PF Kill Bargle! Rogue Gallery (A Pathfinder RPG Beta! Playtest)
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    Kill Bargle! Rogue Gallery (A Pathfinder RPG Beta! Playtest)

    Hiya folks,

    Please place your completed characters here!

    Thanks muchly,

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    Male Human Barbarian 3
    Alignment: CG
    Deity: Tribal Totem
    Region: Shoanti Plains
    Height: 6'2''
    Weight: 200lb
    Hair: Brown (very short)
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin: Tanned
    Age: 19
    XP: 3,600/6,000

    Str: 16 (+3) [10 points]
    Dex: 14 (+2) [5 points]
    Con: 16 (+3) [5 points; + 2 racial]
    Int: 12 (+1) [2 points]
    Wis: 10 (+0) [0 points]
    Cha: 8 (-1) [-2 points]

    Class and Racial abilities:
    Bonus Feat: Humans select one extra feat at 1st level.
    Skilled: Humans gain one additional skill rank whenever they gain a level.
    Fast movement
    Rage (17 rage points)
    Rage power (Surprise Accuracy)
    Uncanny dodge
    Trap sense +1

    Hit Dice: 12+3+6+1 + 2(6+3+3+1) +6
    Hit Points: 54
    AC: 17 (+5 Armor, +2 Dex) [Touch 12, Flat-footed 15], +1 Dodge vs Traps
    Init: +2 (+2 Dex)
    Speed: 40ft

    Fortitude +7 [+3 base, +3 Con, +1 resistance]
    Reflex +4 [+1 base, + 2 Dex, +1 resistance], +1 Dodge vs Traps
    Will +2 [+1 base, +0 Wis, +1 resistance]

    BAB/CMB: +3/+6
    Melee Atk: (MW Earthbreaker) +7 (2d6+6/20/x3)
    Ranged Atk: +5

    Acrobatics: +8 (3 ranks, +2 Dex, +3 Class Skill)
    Climb: +7 (1 ranks, +3 Str, +3 Class Skill)
    Handle Animal: +3 (1 ranks, -1 Cha, +3 Class Skill)
    Intimidate: +5 (3 ranks, -1 Cha, +3 Class Skill)
    Knowledge (Nature): +5 (1 ranks, +1 Int, +3 Class Skill)
    Perception: +6 (3 ranks, +0 Wis, +3 Class Skill)
    Ride: +6 (1 ranks, +2 Dex, +3 Class Skill)
    Stealth: +4 (2 ranks, +2 Dex)
    Survival: +5 (2 ranks, +0 Wis, +3 Class Skill)
    Swim: +7 (1 ranks, +3 Str, +3 Class Skill)

    H: Power Attack
    1: Overhand Chop
    3: Toughness


    Equipment: Work in progress

    Equipment: Cost Weight
    MW Earthbreaker 340gp 14 lb
    Dagger 2gp 1 lb
    MW Hide Shirt +1 1,240gp 25 lb
    Vest of Resistance +1 1,000gp

    Backpack 2gp 2 lb
    2 potions CLW 100gp --
    Grappling Hook 1gp 4 lb*
    Traveler's clothes



    - Very short brown hair
    - Blue eyes
    - Always wears hides and fur. Using warpaint before major fights.
    - Has a more friendly attitude towards half-orcs than most Shoanti.

    - Proud Shoanti warrior

    - Wandering the land in a spiritual quest
    - Was saved in a fight with a bear by a half-orc paladin.
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    Block Ilium

    Teratogen ("Terry")
    Male Gnome Sorcerer (Aberrant Bloodline)
    Hit Dice: 3d6+9+6(Toughness) (31 Hit Points)
    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Str: 8 (-1) [2 points -2 Racial]
    Dex: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    Con: 16 (+3) [6 points +2 Racial]
    Int: 12 (+1) [4 points]
    Wis: 12 (+1) [4 points]
    Cha: 18 (+4) [10 points +2 Racial]

