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    Dungeon #142

    Can't wait to get my hands on this issue!!!

    Isle of Dread and The Lost City, as well.

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    I have to say I was disappointed in how the 2nd Savage Tide adventure ended with going right into the 3rd, with no downtime between them.

    I'm hoping the third is better so I can kinda meld the two of them into something a little better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by el-remmen
    I have to say I was disappointed in how the 2nd Savage Tide adventure ended with going right into the 3rd, with no downtime between them.
    No, it doesn't. Read page 18 of #141, starting from the heading "PART ONE: A MODEST PROPOSAL". The DM is specifically instructed to give the PCs as much downtime as they'd like before beginning the next adventure.

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    I love Dungeon. Endless modules. Less work for me. 'Tis good.

    I'd like to run Savage Tide using the Hyborian setting. Seems like a good fit.

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    I got this one in the mail the other day. Was there another post about this? If, not, I can answer any questions people might have.

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    Spill it!

    How much of the Lost City is in the issue? Is this a full rerendering of it (if you know the original module) or just a visit to the top level or so? Is Zargon in it?

    How about that dwarf adventure? What levels is it? Is it "generic dwarf," or are there other flavors mixed in?

    Does the Savage Tide adventure include just detailed area maps of the Isle of Dread or does it republish the "big picture" map as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whizbang Dustyboots
    How much of the Lost City is in the issue? Is this a full rerendering of it (if you know the original module) or just a visit to the top level or so? Is Zargon in it?
    I don't have the issue myself, but we've been discussing it a bit at the Mystara boards at WotC (the author has been posting about it there, as has Erik Mona), and James Jacobs talked a bit about it at the Paizo boards.

    Some highlights:

    Quote Originally Posted by James Jacobs
    Just a quick note to Mystara fans:

    The names given on the map of the desert are taken from the Emirates of Ylaruam, if I remember correctly, so it should be no problem fitting it into that game world (which already had the location of the Lost City more or less pegged down anyway, so I decided to go ahead and maintain that location in the adventure).

    Dragon #315 has a map of the city of Cynedicea, as well as more details on the deities of the Lost City. And includes a 3.5 stat block for Zargon!!

    As for the male-dominated version of the Emirates, the easiest change is of course to simply change Lady Vestang's gender. I'd recommend not changing it though; making her an exception to the rule adds a lot of style and character to her.
    Quote Originally Posted by B. Matthew Conklin III- author of Masque of Dreams
    I can (say if its like the original that is). But first let me recommend that you beg, borrow, steal, or download B4 at the first opportunity. It is for my money the best of the "original 5" in the "B" series and probably top 2 on most people's list of the same.

    Minor spoilers ahead...

    I would say there's slightly more than 'influence' going on. "Masque" can be used as a direct lead-in to B4 (should you happen to own that 20 years out of print module). I do agree that the tagline might be a bit misleading (or even paradoxical) except in the sense that there is an actual journey involved that leads characters to the buried pyramid itself. Basically for me it was an homage to the classic as well as a what-if scenario in regards to the dungeon itself. The question being: What if the inhabitants of the Lost City got out and came to your home town? Anyhow I hope you folks liked it. I personally got a kick out of the fact it was illustrated by Michael Kaluta the guy who worked on Lucifer for Vertigo.


    PS Since "Masque" turned out pretty well I got all inspired and shot off another query to Paizo today.... Something high-level involving the Atruaghin Clans and Atzanteotl.

    Some links:

    Dragon Issue #351
    Mystara in Dungeon?
    Expedition to the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk (really, it's Mystara related. )


    Return to the Lost City

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    Spoilers Below! Beware!

    Masque of Dreams" is a 1st level adventure that takes place above the lost city of Cynidicea in a desert setting. [SPOILER] A underhanded, arrogant aristocrat by the name of Lady Ashinana has recently acquired an oasis which meant little to her until nearby ruins were discovered. After mounting an expedition there, she did not find the treasure she wanted, but she did find some albino humans to take hostage. Now she is holding a masquerade ball back at her oasis. That's where the adventure starts and the characters meet. Unfortunately, by discovering this she gets the attention of several evil Cynidicean priests who plan to offer everyone at the party up as sacrifices to an evil god. That evil god would happen to be Zagon, who does not actually show up in the module. The head priestess drugs the guests at the ball and takes them to the Valley of Death. The characters have to give chase. [/SPOILER] Apparently, the module might serve as an introduction to the B4 original Lost City module, or a campaign similar to it if the DM so desires. I'm not familiar with the Lost City module itself, so I can't tell you what has changed.

    "Here there be monsters is an adventure for 7th-8th level characters set on the Isle of Dread. At first glance, the maps with "Here there are monsters" seem to be pretty limited. It has a map of the island, but it only gives the locations for [SPOILER] the ship crash site, dark mountain pass, shrine to Demogorgon, and farshore. There are also maps of Terror bird forest and some cliffs, a dark mountain pass, and a shrine to Demogorgon. [/SPOILER] I'll have to go back and seen if I can find my issue of Dungeon with the Isle of Dread and maybe my copy of the original module itself to give you more of a comparison.

    The adventure "Bright Mountain King" is a dungeon crawl for 16th level adventurers that takes place in crypts, tunnels, near aura Dwarven city called Khun-drukar. From the initial glance I gave the module, they seem to be pretty generic (LG mountain-dwelling miners with Moradin as one of their chief deities), although, the specific details of the city (beyond the city stat-block given) seems to be left vague.

    Was there any other questions? I'll post some more details after I've had more time to look things over.
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    I still own B4 and would agree that it was the best of the original B modules. This sounds like a great companion piece to it. An updated Zargon means that the rest of the module should be pretty easy to convert (IIRC, it's full of low level human mooks, for the most part). Eeeeexcellent.

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    In addition to the mention of Zargon, there's also mention of [SPOILER] Madura, one of the old gods worshipped before Zargon. The god has a cleric named Ilsinan, who keeps the PCs' drinks from being drugged. [/SPOILER]

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