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    Ysande Zallarhim
    Human Female
    Chaotic Good
    Bard 13

    8 Strength (-1) (0 pts.)
    17 Dexterity (+3) (5 pts., +4 Enhancement)
    12 Constitution (+1) (2 pts., +2 Enhancement)
    16 Intelligence (+3) (10 pts.)
    10 Wisdom (+0) (2 pts.)
    26 Charisma (+8) (13 pts., 3 level, +6 Enhancement)

    BAB: +9
    Grapple: +8
    HP: 63 (HD 13d6; rolls + 13)
    Initiative: +7
    Speed: 30 ft
    ACP: -0
    AC: 21 (+3 Dex, +6 Armor, +2 Deflection); touch 13, flat-footed 18

    Fort Saves: +5 (4 Base +1 Con)
    Reflex Saves: +11 (8 Base +3 Dex)
    Will Saves: +16 (8 Base +8 Cha)

    +13 Melee, Damage 1d4-1, 19-20/x2 (Masterwork Cold Iron Dagger)
    +13 Ranged, Damage 1d4-1, 19-20/x2, range 10ft (Masterwork Cold Iron Dagger)

    +13 Melee, Damage 1d2-1 Subdual, 20/x2, range 15 ft (Masterwork Whip)
    +15 Melee, Disarm, range 15 ft (Masterwork Whip)

    +13 Ranged, Damage 1d8+1+1d6 Frost, Range 80 ft (Masterwork Crossbow/+1 Frost Bolt)

    Full Attack
    +13/+8 Melee, Damage 1d4-1, 19-20/x2 (Masterwork Cold Iron Dagger)
    +13/+8 Ranged, Damage 1d4-1, 19-20/x2, range 10ft (Masterwork Cold Iron Dagger)

    +13/+8 Melee, Damage 1d2-1 Subdual, 20/x2, range 15 ft (Masterwork Whip)
    +15/+11 Melee, Disarm, range 15 ft (Masterwork Whip)

    Improved Initiative
    Weapon Finesse
    Versatile Performer (Complete Adventure 112. You pick a number of Perform Categories equal to your Int modifier, and treat them as equal to your highest Perform category. +2 on Perform checks when using more than one type of Performance at once.)
    Force of Personality (Complete Adventurer 109. Use Cha instead of Wis on Will Saves.)
    Disguise Spell (Complete Adventurer 108. Cast spells as part of a performance. Observers make a Spot check opposed by your Perform check to tell you are casting. Even if they can tell, they cannot identify the spell with Spellcraft.)
    Leadership (Cohort: Level 11. Followers: 50 1st level, 5 2nd level, 3 3rd level, 2 4th level, 1th level)

    Bardic Music (13/day)
    -Fascinate (5 targets)
    -Inspire Courage +2
    -Inspire Competence
    -Suggestion (DC 24)
    -Inspire Greatness (2 targets)
    -Song of Freedom
    Bardic Knowledge (+18)

    Skills: (160; max ranks 16/8)
    +27 Bluff (16 ranks, + 8 Cha, +3 Competence)
    +17 Concentration (16 ranks, +1 Con)
    +31 Diplomacy (16 ranks, + 8 Cha, + 2 Synergy [bluff], +2 Synergy [sense motive], +3 Competence)
    +19/22 Disguise (8 ranks, + 8 Cha, +2 Synergy [bluff] when acting in character, +3 Competence)
    +23 Gather Information (12 ranks, + 8 Cha, +3 Competence)
    +5 Knowledge (Arcana) (2 ranks, + 3 Int)
    +8 Knowledge (History) (5 ranks, +3 Int)
    +4 Knowledge (Religion) (1 rank, + 3 Int)
    +7 Knowledge (The Planes) (4 ranks, + 3 Int)
    +27/+29 Perform (Sing) (16 ranks, + 8 Cha, +3 Competence, +2 [Versatile Performer] when combined with another type of Performance.)
    *+27/+29 Perform (Dance) (16 <free> ranks, + 8 Cha, +3 Competence, +2 [Versatile Performer] when combined with another type of Performance.)
    *+27/+29 Perform (String Instruments) (16 <free> ranks, + 8 Cha, +3 Competence, +2 [Versatile Performer] when combined with another type of Performance.)
    *+27/+29 Perform (Oratory) (16 <free> ranks, + 8 Cha, +3 Competence, +2 [Versatile Performer] when combined with another type of Performance.)
    +16 Sense Motive (16 ranks, + 0 Wis)
    +17 Sleight of Hand (12 ranks, +3 Dex, +2 Synergy [bluff])
    +12/+14 Spellcraft (8 ranks, + 4 Int, +2 Synergy [Use Magic Device] when deciphering scrolls)
    +15 Tumble (12 ranks, +3 Dex)
    +27/+29 Use Magic Device (16 ranks, + 8 Cha, +2 Synergy [Spellcraft] when using scrolls, +3 Competence)



    Level 0: (3/day, DC 18)
    Dancing Lights
    Detect Magic
    Mage Hand
    Read Magic

    Level 1: (5/day, DC 19)
    Charm Person
    Disguise Self
    Feather Fall
    Tasha's Hideous Laughter

    Level 2: (5/day, DC 20)
    Detect Thoughts
    Mirror Image

    Level 3: (5/day, DC 21)
    Charm Monster
    Major Image

    Level 4: (4/day, DC 22)
    Cure Critical Wounds
    Greater Invisibility
    Hold Monster
    Modify Memory

    Level 5: (1/day, DC 23)
    Mirage Arcana

    2x Masterwork Cold Iron Dagger (1d4, 19-20/x2, 608 gp)
    Masterwork Whip (1d2+2, x2, 301 gp)
    Masterwork Light Crossbow (1d8, 19-20/x2, 80 ft range, 335 gp)
    50x +1 Frost Bolts (+1d6 Frost, 8,350 gp)
    +2 Glamered Mithral Chain Shirt (+6 AC, -0 ACP, 7,800 gp)
    Amulet of Health +2 (4,000 gp)
    Gloves of Dexterity +4 (16,000 gp)
    Cloak of Charisma +6 (32,000 gp)
    Ring of Mind Shielding (8,000 gp)
    Circlet of Persuasion (3,000 gp)
    Ring of Protection +2 (8,000 gp)
    2x Wand of Cure Light Wounds (1,500 gp)
    Wand of Alarm (750 gp)
    Masterwork Violin (100 gp)
    Scroll Case (1 gp)
    2x Scroll of Wall of Force (2,250 gp)
    Scroll of Scrying (700 gp)
    Scroll of Sending (700 gp)
    Scroll of Nondetection (700 gp)
    Scroll of Wind Walk (1,650 gp)
    Scroll of Antilife Shell (1,650 gp)
    Scroll of True Seeing (1,375 gp)
    4x Scroll of Bull's Strength (750 gp)
    4x Scroll of Bear's Endurance (750 gp)
    Scroll of Disintegrate (1,650 gp)
    Scroll of Mordenkainen's Private Sanctum (1,125 gp)
    Scroll of Freedom of Movement (1000 gp)
    2x Scroll of Heal (3300 gp)
    1155 gp

    Appearance: In the circles in which she moves, it is a not uncommon assumption that Ysande must surely be a succubus taken human form. She is not, though her flame-red hair - worn in a bewildering array of lengths and styles - and ivory skin indicate that there might just be a certain hint of that blood in her linage. Her features are regal and delicate at the same time, her sapphire eyes as wide and innocent as a doe or as icy and compelling as an empress. Her form is slight and lithe, as slim and elegant as a sylph. She accentuates it with close-fitting, filmy dresses and a subtle dancer's sway in her movement.

    Personality: Ysande is something of an enigma. A life spent in intrigue and deception has taught her to keep her cards close to her chest, and that's precisely what she does. The face she presents to the world is elegant, refined and alluring, self-controlled and self-willed, with no hint of weakness. She is always composed, and always courteous. When she speaks, everybody in the room is sure she is speaking particularly to them, and when she breaks into one of her radiant smiles it is a private and confidential smile meant just for them.