    Init +6 (+2 dex, +4 Improved Init)
    AC: 13 (+2 dex, +1 size, additional +4 vs. Giants)
    17 with Mage Armor
    21 with Shield
    BAB: +1
    CMB: -1 (+1 BAB, -1 Size, -1 Str)

    Speed: 20 ft

    Melee Touch +1 melee
    Acidic Ray +4 ranged touch (1d6+1 Acid)
    Ranged Touch (ray spells, etc.) +4 ranged
    Longspear +1 melee (1d6-1/x3)
    Dagger (thrown) +4 ranged (1d3/29-20x2)
    (all +1 vs. goblins and reptilian humanoids, +1 ranged within 30 feet)

    Feats and Powers
    Toughness (Level 1)
    Acidic Ray 1d6+1 (Bloodline Power)
    Point-Blank Shot (Level 3)
    Long Limbs (Bloodline Power)

    Low-Light vision
    +2 on Smell and Touch perception checks
    +2 on Craft(weaving)

    Spellcraft +7 (3 ranks, +3 Class Skill, +1 Int)
    Bluff +10 (3 ranks, +3 Class Skill, +4 Cha)
    Use Magic Device +10 (3 ranks, +3 Class Skill, +4 Cha)
    Stealth +6 (0 ranks, +2 dex, +4 size)

    Spells Known
    Level 0 (6/day, DC 14) - Light, Ray of Frost, Mage Hand, Detect Magic, Read Magic
    Level 1 (6/day, DC 15) - Protection from Evil, Ray of Enfeeblement, Charm Person, Enlarge Person

    Spell-like abilities (1/day each):
    dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation, speak with animals

    Fortitude +4 (+1 base, +3 Con)
    Reflex +3 (+1 base, +2 Dex)
    Will +4 (+3 base, +1 Wis) (+2 vs. Illusions)

    2,700 gp, no single item may be worth more than half this value (i.e. 1,350 gp)
    Universal solvent 50 gp
    Tanglefoot bag x3 150 gp
    Sunrod x5 10 gp
    20 Tindertwigs 20 gp

    Alarm 25 gp
    Disguise Self 25 gp
    Floating Disk 25 gp
    Expeditious Retreat 25 gp
    Grease 25 gp
    Reduce Person 25 gp
    Mage Armor (x4) 100 gp
    Cat's Grace (x2) 300 gp
    Web 150 gp

    Potion (Spiderclimb) 300 gp

    Wand of Shield 750 gp (Currently held by Lanandro)
    Charges Remaining: 48

    Heavy Crossbow 50 gp
    40 bolts 4 gp
    Longspear 5 gp
    Dagger x3 6 gp

    Bedroll 1 sp
    Blanket, winter 5 sp
    Backpack 2 gp
    Several changes 75 gp
    of clothing including one very nice (courtier's)

    10 days' rations 5 gp
    50' silk rope 10 gp

    Pony (Clyde) 30 gp
    Saddle 10 gp
    Saddlebags 4 gp

    Cash: 500 gp
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    Block Atavar

    Do you mean Bargle?

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    Male Halfling Rogue 3
    Alignment: CG
    Deity: Desna
    Region: Korvosa
    Height: 3'5"
    Weight: 35 lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Grey
    Skin: Pale
    Age: 28
    XP: 3,600/6,000

    Str: 12 (+1) [6 points, -2 Racial]
    Dex: 18 (+4) [10 points, +2 Racial]
    Con: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    Int: 14 (+2) [4 points, +2 Racial]
    Wis: 12 (+1) [4 points]
    Cha: 10 (+0) [2 points]

    Class and Racial abilities:
    Small Size (+1 AC, +1 to hit, +4 Stealth, 3/4 carrying capacity)
    Keen Senses (+2 on sound-based Perception checks)
    Sure-Footed (+2 on Acrobatics and Climb checks)
    Halfling Luck (+1 all saves)
    Fearless (+2 saves vs fear)
    Weapon Familiarity (proficient with sling and all weapons with "halfling" in their name are Martial)
    Sneak Attack (+2d6)
    Rogue Talents (Finesse Rogue)

