Masters of the Arcane IC

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    Masters of the Arcane IC

    There is a few minutes of silence as the cloaked figures stared out at the potential new recruits through the black shadows of their hoods. The words "Impress us" echoed through the open landscape as the couple dozen mages gathered their pondered their next steps. No friends or servants brought along, no sense of acomplishment or comfort, knowing that everyone next to them is as accomplished and skilled. A new world was open to those gathered, if they could overcome the initial challenge.


    Well, IC is up. Have fun guys.


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    "Well then, I guess if nobody else is going to take first place, I belong there anyways". With that, a young man.. perhaps not even out of his teens yet, stepped out of the crowd of 'recruits'. His hair was wild and red with a large silver streak, and his robes were green, with red and silver highlights. With a word of power, he dissapeared and reapeared in the middle of the 'clearing' between examiners and students, turning to face the examiners.

    "You have asked us to impress you, and so that is what I will attempt to do."
    "Many sorcerors claim that their power stems from dragons. But few can prove the power of their blood. I, Elzmyr, descendant of the great Silver Patriarch Darelzmyr Cierellyx.. can."
    The young mage begins singing a song in Draconic as he raises his hands to the sky.

    Those that understand Draconic are treated to a song about a powerful draconic mage, who holds within him the blood of several ancient dragons.. Red Dragon, Silver Dragon, Force Dragon, and Song Dragon, and his journey to discover a way to join them and unleash his true inner form.

    With a tremor, a 10' wide column rises from the ground, traveling a hundred feet into the air. As it does, Elzmyr sprouts great, draconic wings, using them to fly circles around the tower. All the time, he continues singing as the stone continues to change, the top becoming four dragon-heads which each spit forth a tiny bead to fly down and out, exploding into glorius starbursts of electricity above the watching crowd, Elzmyr slowly gliding down amidst the explosions to land once more on the ground beside them.

    His song is not done yet though, as he turns around and throws his hands out at the tower, it begins to crumble, leaving only the four heads. As they fall, though, they stop inches from the ground, floating away from each other and turning to look inwards before flying together and crashing into each other, ending the song with a loud CRASH and a shower of dust.

    "Well? Who's next?"

    NOW, as to the mechanics of what's actually going on -
    First, I'm using my "Disguise Spell" feat to Sing the spells, meaning nobody can tell what spells I'm casting. Assuming I can take 10, it's a Perform check of 36 (meaning, amongst other things, that you need a DC 36 Spot check to even be able to tell when I'm casting a spell, and CAN'T identify them with spellcraft).

    Round 1:
    The Column raising into the air is Polymorph Any Object [A portion of the ground into a 10X10(rounded) 200' tall Column. Same kingdom (Mineral), Same Class(Stone), Same or lower Intelligence. Duration factor 9 = Permanent.], followed by a Quickened 'Flight of the Dragons' to gain draconic wings and a flight speed of 100.
    Round 2:
    The top of the colum reshaping itself is Quickened Stone Shape(He has Eshcew Materials, so doesn't need to do the clay-shaping thing, and if required I'll use Moment of Presience for a +30 Craft: Stoneworking check to make them look good).
    The Electric Explosions are Meteor Swarm, altered by Archmage abilities (Mastery of Shaping making them appear to be 'starbursts' instead of spheres, by cutting out areas of them. Mastery of Elements to change it from Fire to Electricity.)
    Round 3:
    The crumbling tower is another Polymorph any Object [Tower to Dust: Same kingddom(mineral), same class(stone), same or lower int. Duration factor 9= Permanent.], followed by a quickened Telekinesis to catch the four sculptures, turn them, and hurl them at each other.

    The whole thing takes 3 rounds (18 seconds), during which I expend 2 7th lvl spell slots, three 8th lvl spell slots, and a 9th lvl spell slot.

    Now if THAT doesn't Impress, then I'm stumped.
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    My esteemed colleagues perhaps you would permit me to take the stage next? I am Halford a humble musician who happens to have picked up a few insignificant tricks over the years. The voice is silken, deep, melodious, and comes from an extremely handsome clean shaven man whose manner of dress is more in keeping with a noble than a mage. The observant would also note that he wore a chainshirt beneath his finery and that a shield was strapped across his back.

    Diplomacy check 66 (33 skill mod., + 12 Improvisation (caster level was 24), + 15 Divine Insight). Bluff check, on a few insignificant tricks, 69 (25 skill mod., 12 Improvisation, 30 Glibness).

    So saying Halford strides confidently from the ranks of his fellows, intoning a spell as he does so, flashing a dazzling white toothed smile to his assembled peers. With that he bows doffing his wide brimmed blue hat, complete with peacock feather set at a suitably rakish angle, using the movement to pull free a finely crafted lute from his back and revealing a mane of luxurious black hair shot through with the faintest shimmers of silver.

    DC 16 Spellcraft reveals this to be the Divine Spell Divine Insight, which gives an insight bonus on the next skill use.

