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    Addison Darkhair (The Great North) "Scourge of Saint Heironeous" WIKI
    Human Female Lawful Good CL 12

    Order of Levels: HP1/WM1/WM2/WM3/WM4/WM5/WM6/WM7/WM8/HP2/HP3/SE1

    72,000 to start (need 78,000 for CL13)

    Human Paragon 3 / Warmage (Eclectic Learning) 8 / Sacred Exorcist 1 17, 16, 16, 13, 12, 12

    +1 / STR 12
    +3 / DEX 16
    +1 / CON 12
    +3 / INT 16
    +2 / WIS 15 (+1 L4; +1 L8)
    +7 / CHA 24 (+2 HP3 +1 L12 +4 Cloak)

    HP 68 (8d6+4d8 * 70% 56 [3,6,3,5,5,6,1,6,8,4,8,1] = (56) )
    BAB +6/+1 (+2+1/4 from HP; +4+1/2 from WM/SE = +6 3/4 )

    Init +3 (+3 DEX)
    BAB: +6/+1
    Grapple: +7 (+6BAB+1Str+0Med)
    Dmg Red: none
    Spell Save: +18 (+11 class +7 Cha mod)
    Spell Res: none
    Spell Fail: 0%

    Flail Atk +6/+1 d8 20/x2
    Ranged Touch +10 (+6 to all spell damage from Improved Warmage Edge)

    ----------Base Armor Shld Dex Size Nat Misc Total
    Armor: 10 ------+6----- +2-- +3-- +0-- +0-- +0---- 21
    Touch: 13 ------Flatfooted: 18

    Base Mod Misc Total
    +5/Fort: (+4 class)+1(Con) (12*1/3=4)
    +9/Ref: (+6 class)+3(Dex) (+3 1/2 + 9 * 1/3)
    +9/Will: (+7 class)+2(Wis) (+3/3 + 2 + 9/2)


    Carrying Capacity: Light 43# Medium 86# Max 130#

    MW Silvered Flail/Holy Symbol 423 SP (d8-1) 5#
    +1 light fortification easy travel breastplate 5850 GP 30# (25% chance to ignore critical hit/sneak attack and med load as light & walk 10 hr/day)
    +1 called light steel shield 3259 GP 6# (can be summoned to arm with command word from anywhere on same plane)
    Healing Belt 1000 GP (3 ch/d; 1 ch heals 2d8; 2 ch heals 3d8; 3 ch heals 4d8; +2 heal checks)
    Cowled Cloak of Charisma +4 16000 GP

    Pack 2 SP 2#
    10 days trail rations 10 SP 10#
    waterskin 1SP 4#
    explorer's outfit 10 SP 8#
    spell component pouch 2 SP 2#
    healer's kit (x3) 150 SP 3#
    disguise kit 50 SP 8#
    signal whistle 8CP
    5 flasks of oil 5 CP 5#
    2 flasks of holy water 50 SP 2

    Age: 29
    Height: 5' 4"
    Weight: 105#
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Skin: Olive
    Addison has a scar across the left side of her face, from the center of her nose to her ear.


    The family name of Darkhair grew out of the family's dark hair. Interestingly, this family usually does not gray. The women carry a gene against graying. At times, the women of the family powder their hair to make it appear gray. The men sometimes shave their heads to avoid the issue of gray hair.

    Addison was a tom-boy as a child, trained to use the flail by her father, who was a knight in the service of the Church. The flail was a present from her father when she finally ended her initial warmage training. He believed more in the strnegth of arms than in magic. It is a MW silvered flail with the lightning bolt holy symbol enlayed in the handle. Her armor and shield were a present from her father when she finally was able to wear medium armor. He is now retired and used his influence to attain suitable magic armor for his first-born.

    Due to her strong inner strength, she entered a small order aligned with Saint Heironeous dedicated to the training of warmages. After several years, she took a leave and studied in a convent where the powers of the undead and evil outsiders are researched so the Church's knowledge is not lost. Addison asked to become a Sacred Exorcist after lengthy discussions with the Mother Superior. Normally, warmages do not become Sacred Exorcists, and women are not normally accepted at all. The Order agreed to her being tested, thinking that she would never pass the initiation. In what was the toughest initiation in recent history, Addison passed, but she received a scar on the left side of her face from the middle of her nose to her ear. The head of the order was embarassed that she was scarred, and the Church made arrangements for the scar to be removed. Addison refused, saying only, "Some battles leave scars." The Sacred Exocists reluctantly admited Addison, and she has access to the training and research of the Order, but she has been assigned to the Great North to keep her as far from the Valley as possible. Her Order is secretly proud of her, but the Church heirarchy is unhappy that a woman has been made a Sacred Exorcist. The Mother Superior gave her the cowled cloak of charisma as a parting gift from the order as she left for the north.

    Addison wears the cloak with the deep cowl over her head, with a holy symbol of Saint Heironsous hanging in front. She is often mistaken as a monk and overlooked if only noticed in passing.


    L1: Precise Shot (fire or cast spells in melee w/o -4)
    HL1: Spellcasting Prodigy (treat CHA as +2 for bonus spells)
    WML1: Armored Mage (light)
    MWL1: Warmage Edge (add Int mod to damage from spell doing HP damage; all area; only 1 target when targeted)
    L3: Combat Casting (+4 Concentration checks when casting def., pinned, or grappled)
    MWL3: Eclectic Learning or Advanced Learning -- Spell Level 1: Prestidigitation
    L6: Arcane Disciple (Good Domain; cast each spell per level 1/day)
    WML6: Eclectic Learning or Advanced Learning -- Spell Level 3: See Invisible
    WML7: Gain Feat: Sudden Empower (all numeric values +50%; 1/day)
    WML8: Armored Mage (medium)
    L9: Extra Edge (Warmage Edge +3=+1 + 1/4 lvls)
    HP2: Shielded Casting (no AoO when spellcasting in combat using a shield) (Races of Stone p. 144)
    SEL1: Turn Undead (Su): at SE class level (+2 from Know (rel))
    SEL1: Exorcism (Su): (Full Round Action-by a (Class level + Cha mod) check (DC = 10 + possessing creature’s HD + possessing creature’s Cha modifier). If the check fails, you may attempt it again in 24 hours.
    L12: Weapon Focus (ranged touch) (+1 atk)

    coming & desired feats

    next: SEL2: Detect Evil, usable at will.
    next: SEL2: Resist Possession (Ex): (+4 Sacred bonus to saving throws vs. possession (i.e.,
    Magic Jar, a Ghost’s Malevolence, etc.). +2 Sacred bonus on attempts to Dispel possession. +2 Sacred bonus on saves vs. charm & compulsions cast by Evil Outsiders and Undead)
    coming: SEL3: Chosen Foe (Ex): UNDEAD or OUTSIDER
    next: Sacred Vitality (std action, expend turn attempt to gain immunity from ability drain/damage or energy drain for 1 min)
    next: Spell Penetration (+2)
    next: Greater Spell Penetration (+2)


    Trained Skills:
    13 / Bluff (Cha) +6 + 7
    10 / Concentration (Con) +9 +1
    5 / Craft (Alchemy) (Int) +2 +3
    15 / Disguise (Cha) +6 +7 (+2 Bluff--in character)
    9 / Heal (Wis) +5 +2 (+2 healing belt)
    17 / Intimidate (Cha) +8 +7 (+2 Bluff)
    10 / Know (Arcana) +7 +3
    10 / Know (history) +7 +3
    13 / Know (Religion) 10 +3
    10 / Know (the Planes) 7 + 3
    9 / Know (local-the Valley) 6 + 3
    13 Perform (dance) (Cha) +6 +7
    Profession (Wis)
    10 / Sleight of Hand (Dex) +5 +3 (+2 Bluff)
    Speak Language: Illum / Human2 / Abyssal / Celestial
    13 / Spellcraft (Int) +8 +3 +2 Know(Arcana)
    8 / Tumble (Dex) +5 + 3
    12 / Use magic Device 5 + 7 (+2 for scrolls from Spellcraft)

    Spells Cast Per Day: (as Warmage L11)(bonus spells as CHA 26: 0/2/2/2/2/1/1/1/1)
    0: 6
    1: 6 + 2
    2: 6 + 2
    3: 6 + 2
    4: 6 + 2
    5: 6 + 1
    6: 4 + 1
    (7: 0 + 1) next level
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    Looks good so far but just wanted to make sure you were clean on the aspect that the Church of the Light has no female priests and refuses to ordain them.......women do form a very large segment of the healiing, educatonal and serivce orders from their convents..and some are repued to be very powerfulllbut this is something the church does not loke to take notice of or acknowledge....