    Hit Dice: 3d8+17
    Hit Points: 33
    AC: 19 (+4 Armor, +4 Dex, +1 Size) [Touch 15, Flat-footed 15], +1 Dodge vs Traps
    Init: +4 (+4 Dex)
    Speed: 20ft

    Fortitude +4 [+1 base, +2 Con, +1 Racial]
    Reflex +8 [+3 base, +4 Dex, +1 Racial], Evasion, +1 Dodge vs Traps
    Will +3 [+1 base, +1 Wis, +1 Racial], +2 Racial vs Fear

    BAB/CMB: +2/+5
    Melee Atk: +8 (1d4+1/18-20/x2, masterwork rapier)
    Ranged Atk: +7 (1d3+1/20/x2, sling)

    Acrobatics				+12 (3 ranks, +4 Dex, +3 Class Skill, +2 Racial)
    Appraise				+8 (3 ranks, +2 Int, +3 Class Skill)
    Climb					+9 (3 ranks, +1 Str, +3 Class Skill, +2 Racial)
    Disable Device				+12 (3 ranks, +4 Dex, +3 Class Skill, +2 Circumstance (masterwork tools))
    Escape Artist				+10 (3 ranks, +4 Dex, +3 Class Skill)		
    Knowledge: Dungeoneering		+8 (3 ranks, +2 Int, +3 Class Skill)
    Perception				+7 (3 ranks, +1 Wis, +3 Class Skill), +2 on sound-based checks
    Sleight of Hand				+10 (3 ranks, +4 Dex, +3 Class Skill)
    Stealth					+14 (3 ranks, +4 Dex, +3 Class Skill, +4 Size)
    Use Magic Device			+6 (3 ranks, +0 Cha, +3 Class Skill)
    Agile Maneuvers
    Weapon Finesse
    Improved Disarm

    Thieves' Cant

    Masterwork rapier, 320g, 1 lb
    Daggers x 4, 8g, 2 lbs
    Sling, -, -
    Pouch w/ 10 sling bullets, 2 sp, 2.5 lbs
    +1 Studded Leather, 1175g, 10 lbs
    Explorer's Outfit, 10g, 2 lbs
    Backpack, 2g, 0.5 lbs
    8 days' trail rations, 4g, 2 lbs
    Bedroll, 1s, 1.25 lbs
    Waterskin, 1g, 1 lb
    Masterwork thieves' tools, 100g, 2 lbs
    Thunderstones x2, 60g, 2 lbs
    Universal Solvent (1 dose), 50g, -
    Quaal's Feather Token (tree), 400g, -
    Potion of Cure Light Wounds x4, 200g, -
    Potion of Darkvision, 300g, -
    Flask of acid x2, 20g, 2 lbs
    Gems worth a total of 25g


    Carrying Capacity:
    28.25 lbs (Light)
    0-28, 29-57, 58-86


    Corby makes for an unusual sight in his wide-brimmed hat, loose shirt, leather breeches and gloves, and fine cloak. He says he's "dashing and daring" - others have their own opinions. Still, few forget the strangely-dressed halfling with the long, limp black hair and piercing grey eyes.

    Outside of his adventuring companions, Corby is dapper and charming as a snake-oil salesman. When interacting with his friends, though, Corby is a completely different person. He teases, grumbles, mutters, and complains relentlessly - especially when the "bigs" get in his way in combat - but he would gladly sacrifice his life for theirs. It is his greatest regret that he was unable to save the companion that Bargle had murdered in the past, and his greatest desire to see Bargle pay for it - slowly.