    I call this piece clash of the Titans. The musician says with a smile as his fingers begin to caress the lute strings. An irresistible toe tapping melody flows forth lifting the spirits of all who hear it evoking pleasant memories past and poignant, bringing forth joy, loneliness, and a rapturous love of life.

    Perform String Instruments 69 (29 skill mod., 12 Improvisation, 15 Divine Insight).

    Halford plays for a minute before stopping for a split second, allowing the notes to linger heavily in the air as he does so and chants a spell.

    DC 19 Spellcraft reveals this to be the Arcane spell Mirage Arcana.

    Suddenly the venue changes to a vast amphitheater composed exclusively of soaring impossible arches of the finest white marble, and at the very center of this awe inspiring edifice sits a golden stage emitting a warm glow which illuminates the musician in its midst. Again he plays the music now evoking majesty and power and after another minute he again intones a spell. A Firestorm engulfs the entirety of the arena, save for those areas which contain spectators and all feel the roiling heat.

    DC 23 Spellcraft reveals this to be the Divine Spell Firestorm.

    As the flames dissipate the musician is revealed unharmed again chanting, and suddenly he is in a different position without visibly moving mounted atop a Colossal Scorpion easily 80ft. Long and flanked by a vast Gargantuan elemental composed entirely of flame.

    DC 24 Spellcraft reveals this to be the Arcane Spell Timestop. He has Energy Immunity Fire precast. In the minimum time available Halford casts a quickened Sonorous Hum then Summon Elemental Monolith followed by Giant Vermin commanding the Colossal Scorpion to stop and then using his preexisting Overland Flight to fly onto the creatures back. In the likely event that he has any rounds remaining he recasts Divine Insight and then Improvisation.

    Again the musician begins to play now evoking danger and excitement with every strum of the lute. Slowly he rises from the Scorpions back until he is suspended 100ft. in the air. Attack! he cries gesturing towards the Elemental Monolith and as one the two great creatures surge forward into combat with one another the great crash of their impact reverberating throughout the illusionary amphitheater.

    Perform String Instruments 62 again see above. Halford is maintaining concentration upon the Elemental Monolith through Sonorous Hum and so is free to continue playing.

    The two titanic opponents clash, the music seeming to follow every thrust and complement the sounds of battle. The combat continues for around a minute with the Scorpion despite its larger size receiving the worst of things the scent of its smouldering meat spreading across the arena. Then the music reaches a crescendo and suddenly the elemental is gone and the musician sinks down towards the Scorpion calling Stop as he does so. Again mounted upon the creatures back Halford bring the song to a close chants a spell and touches the great beast its wounds closing in an instant.

    DC 21 Spellcraft reveals this to be the Divine Spell Heal. Halford simply stopped concentrating through Sonorous Hum upon the Elemental Monolith.

    With that the musician took a bow, again doffing his hat, dismissed the spell upon the Scorpion, moving down to place the now inch long thing into a specially prepared belt pouch. He then cast a spell and disappeared with a flourish reappearing amidst his fellows wearing a rakish smile as he awaited further demonstrations of worth.

    DC 22 Spellcraft reveals this to be the Arcane Spell Greater Teleport, he has Dimension Door, but is trying to show off.
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    Another good looking, charming and somewhat arrogant young human male stepps in front: "I'm the sorcerer supreme from behind the lands of the rainbow and will now show you the great secrets of prismatic magi..."

    The sorcerer freezes in his tracks as a nearly skeltal hand touches his arm.

    "I had heard enough of this fool's claims",
    the lich declares.
    "Now you see a demonstration ith more meat on it... and blood.

    But, alas,I lack suitable targets for my mightiest death magic.

    Speak, if I shall use my magic on this volunteer.

    If not, I'm afraid that I can show you only minor magic."
    He bows before the cloaked figures.
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    "MOST impressive showmanship!" Elzmyr claps Halford on the shoulder. "And quite catchy music, too. I must admit I'm not quite familiar with that tune, is it instrumental only or are there lyrics to accompany it? And was that scorpion your familiar, or merely a pet?"

    Seeing the 'necromancer' with a scowl, Elzmyr begins to sing, and one of the dragon-statues he'd created which hadn't been completely destroyed in his showcasing sprang to life, becoming a small draconic creature.

    "There you go, friend, I'd not like to see a real being suffer for our amusement. Be quick of it though, this one will not be in our world long."

    Polymorph any object, Statue to Kobold. [same size: Duration factor 2, 1 hour]
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    Imagination is the ability to come up with New Ideas.

    Eagles may soar, but Weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

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    "My gratitude, Master Elzmyr!" The lich says and nodds at the dragon sorcerer.

    With a wink and a word two ghasts appear and drag the creature between the rabble. ooc: Summon Undead 5
    Next, the lich points at it and shoots a black ray of necromantic energy from his outstretched hand, causing it to violently purge blood vessels through its skin. The purged blood vessels spread outward, creating a many-layered mass of bloody, holding it tight in a gory horror. ooc: avassculate, mass
    He next steps close by it and whispers at it while he casts his next spells
    ooc: geas and oath of blood
    The lich steps aside again and casts an acid fog, that destroies the web and kills the creature, that now transforms into a mohrg and steps up and knees down.