    She seems, in short, like a ray of sunshine in a world of horror and evil. She wades as deeply through the mire as anybody, but the dirt never seems to stick to her.

    This is, as far as she's concerned, the great purpose of her existence - to be a light in the darkness, to bring a flash of inspiration and beauty into lives that might otherwise be quite devoid of hope.

    Background: Ysande was born to a courtesan in the court of a minor demon lord, the result of her dalliance with one of the many Tieflings - most of them distant descendants of the lord himself - who were part of his retinue. As a result, she's always been used to surviving and even thriving amongst the subtle webs of abyssal politics. With natural intelligence, a great musical talent, and extraordinary good looks - the taint of demon blood providing a frisson of the exotic - she was a natural at these games. As she grew up she became a great favorite in court and proved well able to spin some webs of her own.

    She has moved from court to court since she came of age, always in demand as word of her voice and her beauty spread. Demons like to play with mortal toys, and she knew the right games. She also had a natural instinct for the delicate business of judging that moment where the game becomes wearisome and the toy is smashed in a fit of pique. She's no stranger to close shaves, but so far she's always managed to walk the line. In her progress up the precarious and ever-shifting ladder of influence and position in the demonic courts she has certainly made her fair share of enemies, but she's also been adept at making the right allies at the right time. So far she remains one step ahead of anybody who would see her fall.


    Male Half-Fiend Human
    Chaotic Evil
    Rogue 7

    Strength 16 (+3) (4 pts., +4 Racial)
    Dexterity 22 (+6) (13 pts., +4 Racial, +1 Level)
    Constitution 15 (+2) (5 pts., +2 Racial)
    Intelligence 14 (+2) (2 pts., +4 Racial)
    Wisdom 10 (+0) (2 pts.)
    Charisma 16 (+3) (6 pts., +2 Racial)

    BAB: +5
    Grapple: +8
    HP: 49 (7d6; rolls+14)
    Initiative: +10
    Speed: 30 ft, fly 30 ft (average)
    ACP: -0
    AC: 20 (+6 Dex, +3 Armor, +1 Natural)

    +12 Melee, Damage 1d6+3, crit 19-20/x2 (+1 Shortsword)

    +12 Ranged, Damage 1d8, crit 19-20/x2, Range 80 ft (Masterwork Crossbow)

    Full Attack:
    +10 Melee, Damage 1d6+3, crit 19-20/x2 (+1 Shortsword)
    and +10 Melee, Damage 1d6+1, crit 19-20/x2 (+1 Shortsword)
    and +9 Melee, Damage 1d6+1, crit 20/x2 (Bite)

    +4d6 Damage on Sneak Attacks

    Fort Saves: +4 (2 base, +2 Con)
    Ref Saves: +11 (5 base, +6 Dex)
    Will Saves: +2 (2 base, +0 Wis)

    Improved Initiative
    Two-Weapon Fighting
    Weapon Finesse

    Smite Good (1/day, +7 Damage)
    Spell-like Abilities (CL 7, DC 13+Spell Level)
    -Darkness 3/day
    -Desecrate 1/day
    -Unholy Blight 1/day
    -Poison 3/day
    Darkvision 60 ft
    Immunity to Poison
    Resistance 10 to Fire, Cold, Electricity and Acid
    Damage Reduction 5/Magic
    Spell Resistance 17
    Sneak Attack +4d6
    Trap Sense +2
    Uncanny Dodge

    Skills: (110; max ranks 10/5)
    +12 Disable Device (10 ranks, +2 Int)
    +13 Disguise (10 ranks, +3 Cha)
    +12 Forgery (10 ranks, +2 Int)
    +16 Hide (10 ranks, +6 Dex)
    +13 Intimidate (10 ranks, +3 Cha)
    +8 Listen (8 ranks, +0 Wis)
    +16 Move Silently (10 ranks, +6 Dex)
    +16 Open Lock (10 ranks, +6 Dex)
    +12 Search (10 ranks, +2 Int)
    +8 Spot (8 ranks, +0 Wis)
    +16 Tumble (10 ranks, +6 Dex)
    +10 Use Rope ( 4 ranks, +6 Dex)

    +1 Glamered Leather Armor (+3 AC, -0 ACP, +6 Max Dex Bonus)
    +1 Shortsword (1d6, 19-20/x2)
    +1 Shortsword (1d6, 19-20/x2)
    Masterwork Light Crossbow (1d8, 19-20/x2)
    50 Bolts

    Appearance: Kaj is ever-present, a hulking presence behind Ysande's shoulder. He is unsettling to say the least, particularly as he is built like a bear - nearly seven feet tall and broad to match. His skin is a deep purple, almost black, with a scaled patch on one cheek giving his face a strange asymmetry. His eyes are flickering green flames, and a pair of bat wings are folded neatly across his back. His fiendish heritage is thus quite plain, topped off with the gleaming white fangs revealed when he smiles.

    That savage appearance is offset somewhat by the way he presents himself. He dresses in extravagant and luxurious style, always keeping up with the latest fashions of the courts. Likewise, his hair is always neatly combed back from his brow - punctuated by two curved horns - and his beard is always trimmed and oiled. Somehow these accoutrements of sophistication only serve to add to the sinister effect of his appearance.

    Personality: Kaj's manner is detached, laid-back and ironic. He keeps silent most of the time, content to let Ysande do the talking, but he always has a wry observation or a witty quip for any situation.

    He seems, most of the time, entirely unruffled. His bad moods strike like a tropical storm. He can be pushed just so far, serene and sarcastic all the way, but once he is pushed beyond that point his rage is dark and bloody.

    Ysande, it seems, is the only one who escapes both his anger and his sardonic view of the world. He seems somewhat in awe of her, and there's something very funny about the way that this creature, alternately inscrutable or terrifying, seems to turn into a blushing schoolboy with a well-placed word or touch from Ysande.

    Background: Kaj is the son of a minor demon lord. He was never favored - the victim of demonic primogeniture that classes him below his pure-blooded siblings. When Ysande came to the court of his father she found him seething with frustrated ambition. She soon realised, firstly, that he had talents that were being wasted and, secondly, that it would be an easy matter to wrap him around her little finger.

    She did just that, and found to her pleasant surprise that, beyond his immediate usefulness, she rather enjoyed his companionship. He did, at first, display unpleasant signs of jealousy when she took other lovers, but it wasn't too difficult to soothe and cajole him out of that. There's still the occasional flare, but she's sure he's under control.

    When she moved on from that court, she took Kaj with her. He wanted to come, swayed by her promises that a better life awaited him elsewhere - and indeed, she believes it. His father, meanwhile, was happy for her to take him, glad to have him out of his hair and perhaps a little buoyed by her flattering assurances that by the next time he saw the boy he would be worthy to call himself his father's son.



    Ability Score Buffs:
    +2 Dex (19 total; +4)
    +2 Con (14 total; +2)
    +4 Cha (30 total; +10)

    Resulting Adjustments:
    +13 HP (76 new base)
    +1 on all attacks
    +1 AC
    +2 on all Spell DCs
    +1 on Dex, and Con based skill checks
    +2 on Cha based skill checks
    +1 Fort and Ref Saves
    +2 Will Saves

    Other buffs:

    +2 AC (24 total)
    +2 Saves (+8/+14/+20 totals)


    Geas to complete the General's task.