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    DW's Orion Brightmane

    (For "The Intelligence Service")
    Name: Orion Brightmane
    Player: Dragonwriter

    Race: Human
    Class: Binder 5
    Level: 5
    ECL: +0 mod/total 5
    XPs: 10,000 current/15,000 next level

    Patron Saint: None in particular…
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Str: 16 (15+1 level)
    Dex: 13
    Con: 16 (15 +1 training)
    Int: 13
    Wis: 9
    Cha: 15
    Special: 12
    HP: ?? (average numbers give this: 41=8+4+5+4+5+15)
    AC: 15 (+1 Dex, +4 Armor) (AC 20 with DR 2/piercing when using Savnok’s Called Armor)
    Init: +1
    Speed: 30 feet
    BAB: +3
    Mel: +6
    Rng: +4-2
    Fort: +4+2
    Refl: +1+1
    Will: +4-1
    Special Abilities
    Race: Bonus Skill Point, Bonus Feat

    Class: Soul Binding (1 vestige), Pact Augmentation (2 abilities), Suppress Sign, Bonus Feat (4th)

    Other: Flaw: Murky-Eyed (roll twice for miss chance, use worse result) for Bonus Feat, Flaw: Shaky (-2 on ranged attacks) for Bonus Feat, 1/encounter use Crusader’s Strike maneuver (heals 1d6+2)
    Feats: Improved Binding (1st), Ignore Special Requirements (Human), Weapon Focus (Quarterstaff) (Flaw), Martial Study (Crusader’s Strike) (Flaw), Expel Vestige (3rd), Skilled Pact Making (bonus, 4th)
    Brew/Create Poison (bonus, training)

    Languages: Trade Language, Ilum,

    Skills (1st=16, +4 per level, total 32)
    Trained or Untrained: +X (=Rank + Stat Mod + Other)
    Bluff +6 (=4+2+0)
    Diplomacy +10 (=8+2+0)
    Gather Information +6 (=4+2+0)
    Intimidate +6 (=4+2+0)
    Sense Motive +3 (=4-1+0)

    Trained Only: +X (=Rank + Stat Mod + Other)
    Decipher Script +5 (=4+1+0)
    Knowledge (religion) +5 (=4+1+0)
    (Use Magic Device has +10 bonus)
    Magic Items (location, weight): Tooth of Savnok (ToM 79, mouth, 0 lbs, not slowed by med or heavy armor or load when activated, 2,000 GP)

    Other Equipment:
    Weapons: Masterwork Quarterstaff +8 melee (or +4/+0), 1d6+3 (/1d6+1) damage, x2 crit, 302 GP

    Armor, Clothes: Masterwork Chain Shirt, Scholar’s Outfit, Explorer’s Outfit

    Container: Backpack

    Contents: 3 candles, 7 pieces of chalk, 4 sheets of parchment, 2 ink pens, 3 sealable inkwells (1 oz. each), 2 waterskins, 6 days of trail rations, 2 sunrods, bedroll

    Container: Belt Pouch 1

    Contents: Nothing so far…

    Container: Belt Pouch 2

    Contents: Coinage

    Money (spent 2,585 GP)
    PP: 40 (so, 1,000 GP worth?)
    GP: 64
    SP: 98 ( plus the CP, another 1 GP, right, given your SP-GP ratio?)
    CP: 20
    Gems/Other: 10 gems worth 100 GP each, 7 gems worth 50 GP each,
    Light: 0-76 lbs.
    Medium: 77-153 lbs.
    Heavy: 154-230 lbs.
    Current: ~68 lbs.
    Soul Binding
    Effective Binder Level & Binding Check: 5 (7 for determining available vestiges) & +11
    Save DCs for any Vestige Abilities: 14
    Vestiges Bound: 1
    Maximum Vestige Level: 4
    Vestige(s) Typically Bound: Naberius (or Savnok, if he expects trouble)
    Typical Pact Augmentations: +1 insight bonus on attack rolls, +2 insight bonus on Initiative checks (not included in statistics above)
    Description (include Age, gender, height, weight, physical description):
    Orion is a 22 year old human man, standing at about 5’4” and weighing around 140 pounds and is a native of Stanton. He’s usually reasonably cheerful, though his focus seems to wander at times. His short blond hair is usually messy and wild, and with his growing stubble of a beard and muttonchops, it tends to give him the slight appearance of a mane, which he only laughs at if his name is pointed out in conjunction with this. However, one of his teeth seems out of place when he grins or laughs, though at least it isn’t right in the front of his mouth, instead a little back from his canines. It’s large, blocky and has a slight red and metallic sheen to it…

    Oftentimes in the city, he simply wears his light scholar’s robes, not seeing himself so much a priest as the others of the Church of Light. When on the road or expecting a tough time, though, he wears the simple but sturdy clothing of an explorer, with a chain mail shirt over it. In either case, he walks with a sturdy staff to support him, and defend himself with if need be.
    Orion was the third son, and fifth child, of a middle-class farmer. However, the lad was never one for working the fields or tending the animals. He would always try to be inside the farmhouse. And he wasn’t helping his mother or sisters clean or cook, either… No, he took to hiding and reading whatever he could get his grubby little hands on. His parents or siblings would eventually find him, then drag him back out to the fields to work after a quick swat, but it never deterred the child from grabbing another scroll, parchment, pamphlet or book and doing it again at the next opportunity. He also loved listening to the stories of olden times, of great heroes and monsters, and the various beings that composed the Light. He enjoyed, listened and remembered…

    Years later, he began to ask detailed questions of the priests of the Light concerning the various beings that made up the Light itself. Due to his inquisitive nature, memory, aptitude and persistence, they began to teach him in more detail of the spirits. Orion decided to take up the vestment’s and receive training as a priest, which sparked quite the argument with his father, who accused Orion of being lazy, weak and a work-dodger because of this choice. Orion left the area shortly after that, bearing a letter to a larger Church holding in a different locale that said he was to be trained in the priesthood.

    However, his priestly training didn’t quite go as planned. He focused more on the spirits within the Light than praying for guidance and strength. And while he tried to be helpful (as long as it didn’t involve too much hard labor), he was more of a smooth talker than a helping hand oftentimes. Eventually, he stumbled upon writings of a small order that contacted and channeled the spirits of the beings within the Light. He obtained permission from his superiors to seek out this order and train there (they agreed since his priestly training wasn’t going anywhere, and he had a tendency to distract folk with his questions).