    Corby was born to escaped Cheliaxian slaves; they fled the country with no money to their name and no livelihood other than menial tasks. As a result, Corby grew up on the streets of Korvosa, living from one meal to the next. Frequently he had to steal food to survive, and, indeed, it was theft that robbed him of his parents. They were caught pilfering items from a pawn shop to pay for rent on their small dwelling and given little mercy by the Korvosan justice system. The judge they pulled was not as inclined to mercy as some others, and his parents were both imprisoned for five years each. They died there, and Corby was left to his own devices.
    On his own, Corby quickly fell into the company of the less reputable gangs and organizations in the city, but his remarkable luck kept him out of serious trouble. He always seemed to be away when the Cerulean Society's tax collectors came calling, or when an angry mob formed, or when a rival gang moved in for the kill. Eventually, though, he got a reputation for just that, and only a tip from a friendly baker's wife who had taken to leaving some bread out for him in the evenings got him out of the city ahead of the hunting party that was after him.
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    Lanandro, Varisian Sorcerer

    Male Human (Varisian) Sorcerer 3
    Alignment: CG
    Deity: Desna
    Region: wandering
    Height: 5'10''
    Weight: 158 lb.
    Hair: Black, long and loose, mustache
    Eyes: Green
    Skin: Olive with numerous Tattoos
    Age: 23
    XP: 3300 / 6000

    Str: 10 (+0) [0 points]
    Dex: 14 (+2) [5 points]
    Con: 14 (+2) [5 points]
    Int: 13 (+1) [3 points]
    Wis: 10 (+0) [0 points]
    Cha: 17 (+3) [7 points, +2 Racial]

    Class and Racial abilities:
    Bonus feat (one additional feat at level 1)
    Skilled (+1 skill rank for each level)
    Weapon training (proficient with the starknife)
    +2 to charisma
    favored class : sorcerer

    Bloodline : Elemental (air)
    1 Bloodline bonus spell : burning hands (electricity substitution)
    Elemental ray (Su) As a standard action, you make a ranged touch attack that deals 1d6+1 electricity damage to a foe within 30 ft.
    Elemental resistance (Ex) Resist electricity 10

    Hit Dice: 3d6+12
    Hit Points: 28 (6 (racial) + 6 + 5 + 5 (hit dices) + 2*3 (con bonus))
    AC: 12 (16) ((+4 Mage Armor), +2 Dex) [Touch 12, Flat-footed 10 (14)]
    Init: +2 (+2 Dex)
    Speed: 30ft

    Fortitude +4 (+1 base, +2 Con, +1 cloak)
    Reflex +4 (+1 base, +2 Dex, +1 cloak)
    Will +4 (+3 base, +0 Wis, +1 cloak)

    BAB/CMB: +1/+1
    Melee Atk: +2 (1d4/x3, mw starknife)
    Ranged Atk: +4 (+5) (1d4(+1)/x3, mw starknife) or +3 (+4) touch (1d6+1 (+2) electricity) (numbers in parenthesis apply if within 30 ft.)

    Skills: (Skill points : [2+1(int)+1(human)]*3 lvls + 3 favored class bonus = 15)
    Acrobatics +5 (3 ranks, +2 Dex)
    Appraise +7 (3 ranks, +1 Int, +3 Class Skill)
    Bluff +7 (1 rank, +3 Cha, +3 Class Skill)
    Intimidate +7 (1 rank, +3 Cha, +3 Class Skill)
    Knw (planes) +5 (1 rank, +1 Int, +3 Class Skill)
    Perception +6 (3 ranks, +0 Wis, +3 feat)
    Spellcraft +7 (3 ranks, +1 Int, +3 Class Skill)

    Eschew Materials (Sorcerer bonus)
    Skill Focus : Perception (Human bonus)
    Point Blank Shot (lvl 1)
    Precise Shot (lvl 3)


    Spells: (Spells per day : 6 ; Save DC = 13 + spell lvl)
    0 lvl : At will, Daze (30 ft, WDC 13), Detect Magic (60 ft, concen/3 min), Ghost sound (30 ft, 3 rounds, sounds of 12 humans), Message (130 ft, 30 min), Prestidigitation ;
    1st lvl : 6 / 6, 'Electric' hands (15 ft, 3d4, RDC 14), Grease (30 ft, 3 min), Mage Armor (touch, 3 hours), Magic Missile (130 ft, 2D4+2).