    Abilities used for the day:
    3 1st level spells (2/5 remaining)
    2 3rd level spells (3/5 remaining)
    1 4th level spell (3/4 remaining)


    Items used:

    Wand of CLW, 45/50 charges remain

    Current HP 76/76


    Ability Score Buffs:
    +2 Dex (24 total; +7)
    +2 Con (17 total; +3)

    Resulting Adjustments:
    (negated by debuff)

    Other Buffs:
    +2 AC (22 total)
    +2 Saves (+6/+13/+3 totals)


    Geas to complete the General's task.
    -1 to all skill checks
    -2 to all ability scores


    Abilities used for the day:


    Current HP 49/49
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    Sir William Windwalker

    Sir William Windwalker
    Human Male Monk1/Pal4/GrayGuard8
    AL: LG HT: 6' WT: 190 Hair: Silver Eyes: Green Age: 24

    STR: 22 (+6) [10 points + 2 lvl + 4 enhancement]
    DEX: 16 (+3) [6 points + 2 enhancement]
    CON: 10 (+0) [2 points]
    INT: 10 (+0) [2 points]
    WIS: 20 (+5) [8 points + 1 lvl + 4 enhancement]
    CHA: 10 (+0) [2 points]

    HP: 87 (1d8+12d10)
    AC: 27 (10 base + 3 dex + 5 Wis + 5 armour + 2 deflection + 2 Nat Armour)
    (Touch: 20 Flat-footed: 24)
    Movement: 40 (60 w/Divine Vigor)

    FORT: + 18 (12 base +0 con +5 Grace +1 Resist)
    REF: + 14 (5 base +3 dex +5 Grace +1 Resist)
    WILL: + 19 (8 base +5 wis +5 Grace +1 Resist)
    Init: +4

    Bab: 12 Melee: +18 Ranged: +15 Grapple: + 22 Trip: +6
    Unarmed : + 18/13/8, 1d6+6 damage.
    Staff : +19/14/9, 1d6+10 damage (+2d6 vs evil)
    - options -
    FLURRY: -2 Attack, 1 extra Attack.
    SMITE: +5 attack, +12 damage (Evil or Chaotic)
    POWER ATTACK: -1 attack/+2 damage(staff)

    Skills(Total/Ranks):[56 Points, max rank 16]
    Knowledge(Religion)(+8/8), Sense Motive(+21/16), Bluff(+18/16), Jump(+18/5), Tumble(+10/5), Speak Language(2cc, Abyssal), 4 more points.

    Feats[6]: Serenity*, Divine Vigor*, Extra Smiting*, Weapon Focus(Quarterstaff), Power Attack, Deflect Arrows

    * = feats from other books
    Serenity = Dragon Compendium: Paladin uses WIs in place of Cha for Class abilities.
    Divine Vigor = Complete Warrior: as a standard action, spend one turn undead attempt to increase base speed by 20 and gain +2 temporary hp/lvl. Lasts 1 minute.
    Extra Smiting = Complete Warrior: You gain 2 extra Smites/day.

    Class Features:
    MONK: Improved Grapple, Unarmed Strike(1d6), Monk AC bonus, Flurry of Blows,
    PALADIN: Detect Evil, Divine Grace(+5), Lay on hands(60), Aura of Courage/good, Divine Health, Turn Undead(8/day), Spellcasting, Smite Evil (5/day, +5 atk, +12 damage)
    GRAYGUARD: Sacrament of Trust, Unbound Justice, Justice Blade(Can smite Chaos OR Evil), Improved Spellcasting (1/2 lvl)
    Debilitating Touch(use 5 points of Lay On Hands to cause target to be sickened for 5 rounds. DC 23 fort save)
    Devastating Touch(Deal damage with Lay on hands.. 1 for 1. NON-Evil gets will save DC 23 to halve damage)
    *note: I have 2 grayguard abilities left. LVL 9 is Justice Blade(ANY alignment), LVL 10 is Sacrament of True Faith.*

    Spells (CL 4)
    1st lvl(3/day): Cure Light WoundsX2, Lesser Restoration.
    2nd lvl(2/day): Undetectable AlignmentX2(1 Cast every morning, 1 backup)

    Languages: Common, Abyssal

    Equipment: 110,000 GP
    Hat of Disguise (1,800)
    Amulet of Wisdom + 4 (16,000)
    Belt of Strength +4 (16,000)
    Gloves of Dexterity + 2 (4,000)
    Cloak of Resistance + 1 (1,000)
    Vest of Natural Armour + 2 (8,000)
    Bracers of Armour + 5 (25,000)
    Ring of Deflection + 2 (8,000)
    Ring of Sustenance (2,500)
    Boots of Striding & Springing (5,500)
    +1 Holy Darkwood Quarterstaff (18,340)
    Bag of Holding (2,500)
    wand of Cure Light Wounds (750)

    left: 610 GP


    He was born William of Kalesh, Only son of Cormand, a minor lord of the deserts of Kalesh. His mother was killed when he was young, caught trying to smuggle him away from his father, though some say she is still alive in the dungeons, being tortured endlessly for daring to go against a Lord.

    Cormand info

    Cormand, fiendish a human from the abyss, and one of the consorts of the Succubus Lady Love seems to be deep under her sway, but perceptions can be deceptive. His domain, an area of deserts the size and shape of the Sahara is poor in souls but rich in ores, even of the rarest kind. Still, Kalesh is considered the weakest of the ordered domains and Cormand, lacking a reserve of soul-components to fuel his epic spells that comes close to most others of the spellcasting Lords is wise to ally himself closely to those who are stronger than himself. Because of his apparent poverty in Souls few demons follow him, but he holds great powers over the undead.
    Of his two epic apprentices only Ilva remains, but her wereabouts are unknown.

    William's early life was spent being trained in the arts of warfare, so that he could take his fathers place one day. Though he showed minor skills in magic (A side=effect of his fathers fiendish heritage, and perhaps a proving of the rumours that his mother was a descendant of ancient dragons), his father disdained having a magic-user for his only son, wanting to raise a Warlord. And so he did, training William in the ways of the Black-Guard.
    But William was NOT his fathers son, and kept feeling that something was wrong. Still, this was the only life he had ever known, and as such, could not conceive of anything better. Until he met HER.

    She was everything he could ever want... Beautiful, smart, passionate.. and above all, kind (Not something one comes across often in this world). She was too good to be true, but she WAS true. And she was his, as much as he was hers. The two of them shared two years together and then she became pregnant. This was when Lord Cormand decided it had gone to far. He would not have his son taken by some common girl. Cormand stole their baby and had her drawn and quartered in front of William.
    Thinking that both his love and his child were lost to him, William became withdrawn and cruel - Exactly what his father had hoped for. But when he found out that the child was still alive, a new hope sprang into his heart, and - renouncing his father and his evil ways - he stole the child back and fled his fathers land, taking shelther in one of the many monasteries
    that dotted the lands. He stay there for a year, recovering and taking care of his child, learning to control his rage and his anger from the monks.

    That is also where he was found by the Knights of Shadow, and approached by an old monk who told him that he could teach him how to get back at his father, and to help others like himself.. his mother.. his wife.. and to, maybe, one day, make the world a better place for his child. Agreeing, William took a new name.. Windwalker, and reluctantly left his child to be
    raised by the monks, while he set out with the old man to train, and.. a year later.. He was given the rank and title of a Knight of Shadow, and released into the world, to help spread good however he could (without being captured or killed, preferably).

    Knights of Shadow

    The Knights of Shadow are an order of holy men who dedicate their lives to keeping Good people as seperated from the true darkness from the world as possible. They do this by placing their own souls and bodies between the innocents and the evil. As the Shadow stands between light and darkness, so do the Knights of Shadow. They are a secretive organization - Akin to a cult in more 'normal' worlds, that hide their members across the lands, to avoid discovery and eradication. They are one of the few (If not perhaps the last) organizations of Good left in the lands. To help avoid detection, many Knights of Shadow have given up the paladins traditional weaponry and armour and follow the Monk's path.


    Sir Windwalker (William to his peers) is steadfastly dedicated to Good, whether it be through Acts of kindness, Eradication of Evil, or whatever. He is a firm believer in 'doing the right thing', even when it's not always the smart thing. (Though that does not, as some have wrongly guessed, stem from a lack of intelligence, merely a belief that if it's the right thing
    to do, it's probably worth it).

    William is not your standard 'stick up the rear' Holy Warrior, and is dedicated to the Spirit of law and Goodness rather than the specific innuendo's of it. As a Shadow Knight, he believes in the greater good, though not to the point of overwriting individual freedoms. There is a very fine line that must be walked between doing what you think is right for everyone, and taking away their freedom to decide that themselves.

