Betting on 4E - for real
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    Betting on 4E - for real

    OK, prognosticators: Are you ready to put your money where your predictions are?

    Via the magic of Paypal, we can actually bet on when 4E will be announced. It's all well and good to wait for 4E to be announced and say "well, I KNEW IT ALL ALONG!" If you're really that confident, let's bet!

    I say we won't have an announcement at the next GenCon nor at D&D XP. And I've got $10 for the "not yet" pile.

    Anyone else in?

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    How exactly will this work?

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    If I had money, I'd put $10 on Gen-Con '09 for the release date.

    But I am poor, so it will be a gentleman's wager, I'm 'fraid...

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    If it weren't illegal, and this weren't a public forum, I'd bet $10 that they'll announce in 2008.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TerraDave
    How exactly will this work?
    Paypal, for starters. For the rest, hmm. Anyone ever run a football pool?

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    This mod is rather unsure of the legality of such things. This mod is sure that EN World does not want to hear that someone got into a betting pool that somehow didn't pay out again.

    Until we are sure of the legality, I am sorry, but I'm going to have to close this. Whizbang, if we determine that running such a thing is reasonable, we'll allow you to start it up again if you so choose, okay?

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