    The order he sought out took him in, satisfying many of his questions, and even teaching him how to contact the Light beings himself, and how to make pacts with them. Since then, he has followed this path, though he has also toyed with the idea of swearing service to a single vestige as some of the other members of the order did. But even now, with many desires fulfilled, he likes new opportunities and is always interested in the goings-on of the world, especially the goings-on that happen out of sight. His easy demeanor and open, searching mind (as well as his unusual talents) recently attracted the attention of the Intelligence Service…

    Training Results

    Added Gather Information and Forgery to class skill list. (unsure of Interrogation, spycraft, etc.

    Also added +10 to Use Magic Item/Device checks, +1 CON, Brew/Create Poison feat, from these posts: Instructions and Results.
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    The Intelligence Service

    Name: Frigin
    Class: Barbarian
    Race: Human
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Deity: ?
    Str: 18 +4      Level: 5        XP: ??
    Dex: 11 +0      BAB: +5         HP: ??
    Con: 14 +2      Grapple: +9     Dmg Red: none yet
    Int: 12 +1      Speed: 30'      Spell Res: 0%
    Wis: 15 +2      Init: +0        Spell Save: n/a
    Cha: 10 +0      ACP: -4         Spell Fail: n/a
    Secert Stat: 10
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:           10    +5    +2    +0                      17
    Touch: 10              Flatfooted: 17
                              Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      4    +2          +6
    Ref:                       1    +0          +1
    Will:                      1    +2          +3
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical   Range
    Shatterspike             +11     1d8+6      19-20x2     ---
    Dagger(melee)            +10     1d4+5      19-20x2     ---
    Dagger(thrown)           +6      1d4+5      19-20x2     10' 
    Languages: Common
    Abilities: Fast Movement, Illiteracy, Uncanny Dodge(Improved), Trap Sense +1, Rage 2/day 
    Feats: Toughness(lvl1), Prof. with all simple and martial weapons, Prof. with light and medium armors and shields(except 
    tower shields), Power Attack (bonus human), Improved Sunder(lvl3), Athletic (bonus for flaw)
    Skill Ranks/lvl: 4/lvl   Max Ranks: 8/4
    Skill points: 32       
    Skills                      Ranks  Mod   Misc   Total
    Handle Animal                 5    +0            +5
    Ride                          2    +0    +2      +4
    Climb                         5    +4    -2      +7
    Jump                          2    +4    -4      +2
    Listen                        8    +2           +10
    Knowledge(local)(cc)          1    +1            +2
    Spot(cc)                      4    +2            +6
    Swim                          0    +4    -6      -2
    Use Magic Device(cc)          0    +0    +10    +10
    Equipment:               Cost  Weight
    Taveler's Outfit            0gp     0lb
    Breatplate(mw)            350gp    30lb
    Shield,heavy steel(mw)    170gp    15lb
    Shatterspike            4,315gp     4lb
    Dagger                      2gp     1lb
    Backpack                    2gp     2lb
      -hooded lantern           7gp     2lb
      -trail rations(4days)     2gp     4lb
      -waterskin                1gp     4lb
      -sack(empty)              1sp    .5lb
    Belt Pouch                  1gp    .5lb
      -flint&steel              1gp     ---
      -oil(2flasks)             2sp     2lb
      -whetstone                2cp     1lb
    Rope(50'hemp)               1gp    10lb
    Total Weight:76lb      Money: 167gp 6sp 8cp
                               Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift  Push
    Max Weight:                100   200  300   300   1,500
    Flaw: Naive (-4 sense motive and bluff) 
    Age: 21
    Height: 6'08"
    Weight: 285lb
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: bald
    Skin: light
    Frigin is a hulking figure with big shoulders and arms. He has a small stoop and may be developing a
    hunchback only time will tell. He is bald do to bad love tonic he bought when younger and the hair growing tonic he go tto
    replace his hair only made his hands and feet swell for a week. He has a clift chin and braod nose and is always looking
    about with his eyes while not moving his head. But the first thing anyone notices are the round large lobed ears, he won't
    say what tonic did that to him.

    Frigin is a professional laborer, do mainly to his poor education. Once he was strong enough to carry
    for a merchant or load a cart he has done nothing but work hard his whole life. About a month ago Frigin's daily grind of
    work/eat/sleep was turned on it's head. He was carring boxes off a barrage near the river when a man in a fine breastplate
    and tabard stopped him at his work. "You may not remember me but ten years ago you saved my life when you lifted a fallen
    tree off of me. At the time I was young and couldn't reward you as you deserved. But now I am here to give you a great
    reward." Stripping of the breastplate the man places it and his shield and sword on the ground. He takes a pouch of coins
    from his belt and places them too with the other things. "You may take these things and use them in your new life. That is
    my reward to you a life not of the mundane and monotomus but of adventure." With that the man walks from the dock leaving
    a shocked Frigin staring after him. Frigin has hired out at odd guard jobs but as to adventure he has not found any yet.

    Spy Training

    1d20 = 20, 11, 10
    1d20 = 16, 12

    Roll again 2 times
    +5 base hit points
    +10 use magic device
    +3 to INT
    add feat power attack (already have so changed to +1 attack and damage)

    New class skills: survelliance, information gathering, forgery, interrogation
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    Goal: Sacred fist Prc Reqm:
    BAB 4, knowledge Religeon 8 ranks,
    Feats: Combat casting; combat reflexes, improved unarmed strike, stunning fist
    Able to cast divine spells as first level caster

    Player: D. Johannes on line name: Scott DeWar
    Campain setting: The Four Lands- J. Alexander's homebrew
    The Four Lands
    Campain: The Intellegence Service IC thread OOC thread
    System: 3.5 D&D

    Spell casting information:
    domains: Protection, Healing

    spells for the day: (x) denotes # to cast; '*' denotes number of times have to cast)
    0: (4) * Create Water (6 gallons); *Detect Magic; * Light; * Mending
    1: (3) Cure light wounds (d8+3) (domain); *Comp Lang; ** Magic Weapon
    2: (2) cure mod wounds (2d8+3) (domain); *Bull's Str; * Make whole

