 +0 +5 (4 PP)
    Will: 2 +3 +0 +0/8 +0 +5/13 (Mind Shield) (2 PP)
    Toughness: 0 +1 +0 +0/8 +0 +1/9 (Force Field)

    Attack Attack Damage Save Type Type
    Unarmed +5 DC 14 Tough Bruise
    Mental Blast(Perc) - DC 23 Will Bruise
    Mind Control(Perc) - DC 18 Will Control
    Mind Reading(Perc) - PC +10 Will Mind Read/Sensory Link
    Audio Dazzle(Perc) - DC 18 Ref Dazzle (50' Selective Blast)
    Telekinetic Grapple +5/15 DC 25 Tough Grapple/Bruise
    Telekinesis +5 - - Trip/Disarm, STR +10

    Movement Types:
    Base: 30/60/120
    Leap: 9/4/2
    Flight: 10 MPH:100'

    Feats: (5 PP)
    Accurate Attack
    Dodge Focus R:2
    Fascinate R:2 (Diplomacy, Perform)
    Attractive R:2

    Skill Points: 32 (8 PP)
    Skills Ranks Mod Misc Total
    Bluff 4 +4 +8(16)*
    Diplomacy 8 +4 +12(17)*
    Perform: Sing 8 +4 +12
    Perform: Dance 3 +4 +7
    Sense Motive 6 +3 +9
    Languages +3
    *Bonus applies to anyone influenced by her looks.

    Languages: French, English, Spanish, German


    Mental Blast R:8 (4 PP/Rank= 32 PP) [Mental, Psionic]
    AP: Mind Control, PE:Consious(+1), PF: Mental Link(1), Subtle (2), Progressive Initial Duration: 1 day for 2nd save (5) R:8 (3 PP/Rank + 8 PP = 32 PP, 1 PP*)[Mental, Psionic]
    AP: Telepathy, PE: Sensory Link(+1), Comprehend(R:1), Subtle (2) R:8 (3 PP/Rank + 2 PP/Rank + 2 = 28 PP, 1 PP*)[Mental, Psionic]
    AP: Sonnic Control PE: Range(Per)(+1), Selective (+1), PF: Precise (1), Subtle (2) R:7 (4 PP/Rank + 4 = 31 PP, 1 PP*)[Psionic]
    AP: Telekinesis PE: Damaging(+1), Subtle: Subtle (2) R:10 (3 PP/Rank + 2 = 32 PP, 1 PP*)[Psionic]
    *Purchased as an Alternate Power for 1 PP

    Supersense: Precognition F:Uncontroled(-1) ( 1/2 PP/Rank = 2 PP)

    Flight R1 (2 PP/Rank = 2 PP)

    Force Field R:8 - PF:Selective ( 1 PP/Rank + 1 PP = 9 PP)

    Mind Shield R:8 (1 PP/Rank = 8 PP)



    -Att: -2, Save: +2
    -Def: -2, Tough: +2

    Lgt Med Hvy Lift Push
    Max Weight: 26 53 80 160 400


    Monique De Lorme has been used to a public life, and is familiar with how to be open yet guarded in public. In private, she compassionate and empathic, even without her psionic powers. She is generally not one for direct confrontation, and would prefer a more peaceful approach. She is supportive of her friends and teammates, in both a task force roll and that of a friend and companion.

    Monique De Lorme was born in Bordeaux, France, and lived a somewhat normal child hood till she was about 12. Singing in a class choir, a scout singled her out and offered her entry into a fine arts boarding school in Parris. There, her talent for singing and entertaining was honed. She was a background singer on a few albums, and even had a spot appearance on a US TV show as an exchange student. Under the guidance of her music teacher, Mr. Phillip Bisset, who had risked his personal savings, she released an album at the age of 16 with moderate success. Deciding that she had best finish her schooling, she graduated early and put herself through a performance arts advanced school, graduating at the young age of 20, and working with Mr. Bisset on a new project.

    Deciding to change her image a bit, and having a little more creative input, she released her first album as Psyren. With a hipper beat, better vocal range, and certainly her looks didn’t hurt, she soon was known around the world. She toured, created music videos, and released a second album, which met with slightly less success, but had become a general pop culture icon till early 2004, when she mysteriously dropped out of public view after walking off stage in the middle of a concert.