    Mw Starknife ; 324 gp ; 3 lb.
    3 Starknives ; 72 gp ; 9 lb.
    Reinforced scarf ; 10 gp ; 1 lb.
    Pocketed scarf ; 8 gp ; 0.5 lb.
    Traveller's outfit ; --

    Wand of silent image (50 charges) ; 750 gp
    4 potions of cure light wounds ; 200 gp
    Cloak of resistance +1 ; 1000 gp
    Scroll of levitate ; 150 gp
    Scroll of invisibility ; 150 gp

    2 thunderstones ; 60 gp ; 2 lb.
    2 flasks of alchemist's fire ; 40 gp ; 2 lb.

    Donkey ; 8 gp (all the following equipment is on the donkey)
    Pack saddle ; 5 gp
    Everburning torch ; 110 gp
    10 days of feed ; 5 sp
    10 days of trail ration ; 5 gp
    2 water skins ; 2 gp
    Bedroll ; 1 sp
    Winter blanket ; 5 sp

    104 gp ; 9 sp

    Carried weight : 17.5 lb.
    Encumbrance : Light (< then 33 lb.)


    Lanandro has the classic dark hair and tan olive skin of the Varisians. He keeps his hair really long as he likes the feeling of the wind blowing through them. His usual outfit is simple leather boots, wool breeches, wool shirt and a warm cloak to protect against the cold. He also has numerous scarves of many bright colors that stand out with the rest of his clothes.

    Lanandro is prone to rapid mood swings. He's quick to anger but he also makes fast friends and smiles often. He hates remaining in one place for too long, prefering the nomad ways of his people.

    Lanandro was part of a wandering group of Varisian amongst who a natural gift to control the weather and the elements was somewhat common. It was clear at an early age that Lanandro shared this gift and the clan's elders started to train him the focus and control necessary to wield this power correctly. Lanandro's life changed drasticly a few weeks before the passing of age ritual that was to mark his passage into manhood and give him permission to use his power freely. While the clan's caravan was parked near the great city of Korvosa, they were wrongfully accused of abducting the daughter of some noble. The Chelaxians need little reason to hate and attack the Varisians. Indeed, a bunch of knights from the Order of the Nail raided their caravan. They killed or captured most of the clan. Lanandro was one of the few that escaped. He only stayed in Korvosa long enough to learn that his captured clanmates were trialed, executed or sold to slavery. He has wanted revenge ever since.

    Lanandro soon realized that his clan must have been made the scapegoat of some political intrigue in Korvosa. Being just a young unproven sorcerer, he knew he couldn't do much on his own and he simply wandered from an hamlet to the next. His break came many years later when he join a adventuring party. They had a few adventures and eventually meet an Acadamae graduate named Bargle. For the retrieval of a tome from the Mushfens, he promised them many things including some information about who had made his clan a scapegoat. Lanandro didn't trust the Chelaxian but he had to pursue this lead. He was right to be apprehensive as Bargle turn out to be a treator. They survived the ambush he prepared but not before one of their number was killed. Lanandro now has two reasons to hunt down Bargle. He wants to avenge their lost party member and possibly get the promised information out of him.