    Basic Information
    Character name: Arie   ECL:5
    Class: Monk2/Cleric 3      Alingment : Lawful neutral
    Diety:The light  Rank Monk-Brother
    Race: Human  Size: Medium  Gender: Male
    Age:   Height:   Weight:
    Hair:   Eyes:   Skin:
    Clothing/General looks: Bald,as his order dictates, 
    with a plain black cloth scull cap. He wears a simple
    black robe with a simple black sash, a set of prayer
    beads hanging off the sash.
    Statistics and proof
    Str11  +0 
    Dex16  +3 
    Con12  +1 
    Int14  +2 
    Wis19  +4 
    Chr12  +1  
    ???11  +0
    4d6=13, 4d6=12, 4d6=17, 4d6=13, 4d6=12, 4d6=22, 4d6=17, 4d6=12 [dropped lowest] 4d6 → [1,5,5,2] = (13),[12] 4d6 → [2,3,3,4] = (12),[10] 4d6 → [6,3,3,5] = (17),[14] 4d6 → [4,6,1,2] = (13),[12] 4d6 → [1,5,4,2] = (12),[11] 4d6 → [6,4,6,6] = (22),[18] 4d6 → [5,1,5,6] = (17),[16] 4d6 → [4,3,2,3] = (12) (dropped lowest)
    Saves Base Abil Misc Total Fort +6 +1 +0 +7 Reflex +4 +3 +0 +7 Will +6 +4 +0 +10 class breakdown of base saves Monk Fort +3 Reflex +3 Will +3 Priest Fort +3 Reflex +1 Will +3 Feats Human combat reflexes cl 1 Improved Inititive cl 3 Weapon Finesse cl 6 --- Monk 1 stunning fist Monk 2 Deflect Arrows class features Monk: Improved Unarmed strike, Flurry of blows, Evasion, Fast Movement Cleric: Turn Undead Weapon Att Dam Crit Type Fists, +6 1d6 20/X2 B single attack Fists, +4/+4 1d6 20/X2 B Flurry of blows (BAB: Cleric +2, Monk +1; Weapon Finesse) Inititive: +7 BAB: +3 Grapple: +3 move: 40 A/C: 14 A/C Info Spell Armour ACP Fail Total FF Touch un-armoured -0 -0 +4 11 14 Skills: skill points: 50 (4+2)*4+4=28 4+2+1=7 2+2+1(X3)=15 Skill Ranks Abil misc Total Balence (m) 3 3 0 +6 Climb (m) 3 0 0 +3 Concentration (m,c) 3 1 0 +4 Craft (m,c) 1 2 0 +3 leather working Diplomacy (m.c) 1 1 0 +2 Escape Artist (m) Heal (c) 3 4 0 +7 Hide (m) 4 3 0 +7 -------- Knowledge: Arcana (m,c) 3 2 0 +5 History (c) 1 2 0 +3 Religeon (m,c) 7 2 0 +9 The Planes (c) 1 2 0 +3 ---------- Listen (m) 4 4 0 +8 Move silent (m) 3 3 0 +6 Profession (m,c) 2 4 0 +6 (investigator) Sense motive (m) 3 4 0 +7 Spellcraft (c) 1 2 0 +3 Spot (m) 3 4 0 +7 Swim (m) 1 0 0 +1 Tumble (m) 3 3 0 +6 -----spycraft skills----- survelliance information gathering forgery interrogation Equipment: 5000 gp with 1 item being a magic item Heward's Handy Haversack 2000.0 5.0 lb Cleric's vestments 5.0 --- (w) Caltrops X 5 5.0 10.0 Candel X 10 0.1 --- Scroll Case 1.0 0.5 Paper X 25 10.0 --- Ink X 3 24.0 --- Pen X 2 1.4 --- Flint and steel 1.0 --- Hammer X 3 1.5 6.0 Lanturn, Bullseye 12.0 3.0 Oil X 5 0.5 5.0 mantacals, mwk X 2 100.0 4.0 Piton 1.0 5.0 pouch, belt X 2 2.0 1.0 Rations X 10 5.0 10.0 Rope, silk 100' 20.0 10.0 Waterskin X 4 4.0 16.0 Alchemist's fire X 2 40.0 2.0 Antitoxin X 5 250.0 --- Everburning Torch 110.0 1.0 Holy water X 10 250.0 10.0 Smokestick X 2 40.0 1.0 Sunrod X 5 10.0 5.0 Tanglefoot bag X 2 60.0 2.0 tindertwig X 20 20.0 --- Leatherworking tools, mwk 55.0 5.0 Climbing Kit 80.0 5.0 Healer's kit X 2 100.0 2.0 Holy symbol. silver 25.0 1.0 Mwk qualities 400.0 --- Blend cream * (a) X 5 250.0 5.0 prayer beads 1.0 --- Flash Pellets * (b) X 10 250.0 --- Healer's balm * (c) X 10 100.0 --- mwk (+150 each) !! X2 300.0 --- Mwk (+50 each) !! X 8 400.0 --- Sure grip * (d) X 5 20.0 --- Monks Robe 5.0 2.0 Hidden flaps # (a) X 2 2.0 --- mwk effects: excep. ! 300.0 --- Hollow boot heal # (b) X 2 40.0 --- * denotes complete adventurer a: +1 Alchem bonus to hide for 1 hr b: See page 118 for description. Items disgusided as prayer beads. c: +1 Alchem bonus to heal checks for 1 minute d: +1 Alchem bonus to climb for 1 minute # Denotes Complete Scoundral a: hidden on medium item gives space of 1'x1'x1" b: gives space of 2"x2"x2" ! denotes exceptional quality mwk effects: well crafted:This item provides a +1 quality bonus to move silent well crafted:This item provides a +2 quality bonus hide !! Denotes mwk quality (excellent) concealble: +4 quality bonus to Sleight of Hand checks to hide this item on his person. ( only 2 of these balms are hidden) Well Crafted: +1 to heal (quality bonus) (all 10 have this quality) !!! Denotes Mwk quality (Exceptional) DECORATIVE gives a +2 quality bonus to Diplomacy checks while displaying ownership. Ornate: adds 100.0 to cost plus mwk cost and a +2 quality bonus to Diplomacy checks when given as a gift. money spent so far: 4500.7 Weight Allowence: X X X
    Feat:Ascetic Priest

    Prerequisites: Improved Unarmed Strike, Ability to cast 2nd level divine spells
    1. Sacrifice an uncast spell to give a benifit of att and damage bonus equal to the level of the spell sacrificed for one round. the spell is lost as if you had cast it.
    2. the levels of divine caster and monk stack for the purpose of deturmining A/C bonus.
    3. You can multiclass freely between the monk and the divine casting class. However, you must remain Lawful for the monk and Neutral for the Druid Class.

    multiclass penalties still apply if the classes are more then one apart, as normal.

    Society for Service to the Faithful

    Society for Service to the Faithful – The Religious Order of the Society for the Service of the Faithful is one of the largest in the Church. Originally the mission of the Society was to help all members of the church regardless of their circumstances in times of trouble. Therefore the Society has a well established system of orphanages, work houses, hospitals, etc to which the faithful may turn in times of need. An unanticipated result of their mission was the development of a strong finical network for the church. As the Society’s presence is felt in almost every geographic region in which the Church is allowed, they have become in efficient “Bankers of the Light” as given their existing network of facilities and contacts, the Society has the ability to honor drafts for cash which have been issued by the Society or other ecclesiastic entities.

    Society for the Preservation of the Faith
    Society for the Preservation of the Faith - The Religious Order of the Society for the Preservation of the Faith is charged with and dedicated to doctrinal and liturgical consistence and purity. The principal mission of this order is to investigate all charges of heresy and magic use within the reach of the “Church”. Given this mission, the order is often at odds with the local religious hierarchy, especially in the Borderlands, and even strains the bonds of Church/State relations in many political divisions. The society is sometimes referred to as “The Hounds of Faith”



    Raised as a monk, this young man was orphaned when his family and property was over ran by fell creatures of the hills. The Local noble of the manse nearby felt that this area was not a good place for a young child so he was sent to a Monistary of The Light-Society for the service of the Faithful.While at the monestary where he read and studied history he happened upon sacred documents of the religeos order of ~The Scociety of the Preservation of the Faith~ and felt his holy calling. With the leave of the Father Abbot (ranking monk of a particular monistary) he set forth on a journy to the nearest temple to begin his tutalage and training as a servent of the society of the Preservation of the Faith, heretofe to be known as a BlackRobe, called as a personl guard and message delivery to beginn with.

    In later times we was called upon to complete a task of holy calling and upon his successful completion, he is now granted a bit more leeway in his actions at the temple.

    level based atribute advancement

    +1 wisdom
    while wrongfully incarcerated in a watch's guard house for 21 days, in a cell of many others who they too were wrongfully incarcerated, he chose not to run, not to whine, but instead spent his waking moments in a deep mcontemplative meditation. at the end of the time he came to a new enlightenment, just in time for the group to be released.

    post 315

    Quote Originally Posted by J. Alexander View Post
    After a skimpy meal the party is lead back to a very spartan barracks and time passes quickly. Endless classes and real world exercised in combat, survelliance, information gathering, forgery, interrogation, and other such spycraft consume every waking hour as each individuals skills are identifed and enhanced. At the end of the training..everyone now has the above listed skills as a class skill.