    Monique had somehow mysteriously connected to the mind of one of her audience members, and it scared her enough to flee off stage. She hid for a while before eventually talking to Phillip about what had happened. Phillip encouraged her to explore this a bit, and tried to help when he could. She learned some of the extent of her powers, and also learned of the deep love Phillip had harbored for her, even as a child. Flattered but unable to see him in the same light lead to some awkward moments between the two, and soon she had to back away from the only confidant she’d had. She’d had a falling out with her parents over money, and had simply let them work their way out of her life rather than confront them, and she had no siblings that she knew about.

    Phillip, wanting to help her, did some research on the new UN Task force being formed, and came to her with an idea. There was only so much help he could give her, but perhaps she could find more help with the Task Force, as well as make a difference. Seeing the sense in this, she applied, offering the name Psyren to use as her code name, and hoping the publicity would help the new Task Force, now being called the Resolutes.

    She later thanked Phillip, and told him that perhaps, in time, her feelings might change, but she needed time to deal with her powers now. Phillip continues to write songs for her to sing, and occasionally visits her, but the two are simply close friends. Meanwhile, she has been able to explore her powers better at the UN, though she needs to develop some more mental discipline before she can tap into them further.

    Psyren was always the consummate professional entertainer, and has been skilled at holding the attention of an audience well before she discovered her psionic powers. And since her youth, she had had dreams or visions that would seem to come true or provide a glimpse into the future, though these were few, far between, and rarely very long or detailed.

    He mental powers allow her to fly using a fairly basic telekinesis requiring little concentration on her part. She has learned to shield her mind from attacks and probes, and how to shield her body from harm with a projection of power. These feats are all fairly simple for her, and she can do them almost reflexively.

    Her visions still come at random, but they are longer and more vivid now. It is one of the few things she has not been able to learn to control, though she has much discipline to learn yet.

    When she actively concentrates, she can meld her psychic powers to her will and do several things. First and foremost, she can strike down someone with a blast of mental energy, and need only be able to see her target. She can exert her will on someone else, who will act for her as she directs them, leaving them confused about their actions once she releases them. She has a strong telepathy, allowing her to communicate with anyone within 200,000 miles mentally, and read the minds and senses of those within her perception. She can control and distort sound, dazzling those in an area. She also has great telekinesis, allowing her to lift 24 tons, or move up to 60 tons, and can crush others with her great mental strength.

    While she has learned to control her powers, she still lacks some mental focus that would help her tremendously, and has not yet learned how to tap into her mental senses fully yet. However, she is patient and dedicated to learning.


    Name: Avatar (Henry Johnson)
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male

    Str: 14 +2 ( 4 PP) PowerLevel: 10 PP: 150
    Dex: 12 +1 ( 2 PP) AB: +7 (14 PP) XP: 0
    Con: 20 +5 (10 PP) Grapple: +9 HP: 3
    Int: 16 +3 ( 6 PP) Speed: 30'
    Wis: 13 +1 ( 3 PP) Init: +5
    Cha: 10 +0 ( 0 PP)

    Base Power Feat Total
    Defense: +15 +0 +0 25 (30 PP)
    Dodge: +7 Flatfooted: 25

    Base Mod Feat Power Misc Total
    Fort: 0 +5 +0 +0 +0 +5 (0 PP)
    Ref: 3 +1 +0 +0 +0 +4 (3 PP)
    Will: 3 +1 +0 +0 +3 +4 (3 PP)
    Toughness: 0 +5 +0 +0 +0 +5

    Attack Attack Damage Save Type Type
    Unarmed +7 DC 17 Tough Bruise
    Whip +7 DC 15 Tough Bruise (+special)

    Heavy Pistol +11 DC 19 Tough Bruise

    Movement Types:
    Base: 30/60/120

    Feats: (25 PP)
    Accurate Attack
    All-Out Attack
    Attack Focus (Ranged) 3
    Equipment 4
    Evasion 2
    Improved Aim
    Improved Initiative 1
    Improvised Tools
    Power Attack
    Precise Shot 1
    Quick Change 1
    Second Chance (Knowledge: History Checks)
    Skill Mastery (Computers, Craft: Mechanical, Knowledge: History, Stealth)
    Sneak Attack 1
    Uncanny Dodge (Mystical)

