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Ah, at last!

Someone that understands the thrust of the UA work and doesn't muddy the water by getting into edition wars crap

As I have covered on another thread here on these boards what I did not have a chance to get into a revised edition of OAD&D but did have the opportunity to demonstrate in the Yggsburgh campaign setting for the C&C game is the following;

Monster HD number would have remained basically the same, although intelligent monster leader types would have more HD than the run of the mill members of their sort, thus using the attack matrix their chance to successfully attack would remain the same save for exceptional members of their kind that would increase.

Monster HD type would vary by the size and robustness of the creature: Small and relatively puny ones would have d4, those slightly more powerful would have d6, then d8, next d10, and finally d12 for the big and very robust monsters such as ogres, giants, and of course dragons. Furthermore, normal robust adults of large humanoid sort would have their d12 HPs determined by rolling d6 and adding 6 (for 7-12 HPs per HD), while elderly, injured, and immature specimins would only half the normal potential--so a d6 for the d12, This same system applies to the lesser HDs as well--d10, d8, d6, and d4.

Finally the large and powerful or otherwise particularly deadly monsters would have in addition to any strength bonus added to their damage inflicted, a size or attack form bonus equal to the number of HD they possessed (or half that number of the wealer sort getting onlt hald HD potential). Thus for example an oger would be attacking with a +4 additional damage, a hill giant +8 for size and ferocity, plus theior Str bonus, of course.

Now I suppose some whill call that monster munchkinism...


P.S. Of course my ideas regarding gaming, and virtually everything else for that matter, change over time because of experience and relection, additional knowledge and understanding. I do believe that is called growth and maturity.
It's really a shame these rules were never instituted in 1e. I know I would have really liked to have seen them. :/