    Additionaly ever one needs to roll a d20 three times and add the following result to their character skills. This is to reflect areas develope in the school that you did not know you had or that were enhanced.

    01 - +2 to dexterity
    02 - +1 to constution
    03 - +1 to strenght
    04 - + 2 charisma
    05 - +1 to attack
    06 - +1 to AC
    07 - +5 sill points to hide
    08 - +5 skill points to diplomacy
    09 - +5 skill points to forgery
    10 - +10 skill points to use magic item
    11 - + 5 base hit points
    12 - + 3 points to intelligence
    13 - add the feat quick draw
    14 - add the feat iron will
    15 - add the feat finesse
    16 - add the feat power attack
    17 - add the feat endurance
    18 - + 2 on saves vs poision
    19 - Add the feat Brew/Creat Poision
    20 - Roll again 2 time

    my 3 d 20 rolls
    03 - +1 to strength

    09 - +5 skill points to forgery

    11 - + 5 base hit points
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    Stalker - Urban Ranger 5

    (For "The Intelligence Service")

    Name: Pedro (Stalker) Dorson
    Class: Urban Ranger(5)
    Race: Human
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Roll Lookup
    Str: 11 +0            Level: 5        XP: 10000
    Dex: 16 +3            BAB: +5         HP: 33 (5d8)+5
    Con: 12 +1            Grapple: +5     Dmg Red:
    Int: 14 +2 (+1 lvl)   Speed: 30'      Spell Res: 0
    Wis: 15 +2            Init: +3        Spell Save: +X
    Cha: 13 +1            ACP: +0         Spell Fail: 10%
    Special: 11
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:              10    +2    +1    +3    +0    +0    +0    16
    Touch: 13              Flatfooted: 13
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      4    +1    +0    +5
    Ref:                       4    +3    +0    +7
    Will:                      1    +2    +0    +3
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical
    Crossbow, Heavy           +8     1d10       19-20/x2 12'
    Club			  +5	 1d6	    20/x2
    Club (Thrown)		  +5	 1d6	    20/x2 10'
    Dagger                    +5     1d4        19-20/x2
    Dagger (Thrown)           +8     1d4        19-20/x2 10'
    Masterwork Battleaxe      +6     1d8        20/x3
    Masterwork Handaxe        +6     1d6        20/x3
                                    Two-Handed Fighting (Either-Hand)
    Battleaxe 	          +4     1d8        20/x3
    Club			  +3	 1d6	    20/x2
    Dagger                    +3     1d4        19-20/x2
    Handaxe		          +4     1d6        20/x3
    Languages: TBD
    Abilities: Animal Companion, Favored Enemy (Changlings) +4,
    Favored Enemy (Humanoid (Goblinoid)) +2, Two Weapon Fighting Combat
    Style, Wild Empathy +3 (+1 on Magical Beasts)
    Feats: Armor Proficiency (Light), Endurance, Investigator,
    Martial Weapon Proficiency, Shield Proficiency, Simple Weapon
    Proficiency, Stealthy, Two-Weapon Defense, Two-Weapon Fighting, Urban
    Skill Points: 58       Max Ranks: 8/4
    Skills                   Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Gather Information         8    +1    +4    +13
    Hide                       8    +3    +2    +13
    Knowledge (Local)          8    +2    +0    +10
    Listen                     8    +2    +0    +10
    Move Silently              8    +3    +2    +13
    Search                     8    +2    +2    +12
    Sense Motive               8    +2    +0    +10
    Spot                       2    +2    +5    +9
    Equipment:               Cost  Weight
    Dagger                   2gp    1Ils
    Dagger                   2gp    1Ils
    Masterwork Battleaxe     310gp  6Ils
    Masterwork Handaxe       306gp  3Ils
    Masterwork Leather       160gp  15Ils
    Nightstick		 0      3Ils
    Nightstick		 0      3Ils
    Traveler's Outfit        0cp    5Ils
    Pouch (Belt)             1gp    0.5Ils
    - Eyes of the Eagle	 2500gp 0Ils
    Pouch (Belt)             1gp    0.5Ils
    - Whetstone              2cp    1Ils
    Total Weight:33.5 lbs.    Money: 39 gp in cash and a 1500 gp Bank Warrant.
                               Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift  Push
    Max Weight:                 38    76   115
    Equipment Tossed into Cupboard:
                     	  Cost  Weight
    Backpack                  2gp     2Ils
    - Candle                  1cp     0Ils
    - Chalk (1 piece)         1cp     0Ils
    - Everburning Torch       110gp   1Ils
    - Fishhook                1sp     0Ils
    - Rations (Trail/Per Day) 5sp     1Ils
    - Rations (Trail/Per Day) 5sp     1Ils
    - Rations (Trail/Per Day) 5sp     1Ils
    - Rations (Trail/Per Day) 5sp     1Ils
    - Rations (Trail/Per Day) 5sp     1Ils
    - Rations (Trail/Per Day) 5sp     1Ils
    - Rations (Trail/Per Day) 5sp     1Ils
    - Waterskin (Filled)      1gp     4Ils
    - Rope (Silk/50 Ft.)      10gp    5Ils
    Bolts, Crossbow (10)     1gp    1Ils
    Crossbow, Heavy          50gp   8Ils
    Age: 25
    Height: 6' 1"
    Weight: 225
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Brown
    Skin: Pale
    Stalker is a tall, heavily built human male. He has brown frizzy hair and piercing blue eyes. He usually wears black leather armor and carries a set of axes. Stalker has a pale face, which is usually covered in three or four days of stubble.

    Stalker is usually accompanied by a scruffy looking, light brown, wire-hired, mongrel dog.

    Born Pedro Dorson, Stalker is the only son of Kormac and Kara Dorson. Kormac was a scout in the Brotherhood and consequently he was often away from home, leaving Kara and Pedro in the small village where they lived. During one such patrol, when Pedro was five years old, the village was attacked by Hobgoblins. Kormac returned shortly after the attack to find all the villages killed and the village itself burnt to the ground. Fortunately Kara had managed to hide Pedro in the cellar but at the cost of her own life.

    Realising that there was no way he could raise a child in the Borderlands, Kormac resigned the brotherhood and move to the Confederate States, where he got a job in the cavalry. Kormac's experience in the Brotherhood brought him to the attention of the high command and he was offered a commission. Over the last 20 years Kormac has formed and trained a special ranger unit, which he now commands as a Colonel.

    Meanwhile Pedro grow up in the army barracks with the other military brats. Although they were given some training they had a lot of free time. Pedro spent most of his free time roaming round the city getting in to and out of trouble. It was during this time that he was given theBorn Pedro Dorson, Stalker is the only son of Kormac and Kara Dorson.

    Kormac was a scout in the Brotherhood and consequently he was often away from home, leaving Kara and Pedro in the small village where they lived. During one such patrol, when Pedro was five years old, the village was attacked by Hobgoblins. Kormac returned shortly after the attack to find all the villages killed and the village itself burnt to the ground. Fortunately Kara had managed to hide Pedro in the cellar but at the cost of her own life.