    Skill Points: 100 (25 PP)
    Skills Ranks Mod Misc Total
    Bluff 8 +0 +8
    Climb 4 +2 +6
    Computers 6 +3 +9
    Craft: Mechanical 6 +3 +9
    Diplomacy 2 +0 +2
    Disguise 6 +0 +6
    Gather Information 8 +0 +8
    Knowledge: Current Evts 2 +3 +5
    Knowledge: History 15 +3 +18
    Knowledge: Pop Culture 2 +3 +5
    Knowledge: Streetwise 8 +3 +11
    Language: Greek 1 N/A N/A
    Language: Latin 1 N/A N/A
    Medicine 2 +1 +3
    Notice 6 +1 +7
    Profession: Professor 9 +1 +10
    Search 4 +3 +7
    Sense Motive 2 +1 +3
    Stealth 8 +1 +9


    Equipment:Task Force Communicator (0 EP)
    Binoculars (1 EP)
    Flashlight (1 EP)
    GPS Receiver (1 EP)
    Heavy Pistol (8 EP)
    Laser Sight (1 EP)
    Stun Ammo (1 EP)
    Multi-tool (1 EP)
    PDA (1 EP)
    Whip (5 EP)

    Healing 4 (2 PP/Rank + 2 PP = 10 PP) [Mystical]
    Power Feat: Persistent
    Power Feat: Regrowth
    Extra: Resurrection
    Flaw: Empathic

    Regeneration 13 (1 PP/Rank + 2 PP = 15 PP) [Mystical]
    Recovery Bonus 4 (Automatic with Constitution bonus)
    Disabled 2 (Every hour)
    Ability Damage 2 (Every hour)
    Resurrection 5 (Every hour, stopped by any means that separates the
    mystical force from the body...disintegration,
    incorporeality, exorcism, etc.)
    Power Feat: Persistent
    Power Feat: Regrowth



    Lgt Med Hvy Lift Push
    Max Weight: 58 116 175 350 875
    Sblocked for your convenience:

    Avatar is a handsome, yet rugged-looking man in his mid 30's, weighing about 160 lbs. Most women notice his
    thick, sandy hair, which sets off his deep blue eyes. A slight scar crosses his chin, hinting at an adventuresome
    past. In the field, Avatar wears a white shirt, tan slacks, and an ever-present bush hat. In the classroom, his
    tastes run to tweed suits with elbow patches. No matter what the situation, he usually looks ready for anything,
    which is fortunate because when he's in the field, just about anything can and does happen!
    Avatar is generally soft-spoken and charismatic. He is not above dealing with shady types in pursuit of some goal,
    but he prefers other company. Likewise, he is willing to bend the rules so long as the outcome is respectable, but
    generally he is a law-abiding man. However, when he perceives some great injustice, he is an implacable foe of
    whoever or whatever is perpetrating the deed, stopping at nothing to set things right. Avatar has a soft spot for
    children, underdogs, and the oppressed. He is quite sensitive to the customs and attiudes of other cultures, which
    has served him in good stead during his many travels in the world.
    To most of the world, Dr. Henry Johnson is a university professor who is the author of a popular series of books
    on the history of ancient civilizations, hardly a best-selling author, but one who is known among afficiandos of
    the subject. They know little of the scholar who supplements his income as chair of the history department of a
    small but highly regarded east coast university.

    Fellow academics know him as a leading authority middle eastern history, although he is also known for being quite
    knowledgable about burial customs and religious practices of ancient civilizations all over the world. He has many
    refereed articles to his credit, and is widely quoted in such studies. Although they know him better than the
    general public, his fellows in the halls of ivy have barely scratched the surface of the man.

    Those who know him well enough to call him "Hank" are aware of his incredible personal history. No one knows all
    of it save the good doctor himself, but by piecing together various stories a picture emerges of the son of two
    scholars, who became very worldly at a tender age by being dragged all around the world in his parent's pursuit of
    knowledge. Although near to completing an undergraduate degree while still a teen, he ran off on a series of
    adventures, each more outlandish than the last, until he ended up as an intelligence officer working for the CIA,
    the Mossad, and the KGB simultaneously...a true triple agent! Part Indiana Jones and part McGyver, he finished
    both his undergraduate and graduate degrees (with a paper relating early Coptic burial practices to those of
    ancient Assyria nearly a millennia earlier!) about the same time he "retired" from the spy business.