    The Knights of Shadow believe that by placing themselves closer to the darkness, they keep everyone else safer, and they do the things that the really good people shouldn't have to. Sometimes, if the knight is not pure enough, this can lead to a degradation of character, and some knights have been known to cross too far into the shadows, loosing themselves. It's tough to maintain your righteousness when you're constantly in contact with such
    vileness, but William has managed to do so... Thus far.

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    Human Male Conjurer Variant 5/ Alienist 8
    AL: NE HT: 5’4”' WT: 135 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Age: 27

    STR: 9 (-1) [1 point]
    DEX: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    CON: 14 (+2) [2 points +4 amulet of health]
    INT: 24 (+7) [13 points + 3 lvl + 4 enhancement]
    WIS: 12 (+1) [6 points, -2 Alien blessing]
    CHA: 12 (+1) [4 points]

    HP: 67 (13D4 35+ 6 + 26)
    AC: 18 (10 base +2 Dex + 3 bracers, +3 ring)
    (Touch: 15 Flat-footed: 16)
    Movement: 30

    FORT: + 10 (3 base +2 con +1 Alien Blessing +4 cloak)
    REF: + 9 (3 base +1 Alien Blessing –1 Detached +2 Dex +4 cloak)
    WILL: + 17 (10 base+1 Alien Blessing +1 Detached +1 Wis +4 cloak)
    Init: +2

    Bab: +5 Melee: +4 Ranged: +7 Grapple: + 4

    Skills(Total/Ranks):[108 Points, max rank 16] 8 per level,
    Concentration +18, Decipher Script +15, Diplomacy –6/+4 Pseudonatural, Gather Information +4, Knowledge (arcana) +23, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +12, Knowledge (nature) +12, Knowledge (the planes) +23, Knowledge (geography) +12, Knowledge (religion) +12, Listen –1, Spellcraft +28, Spot -1

    Bluff and Handle Animal –9/ +1 Pseudnatural, Speak Language(4cc, abyssal, infernal)

    Languages Known: Common, Elven, Undercommon, Draconic, Abyssal, Infernal,

    Feats[10]: 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 lvls, Human Bonus 1st lvl, Augment Summoning Bonus, Flaw Bonus, Alienist Metamagic secret 3rd & 7th.

    Spell Focus (Conjuration), Skill Focus (Spellcraft), Augment Summoning (B), Greater Spell Focus (Conjuration ) FB, Spell Focus (transmutation) (3), Arcane Mastery (6), Spell Penetration (9), Omniscient Whispers (SRD 12), Empower Spell (AMS3), Sudden Maximize (AMS7, COA)
    Flaw (Inattentive)
    Trait (Detached)

    Class Features:
    Conjurer Variant: Rapid and Enhanced Summoning Variant in exchange for loss of familiar and wizard bonus feats (SRD). Opposed Schools: Enchantment, Necromancy. Spellcasting
    Summon Alien
    Alien Blessing
    Metamagic Secret
    Mad Certainty
    Extra Summoning
    Insane Certainty

    Wizard Spells Prepared (CL 13th, can take 10 on all caster level checks to overcome spell resistance = 25, Base Spell DC is 17 + spell level Conjuration spells +2 DC, Transmutation +1 DC):
    Summoned creatures, +2 DC to dispell, +6 Str and Con, Summon spells 1 std action as opposed to full round)
    Spells per level, specialist spell, bonus summon spell from alienist

    2+1+1, 7th - limited wish, greater teleport, summon monster VII (x2)
    3+1, 6th - disintegrate, acid storm true seeing, summon monster VI
    4+1, 5th - baleful polymorph, animal growth (x2), wall of stone, summon monster V
    4+1, 4th – stoneskin, vortex of teeth, dim door, blast of flame, black tentacles
    6+1, 3rd - dispel magic, viper gout, fly, tongues, manyjaws, unluck, summon monster III
    6+1, 2nd - glitterdust, baleful transposition, rope trick, rainbow beam, detect thoughts, web, sumon monster II,
    6+1, 1st - grease, benign transposition (x2), true strike, buzzing bee, nerve skitter, summon monster I
    4, 0 - detect magic (x4)

    Spellbook spells Known
    0 - all (minus enchantment and necromancy);

    1st - expeditious retreat, feather fall, grease, identify, mage armor, true strike, summon monster I, shield, benign transposition, lesser orb of acid, buzzing bee, nerveskitter

    2nd –resist energy, sumon monster II, glitterdust, levitate, rope trick, detect thoughts, web, baleful transposition, ice knife, phantasmal assailants, dark way, rainbow beam

    3rd - dispel magic, summon monster III, fly, tongues, water breathing, protection from energy, viper gout, acid breath, unluck, manyjaws, rainbow blast

    4th - dimension door, black tentacles, polymorph, summon monster IV, phantasmal killer, stoneskin, blast of flame, translocation trick, orb of force, orb of cold, vortex of teeth

    5th -teleport, summon monster V, baleful polymorph, contact other plane, wall of stone, break enchantment, animal growth, arc of lightning, vitriolic sphere, shadowfade, fireburst greater

    6th - antimagic field, greater dispel magic, true seeing, wall of iron, summon monster VI, disintegrate, legend Lore, fire spiders, acid storm

    7th – summon monster VII, limited wish, greater teleport, spell turning, prismatic spray, ghost trap, glass strike

    Equipment: 110,000 GP

    Cloak of Resistance +4 16000
    Amulet of health +4 16000
    Bracers of AC+3 9000
    headband of Intellect +4 16000
    Ring of protection +3 18000
    Ring of counterspells (disintegration), 4000
    Misc high dollar spell focus items 2500
    Purchased multiple spells (18950)
    bag of holding, type 1, 2500
    silver dagger 322
    3 potions of cure light wounds, 150
    6578 remains, have to figure out mundane supplies.

    Personality: Canthan seeks to increase his power and open a portal to the far realm. Quite meticulous he is a planner and dislikes being harried. He has no qualms about who he works with as long as they do not prevent him from his ultimate goal. He sees the lords and their allies as a stumbling block in his plans as seeks to undermine their power base by pitting them against each other.

    Background: It was not too long ago. It came to me in a dream. I can only describe it as a presence for my mind could not comprehend its entirety. I was consumed and reshaped with the knowledge I now carry. It gave me knowledge and whispered secrets in my ear, secrets of power. I can hear it now, on the wind, there, feast upon the desecrated, it says.

    It bade me seek one of its servitors, an ancient aboleth in the husk of a ruined civilization. The beast was a wreck, its obsession obvious. It knew I was coming however and was prepared. Though it was the elder, its knowledge concerning the outside was limited. While it instructed me and passed its knowledge onto me I fed it information and sought out relics, instruments, and other items to further our joint studiesThe rotting god is the key I soon learned. Within it is enough power to open a door beyond the veil. I must retrieve and return with the flesh of the rotting god.

    I have to secure aid however, this is not something I am prepared to do alone. I must work within the power structure of the world. Enclave, demon lord, human lord they are all the same. They want my allegiance, I owe allegiance only to myself.. They want my services, well that is another story. My services are always for sale if you can meet the price.

