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Poll: What is the longest campaign you've played in on a regular basis?

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Thread: Campaign Length

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    Longest Ongoing:

    I have an on and off again solo campaign with a buddy of mine in LA (I now live in London UK) that's been going on for about 18 years (the character is currently 21st level in 3.5).

    Average Length of a Campaign:

    1 year.

    My current Planescape campaign has been going for about 2 years, with some breaks due to travelling, family and work etc (the party is 12th level we try to play fortnightly, but it can be hard work getting 5 adults all in the same place at the same time).
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    I had two very long running campaigns.

    My first Ars Magica campaign lasted 5-and-a-bit years.

    My RuneQuest campaign lasted nearly as long.

    For D&D the most I can muster is about a year and a half, but very rarely that -- it tends to get rather repetitive after a while.

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    As one of those who is coming back to gaming from an exceedingly long hiatus this poll is useful for judging my proscpective time commitments but only half so. That's not a stab at anyone just that I think there is something missing.
    That is...
    How long and often are you all playing within a given year to base the results on?
    How can I tell if those who's campaigns are lasting 1-2 years are any different to those lasting 4-5 years if one group plays twice a week and the other once?

    You may be basing this on a presumption of a certain no. of gaming hours per week that I am missing the info on. can someone clear this up?

    If not whats the average time I could base the results on?


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    My longest campaign was one I ran in Ravenloft durring 2e. It went for 2 years meeting each week for the first year and then alternating weeks durring the second year. Was a great time, many fond memories of players becoming paranoid from events in play, mystery, horror and tense fights.

    Actually thinking of revising the idea from that campaign and doing a bit of 4e Ravenloft conversion. Should be a fun thing to kick around at least.

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