    Since then, he split his time between writing, teaching classes, and criss-crossing the globe as a "purveyor of
    antiquities". No tomb is too well hidden, no jail too escape-proof, and most importanly, no patron too penurious
    to keep him from his goal. A remarkable life for a remarkable whose unique talents would probably
    qualify him for the resolutes even if it were not for the unsettling events of 12-31-99. Few know the measure of
    "Hank", indeed.

    And fewer still know him as Avatar. For the eve of the close of the millenium found him deep in the Rub al Kali -
    the Empty Quarter of Saudi Arabia, his whereabouts unknown to the local authorities, who would not have approved of
    either his plans to loot a centuries-old pagan temple uncomfortably close to their holy city of Mecca, or of the
    bottle of champagne he planned to drink at midnight in the main chamber of that very temple. But as he began video
    taping the murals and writings on the wall of that chamber, still legible after over 2,000 years, tiny motes of
    dust began to glow with an unearthly light and coalesce into billowing luminescent forms. He couldn't have known,
    deep underground, that the millenial comet was passing directly overhead at that very moment, the very moment when
    a deep booming voice inside his head began to speak. The voice spoke to him of duty, of honor, of justice, of a
    hundred other things. It spoke to him of things he remembers and of things he has forgotten but will remember one
    day. It spoke until sleep took him, and he woke only to find himself laying in the sands outside the entrance
    under the burning sun of a new desert day.

    Dr. Johnson couldn't have known what strange power had infused his being that day, but he found out soon enough.
    Passing through the streets of old Jerusalem, he encountered a suicide bomber for the second time in his life.
    Only this time, he was close enough to remember the odd grin the young man next to him had just before he
    disappeared in a sheet of flame. The bomber, Johnson, and several others were blown to bits by the savage blast.
    The survivors were evacuated, and the authorities began the laborious process of cataloging debris, personal
    effects, and human remains. A few hours after the horror had taken place, one investigator remarked how unusual it
    was to find an intact corpse so close to the epicenter of the bombing, and his partner remarked that "it wasn't
    there not too long ago." They moved up to take a closer look, and were shocked to find Dr. Johnson, badly injured
    and clad only in tattered underwear, slowly regaining consciousness! Ever since, his closest friends have taken to
    calling him Avatar...the one chosen as the servant of the gods.
    Most of Avatar's traits come from simply being a intelligent and capable man thrust into the middle of some very
    unusual circumstances. For example, his computer skills come partly from his work in academia, and partly from
    times when it became advantageous to discern the contents of the hard drives of a Russian "Apple" computer. Avatar
    is a crack shot with a pistol, and not only started carrying, but became proficient with a whip after suffering
    the inevitable Indiana Jones comparisons.

    Of note are those specific traits that appeared after his encounter in the lost temple of Arabia. These powers
    derive from the symbiosis of Johnson and the "spirit motes" that appeared to him there. These are apparently a
    host of infinitesimal intelligent incorporeal entities who seem to have taken it upon themselves to ensure that
    Johnson is able to fulfill the destiny given to him by whatever Power or Powers control the motes. These beings
    infuse Johnson's physical person, and "live inside" him, if an incorporeal being can be said to reside in any
    location at all. So long as some part of Johnson's corporeal body and the spirit motes remain together, all the
    traits they give him will be present. How they might be separated is a matter of speculation, but suggestions have been
    to utterly atomize Johnson's remains, to render Johnson incorporeal himself, or to perform some sort of "exorcism" to
    drive the spirit motes out. Until such problem is resolved, Avatar will remain damnably hard to least, permanently,
    that is.