    1) The rotting god is a font of power that can be tapped and those powers beyond the veil are whispering to Canthan how to do it.
    2) Canthan is determined (obsessed) to conduct his ritual upon the rotting god and increase his power and complete the ritual
    3) He is working with an aboleth, need I say more.
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    Mystic, the Nameless One
    Human Archivist 11/Contemplative1/Alienist 1
    Alignment True Neutral


    Str 8
    Dex 14
    Con 12
    Int 21 (25 with hat)
    WIs 14
    Cha 10

    Initiative +6
    HP: 66
    AC: 19
    BAB +5

    Attack: +5 (1d8+1d6 fire)

    Ref: +5
    Will: +11

    Skills: Concentration +17, Decipher Script +25, Gather Information +4, Knowledge (arcana) +23, Knowledge (planar) +28, Knowledge (dungeoneering)+23, Knowledge (religion)+25, Spellcraft +25,

    Feats: Improved Initiative, Scribe Scroll, Skill Focus (Knowledge: The Planes), Empower Spell, Heighten Spell, Quicken Spell, SF: Conjuration, Augment Summoning

    0- all cleric
    1-bless, cure light wounds, protection from good, entrophic shield, endure elements, protection from evil, shield of faith, summon monster I, sanctuary, silent image, snake's swiftness, charm person, entangle,
    2- augury, hold person, summon monster II, silence, mirror image, align weapon, align fang,
    3- dispel magic, summon monster III, invisibility purge, searing light, displacement, ghoul gesture, suggestion, charm monster, lightning bolt, haste, evard's black tentacles, vampiric touch, fly, call lightning, poison,
    4- summon monster IV, divine power, restoration, dimensional anchor, phantasmal killer, enervation, flame strike, confusion, polymorph
    5- commune, raise dead, summon monster V, true seeing, persistent image, shadow evocation, heal, baleful polymorph, slay living, plane shift,
    6- blade barrier, summon monster VI, greater dispel magic, harm, mislead, magic jar, hold monster,
    7-destruction, summon monster VII, word of balance, resurrection, project image, greater teleport,

    Spells added with cash:
    Illusion Domain
    1: silent image
    2: mirror image
    3: displacement
    4: phantasmal killer
    5: persistent image
    6: mislead
    7: project image
    Snake's Swiftness (Druid 1): close range, give ally extra attack
    Charm Person (Lust 1)
    Ghoul Gesture (Hunger 3): ray paralyzes subject unless they make fortitude save, medium range, fortitude negates, duration 1 round/level
    Enervation (Hunger 4)
    Evard's Black Tentacles (Blackwater 3)
    Vampiric Touch (Necromancy 3)
    Shadow Evocation (Shadow 5)
    Magic Jar (Spirit 6)
    Suggestion (Tyranny 3)
    Charm Monster (Charm 3)
    Haste (Celerity 3)
    Lightning Bolt (adept 3)
    Flame Strike (Druid 4)
    Baleful Polymorph (Druid 5)
    Heal (adept 5)
    Entangle (druid 1)
    Confusion (trickery 4)
    Slay Living, (cleric 5)
    Greater Teleport (Travel 7)
    Fly (Travel 3)
    Plane Shift (Cleric 5)
    Hold Monster (Law 6)
    Call Lightning (Druid 3)
    Poison (Druid 3)
    Polymorph (adept 4)
    Align Fang (druid 2, as align weapon but for natural attacks)
    Align Weapon (cleric 2)
    Total Spell Cost (Scrolls+Scribing costs): 36,250 gp

    Spells Per Day: 4/6/6/5/5/4/3/2

    Special: Dark Knowledge 6/day (tactics, pussiance, foe, dread secret), Lore Mastery (planar and religion), Still Mind (+2 save vs. enchantments),+1 caster level to illusions (IIlusion domain), Summon Alien,

    Languages: Common, Abyssal, Infernal, Dwarven, Undercommon

    Possessions: +1 flaming heavy mace, +3 chain shirt, Heward's handy haversack, carpet of flying (5 feet by 5 feet), 10 prayerbooks, fire elemental gem, top hat that has the same stats as a headband of intellect +4, traveler's outfit, tent, waterskin, 2 pounds of soap, 150 feet of silk rope, 4 days of trail rations, 14,746 gp, 6 doses primal dust,* wooden holy symbol of the Balance, magic jar focus (100 gp gem), augury focus (a set of marked bones worth 25 gp), 3 doses of incense (for augury, 25 gp each)

    cold iron dagger +1 x2
    chain shirt +2
    Potion of Cure serious Wounds x3
    Bag of Grease x3
    Tanglefoot bag x2
    Thunderstone x1
    Garrote x1

    Background: The Mystic, or the Nameless One as he is sometimes called, is a disiciple of the balance. It all began when he read a book about the gods at the age of 8.
    "Why have the gods gone, Mommy?"
    "The demons took over."

    As he witnessed the corruption and predation of the demons, he realized that something had to be done. But as he studied more, he realized that evil is necessary to balance the good, and that without one, the other cannot survive.

    The balance had been disrupted, however, and our hero set off to restore it. Abandoning his previous name as part of his old life, and fearful of demonic retaliation against those he knew, he became the Mystic.

    Appearance: The Mystic wears a chain shirt, a black cape, and a top hat. He carries a short metal walking stick (a heavy mace) which is powerfully enchanted, and a crossbow at his belt. Around his neck hangs an amulet of the Balance: a wooden scale, perfectly balanced. He is a young man of 21, with straight black hair cut short and a goatee.

    Personality: Driven, focused, and dedicated, but has a great sense of humor and a scathing wit.

    Dogma: Reality is an illusion, maintained by the four Great powers: Good, Law, Chaos, and Evil. These powers consistently struggle to reform the world in it's own image, and all of these would be bad. In a perfect good world, nothing could be achieved, and self-sacrifice would rule. A lawful world is a great gray space, a chaotic world eternally changing and random. and an evil world- where we are now.

    As a side note, pseudonatural creatures are outside of this struggle and are good summons for neutral divine casters

    Hooks: Will his traffic with alien creatures drive him insane? Will his identity be discovered?

    Spells Prepared

    Prepared (DC 17+ level):
    0- detect magic (2), light, cure minor wounds,
    1- bless, cure light wounds (2), snake's swiftness, silent image, charm person,
    2- hold person, silence, mirror image, align fang, augury, align weapon
    3- dispel magic, invisibility purge (2), evard's black tentacles, haste,
    4- polymorph, divine power, enervation, flame strike, restoration,
    5- raise dead, heal (2), summon monster V,
    6-blade barrier, magic jar, mislead,
    7-greater teleport, summon monster VII
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    Big Ironmaul
    Half-Giant Psychic Warrior 12

    Appearance and Attitude

    Standing nearly 8 feet tall and weighing in at just under 400 pounds Big appears to be in his mid to late 20's but even he is unsure of his exact age. His skin has been deeply tanned by a childhood growing up in the sands of the deserts of his ancestral homelands and followed up by an adulthood of fighting on the sands of the arena. His eyes are a deep haunted blue and he typically wears his sandy hair cropped very short to his head. He is heavily scarred from the numerous fights he's been in but is still handsome in an overgrown way. He wears a set of heavy plate made of mithril covered in razor edges and small spikes along the arms and shoulders. The plate is also finely engraved with runes that seem to writhe when the magic of the armor is summoned. His typical armament is an oversized two handed axe. Infrequently he will use a bow based off of an old gnomish design that uses pulleys, steel supports, and various other ways to non-magically increase the pull of the bow into a herculean range.

    He is often brusque with others as he has not had much social experience and this has left him confused with the social niceties that a normal person automatically uses. He's trying to be a better man but he's grown up hard and doesn't expect or plan for life to get any easier anytime soon.


    Sitting on a rotting stump of wood the barkeep was using as a stool Big Ironmaul thought back to the day he had died...

    It had been hot that day in the slave pens outside the gladiator ring and he had been glad to get his hammer and get into the arena. Standing on the baking sand hadn't been much of an improvement but it was more or less clean and open compared to inside the pens. As he heard the crowd begin to howl for the fight to start he mentally began to prepare. He took control of his metabolism to slow blood loss from wounds, the air around him warped to protect him from blows and his mouth stretched out for it's new razor sharp fangs. The door dropped open and he strode into the ring.

    He had known he was a dead man as soon as he entered the arena and saw the dozen men inside. Had known it ever since he had won a wrestling match his master had wanted him to throw and cost his patron a great deal of money. As a slave he had had nothing but his record of perfect fights and not even the threat of death would take that from him.

    Mama Grater, the succubus in charge of the slaves, had always been fond of Big. Had in fact given him his name when he had first gotten to the slave pens and impressed her with his size. After the thrown fight she was the one who had whispered to him, "Trust the tiger's bite."

