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    Here are a few:

    What do you think are the strengths of d20 and Lejendary Adventure? How would you compare the two?

    What material for Lejendary Adventure do you feel would be of most use to d20/DnD players?

    What is "Well of Shadows"?

    Do you find it difficult to design a cross-over product, like "The Hermit"?

    Who were the nine demigods Xagyg imprisoned in Castle Greyhawk?

    What's going on with the Lejendary Adventure multiplayer online game?

    How would you compare the Lejendary Earth setting to Greyhawk?

    Now that Necropolis is out, are there any other "unpublished" Dangerous Journeys material you are looking to have updated to d20?

    Tell us about an average night in a Gygaxian gaming session.
    Golem Joe


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    And one more:

    With Troll Lord Games doing dual-stat stuff for Lejendary Adventure and d20, any chance we'll see more companies that you write for doing that in the future?
    Golem Joe

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    Do you like eggrolls?

    It is a legitimate question
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    I wish I could sit in on this chat, but I have an important test on Wednesday and the fact that the chat is usally about 3-4 am for me. I will just have to wait for the log

    Here is my questions for Gary: How many dragons have you killed in alll your years of gaming?
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    Mr. Gygax, do you have the personality to cast real spells yet?

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    Mr Gygax

    When You compare Dangerous Journeys, Lejendary Adventures and D&D/D20 what are the strength and weaknesses from every setting?

    Which non english RPGs do you know and how did you value them and why?
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    If you could have Greyhawk back under your control and therefore could, and did, publish a decisive GH book, what would you change to bring it back to your "vision"?

    Minor spoiler for RttToEE
    What do you think of Monte's treatment of the Elder Elemental Eye and Tharizdun in Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil?

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    Originally posted by JoeGKushner
    Can we see a cease and desist of Lejendary Journeys material in the D20 books?
    I would sooo love to see Gary answer this one diplomatically. What you ask is tantamount to "Would you please stop selling your system in the products you write?"

    BTW, it's Lejendary Adventures.
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    Would you rather play a character or Dm ?
    Have you ever suffered DM burnout?
    Will we ever see Mordenkainen's true levels and abilities?
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    Question for Gary

    Have you anymore news on the graphic novel representations of the Gord the Rogue novels?

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