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    I have my supplies packed and ready. Let us make haste to our destination. I shall stay to the front as I have keen sight and can watch for danger ahead.


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    The wilderness you have been traveling through has been dangerous and without many people traveling your way. Scratches, tears and dirt cover you from your last encounter with a pack of hungry wolves. You destroyed the pack with precision of a group that knows how to work togther.

    Yesterday you found a old overgrown road that looks like it has not be maintained in almost a hundred years. The raod is flat and level, with an occasional cobblestone that peeks up from the dirt road. Standing in front oa a cracked stone, a sign is engraved declaring that you are on the Kings Road. Winterhaven is near, although you notice quite a few footprints leading up and down the road. Many of the footprints look to be made by small, clawed feet...


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    Morim inspects the foot prints and gestures to Gimlak and says "What d'you make of it?"

    Morim then readies his clawed warhammer and says to Rigi "maybe friends of yours Dogface, you just remember who's side your fighting on..." Morim spits on the ground and scans his surroundings hoping to catch a glimpse of movement.

    "Whoever they are, they don't have much longer to live, everyone else stay in formation, Gimlak, we need your tracking abilities up front with me. Any sudden moves and you'll taste my steel Dogface."

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    Without a sound, the Eladrin mercenary draws his blades.. a slender short sword in one hand, and a set of polished shuriken in the other.

    "We are here to track cultists, not Kobolds. Though we should keep an eye out for a possible ambush." Imrahil remarks quietly as he scans the surroundings▓.

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    "Rigi knows no friends here, except Enelya, Gimlak, Imrahil and of course Grumpy." the Kobold comments with a snicker, obviously thinking she is funny.

    ((OOC: The OOC thread has hidden far far away since it was so long ago, so here is the link, just so people can find it again:

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    Gimlak acknoledges his fellow dwarven companion, and moves ahead. He'll scan the area for tracks or any other signs of interest.

    "Unbelieveable, this road can't be more than a hundred years old and it's falling apart. They should have hired dwarves!" He says playfully.

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    I need perception olls from everybody but Zweischneid. Please use this link to a roller.


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