    Then he had entered the arena and seen the men inside waiting for him. One of the men he noticed was wearing a tiger mask. During that long painful fight as Big crushed and ripped his foes he kept one eye on that man. He never really participated in the fight and the few blows he did make were all easily blocked and soon he was the last one standing. Badly wounded Big had staggered over to the man in the tiger's mask and tackled him to the ground. While they were wrestling he had felt a slash under his ribs and a soothing blackness had fallen over everything.

    He had awoken several hours later half buried in rotten corpses in the Meat Pit, where the bodies of the dead are left till they can be re-animated for labor or to give the ghouls and cannibal human tribes something to eat so they don't venture into the slums. Thus started Big's life of freedom.

    Big had left town after that and moved far from his roots to avoid bumping into any unfriendly familiar faces. He'd taken several jobs as guard, assassin, bodyguard, anything really but had finally ended up in this dump tavern looking for something new. And this pathetic brew certainly wasn't it he mused with a frown at his beer. Slowly standing to his full height of nearly eight feet he grabbed his gear and turned to go. A bleary eyed drunk on a nearby stool stared up at him and whistled, "Damn you sure are BIG ain't ya boy?"

    As Big left the tavern he paused at the door to say over one shoulder, "That's what Mama used to say."

    Stat block and gear

    Big Ironmaul
    Half Giant Psychic Warrior 12
    Alignment: Neutral

    Str: 24 (+7)
    Dex: 16 (+3)
    Con: 16 (+3)
    Int: 10 (+/-0)
    Wis: 16 (+3)
    Cha: 8 (-1)

    HP: 68 rolls + 36 (con) = 104 / 104
    AC: 22 = 10 + 9 (armor) + 3 (dex)
    Touch: 13
    Flatfooted: 19
    Init: +7

    Fort: 16 (18 w/fire) = 8 + 5 + 3 Reflex: 12 (14 w/fire) = 4 + 5 + 3 Will: 12 (14 w/fire) = 4 + 5 + 3

    Base Atk: +9 / +4

    Grapple: +24 = 9 + 7 (str) + 4 (size) + 4 (imp. grapple)
    G. Axe Atk: 17 = 9 + 7 (str) + 1 (mag.) G. Axe Dam: 3d6 + 10 (str) + 6 (concussion and magical enhancement) (20 x3)
    Bite Atk: 11 = 9 + 7 (str) - 5 (sec. atk) Bite Dam: 2d6 + 2d8 + 3 (20 x2)
    Bow Atk: 13 = 9 + 3 (dex) + 1 (m. work) Bow Dam: 2d6 + 7 (20 x3)
    Unarmed strike: 16 = 9 + 7 (str) U. Strike Dam: d4 + 3 (20 +x2)
    Skills and Languages

    Languages: Common, Giant

    Autohypnosis: 5 (ranks) + 3 (wis) + 2 (synergy) = 10
    Climb: 5 (ranks) + 7 (str) - 6 (armor) = 6
    Concentration: 10 (ranks) + 3 (stat) = 13
    Knowledge (psionics): 5 (ranks) + 2 (synergy) = 7 (9 if involves Psy. Warrior abilities)
    Search: 0
    Spot: 3 (wis) = 3
    Sense Motive: 3 (wis) = 3
    Swim: 4 (ranks) + 5 (str) - 3 (armor) = 6
    Hide: 0 (ranks + 3 (dex) - 3 (armor) = 0


    Power Attack
    Imp. Unarmed Strike
    Imp. Grapple
    Imp. Initiative
    Deep Impact (p)
    Speed of Thought (p)
    Psionic Weapon (p)
    Greater Psi. Weapon (p)

    Psionic Powers
    63 / 63 Power Points
    1st Level Powers Save DC: 14
    Grip of Iron [spoiler]1 pp; +4 pp for +2 bonus; immediate action; 1 rd/lvl; *vis.[/spoiler]
    Bite of the Wolf [spoiler]1 pp; 1 min/lvl; *vis.[/spoiler]
    Expansion [spoiler]1 pp; +6 pp +2 size; +6 swift; +2 pp min/lvl; 1 rd/lvl; olf[/spoiler]
    Force Screen [spoiler]1 pp; +4 pp +1 ac; 1 min/lvl; audi.[/spoiler]
    Chameleon [spoiler]1 pp; 10min/lvl; olfa.[/spoiler]
    Stomp (racial) (Save DC: 10)[spoiler]1 pp; 1pp +d4 non-lethal dam.; audi & vis.[/spoiler]

    2nd Level Powers Save DC: 15
    Body Adjustment [spoiler]3 pp; +2 pp +1d12 heal; audi & material[/spoiler]
    Psionic Lion's Charge [spoiler]3 pp; swift cast; +1 pp +1 to hit; mental[/spoiler]

    3rd Level Powers Save DC: 16
    Empathic Transfer (Hostile)[spoiler]5 pp; cast and touch atk; 1 pp +10 hp transfer (max 90); +6 pp 20' circle; audi & mati.[/spoiler]
    Vampiric Blade [spoiler]5 pp; 1 rd/lvl; mati & vis. [/spoiler]
    Dimension Slide [spoiler]5pp; +4 pp move act.; 25+5/2lvl rg; vis.[/spoiler]

    4th Level Powers Save DC: 17
    Energy Adaptation [spoiler]7 pp; + 4 pp imme. act; +10 resist/9th and 13th lvl; 10 min/lvl; vis*[/spoiler]
    Inertial Barrier [spoiler] 7 pp; 10 min/lvl [/spoiler]

    Mithril Full Plate of Speed +1 w/ armor spikes (+8 armor +1 enchancement bonus; -3 armor penalty; counts as medium armor; 10 rounds of haste a day (not always consecutively) (26550)
    Cloak of Resistance +5 (25000)
    Gloves of Dexterity +4 (16000)
    Belt of Giant Strength +4 (16000)
    +1 Great Axe of Collision (large) (18000)
    Unidentified Coldiron Great Axe (large)(from ogress)
    Bag of Holding (type 2) (5000)
    M. work Composite Bow w/ +7 str pull(large) (1200)
    Quarrel w/ 20 arrows
    Adventuring Kit (stored in Bag of Holding)(bedroll, 2 months hard rations, several full waterskins, tent, everburning torch, 2 bottles fine brandy, 5 flasks acid, 5 flasks alch. fire, 100 feet silk rope, climbing pitons, hammer, and grappling hook, ink, pen, and paper, 200 spare arrows, Map of Aiel-Candon) (361)

    Gold: 1914

    Other things of note:
    Giant (not affected by charm person etc.)
    Low-light vision

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    ø Block Trollbabe

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    Aeryk Voss

    Ranger 5 / Assassin 8
    Neutral Evil, Human

    Str 16 (18 with gauntlets)
    Dex 17
    Con 12
    Int 16
    WIs 12
    Cha 8

    Initiative +3
    HP: 73
    AC: 22 (armour +7, dex +3, def +2); Touch 15; FF 19
    BAB +11 / +6 / +1

    Sword of Lifestealing (+2 Longsword): +17/+12/+7, Damage 1d8+6, Crit 17-20
    Dagger of Wounding +1: +16/+11/+6, Damage 1d4+5, Crit 19-20

    Two Weapon Fighting:
    Sword of Lifestealing (+2 Longsword): +15/+10/+5, Damage 1d8+6, Crit 17-20
    Dagger of Wounding +1: +14, Damage 1d4+3, Crit 19-20

    Saves: (+4 save vs poison)
    Fort:+8, Ref: +14, Will: +5

    Bluff +10, Climb +6, Disable Device +11, Disguise +3, Escape Artist +9, Gather Information +7, Hide +17, Knowledge (Geography) +11, Knowledge (Nature) +13, Listen +9, Move Silently +17, Open Lock +11, Search +17 (+22 with lens), Sleight of Hand +13, Spot +9, Survival +9 (+11 aboveground, +13 when following tracks, add 5 with lens to all scores)