    Realising that there was no way he could raise a child in the Borderlands, Kormac resigned the brotherhood and move to the Confederate States, where he got a job in the cavalry. Kormac's experience in the Brotherhood brought him to the attention of the high command and he was offered a commission. Over the last 20 years Kormac has formed and trained a special ranger unit, which he now commands as a Colonel.

    Meanwhile Pedro grow up in the army barracks with the other military brats. Although they were given some training they had a lot of free time. Pedro spent most of his free time roaming round the city getting in to and out of trouble. It was during this time that he was given the nickname Stalker, due to his ability to locate any of the brats at will.

    Although Kormac wanted his son to follow in his footsteps, Stalker is a city boy and does not have his father's affinity for the wilderness. Therefore, on reaching adulthood Stalker enrolled in the city watch. Unfortunately, his rebellious nature meant that he was unable to accept the watch's discipline and thus he was constantly on his final chance. Only the fact that he seemed to have a knack of ferreting out information that no-one else could saved him from being summarily
    dismissed. Finally, the watch commander saw a chance for getting rid of Stalker and recommended him to the Intelligence Service. Even though he was a member of the watch, Stalker moonlighted as a debt-collector for a couple of the local gambling halls. Although he was not overtly violent, having someone suddenly appear with no warning, when you least expect it usually got results.

    Stalker currently has digs in Ma Baker's lodging house.

    Currently Memorised Spells
    Level 0 Spells:
    Level 1 Spells: Speak with Animals

    Animal Companion
    Special: Link, Shared Spell
    Known Tricks: Down
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    Donovan Tepari, Cleric 5 (Intelligence Service)

    Donovan Tepari, human cleric

    Name: Donovan Tepari
    Class: Cleric 5
    Race: Human
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Deity: Saint Pelor (Community, Stength)
    Str: 15~ +2**       Level: 5        XP: 
    Dex: 12  +1         BAB: +3         HP:^ ??/?? (5d8+10)
    Con: 14~ +2         Grapple: +5     Dmg Red: -
    Int: 16~ +3         Speed: 30'/20'  Spell Res: -
    Wis: 16* +3         Init: +0        Spell Save: -
    Cha: 12  +1         ACP: -4         Spell Fail: -
    * +1 to Wis @ 4th level
    ** +cleric level to STR 1 round/day (Strength domain)
    ^ Diehard feat (disabled at -1 to -9, auto-stabilize)
    ~ Training enhancements: +3 Int, +1 Str, +1 Con
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:              10    +7    +3    +1    +0    +0    +0    21
    Touch: 11              Flatfooted: 10
    * Fortifies shield = 10% chance to negate crits
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      4    +2    +0   +6* 
    Ref:                       1    +1    +0   +2
    Will:                      4    +3    +0   +7
    * Endurance: add +4 on saves for endurance conditions 
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage    Critical
    MW Morningstar............+6.....1d8+2*.........19-20/x2
    MW (two hands).....+6.....1d8+3.........19-20/x2
    MW Heavy Steel Shield.....+6.....1d4+2........x2
    MW Light Crossbow.........+4.....1d8...........18-20/x2**, range 80 ft.
    * +2 Nonlethal dmg (Crushing)
    ** +2 to confirm crits (Lethal)
    * Bonus feat 1st level
    * Extra skill points (+4 1st level, +1 thereafter)
    * Any Bonus languages available
    * Any favored class
    * Simple Weapon and all armor proficiencies, all non-tower shields
    * Divine Spell per day: 
                orisons: 5 (DC 13)
                1st level: 4+1 (DC 14)
                2nd level: 3+1 (DC 15)
                3rd level: 2+1 (DC 16)
    * Spontaneous Cure Spells
    * Domains:
          ~Strength: 1 round / day, STR bonus = cleric level
          ~Community: Calm Emotions 1/day, +2 Diplomacy 
    * Good aura
    * Turn Undead 4x/day (+2 to check for Kn:Rel synergy)
    Endurance (1st level)
    Diehard (Bonus Human)
    Augment Healing(3rd level)
    Skill Points: 32       Max Ranks: 8/4
    Skills                   Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Know: Religion.............8....+3....+0....+11
    --Cross Class--
    Move Silently..............0....+1....-4*...-3
    * -4 ACP (-8 Swim)
    ** +2 competence bonus (Community domain)
    Equipment:               Cost  Weight
    --Worn / Carried--
    +1 Glamour Breastplate.3750gp....30lb
    MW morningstar..........308gp....6lb
    MW heavy stl shield.....170gp....15lb
    MW Light crossbow.......335gp....4lb
    Holy symbol, silver......25gp....1lb
    Spell pouch...............5gp....2lb
    Explorer's outfit.........--.....--
    Signal whistle............8sp.....--
    --In Backpack--
    Crossbow bolts x10........1gp.....1lb
    Rations x6................3gp.....6lb
    Parchment x5..............1gp.....--	
    Sealing wax...............1gp.....1lb	
    Antitoxin x2............100gp.....--	
    Holy water x2............50gp.....2lb
    Sunrod x3.................6gp.....3lb
    Cleric's vestments........5gp.....4lb
    Total Weight:81lbs      Money: 227gp 
                               Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift  Push
    Max Weight:                58   116   175   350   875
    Age: 25
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 230lb
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Black
    Skin: Tan

    While Donovan tends to keep them covered, he bears various tatoos, most of them found near one or more of the scars he received in the fights those tatoos represent. The only generally-visible tatoo is that of Saint Pelor's sun symbol, which he had set on the back of his right hand when he took his vows. As for the scars, the only one he does nothing to conceal is the crecent-shaped mark near his left eye. Gained while holding off a half-dozen ruffians who were trying to extort gold from an elderly merchant, the scar reminds Donovan of the providence he's had; once he would have called it luck that saved his eye, now he believes it was a touch of the divine.

    Donovan wears the more formal robes of his office when circumstances call for it, but prefers more humble attire. While his beard is more evenly trimmed and his face cleaner, he might still be mistaken for a laborer--with his broad shoulders, rough hands, and only-slightly-better-than-commoner's clothes--were it not for Saint Pelor's symbol hung prominently about his neck by a silver chain.

    Donovan was a scrapper from the day he was born. His first enemy was his own umbilical cord, wrapped as it was around his throat as he struggled to reach the birth canal. He was the last of ten children in a poor home, and so had to fight for every scrap of food he got. And when he was ten years old, he had to fight a fever that took half of his siblings.

    Given this, it would have been easy for Donovan to become a cutthroat or a thief, to prey on the weak. Instead, as the man grew, he became something of a local protector, eventually joining the city guard. It was while breaking up a small riot near the local temple that Donovan first encountered The Church of the Light (Knights of the Light?). Realizing his own strength of spirit was what had so long sustained him, Donovan instantly felt a kinship with the brethren of the church. He soon turned in his badge for a set of robes.

    It is perhaps Brother Donovan's tendency not to set himself apart from his flock which has so endeared him to them. He's certainly not afraid to get his hands dirty; Donovan has spent more time than anyone working with the volunteer construction crews he organized to clean up and renovate the slums that housed the church's poorer followers.

    When Donovan more recently spearheaded a campaign to clean out the "protection" gang leeching off his home neighborhood, he fought alongside the constabulary, then sat at table with the gang's leadership to broker their amnesty in exchange for their retreat.

