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    Strahd's "RttToEE"

    Round 3

    When Ithiken gets a chance to attack again, he issues forth another set of missiles aimed at the far hobgoblin that battles Korbryn. The force bolts hits the Hobgoblin in the chest and drops him down.

    The welcoming resistance is over, but on the other side of the ruined opening, two other Hobgoblins take position, javelins ready, they take cover behind fallen boulders and cornered ruined arch. They shout back to their friends, from a far, another Hobgoblin can be seen, he is running is the opening toward the ruined walls.

    Korb, Miltiades, Lenuran and thandis state new action please.


    Ithiken Cast Magic Missile on Hob3, dmg 9.
    Hob1: Dead.
    Hob2: Dead.
    Hob3: Dead.
    Hob4: Dead.
    Hob5: Move to AC92.
    Hob6: Move to Y91.
    Korbryn .
    Miltiades .
    Thandis .
    Lenuran .

    Active spells & Effects:
    Ithiken - shield
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