    Track*, Two Weapon Fighting*, Endurance*, Combat Expertise, Improved Feint, Power Attack, Favoured Power Attack, Skill Focus: Bluff, Improved Critical: Longsword

    Ranger Abilities:
    Favoured Enemy: Human +2 (damage, bluff, listen, sense motive, spot and survival), Favoured Enemy: Evil Outsider +4 (damage, bluff, listen, sense motive, spot and survival), Wild Empathy +4, Animal Companion (currently does not have one)

    Assassin Abilities:
    Sneak Attack +4d6, Death Attack DC21, Poison Use, +4 save vs Poison, Uncanny Dodge, Improved Uncanny Dodge, Hide in Plain Sight

    Assassin Spells Known:
    1st: detect poison, jump, obscuring mist, true strike
    2nd: alter self, cat's grace, invisibility, spider climb
    3rd: deep slumber, false life, misdirection, nondetection
    4th: dimension door, freedom of movement, greater invisibility

    Ranger Spells Prepared:
    1st: Longstrider

    Assassin Spells Per Day: 4/4/4/1
    Ranger Spells Per Day: 1/0

    Languages: Common, Abyssal, Goblin, Infernal

    Magic Equipment: Mithral Shirt +3 of Glamer, Ring of Protection +2, Sword of Lifestealing, Dagger of Wounding +1, Heward's Handy Haversack, Chime of Opening (10 charges), Hat of Disguise, Boots of Levitation, Goggles of Night, Lense of Detection, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Cloak of Resistance +1, Potion of Owl Wisdom x3, Oil of Bless Weapon x3

    Equipment: Masterwork Comp. Longbow (+3 Str), 20 Arrows and Quiver, Masterwork Thieves' Tools, Disguise Kit, Climber's Kit, 8 Daggers, Antitoxin x3

    Poison: Purpleworm Poison (8 doses), Deathblade Poison (4 doses), Dragonbile (4 doses), Id Moss (8 doses)

    Wealth: 87 Gold

    Appearance: The majority of Aeryk's body is scarred from his torture at the hands of the Demonlord's bruisers. Fire was one of their many tools and it has left him with no hair on his face or head, except for a few oddly palced tuffs between the scars. The burns and scars have left him looking more monster then man. His eyes though remain the window to his former self. They are a faded yellow, but they are keen and would seem to belong to a predator.

    Personality: Aeryk is only concerned with his own survival and well being. It was not always this way but this is how he has adapted to the harsh conditions of his world. He is cold and uncompassionate to others, their tribulations are of little concern to him. However, he has a hunger for revenge against those who tortured him and left him as a monstrosity. To survive and exist is the highest priority... He refuses to have his soul used as a chew toy!

    Background: I am Aeryk Voss... I was a Black Cowl… an assassin in the employment of the Demonlords. For killing who they tell me to kill I myself see another day. The trick is to not draw too much attention, remain faceless and nameless. The Black Cowl’s are traitors in the eyes of many, we turned our back on our mortal brethren and joined the “dark side”. I don’t buy that sorta talk though... when a Demonlord comes calling, you answer. If I had not agreed to join the Black Cowls my soul would’a been tossed to the dretch to squabble over as a play thing.

    The demons have no care for us though… they just use us as pawns. Members rarely work together so we operate as individuals, that suits me fine. Our leader is an unnamed Shadow of a creature maybe a man more then likely a demon. So Shadow contacts me with a target… a vrock captain that is to be eliminated.

    I do it quick, I don’t even think the vulture knew he had it coming. But the tricks on me cause his allies were aware… they probably were the ones that ordered it in the first place. They drag me kicking and screaming to a torture chamber and I am cut, bruised and violated. I keep wondering why they don’t kill me and get it over with. That’s when the Shadow comes in and asks me if I am enjoying my stay. I’ve been framed! Some sort of scape goat... at some point I musta become expendable.

    When they left me alone I manage to slip my bonds and with a lot of luck I escape the place their holding me. So everyman for himself… If the demons don’t get ya something else will. My wounds have healed, but the scars are not going anywhere. Maybe its best they don’t, fuel for my fire I guess. One things for sure I am looking out for number one, but a little revenge would suit me fine.
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    Jeran Almistral
    Human Warblade 13



    Jeran's earliest memories are of fear and pain. His family was enslaved by a demon house for an imagined infraction; his parents were both skilled performers, but their talents for music and dance didn't extend to political savvy, and when they performed a certain piece in front of the wrong demon lord, the consequences were severe.

    Jeran's father died mere weeks later, thrust into the house's gladiatorial arena with neither the training nor the temperament to defend himself.

    Jeran's mother lived longer: three years that no doubt seemed an eternity to her; the less said about that the better.

    Jeran's beloved younger brother Ales was trained as a house slave, his slight form only useful for small tasks such as washing dishes and folding linens, at least until his innate abilities at sorcery manifested themselves. The lord of the demon house lost no time in brainwashing the small boy and cultivating him into a valuable servant. Ales took to his training with undisguised relish; no doubt he enjoyed the sudden change from powerless and unvalued to powerful and respected.

    Jeran watched his brother's corruption, unable to intervene; his place was in the house guard, training sunup to sundown with sword and body. Finally he could stand it no longer; he killed his sergeant with his bare hands, stole the man's sword, and tried to assassinate his own brother--an act of mercy, in his own mind. He failed, Ales' own magic turning aside Jeran's blade and blasting him senseless in the bargain. When he awoke he was in the gladiatorial pens, bruised and burned but alive, and unlike his father he had both the skill and temperament necessary for survival. He won, time after time, against single and multiple opponents, cold rage fueling him to spend hour after hour learning to make his sword an extension of his body and will. Finally his chance came and he escaped, leaving a trail of dead and mutilated overseers to the compound gates.

    Fortunately the demon lord didn't consider Jeran an immediate priority, enmeshed as he was in politics and his own amusements, so other than the occasional bounty hunter or demon, sorceror, or other creature/person looking to curry favor with the demon lord, Jeran by and large has not been heavily pursued by his former master.

    Today Jeran is a skilled swordsman and killer; he sometimes feels he is only truly alive in combat, with sharp edges all around and his blood up. Sometimes he even feels bad about that. He shows no mercy to demons and their allies, and only little to others, although he can be generous and kind when the mood strikes him. Jeran is a surprisingly skilled singer and dancer (owing to his early training with his parents), skills which he still strives to improve as his only remaining link to a happier time. Being around other performers, particularly singers and dancers, often brings out his more cheerful, friendly side.

    Jeran has no true long-term goals; for the moment he drifts from place to place. He evinces a cool pragmatism about his employment (and his employers); although he much prefers employment that brings him the opportunity to slay demons, he will consider all sorts of work for which he is suitable.

    Despite the calm and pragmatic personality he adopts in public, the same cold rage over the loss of his family and especially the corruption of his brother still burns in him, waiting for something or someone to give it a target and turn Jeran from a simple hired sword into something much, much more dangerous. Given the chance, Jeran would absolutely make another attempt to assassinate Ales, as long as there was a reasonable chance of success. Any other long-term plans that result in the slaying of demons (ideally) or at least the foiling of their plots is likely to pique his interest as well.

    In appearance, Jeran is a large, well-muscled man, clearly a trained warrior. His body and face are scarred from his training as a demonic guard and his further time as a gladiator; half of his right ear is missing, and a livid scar traces from there down the line of his jaw, leaving a hairless streak through his customary short reddish beard. At some point his nose was broken; the net effect is that although he was once handsome, his current appearance is somewhat less than beautiful. He does have a certain intensity of personality which some people find attractive, although he tends neither to make friends easily nor keep them very long.

    When prepared for combat, Jeran wears unadorned mithral full plate and carries a similarly unblazoned mithral heavy shield. In other circumstances he wears simple traveler's clothing: tunic, trousers, sturdy boots and a warm cloak. While his clothes, armor, and shield are simple, unadorned, and sturdy, his longsword (which he has named Chainbreaker) is elegant and clearly valued: its blade is inlaid with platinum and silver, scabbarded in fine jewel-worked leather, polished to a mirrorlike sheen, and honed to a razor's edge. When he wears it--as he nearly always does--inevitably the sword is the first thing anyone notices about him.

