Immortals Handbook: Gods & Monsters Art Competition!
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    Immortals Handbook: Gods & Monsters Art Competition!

    Hey all!

    Okay, not sure if anyone here will be interested in this but I am running a small competition for those who like to illustrate multi-headed dragons. You can find the details here on the front page of my website.

    But I'll reprint them here for brevity...

    The rules are simple: Send in an illustration of Typhon, it can be black & white, colour and any medium you wish to use. The closing date for the competition is July 4th 2007.

    Email entries to:

    Put "Typhon" in the email title, and be sure to include your name and age.

    Depending on how many entrants we get and what age they are I'll probably have multiple prizes of Immortals Handbook related 'stuff'. The winner will also (if they want) get to have their art used in the Immortals Handbook: Gods & Monsters itself.

    I already have three submissions for the contest, but Mike didn't give me a name to go with each one, as soon as I get those I'll upload the images.

    I should stress there is no right or wrong 'version' of Typhon. There are multiple different descriptions of him in Greek mythology, so let your imagination run wild. Below are two such descriptions just to give you a starting point.

    "a vast grisly monster with a hundred snakelike heads "with dark flickering tongues" flashing fire from their eyes and a din of voices and a hundred serpents issuing from his thighs."

    "Typhoeus was so huge that his head was said to brush the stars. He appeared man-shaped down to the thighs, with two coiled vipers in place of legs. Attached to his hands in place of fingers were a hundred serpent heads, fifty per hand. He was winged, with dirty matted hair and beard, pointed ears, and eyes flashing fire. According to some he had two hundred hands each with fifty serpents for fingers and a hundred heads, one in human form with the rest being heads of bulls, boars, serpents, lions and leopards. As a volcano-daimon, Typhoeus hurled red-hot rocks at the sky and storms of fire boiled from his mouth."
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