    Spells Prepared
    Augment Healing: All Conjuration (healing) spells heal +2 per spell level.
    orisons (5, DC 13): Detect Poison, Mending, Create Water, Guidance x2
    1st level(4+1, DC 14): Divine Favor, Obscuring Mist, Entropic Shield, Remove Fear, Enlarge Person(D)
    2nd level (3+1, DC 15): Blessed Aim, Make Whole, Spiritual Weapon, Status(D)
    3rd level (2+1, DC 16): Dispel Magic, Wind Wall, Prayer(D)
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    I Defended The Walls!I Defended The Walls!The Perturbed Dragon

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    Charley Demmo of the Intelligence Service

    Charley Demmo (Human male CG) Cleric of the Light

    Character Level 5

    human paragon 1/Warlock 1/Cleric 1/HP2/HP3

    Level 6 wil be cleric
    Level 7 will be Spymaster 1 (prestige)

    10,001 starting

    Cleric 1 (spells as L1 casts as L3)/Human Paragon 3/Warlock 1

    Roll Lookup

    +1 / S 12
    +2 / D 14
    +2 / C 14
    +2 / I 14
    +3 / W 17 (+1 L4)
    +2 / Ch 14 (+2 HPL3)
    (extra roll 12)

    BAB +3
    Init +8
    HP 4d8+8


    L1-Able Learner-All skills are “in-class” and cost 1 skill point.
    HL1-Improved Initiative (+4 initiative)
    HPL1-Adaptive Learning (redundant to Able Learner) substitute Blooded (+2 Initiative/+2 Spot checks/Cannot be Shaken, can be Frightened or Panicked.)
    L3-Heroic Destiny-once a day roll a d6 and add to the next d20 roll
    HPL2-Urban Stealth [requires Know(local) 4] - +3 Move Silently & +3 Hide in the urban environment

    next: L6-Skill Focus (Bluff)—to qualify for Spymaster


    yeah I need to pick these....

    Domains and Spells

    Luck-once a day, reroll one roll, must take second roll
    Trickery-Add Bluff, Disguise, and Hide to your list of cleric class skills.

    0: 4 Create Water; Detect Poison; Light; Purify Food & Water
    1: 2+1+1D Protection from Evil; Sanctuary; Summon Monster I; Entropic Shield(D)
    2: 1+1+1D Silence; Spiritual Weapon; Invisibility(D)

    The sixth son of a poor, relatively unsuccessful businessman. Charley entered the clergy to have food to eat. He had been ignored as a child, so he learned on the street around his father’s open-air booth of goods. Charley's mother was a pale sickly woman who died in childbirth, so he never knew her. Stories about her were always that she looked dead even while she was alive.
    Church life did not really appeal to Charlie. He was a decent-enough parish priest, but a chance meeting with a church spymaster has led to an unexpected series of events.

    Skill Development

    New Class Skills:
    combat, survelliance, information gathering, forgery, interrogation, and other such spycraft are now class skills
    Roll Lookup
    05 - +1 to attack
    09 - +5 skill points to forgery
    11 - + 5 base hit points
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    Nicodemus Brightlaw III - The Intelligence Service

    IC Posting Conventions:
    "Color & Quotes" = Speech
    Color & Italics = Thoughts

      Name: Nicodemus Brightlaw III                        Age: 25
     Class: Rogue (Custom)                              Height: 6'4"
      Race: Human                                       Weight: 225 lbs
      Size: Medium                                        Hair: Black
    Gender: Male                                          Eyes: Green
     Align: Neutral                                       Skin: Olive Tan
     Deity: The Light
    Str: 14 +2            Level:  05             XP:  10051
    Dex: 15 +2            Speed:  30'            HP:  ??
    Con: 13 +1             Init: +03*           ACP:  NA
    Int: 17 +3              BAB: +03        Dmg Red:  0/anything
    Wis: 11 +0          Grapple: +05      Spell Res:  None
    Cha: 16 +3           Disarm: +16     Spell Save:  13
                           Trip: +06
                                *+06 w/ Spiked Chain
        AC:     Total  Base  Armor  Shld   Dex  Size   Def   Nat  Misc
                  16    10     +4    +0    +2   +0     +0    +0    +0
                      Touch AC: 12              Flatfooted AC: 14
                    Total  Base   Mod  Misc   Special
    Fort:             2     1     +1
    Ref:              6     4     +2
    Will:             2     1     +1
    Weapon                  Attack    Damage      Critical     Special
    Spiked Chain            +6        2d4+3       19-20/x2     Reach & Adj
                                                               Trip/+2 Disarm
                                                               +3 Initiative
    Crossbow Bolt (LB)      +5        1d8         19-20/x2     Range: 80'
    Dagger (Melee & Thrown) +5        1d4+2       19-20/x2     Range: 10'
    Languages: Common, Confederation, Brightlaw Trade Tongue, Illum
    Human Traits:
        * +2 INT
        * Bonus Feat at First Level
        * +4 Skill Points at First Level, +1/Level after that
        * Favored Class (Rogue)
    Rogue (Custom) Abilities:
        * Proficiencies: Simple Weapons Plus Hand Crossbow, Rapier, Shortbow,
          Short Sword; Light Armor
        * Fighter Bonus Feats (Replaces Sneak Attack)
        * Cantrips as Sorcerer ½ Rogue Level (Replaces Trapfinding/Trapsense)
        * Evasion (Save for 0 Damage vs. Area Attacks)
        * Uncanny Dodge (Not considered Flat Footed unless Bound/Immobile)
    Cantrips (6/Day):
        * Amanuensis
        * Launch Bolt
        * Prestidigitation
        * Resistance
        * Touch of Fatigue
        * Investigator (+2 Gather Info/Search)          - Human
        * Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Spiked Chain)      - CL First
        * Quick Draw (Draw Weapon as Free Action)       - Fighter (01) Bonus
        * Combat Expertise (Trade BAB for AC, +5 Max)   - Fighter (02) Bonus
        *  Improved Trip (+4 Bonus Trip, No AoO)        - CL Third
        *  Improved Disarm (+4 Disarm Attempts, No AoO) - Fighter (04) Bonus
    Skill Points: 96 ((11*4)+4/Lvl One + 12/Lvl after First)
    Skills                Total   Rank   Ability  Misc
    Appraise               5       2        3
    Balance                6       2        2     2
    Bluff                  8       5        3
    Climb                  5       3        2     2*
    Concentration          1       0        1
    Craft                  3       0        3
    Decipher Script        5       2        3
    Diplomacy             10       3        3     2,2
    Disable Device         3       0        3
    Disguise               7       2        3     2
    Escape Artist          7       5        2     2*
    Forgery                5       2        3
    Gather Information    12       5        3     2,2
    Handle Animal                  0        3
    Heal                   0       0        0
    Hide                   5       3        2
    Intimidate             7       2        3     2
    Jump                   9       5        2     2
    Knowledge (Arcana)     4       1        3
    Knowledge (Arch/Engn)  4       1        3
    Knowledge (Dngnrng)    4       1        3
    Knowledge (Geography)  4       1        3
    Knowledge (History)    4       1        3
    Knowledge (Local)      8       5        3
    Knowledge (Nature)     4       1        3
    Knowledge (Nobility)   4       1        3
    Knowledge (Religion)   4       1        3
    Knowledge (The Planes) 4       1        3
    Listen                 3       3        0
    Move Silently          5       3        2
    Open Lock              5       3        2
    Perform                3       0        3
    Profession                     0        0
    Ride                   2       0        2
    Search                 7       2        3     2
    Sense Motive           5       5        0
    Sleight of Hand        6       2        2     2
    Speak Language                 0
    Spellcraft                     0        3
    Spot                   3       3        0
    Survival               0       0        0
    Swim                   2       0        2
    Tumble                 9       5        2     2
    Use Magic Device       4       1        3
    Use Rope               7       5        2     2*
    *Circumstantial bonuses not included in total
    PP: 00     GP: 153     SP: 01     CP: 00
    Equipment                      Cost    Weight
    Explorer's Outfit                       8 lb
    Torc of Charisma +1            1000gp   1 lb
    Mithril Shirt                  1100gp  10 lb
    Spiked Chain (MasterPiece)     1025gp  10 lb
      +1 TH/Dam
      +1 Crit Threat Range
      +3 Initiative
    Daggers (3)                       6gp   3 lb
    Crossbow Bolts (20)               2gp   2 lb
    Crossbow Bolt/Grappling Hook     21gp   ½ lb
    Rope (Silk, 50')                 10gp   5 lb
    Beltpouch (2)                     2gp   1 lb
      Flint & Steel                   1gp
      Parchment (5 Sheets)            1gp
      Charcoal (10 Sticks)            1sp
                            Total Weight: 40½ lb
                Light  Medium   Heavy    Over Head  Lift    Push
    Max Weight: 0-58   59-116   117-175  0-175      0-350   0-875
    Stat Block
       HP: ??/??     AC: 16   AC(T): 12   AC(FF): 14
     Init: +03*    ST(F):+02   ST(R):+06    ST(W):+02
          *+06 w/ Spiked Chain
      BAB: 03   Grapple:+05    Trip:+06   Disarm:+16
    Weapon                  Attack    Damage      Critical     Special
    Spiked Chain            +6        2d4+4          20/x2     Reach & Adj
                                                               Trip/+2 Disarm
                                                               +3 Initiative
    Crossbow Bolt (LB)      +5        1d8+1       19-20/x2     Range: 80'
    Dagger (Melee & Thrown) +5        1d4+2       19-20/x2     Range: 10'
    Cantrips: 6/6 remaining per Day