    Traits granted by the motes include:
    Constitution points above 10
    The Uncanny Dodge feat (the motes provide the awareness that Johnson is in danger...)
    Both the Healing and Regeneration powers
    Defense Bonus above +10 (possibly more of the defense bonus, too)


    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male

    Str: 15 +2 (5 PP) PowerLevel: 10 PP: 150
    Dex: 14 +2 (4 PP) AB: +4 (8 PP) XP: 0
    Con: 14 +2 (4 PP) Grapple: +6 HP: 5
    Int: 12 +1 (2 PP) Speed: 30'
    Wis: 12 +1 (2 PP) Init: +2
    Cha: 15 +2 (5 PP)

    Base Power Feat Total
    Defense: +6 +0 +0 14 (12 PP)
    Dodge: +3 +5 Flatfooted: 6

    Base Mod Feat Power Misc Total
    Fort: 3 +2 +0 +0 +0 +5 (3 PP)
    Ref: 3 +2 +0 +0 +0 +5 (3 PP)
    Will: 2 +1 +0 +6Mental+0 +3/9 (2 PP)
    Toughness: 4 +2 +0 +0 +0 +6 (4 PP)

    Attack Attack Damage Save Type Type Crit
    Unarmed +6 DC 17 Tough Bruise 20
    Strike: w/Sword +10 DC 25 Tough Bruise 15+
    w/ Corrosion +5? DC 15/20 Fort/Tough ????

    Blast: Thrown Sword +10 DC 23 Tough Bruise 15+
    Reflect/Redirect +6 Var. Var. Var. 20

    Movement Types:
    Base: 30/60/120
    Leap: 300/600

    Skill Points: 68 ranks (16 PP)
    Skills Ranks Mod Misc Total
    Bluff 0 +2 +2
    Climb 0 +2 +2
    Concentration 0 +1 +1
    Diplomacy 16 +2 +18
    Disguise 0 +2 +2
    Escape Artist 0 +2 +2
    Gather Information 0 +2 +2
    Handle Animal 4 +2 +6
    Intimidate 8 +2 +10
    Knowledge (History) 4 +1 +5
    Knowledge (Tactics) 4 +1 +5
    Medicine 0 +1 +1
    Notice 4 +1 +5
    Ride 4 +2 +6
    Search 4 +1 +5
    Sense Motive 8 +1 +9
    Stealth 0 +2 +2
    Survival 4 +1 +5
    Swim 4 +2 +6

    Feats: (33 PP)
    Attack Specialization (Sword) R: 3
    Blind Fight
    Elusive Target
    Evasion R:2
    Improved Critical R: 5
    Improved Sunder
    Inspire R: 4
    Luck R: 4
    Master Plan
    Power Attack
    Prone Fighting
    Quick Draw
    Takedown Attack R: 3
    Weapon Break


    Comlink in helmet

    Powers: (47PP)
    Device- Sword [Easy to lose] (3PP/rank) x4 ranks [20 DP] = 12PP:
    Strike (1 PP/rank) x8 ranks = 8DP
    PF: Migthy = 1DP
    Extra: Linked to Corrosion (0PP/rank)
    Corrosion (2PP/rank) x5 ranks = 10DP
    Extra: Linked to Strike (0PP/rank)
    Alternate power array of Sword (1DP):
    -Blast (2PP/rank) x8 ranks=16PP
    -Burrowing (1PP/rank) x3 ranks= 3PP

    Device- Shield [Easy to lose] (3PP/rank) x5 ranks [25 DP] = 15PP:
    Shield (1PP/rank) x5 ranks = 5DP
    Extra: Linked to Deflect (0PP/rank)
    Deflect (2PP/rank) x5 ranks = 10 DP
    Extra: Linked to Shield (0PP/rank)
    Extra: Reflect (+1PP/rank) x5 ranks = 5DP
    Extra: Redirect (+1PP/rank) x5 ranks = 5DP

    Device- Armor [Hard to lose] (4PP/rank) x5 ranks [25 DP] = 20PP:
    Absorption [Physical to Healing] (4PP/rank) x4 ranks = 16 DP
    Leaping (1PP/rank) x3 ranks = 3 DP
    Mind Shield (1PP/rank) x6 ranks = 6DP

    Enemy: Unknown (maybe Modred, Morgana La Fey, or even Lancelot & Guinivere?)
    Honor: Follows Knightly code of Chivalry (Can't attack first, etc.)
    Obsession: Finding Merlin(?!?) to figure out identity, destiny, etc.