    Chainbreaker is Jaren's most prized possession. It originated as a relatively simple (unenchanted) adamantine longsword--it was, in fact, the sword he took from his sergeant and used to try to assassinate Ales. Later, as he escaped the gladiatorial pits, he managed to overpower a guard who had "inherited" the weapon and reclaim it. Over the years, as Jaren has acquired wealth, he has spent much of it on magical enhancements as well as nonmagical improvements (the metal inlays and jewelled scabbard). Of all the things he owns, only Chainbreaker is irreplaceable in his mind; he equates the blade with his freedom from fear, pain, and slavery, and as such its value to him far outstrips the mere metal and magic from which it is constructed. (Woe betide him if Chainbreaker is ever broken, and any thief would be pursued to the ends of Jaren's power and endurance.)

    Despite his generally workmanlike appearance (sword and scabbard aside), Jeran does have a fair appreciation for the finer things in life. He is fond of a cup of strong coffee in the morning (sometimes sweetened by honey) and, although not an accomplished cook himself, he is appreciative of good food and good drink.


    AL: NE HT: 6' WT: 210 Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Age: 23

    STR: 22 (+6) [10 points + 2 lvl + 4 enhancement]
    DEX: 12 (+1) [4 points]
    CON: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    INT: 15 (+2) [6 points + 1 lvl]
    WIS: 10 (+0) [2 points]
    CHA: 12 (+1) [4 points]

    HP: 131 (rolls for L2-13: http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1216117)
    AC: 23 (10 base + 1 dex + 9 armour + 3 shield)
    (Touch: 11 Flat-footed: 22)
    Movement: 30 (20 w/ armor)

    FORT: + 10 (8 base +2 con)
    REF: + 7 (4 base +1 dex +2 Battle Clarity)
    WILL: + 6 (4 base +0 wis +2 Iron Will)
    Init: +5 (0 base +1 dex +4 Improved Init)

    Bab: 13/8/3 Melee: +19/+14/+9 Ranged: +14/+9/+4 Grapple: + 19
    Longsword: +24/19/14 (+26/21/16 vs. evil outsiders), 1d8+11 damage (1d8+2d6+13 vs evil outsiders) crit 19-20/x2
    - options -
    POWER ATTACK: -1 attack/+2 damage(longsword)

    Skills(Total/Ranks):[112 Points (4 +1 human +2 int per level, 4x at 1st), max rank 16]
    Balance(+13/12)*, Climb(+10/4)*, Concentration(+14/12), Gather Information(+5/4), Intimidate(+13/13),
    Jump(+10/4)*, Knowledge(History)(+4/2), Knowledge(Local)(+4/2), Listen(+7/7), Perform(Sing)(+7/6),
    Perform(Dance)(+7/6), Sense Motive (+2/2), Spot(+7/7), Perform(Dance)(+7/6)
    * = Subject to -3ACP in armor

    Feats[1 human bonus, 5 level, 3 bonus]:
    Power Attack, Cleave, Weapon Focus (Longsword), Weapon Specialization (Longsword), Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Combat Reflexes, Greater Weapon Focus (Longsword)
    Combat Intuition (CAdv 106): +1 insight to hit any opponent I attacked in previous round; +4 to Sense Motive to discern opponent combat challenge level

    Class Features:
    Battle Clarity (Bo9S 22): +2 to reflex saves as insight bonus when not flat-footed
    Weapon Aptitude (Bo9S 22): Can gain weapon focus et al as fighter of 2 levels lower, can retrain weapon focus feats for different weapon given 1 hour/feat practice time
    Battle Ardor (Bo9S 22): Add int bonus as insight bonus to critical confirm rolls
    Battle Cunning (Bo9S 22): Add int bonus as insight bonus to damage vs. flat-footed and flanked opponents
    Battle Skill (Bo9S 22): Add int bonus to opposed rolls to resist bullrush, disarm, feint, overrun, sunder, trip
    Uncanny Dodge, Improved Uncanny Dodge

    Stances Known (Activate stance as swift action, one stance active at a time):
    Punishing Stance (Melee attacks deal an additional 1d6 damage at a cost of -2 to my AC)
    Stance of Clarity (+2 insight bonus to AC vs. one opponent, -2 to AC vs all other opponents, choose at start of each turn)
    Hearing the Air (grants blindsense 30' and +5 to listen checks)

    Maneuvers Known:
    Wall of Blades (Immediate action, replace AC with an attack roll if higher)
    Disarming Strike (Successful attack allows disarm check with no AoO or chance of being disarmed)
    Moment of Perfect Mind (Immediate action, can use concentration check in place of will save)
    Iron Heart Surge (Standard action, immediately end one spell, effect, or condition that has a remaining duration of at least one round; +2 morale bonus to attack rolls until end of next turn)
    Lightning Recovery (Immediately reroll missed attack with +2 bonus)
    Mithral Tornado (1 attack vs. each adjacent opponent with +2 bonus)
    Dazing Strike (Successful melee attack dazes opponent, DC15+Str mod Fort check or dazed 1 round)
    Rapid Counter (Immediate additional attack when an opponent provokes an AoO, can be additional to (uses up) or in place of (does not use up) AoO)
    Manticore Parry (Deflect one attack against an adjacent opponent)
    Finishing Move (Successful attack deals +4d6 damage; +6d6 if opponent is at less than full HP, +14d6 if at less than or equal to 1/2 full HP)

    Maneuvers Readied (5, can use each 1x/encounter, can recover as a swift action followed either by a single melee attack or a full-round "do nothing" action, need 5 minutes of exercise time to change readied maneuvers):
    Moment of Perfect Mind
    Iron Heart Surge
    Mithral Tornado
    Manticore Parry
    Finishing Move

    Languages: Common, Abyssal, Orc

    Equipment: 110,000 GP
    Mithral Heavy Shield +1 of Light Fortification (5,020gp) (+3AC, Max Dex -, ACP 0, Weight 7.5lb, 25% chance to avoid crit)
    Mithral Full Plate +1 of Spell Resistance SR19 (46,500gp) (+9AC, +3 Max Dex, ACP -3, Move 20, Weight 25lb)
    Adamantine Longsword +3 of Bane vs. Evil Outsiders (36,515gp) (+5, +2d6dmg vs. Evil Outsiders) (Added 1500gp for platinum/silver inlay and jeweled scabbard.)
    Belt of Giant Strength +4 (16,000 gp)
    2 potions of Neutralize Poison (1500 gp)
    2 potions of Haste (1500 gp)
    2 potions of Cure Serious Wounds (1500 gp)
    Masterwork Cold Iron Dagger (304gp) (1d4, 19-20/x2, 10ft, 1lb, P/S)
    2x Masterwork Throwing Axe (616gp) (1d6, x2, 10ft, 4lb, S)
    Backpack (2gp) 2lb
    Belt Pouch (1gp) 0.5lb
    1 piece chalk (1cp)
    Flask (firewine) (3cp+5gp) 1.5lb
    Flint and Steel (1gp)
    1lb. Soap (5sp) 1lb
    2 torches (1cp) 2lb
    Waterskin (1gp) 4lb
    Whetstone (2cp) 1lb
    2 Traveler's outfits (2gp) 10lb
    Loaf of bread (2cp) 0.5lb
    Hunk of cheese (1sp) 0.5lb
    5 days' trail rations (25sp) 5lb
    Mess Kit (6sp) 1lb
    Percolator (1gp) 1lb
    1lb. Coffee (50gp) 1lb
    1pt. Honey (1sp)
    Pouch of Salt (1cp)
    Pouch of Pepper (30gp)
    Wrist Sheath (20gp)

    left: 429 GP, 9 CP

    Full sheet here
    Last edited by cheshire_grin; Wednesday, 19th September, 2007 at 04:03 PM. Reason: Updated character sheet link.

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