    Raised in the luxury of the ruling family of the Grand Duchy of Brightlaw, Nicodemus enjoyed every advantage that the wealth of a huge banking family could provide. He was given the finest classical education, the best weapons training and much practice negotiating the political maze that is the southern realms of the Four Lands. And like most youth who are given such great advantages, he grew into a spoiled, wayward young man who abused his priviledges and had no sense of responsibility. Or so it seemed . . .

    In truth, Nico's branch of the family have long headed the covert intelligence operations of the Brightlaw banking empire. They have established a secret tradition of publicly denouncing a member of each generation and sending this 'black sheep' out into the Four Lands as an operative at large. Nico's Uncle Christos approached him some fifteen years ago and educated him as to the history of this tradition, as well as the benefits and expectations of such an important post. Once he was certain his young nephew fully understood the importance of the post and the responsibility that came with it, he offered Nico the chance to follow in the footsteps of his great grandmother Katherine and his twice great uncle Nicodemus (the First) - both of whom he had previously thought were truly the most famous scapegraces of the Brightlaw family.

    Nicodemus spent the next 13 years diligently applying himself to learning everything he could about both of his lives, while appearing to the world as a lazy dilettant. Two years ago, to all appearances, his father finally had had enough and put young Nico out. Since that time he has been roaming the Four Lands as a free agent, expanding his reputation in the realms even as he establishes a network of contacts and keeps a thumb on the political and economical pulse of the various countries.

    Physically, Nico is an oddity in his family. While he has the typical Brightlaw coloring - Mediteranean Olive skin, black hair and green eyes - he is much larger than most of the Brightlaws. Males in the Brightlaw family average about 5½ feet and slender, and only very rarely do they reach six feet. Nico is almost 6½ feet tall and weighs in at a muscular 225 pounds. He uses his size to his advantage, deliberately leading people to underestimate his intelligence and view him as nothing more than a big, good looking 'jock.'
    Last edited by Maidhc O Casain; Friday, 4th September, 2009 at 09:38 PM. Reason: Complete Character Sheet

  10. #50
    Name: Llyr Vaughan 
    Class:Bard 5	Starting Level: 5
    Race: Human
    Region of Origin: TBD
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: CG
    Deity: Saint Olidammara 
    Str: 09 -1 	Level: 5		XP: 
    Dex: 15 +2 	BAB: +4		HP: XX/XX ()
    Con: 13 +1 	Grapple: +9	
    Int: 16 +3 	Speed: 30'	Stat Increases: 1 pts - Int
    Wis: 15 +2 	Init: +2		Spell Save: +4
    Cha: 18 +4 	ACP: -0		Spell Fail: X%
    	Base	Armor	Shld	Dex	Size	Nat	Misc	Total
    Armor:	10	+4	+1	+2	+0	+0	+0	17
    Touch:	12	Flatfooted: 10
    Spell Res: None
    Dmg Red: None
    BAB: +4
    	Total	Base	Mod	Misc
    Fort:	+2	+1	+1	
    Ref:	+6	+4	+2	
    Will:	+6	+4	+2	
    Weapon					Attack	Damage	Critical	Range
    Languages: Common, Illum, Aram, Dashai
    Extra feat at first level (already included)
    Four extra skill points at first level (already included)
    One extra skill point at each additional level (already included)
    Divine Bard:
    Bardic Knowledge
    Bardic Music (5/day)
    Divine bards need wisdom (not charisma) 10+level to cast a spell.
    Divine bards have access to some additional clerical-type spells.
    High charisma gains bonus spells daily
    Wanderer's Diplomacy (PHB2)  
    Lingering Song (CA, 111) - bardic music effects last 1 minute after done hearing the Bard 
    Extend Spell 
    Spells prepared (Save DC 14 + spell level), all spells cast at CL5
    Bard Spells: 3 - 0 levels, 4 - 1st levels, 2 - 2nd level
    Skill Points: 78 Max Ranks: 8
    Skills		Total	Ranks	Mod 	Misc
    Bluff	        +10      6	+4
    Concentration	+4	3	+1	      
    Decipher Script +4      1      +3
    Diplomacy       +13     5      +4 	+2 [bluff] +2 [sense motive]
    Gather Info     +9      5	+4       
    Hide*           +7      5      +2 
    Know (arcana)	+7	4	+3
    Know (dungeon)	+7	4	+3
    Know (history)	+7	4	+3
    Know (local)	+7	4	+3
    Know (religion)	+7	4	+3
    Know (nature)	+4	1	+3
    Know (nobility)	+4	1	+3	       
    Listen		+7	5	+2
    Hide*           +7      5      +2 
    Perform (horn)  +14	8	+4 	+2 MW Lute 
    Sense Motive	+7	5	+2
    Tumble          +7	5	+2
    Equipment:					Cost	Weight
    Wildwood Chain Shirt [RoTW]			500	18.5 lbs
    Darkwood Buckler 				205gp	 2.5lbs
    MW Lute						100gp	 3 lbs
    Wand of MM (lvl 5) (50 charges)			3,750gp	 - lbs
    Clearwater Tablet (5) (C.Scoundrel)		5 gp	 - lbs
    Liquid Sunshine (1) (C.Scoundrel)		20 gp	 - lbs
    Sunrod (2)					4 gp	2 lbs
    Daystrider Capsule (5) (C.Scoundrel)		50 gp	- lbs
    Tindertwig (10)					10 gp	- lbs
    Trail Bar (10) (C.Scoundrel) 			10 gp	- lbs
    Antitoxin (2)					100 gp	- lbs
    Smokestick (4)					80 gp	2 lbs
    Total Weight: 28 lbs	Money: 2290 sp
    		Lgt	Med	Hvy	Lift	Push
    Max Weight:	30	60	90	180	450
    Age: 32
    Height: 5'9" 
    Weight: 175 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Long, Black
    Skin: Tanned



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