    Lgt Med Hvy Lift Push
    Max Weight: 66 133 200 400 1,000
    Paladin is a tall white male with a short sandy colored beard and mustache. His gleaming armor, shield and sword draw the eyes away from the forlorn look on his face. His eyes smolder with a passion kept in check as he ponders some weighty issue within his own mind. Strong but silent, he keeps his mysteries and his problems to himself.(P.S. the wings in the picture below only manifest when using his armor's leaping ability)
    Not alot of fun at parties, Paladin will soon come to be known jokingly as a stick in the mud (assuming someone notices him at all sitting in the dark corner). Until battle errupts that is. With the call to action comes a changed man. A natural leader who tries to use his tactics and skills to help and protect the group in order to win the day against villians.
    Paladin doesn't know who he really is. He has vague memories of a 'regular' life in this world. Driving a 'car' to work. Going to 'school'. Kissing a beautiful woman dressed all in white. But these memories have been fragments since the old man changed him. The old man, his bleached white eyes staring from above his long unkempt grey beard. The dirty trenchcoat he wore reeking of back alley dumpster dives. He held out his hand showing a few small trinkets within the grubby palm. A miniture sword, shield, and suit of armor... "Do you accept these items? Will you fulfill your destiny sire? Wilt thou take up the mantle of your ancestor and once again do battle with the evil in this land? For power once again courses through this world and I have been released from my icy prison. Released so that I may help you become what you could be...SHOULD BE! But only if you choose it. Now...chooooose...."

    The very next thing he knew, he was standing in the street outside of the Resolutes headquarters building. Shiny chariots with four wheels all squawking at him in some loud noisome language. People saluting him with a single finger raised high. All he heard though was the voice of the old man as he looked up at the shiny castle before him. 'Seek out these others to aid you in your battle against the villains of this world. But beware, you may not be the only one from your time to have been brought back...Arthur Pendragon.'

    Unknown to Paladin, if the all 3 devices are removed from him, he will change back into his normal form and identity: Arthur Knight of Indianapolis, Indiana. A loving husband and father who has been reported missing by his family since his complete dissapearance recently. Since Arthur in his Paladin form has different fingerprints, this won't likely be discovered until all 3 items are removed...which is unlikely to happen willingly as Paladin isn't sure what the result would be of such an experiment.

    Mr. Kyle Wheeler- team handler
    King- head of aircraft maintenance/flight operations
    Dick- jet pilot
    Dr. Lisa Theodopolis- University of Chicago Professor, Curator of Chicago’s Oriental Institute Museum
    Dr. Steven Ritland-Archeologist-Discovered Sacrificial Bowl of Nanna in Mongolia

    Relic- a former archeologist empowered with magical abilities by an ancient mask
    Revenants-animated corpses of the preists of Amar Sin (the creator of the mask)

    The Amulet of Nanna. A large gold disk on a heavy gold chain that features a recumbent crescent moon (the symbol of Nanna) floating over the Great Ziggurat.
    The Prayer Stela of Nanna. A roughly 1-foot square arched stone slab featuring a cuneiform prayer to Nanna.
    The Winged Disk Tablet. A small clay tablet that features the winged solar disk (a sun with the spread wings and tails of a raptor).
    The Sacrificial Bowl of Nanna. A flat-bottomed gold bowl hammered with the recumbent crescent moon of Nanna on its side and the Great Ziggurat on its bottom.
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    Avatar entered the briefing room, glancing around for a place to sit.

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    Avatar sees a small room surrounded by TV monitors. In the center of the room is a large rectangular table with tall highbacked chairs arranged on the same side as the door. There are no chairs on the side of the table opposite the door.

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    Avatar claimed a seat, and glanced up at the monitors, waiting for a briefing to begin.

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    Sergeant enter the briefing room a moment after Avatar and take a seat. He look around, but see nothing to consult yet... he suppose the responsible of the meeting will arrive with all the informations.

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    Paladin raced into the room after the others to find them already claiming seats around the table...the rectangular table. "Hmmm..." Paladin mutters to himself before thinking- 'I see we are not to be equals here, but servants. Some lessons, men never truly learn I suppose.' Putting aside his personl feelings about such trivial things, Paladin quickly sat beside Avatar and waited for the briefing to begin.
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    Psyren walks into the room, looking around, before she takes a seat.

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    The Breifing with Mr. Wheeler

    Gremlin walks in just behind the others and takes a seat. ”Looks like its go time, folks”, he says brimming with enthusiasm.

