It's back! Nightfall's "Ask the Sage" Scarred Lands Q&A
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    It's back! Nightfall's "Ask the Sage" Scarred Lands Q&A

    You got problems? Want to know Belsameth is wearing this evening? How to find a source? What do with Spell Weavers, Spawn of Kyuss in your Scarred Lands?

    That's what I'm here for. Nightfall's Scarred Lands Q&A. You ask the questions, I do my best to answer.

    Hell if I can't I'll make something up!


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    What is Belsameth wearing this evening?

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    Ok, so I seem to have missed Scarred Lands when it was out, but I'm quite curious given the love some of you heap on it. Tell me (in 10 lines or less!) what SL is about and why it's so cool!

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    Heh - not Nightfall but...
    The war between the nine major gods and all but one of the titans is not ancient and mythic history, but recent enough that some dwarfs and most elfs can remember it.

    The titan's passing was not an easy one - the battles left the lands ravaged, scarred and broken. A sea was stained with a titan's blood, from its waters rise monsters. A mountain chain is formed by the teeth of an always hungry titan, the creatures that descend from their heights, and from the hills beneath share their creators endless hunger. A swamp is fouled with the sundered pieces of a titan's body, the dreaded serpent people and other ophidean horrors lurk there, and cannibals with sharpened teeth. And the titans did not die alone - some of the gods that perished leave not even their names behind. One Titan only truly died, and even that leaves some doubt. One titan only took up the banner of the gods, she is the world, sustainer of life, bringer of death, the everturning wheel.

    Nor was the titan's passing forever - they can and will return in the fullness of time. Some have already begun the long journey back to the world where they were cast down. And they will have vengeance.

    The Auld Grump
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    What are the differences between the two Campaign Setting Books?

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    Where oe Orcus fit into the Scarred Lands?

    Is Scarred Lands available as PDF and what products are out there?

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    What's the role of rakshasas in the scarred lands?

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    Was any of the SL moved to open source?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BiggusGeekus
    Was any of the SL moved to open source?
    I'm pretty sure this is too cool an idea to be real. :..(

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    I think I've asked some of these before but I can't find the old threads.

    1)Where can I find the stats for the Titans (besides Denev)?

    2)Are there any lesser named Titans that weren't sealed away? As in, less powerful Titans, akin to the non-core-nine-gods gods like the er goddess of shadow?

    3)Who is the most powerful being in the Scarred Lands?

    4)Who is the leader/deity of the Slarecians?

    5)What is the cosmology of the Scarred Lands?

    6)Are there any Scarred Lands-specific vestiges (for the Binder)?

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