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    Redclaw's The Sinister Secret of Whiterock OOC

    An Ominous Beginning!
    The ancient menhir, carved with spiraling runes and raised
    by unknown hands, stands half-buried atop the high, grassy
    moor. Below you sits the town of Cillamar, surrounded by
    outlying farmsteads. Against the backdrop of towering snowcapped
    peaks and thick coniferous forests, dark and foreboding,
    your home seems isolated and precarious.

    A shout from your companions breaks your reverie. Theyve
    discovered something unusual about the standing stone!
    The runes sparkle and glow, then a section of the standing
    stone slides aside, stone grating on stone, revealing a small
    staircase descending into the hillside.

    Tired of games Im in stagnating or even disappearing due to player and DM fade, Im starting a short, straightforward dungeon crawl. I want to see the end of an adventure for once. Its a relatively brief mod, but if all goes well we can keep delving into more dungeons. This is not a game that will feature social skills or moral dilemmas. Its just a delve into a deep dungeon with some nasty critters waiting for you.

    I only ask that you post regularly (I would like to have one post per player per day, but understand that life happens once in a while). If someone is out of touch for more than a few days, I reserve the right to have something horrible happen to his PC, and bring in someone else. My goal is to get through the adventure, and have some fun in the process.

    Im looking for a party of 4 or 5 characters. As 3E is coming to a close, and I know many of you out there have races or classes youre dying to try out before its too late, Ill open things up to all general WOTC sourcebooks (no Eberron, Forgotten Realms, etc.). I will give fair warning, however, that Im prejudiced against warlocks and spiked-chains.

    Character Creation Guidelines
    Level 2
    Stats 30 point buy
    [b]Money[.b] 900 gp
    Hit Points Max at 1st, thereafter
    Races Any non setting specific WOTC (includes monster races)
    ClassesAny non setting specific WOTC (includes ToB, etc.)
    Background A brief but interesting background will aid your cause.

    The Party

    Talon, Orc Druid representing Hero4Hire
    Grungner, Goliath Bear totem barbarian representing Bedford
    Tulbar, Deep Halfling Warmage representing Walking_Dad
    Weasel, Ghostwise Halfling Soulknife representing Warshrike
    Elwyn Bluefoot, cleric representing Covaithe
    Freya Stonesinger, Gnome Bard representing The_Myth

    IC Thread
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