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    Block Redclaw

    Thieren Hammersoul
    Male Dwarf Cleric 3
    Deity: Torag
    Domains: Earth, Good
    Hit Dice: 3d8 +6 Con +8 racial +3 favored class(37 Hit Points)
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Languages: Common, Dwarven, Elemental

    Str: 14 (+2) [5 points]
    Dex: 10 (+0) [0 points]
    Con: 15 (+2) [3 points +2 Racial]
    Int: 10 (+0) [0 points]
    Wis: 16 (+3) [5 points +2 Racial]
    Cha: 13 (+1) [7 points -2 Racial]

    Init +0 (+0 dex)
    AC: 20 (8 Armor +2 Shield +0 dex, additional +4 vs. Giants)

    BAB: +2
    CMB: +4 (+2 BAB, +2 Str, additional +4 vs bull rush or trip)
    ACP: -8

    Speed: 20 ft

    Warhammer +5 melee (1d8+2)
    Acid Dart +2 ranged touch (1d6+1)
    Dagger +4 melee/+2 thrown (1d4+2)
    (all +1 vs. goblins and orcs)

    Feats and Powers
    Combat Casting (Level 1)
    Turn Undead 4/day (2d6) DC 14
    Touch of Good (Good Domain) +3
    Acid Dart (Earth Domain) (1d6+1 ranged touch)
    Protection from Evil 1/day (Good Domain)
    Magic Stone 1/day (Earth Domain)
    Improved Turning (Level 3)

    Darkvision 60
    +2 on Taste and Touch perception checks
    Use Appraise untrained with nonmagical items
    Weapon Familiarity
    +1 attack bonus vs. orc and goblin subtypes
    +4 dodge bonus against giants
    Stability (+4 to resist bull rush or trip)
    Favored Class: Cleric

    Craft (armorsmithing) +4 (1 +3 class skill +0 Int)
    Heal +7 (1 +3 class skill +3 Wis)
    Knowledge (religion) +5 (2 +3 class skill +0 Int)
    Spellcraft +5 (2 +3 Class Skill, +0 Int) (+4 for defensive casting)

    Level 0 (4/day, DC 13) -
    Level 1 (3/day, DC 14) -
    Level 2 (2/day, DC 15)

    Fortitude +6 (+3 base, +3 Con)
    Reflex +1 (+1 base, +0 Dex)
    Will +6 (+3 base, +3 Wis)
    +2 vs poison, spells and spell-like abilities

    3,000 gp, no single item may be worth more than half this value (i.e. 1,350 gp)
    Full Plate (1,500gp)
    Heavy Steel Shield (20 gp)
    MW Warhammer (312 gp)
    Wand of Cure Light Wounds (750)
    Scroll of Comprehend Languages (25 gp)
    Scroll of Remove Paralysis (150 gp)
    Scroll of Lesser Restoration (150 gp)
    Backpack (2gp)
    Scroll Case (1gp)
    Flask (3cp)
    MW Artisan's Tools (55 gp)
    Waterskin (1gp)
    Cleric's Vestments --
    Holy Symbol, Silver (25 gp)

    8 gp 9 sp 7cp

    Background: Thieren lived in Janderhof, learning the art of armorsmithing, and the worship of Torag. He was widely respected for the promise he showed in both areas. One day, the Forge-Priests summoned him into their presence. There they told him of an ancient suit of armor, sacred to Torag and his followers. This armor had been lost for centuries, having disappeared while in the possession of Graelen Frostbeard, a dwarven paladin of Torag, while he adventured in the distant Malgorian mountains. They told him that he had been chosen to search for that suit of armor, to make its recovery his life's work.

    Leaving Janderhof, Thieren searched for any clue of Graelen's path. While in the city of Nybor, Thieren met a scholar of some local renown. This scholar, Bargle, claimed to have some information, and offered to help Thieren's search. He explained that he needed funds to secure the tomes that would guide their search, and thus recruited Thieren for his adventure into the Mushfens. On this journey, Thieren came to respect, and even admire, Bargle's other employees, so much so that when Bargle betrayed them, he decided to stay with them and search the traitor out, rather than return directly to his search.


