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    Jerrand Round 6

    ooc: taking ready action

    Seeing Semabin point off towards the north Jerrand leaps into action. He takes a quick glance as he pass Tor and the boy's father, she seems to be taking good care of him. Good, Jerrand thinks praise Sela he'll live. Running around the fountain Jerrand can barely make out the buildings ahead. There's a small lane between them. Small, he says to himself small like a goblin. Jerrand makes his way to the spot where the two buildings almost connect, and starts looking up and down for the little monster.

    double move as follows- NE, NE, N, N, NW, NW jerrand will concintrate on the the N/NE portion if the map

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    Jamilee strides towards where she last saw the one remaining goblin, blades still out and bellowing. Well, screeching. "One chance, little hrrunt! Yield!"

    ((Int check failed. She takes a double move going after it, and if she manages to catch sight of it in the downpour, attempt to wedge it in between her and the wall, ie. end up on the square W of the goblin.))

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    Initiative Order
    Jamilee: 24 11/15 HP.
    Jerrand: 18
    Goblin "Caster": 15+ Bless Effect, +1 attack and saves vs. fear, 4 ounds remaining 9 HP Damage
    Worg: 15 Bless Effect, +1 attack and saves vs. fear, 5 rounds remainingDEAD
    Semabin: 13 21/40 HP.
    Tor: 12
    Foot Goblins: 8
    #1 (West)- DEAD
    #2 (South) - DEAD
    #3 (East) - DEAD
    Human Wagoneer: -8/7 hp remaining. STABILIZED.

    Jamilee is able to quickly move and pin the goblin against the wall, screechings "one chance, little hrrunt! Yield!"

    Jerrand quickly moves to block the lane, the rain seeping into the cracks of his armour. He's been outside only for a few minutes, but already he remembers the warmth of the Red Dragon Inn fondly...

    The goblin turns to see Jamilee blocking it against the wall. Realizing it's doomed, it shrieks "I surrender! Please don't kill me! Please! I was just doing what the chief told me!"

    It then falls onto the ground, in abject pity as it scrapes at the ground at Jamilee's feet. It grabs a foot, and starts kissing it. "Please, kind lady, please! Kind lady.... kind lady...". It stops for a moment, cocks open one eye to gauge Jamilee's response, and then starts wheedling again.

    Tor is unable to figure out what the goblin shrieked... it sounds nothing like orc. Jamilee understood only one word: Lizaar is an orcish word for Lizard.

    OOC: Combat is over. XP rewards:

    Tor: 300 XP
    Jamilee: 300 XP
    Jerrand: 300 XP
    Semabin: 300 XP

    (note that I do time rewards at the end of the game, since this is a short game.)

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    Seeing the goblin surrender, Semabin moves to the unfortunate man who was nearly killed, and offers "We should heal him. If no one else can, I have a few potions, though it might take more than one to bring him to his feet."

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    Hearing Semabin, Jerrand walks back to where the boys father lay. With a look in passing to see that Jambilee has everything under control he kneels next to Tor." Very nice work my Lady," he nods to Tor. "Let's get him out of the rain first we don't even know if there's more of them about." Jerrand says indicating the goblin with a wave of his hand. " Semabin could you bring his cart over, we could transport him in it, and where did his son go?" he asks looking around.

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    Tor smiles at the 'my Lady' comment but agrees that they need to get the unconsious man out of the rain.
    Spot and Listen checks for the boy
    1d20+2 → [16,2] = (18)
    Listen check for boy

    Link http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1623517/

    1d20+2 → [5,2] = (7)
    Spot check for boy

    Link http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1623518/

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    Semabin nods, and goes to the cart, hoping that it is in working condition still, and untethers the dead ox from it.

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    The elf does not seem mollified in the slightest by the goblins' plea - in fact, her mouth simply curls with disdain and the pain of her burns coming to the fore now that the rush of battle is wearing off. "I don't believe hralf of that, creature," she grates out. "Elaborate. Tell me what, hnh, you're doing here, and why, and especially how it relates to what you told your nghorg. Fast."

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    "The chief sent us here, kind lady! To get a pearl! But things have gone bad... so bad! And now some thieves are killing for it!"

    OOC: This is all info from The Search for Tomas Quinn, just so you know. It has no bearing on this adventure. But THIS could be useful:

    "I have a squad, and we broke free from the fighting at the docks, we did! And we were just trying to get out of here, when that BAD MAN over there tried to hurt us! Honest! We were trying to be nice, kind lady! The rest of my goblins are hiding out of fear!"

    The goblin pauses for a moment, looking sly. "Let me go, and I'll tell you where they are hiding! There's, uh.... treasure!"


    Tor searches for the boy, and finds him prompty - hiding in an alleyway. She hears him first, moaning and muttering. Realizing he's been spotted, he sheepishly approaches. "I... I thought I saw an orc over here, so I chased him away. Is my dad okay?"


    Semabin gets the cart untethered, and sees that is mostly intact, though one of the wheels has become loose from stress. It is mired deeply in the mud, and it is very difficult to move - especially considering the small crates loaded on the back of it.

    Jerrand, meanwhile, moves the man underneath the cover of the rain. He begins to stir, muttering about being surrounded by foul demons. Thrashing about in the cold, he is truly a pitiful sight - a middle-aged man, unshaven, with a blood-stained shirt that should have been discarded years ago.

    The boy stands nearby. "Our house isn't far away..."

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    " Alright lad will go to your house then." Jerrand says as he places his hands on the boys father."Please Sela heal this man." Jerrand's hands glow a pale blue as the healing energy of Sela pass through him to the boys father. The wounds close a little. "There I think it will be a little safer to move him." he says after the healing is complete. Jerrand then lifts the man and starts carrying him towards the cart.

    ooc: Jerrand heals the boys father a huge 2 points. Will have to do for now, will do more once were safe inside. Casted cure light wounds.

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