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TSR Q&A with Gary Gygax

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This is the multi-year Q&A sessions held by D&D co-creator Gary Gygax here at EN World, beginning in 2002 and running up until his sad pasing in 2008. Gary's username in the thread below is Col_Pladoh, and his first post in this long thread is Post #39.

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Golem Joe

First Post
Here are a few:

What do you think are the strengths of d20 and Lejendary Adventure? How would you compare the two?

What material for Lejendary Adventure do you feel would be of most use to d20/DnD players?

What is "Well of Shadows"?

Do you find it difficult to design a cross-over product, like "The Hermit"?

Who were the nine demigods Xagyg imprisoned in Castle Greyhawk?

What's going on with the Lejendary Adventure multiplayer online game?

How would you compare the Lejendary Earth setting to Greyhawk?

Now that Necropolis is out, are there any other "unpublished" Dangerous Journeys material you are looking to have updated to d20?

Tell us about an average night in a Gygaxian gaming session.

Golem Joe

First Post
And one more:

With Troll Lord Games doing dual-stat stuff for Lejendary Adventure and d20, any chance we'll see more companies that you write for doing that in the future?


First Post
I wish I could sit in on this chat, but I have an important test on Wednesday and the fact that the chat is usally about 3-4 am for me. I will just have to wait for the log:(

Here is my questions for Gary: How many dragons have you killed in alll your years of gaming?
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First Post
Mr Gygax

When You compare Dangerous Journeys, Lejendary Adventures and D&D/D20 what are the strength and weaknesses from every setting?

Which non english RPGs do you know and how did you value them and why?


First Post
If you could have Greyhawk back under your control and therefore could, and did, publish a decisive GH book, what would you change to bring it back to your "vision"?

Minor spoiler for RttToEE
What do you think of Monte's treatment of the Elder Elemental Eye and Tharizdun in Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil?


JoeGKushner said:
Can we see a cease and desist of Lejendary Journeys material in the D20 books?

I would sooo love to see Gary answer this one diplomatically. What you ask is tantamount to "Would you please stop selling your system in the products you write?"

BTW, it's Lejendary Adventures.


Eternal Optimist
What do you think will be the future of RPGs in general, and d20 in particular?

What do you think about Dave Arneson's re-entry into RPG publishing, especially the "For too long the game industry has been mired in mediocrity, Blackmoor will burn a new path in creativity and ingenuity as it did when it served as the origin of role playing games" quotation?

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Gary Gygax
Henry said:
What are your current d20 projects that we would be ignorant if we didn't pick up; and secondly, what can you tell us about that we should be looking toward in the 4th quarter of 2002 and the 1st quarter of 2003?

You likely have seen NECROPOLIS from Necromancer. I am considering doing a sequel to it--if I can find some maps and notes. That's something that will be decided late this year or early next.

Mongoose has released SLATER'S GUIDE TO DRAGONS, Jon Creffield and I have also turned in SLAYER'S GUIDE TO UNDEAD. I am considering the possibilities for another project sometime in 2003.

Troll Lord Games released my module, THE HERMIT, at GenCon. Before that they did the CANTING CREW. A super module, THE HALL OF MANY PANES, is slated for turnover to them sometime in the early fall, with Jon Creffield doing the D20 work. I don't think the HALL' is like any other module ever done, and I am most interested in hearing the feedback when it hist late this year or early next. Of course, CANTING CREW is the first of a series of reference books for world building. Coming soon is the WORLD BUILDER, a "descriptionary." I'll be turning over the ms. for the next one that deals with social classes, everyday life, etc. soon. After than at least thrtee more are planned to complete the "Gygaxian" Fantasy World series. Check the TLG website :eek:

Chris Clark and I are working (still) on CASTLE WOLDMOON, whicjh will be D20 with LA game stats also. It is very much an "old school" adventure module--a mix of thinking, exploration, problem solving with much combat in between those elements. The work has turned out to be so extensive that how to publish it is the main question--three installments or maybe four. I don't know for sure when this is going to get into print, late this year or next.

Although not D20, I am considering a project with Kenzer for HACKMASTER. I have an idea or two I'm mulling over. If I decide to go forward with this effort, it will commence in the winter.

I think that's it. I don't want to take on a lot of new projects, as I expect that in 2003 I'll be spending a fair amount of time working with the online developers as the LEJENDARY ADVENTURE MMPORPG gets into alpha and then closed beta test.


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