    Carrion Crawler=+300

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    Jorrayl "Snapper" Heeden

    Human Rogue

    Abilities: Str 14, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 8, Cha 7

    (Racial bonus to Dex)

    HP:41 (8 + 6 Racial + 6 Toughness + 6 Con + 12 HD + 3 Favored Class)

    Saves: Fortitude 3, Reflex 7, Will 0

    Attack: MW Rapier +7 (1d6+2/18-20x2) or Longbow +6 (1d8+2)

    Full Attack: MW Rapier +5 (1d6+2/18-20x2) and MW Cold Iron Shortsword +5 (1d6+1/19-20x2)

    Feats: Toughness, Two Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse

    Rogue Talents: Bleeding Attack

    AC: 20 (5 Armor, 1 Shield, 4 Dex), Flat Footed 16, Touch 14

    (All maxed ranks, ability modifiers and ACP included.)
    Acrobatics 9
    Bluff 4
    Disable Device 9 (MW Thieves Tools)
    Escape Artist 9
    Knowledge Dungeoneering 8
    Knowledge Local 8
    Linguistics 8
    Perception 5
    Sleight of Hand 9
    Stealth 9
    Use Magic Device 4

    Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Draconic, Goblin, Orc

    +1 Chainshirt 1,250gp
    MW Buckler 165gp
    MW Rapier 310gp
    MW Cold Iron Shortsword 320gp
    Backpack 2gp
    Wand of Shield 25 charges 325gp
    Wand of Cure Light Wounds 10 charges 150gp
    MW Thieves Tools 100gp
    Longbow Mighty Composite + 2 300gp (Human Proficiency)
    20 Arrows
    Sap 2gp
    Club 0gp
    Sling 0gp
    10 Bullets 1sp
    Trail Rations x 4 2gp
    2 pp 5gp 9sp

    An exceptionally ugly Varisian, Jorrayl has a rodentine face dominated by a broken nose that overwhelms all the other features. Half of his face is marred by livid burns where a series of the typical Varasian tatoos appear to have been removed. He almost always appears significantly shorter than his six feet due to a habitual crouching stance. His clothing tends towards the drab and utilitarian, and he generally fades well into the background.

    A member of the Varisian criminal brotherhood known as the Sczarni Jorrayl has lead a hard life. Orphaned in Sandpoint at the tender age of ten he was forced into the life of a petty thief, which he took to like a duck to water. Ruthless and vindictive he soon acquired a reputation, earning his nickname "Snapper" after biting off an older boys lower lip when the older lad thought to rob him.

    The tatoos applied by his mother had been his one pride and joy, but when he ran afoul of a young Chelaxian noble from Korvosa named Malden Kaltris. The young thief stole Kaltris's prized rapier, a masterwork blade which had been handed down through several generations. Kaltris hired a half dozen local thugs to revenge himself after tracking down and bribing the fence Jorrayl sold the unique blade to. Upon finding the young rogue Kaltris had him held down whilst he carefully burned off every last tatoo with several viles of acid.

    Two years later in Korvosa a hardened Jorrayl woke to find the rogue's grizzly visage smiling down at him as the acid was poured down his throat. Jorrayl now carries the Chelaxian's heirloom in place of his own. He has only recently returned to Sandpoint and is now even more vicious and reckless than before.

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    Garvin Wanderer, Human Ranger 3