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    The musician smiles, and pats his Scorpion pouch.

    "A material component nothing more Elzmyr my friend. The piece? Ah, well, it is of my own composing and I am no lyricist, merely a humble strummer of strings who happens to have aquired a passing interest in magics. I must complement you on your own display, masterful indeed and worthy of your noble Patriarch."

    Halford raises an eyebrow at the Lich's performance.

    "Well I have to give him points for a certain macabre style."

    Turning to Elzmyr again Halford slowly begisn to incant a spell - allowing the Sorcerer time to identify its harmless nature long before its completion - and creates a shimmering door into nothingness.

    "If any would care to join me in my Magnificent Mansion, complete with viewing room they are more than welcome. I shall even provide a Heroe's Feast for those who would do me the honor of guesting with me this night - the true breakfast of champions."

    So saying the usician steps through the portal into a beautiful structure of arching gold and white marble complete with seven thrones faceing a clear window through which could be glimpsed the aftermath of the Lich's grizzly performance.

    Smiling to himself Halford took a seat and a glass of fine elven red wine from an unseen servant, which hovered at his side wearing a stylish set of black livery with a silver hourglass depicted upon its front.

    Halford will now be carefully maintaining a distance from the Lich, preferably with something or someone in between the two. No offense Walking Dad, but that touch is nasty!"
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    A dark elf in simple spider silk robes walks quietly out into the clearing. He bears no staff, no athane. Not a single tool or symbol of magic upon him. Looking again it appears he is not a dark elf but a gray elf, no that is not right, he is clearly an emaciated old duergar with a long white beard, no he is shadar kai or is it one of the gith? A githzerai? Githyanki? No it must have been a trick of the light, for he is a dark elf.

    He says not a word but bows once to the assembled robed figures.

    As he rises from his bow green leaves start to sprout from his arms and face, vines erupt from his sleeves and his form starts to grow, expanding outward and upward hollowing out as layer upon layer of leafy vines twirl and entwine until the mass of vegetation rears its bulk up to tower 15' above the ground.

    The mass starts to undulate, vines move across its torso and the ground starts to tremble and rock, splitting apart and shaking the very foundations of this magical plane. The viny mass is unmoved by this earthquake.

    The vines sway again and fire erupts across the field, scouring it with sheets of roaring flame that pass harmlessly over the green mass without burning a single leaf. Those who look carefully will note this is not due to protections of the plant, but exquisite control of the flames.

    Finally the vines shake one more time and wind starts to swirl over the creature, forming a swirling mass of spinning storm until a funnel cloud appears over the creature engulfing it in swirling air then sent out in a spiral pattern to clear the field around the creature. As the cloud moves out it reveals the dark elf. He bows once again and turns to walk slowly off the field.
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    As the strange dark elf leaves the field, a finely dressed human male steps out. He wears a very fine blue wool tunic, matching leggings, white leather boots, a white cape, and a white musketeer style hat with a large blue feather. He briefly surveys the area and notes the mess made by the others.

    How very untidy of you gentlemen. he remarks.

    With a few well spoken words, he is gone.

    When he reappears, he is over 200 feet in the air and a glass human figure is standing where he was. As the gathered mages watch, the hovering human is replaced by first a colossol Silver dragon, then, as it slowly circles the area and descends, a Roc, a Giant Eagle, and finally, after it lands, back to the man.

    A moment later, a huge earth elemental appears near the man.

    Destroy! he commands the elemental in its native language while pointing at the glass figure.

    Within seconds the glass figure is reduced to shards. Immediately after, the young man dismisses the elemental as easily as he had summoned it.

    hm, perhaps not my best but I don't want to give away all my secrets just yet.

    My humble apologies, I neglected to introduce myself. My name is Trevor Southworth IV.

    Before he returns to the rest of the waiting participants, he will use Prestidigitation to clean the dust and dirt off his clothes.

    spells used

    Time stop, duration 5 rounds Time Stop (1d4+1=5)

    Eagle Splendor

    Polymorph any object, pebble to human, duration 30 minutes.

    Overland Flight

    Glass Strike

    Dimension Door


    Summon Monster VIII

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    It seems that handsome human males are practically sprouting from the ground in this place as another one, this time with combed back short dark brown hair, gray eyes, and a light brown skin steps forward. "Masters, Mistresses, and others... My name is Nicholas Cappola for any of you who care, but call me Nick if you want. I am not sure how I can impress you." He says, facing directly towards the cloaked figures. "Considering why we are here you all must surely see feats much greater than any of us can yet imagine quite regularly. I also am afraid that much like the good lich here who has chosen to remain anonymous, I can't exercise my my true powers without a living volunteer, one with a mind, at that. Unlike the venerable one however, my volunteer would still live at the end of the demonstration. Well, if not then I am limited to Illusions and a few small tricks that I am sure most of you have seen before." Nick glances around to see if any volunteers materialize before going on.
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