    A panel slides away from the back wall to reveal an elevator door. The door opens as a badly burned man in a wheelchair rolls in followed by a heavyset black man in a jumpsuit. He guides the chair to the open end of the table, the large man standing behind him. The team members can’t help but noticing that the man in the chair is missing both legs and one of his arms.

    The monitors light up behind them showing the front doors of a building. An image of a large man in a hooded robe wearing a silver mask becomes momentarily visible. He holds his hand up. The door melts in front of him. Instantly the lights turn on in the building, revealing that it is a museum. The man ducks through the door before becoming invisible again. The next frame shows two security guards in a different part of the museum running in the hallway. The hooded man becomes visible again, raises his hand, and releases a dazzling kaleidoscope of light. The guards throw their hands to their eyes and stumble around. He turns invisible again. The next image shows a large chamber. The hooded figure reappears, melts through a display case long enough to grab whatever is inside, and disappears again.

    "Most of you know that I’m Kyle Wheeler. I’ll be assigned as a handler to the team, although I won’t be going into the field. My job will be as liaison between the UN and the local authorities. The teams tend to make messes that need to be cleaned up, and that will be my job. The man behind me is Mr. King. He’ll be escorting you to your transportation.
    Now, let’s get back to the matter at hand
    ", he says waving towards the screens with his remaining arm. The sequence plays again several times. "Alright , that’s all we got to go on. This took place at Chicago’s Oriental Institute Museum. It’s connected to the University of Chicago, and is known for its major collections of antiquities from Egypt, Mesopotamia, Iran, Syria, Palestine, and Anatolia, or so says the report, personally, I wouldn’t know. Here’s the deal, you need to get on the jet in five minutes, go to Chicago, and talk with the director of the Museum, Dr Lisa Theodopolis. She’s a professor at the museum and an expert in all this Middle Eastern relic garbage. Find out what was taken and why. We have an unidentified metahuman on the loose. Let’s find out who this guy is and what his plan’s are. Avatar, this seems right in your wheelhouse so you’re team leader. Gremlin, you get to stay behind in case of emergency."

    A disgusted grunt escapes the redheaded dwarf. “You mean I’ve been sitting around all this time, and I have to wait this one out. Why can’t someone else stay? This is complete bull!’

    Wheeler’s eyes narrow as he looks at the little man, “Listen up, as long as I’m handling this team you’ll do as I say. If I say you sit for a year, you sit. But since I was reprimanded for not being all warm and fuzzy with you people I’ll give some reasons. Avatar knows this Middle Eastern baloney, Sergeant stayed on monitor duty last time and between you and Psyren, you’re the one with disaster relief experience, which makes you the obvious call. Don’t make me get into it with the knight. The guy doesn’t know how to run a computer, how is he going to do the job. Does that soothe your hurt feelings. It better because the conversation is over.”

    The dwarf continues to glare at the handicapped man until he breaks contact, “You’re the boss, just get me out in the field next time.”

    “I appreciate the spirit, but next time do what I say without raising a stink. Everything has a reason. The rest of you people follow Mr. King to your jet. Good luck and don’t break too much expensive stuff”

    The large man in the jumpsuit says in a basso profundo voice, "Follow me, your pilot's name is Richard. He goes by Dick". The remaining adventurers get in the elevator and go down several floors to a hangar. The flight is uneventful, and soon they are at the Museum.

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    As they walk to the plane, Psyren says "Zat was fast, no time for questions or anything. I wish some press meetings went like that."

    Psyren's silky voice enters your head, 'You'll me know if you want me to look into some mind, k?'

    You feel a gentile prying, as if someone is trying to get into your thoughts.

    OOC: You can technicaly shut her out, and she can't hear your reply if she doesn't read your thoughts. The prying is her wondering if you're going to resist or not, and she won't push it if you do.
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    "Fine." tells Sergeant. He stand up of his chair and take his gun. He open it and look at the bullet in it. He recharge the gun and make sure the safety is put and put it back in the holster. He takes his PDA and connet it to the central computer and download the camera footage. He then follow teh group up to the hangar.

    As the group arrive at the Museum. "We should take a look at the site of the crime and question the head of museum."

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