    Name:       Garvin Wanderer
    Class:      Ranger
    Race:       Human (Chelaxian)
    Size:       Medium (5'11", 183 lbs)
    Gender:     Male
    Alignment:  Chaotic Good
    Deity:      Desna
    Str: 16 +3  (5p.+2)   Level:    3     XP: 3,300
    Dex: 14 +2  (5p.)     BAB:     +3     HP: 41 (3d10+6+6+3)
    Con: 14 +2  (5p.)     CMB:     +6
    Int: 10 +0  (0p.)     Speed:   30'
    Wis: 14 +2  (5p.)     Init:    +2
    Cha: 10 +0  (0p.)
                          Base  Armor  Shield  Dex  Size  Misc
    Armor: 19              10     +5     +2     +2   +0    --
    Touch: 12
    Flat:  17
                          Base  Mod  Misc
    Fort:  +5              +3    +2   +0
    Ref:   +5              +3    +2   +0
    Will:  +5              +1    +2   +2
    Weapon                Attack  Damage  Critical
    MW Longsword           +8     1d8+3     19-20
    Shield Bash            +6     1d3+1      20
    Dagger                 +6     1d4+3     19-20
    Dagger, Thrown         +5     1d4+3     19-20         (10' Range)
    Full Attack:
    Longsword +6
    Shield Bash +4
    Languages: Common
    +2 Strength
    Bonus Feat
    Favored Class: Ranger
    Favored Enemy: Humanoid (Human) +2)
    Wild Empathy +3
    Combat Style: Two Weapon Fighting
    Favored Terrain: Forest +2/+1
    Weapon Focus: Longsword [human]
    Improved Shield Bash [1st]
    Two Weapon Fighting [Ranger 2]*
    Iron Will [3rd]
    Endurance [Ranger 3]
    * Combat Style Feat
    Skill Ranks: 21
    Skills:                         Ranks  Mod  Class Misc
    Acrobatics +4                    3     +2    --    -1*
    Climb +8                         3     +3    +3    -1*
    Heal +8                          3     +2    +3    --
    Knowledge(Geography) +6          3     +0    +3    --
    Perception +8                    3     +2    +3    --
    Stealth +7                       3     +2    +3    -1*
    Survival +8                      3     +2    +3    --
    * Armor Check Penalty: -1
    Equipment:                Cost  Weight
    Backpack                   2gp     2lb
    Belt Pouch                 1gp   0.5lb
    Flint and Steel            1gp     -lb
    Healer's Kit (10 uses)    50gp     1lb
    Rations (3 days)         1.5gp     3lb
    Rope, Silk (50')          10gp     5lb
    Sewing Needle            0.5gp     -lb
    Waterskin                  1gp     4lb
    Whetstone               0.02gp     1lb
    Everburning Torch        110gp     1lb
    Potion (CLW)              50gp     -lb
    MW Longsword             315gp     4lb
    Dagger (3)                 6gp     3lb
    +1 Chain Shirt          1250gp    25lb
    +1 Small Wooden Shield  1153gp     5lb
                   Totals   2951.02   54.5
    Total Weight: 54.5 / 76 lb (light load)
    Money: 48 gp 9 sp 8 cp
    Garvin is a hard looking man, prematurely aged by weather and warfare. Some men achieve a sort of rugged dignity with such a lifestyle, Garvin just looks like he was too stubborn to give up and die when he was supposed to. He was never going to be a handsome man, but scars, wrinkles and a dour expression sealed the deal.
    Garvins mother was a beautiful woman. A youthful indiscretion had left her with a son and no husband. She worked as best she could to support the family of two. Despite her life of hard work, and raising a child, she maintained her beauty.

    Eventually she attracted the attention of a rich noble, who wanted to possess her. A dark man, he had a cruel streak to him, and it was rumored that he consorted with demons. Garvins mother spurned his advances, determined not to tie herself to such a man.

    When his mother went missing, Garvin scoured the city, asking for any who had seen her, or had word of her whereabouts. But corruption ran deep in the Chelaxian cities. There were few who cared for the plight of one peasant boy, and most of the rest were terrified of the demon conjurer that everyone suspected was behind the disappearance.

    Her body was found a month later, covered with evidence showing how much she suffered before she died. Garvin fled the city and home then, naming himself Wanderer. He abandoned the corrupt people, trading art and culture for a harsh life alone in the wilderness. He lived as he could, learning to fend for himself, and avoiding large concentrations of people. Life outside was brutal, but at least it was honest about it.

    Garvin grew to manhood, but never lost his memories of his youth. He grew stronger, and fear gave way to anger. He takes a poor view of those who prey on the weak, and holds a particular contempt for any who would use magic as a weapon against the innocent. Recently he has heard tales of one such dark mage. . . Bargle.
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