Azor Grimcleaver's Pathfinder Chronicles - Chapter 1
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    Azor Grimcleaver's Pathfinder Chronicles - Chapter 1


    Most of the buildings in Sandpoint are made of wood, with stone
    foundations and wood shingle roofs. The majority are single-
    story structures, with a few noted exceptions. The town is often
    thought of as two districts by the locals. Uptown consists
    of areas 112. Most of these buildings are relatively new, and the
    streets are open and less crowded. This section of town is also
    physically above the rest, situated on a level bluff overlooking
    the southern half of town, which consists of areas 1346. The
    majority of the town’s buildings can be found downtown, which
    grows increasingly crowded as available space is claimed by new
    arrivals. Downtown is built on a gentle slope that runs from a

    height of about 60 feet above sea level to the west down to only
    a few feet above the waterline to the east and south.
    Sandpoint Harbor is a fairly deep natural harbor, 30 feet for
    most of its expanse, with sharply rising slopes near the shore. The
    languid waters of the Turandarok River wind down from the hinterlands,
    skirting Devil’s Platter to empty into the harbor—the river is
    often used to transport lumber harvested far upriver down
    to the local saw mill. South of town rises another bluff on which
    Sandpoint’s most affluent landowners have staked their claims.
    Only a few hundred feet north of town rises an upthrust spur of
    rocky land topped with a few trees—this is known now as Chopper’s
    Isle, once the home to Sandpoint’s most notorious criminal. A
    remote outcropping accessible only by flight or by a skilled
    climber, locals now believe the isle to be haunted by Chopper’s
    ghost. Children often dare each other to go out to the isle’s base
    at low tide and touch the barren cliff face that surrounds it, but no
    one’s visited the top in years.

    The sight that strikes all visitors to Sandpoint at first is the ruins
    of the Old Light. The original height of this tower is unknown,
    but those who have studied the ancient architecture of the crumbling
    remains estimate it might have stood more than 700 feet tall.
    Today, less than a quarter of that remains. The Old Light rises from
    sea level and is built into the face of a 120-foot-tall cliff, the tower

    extending another 50 feet above that level to culminate in ragged
    ruins. The remaining shell is yet another reminder that neither the
    Chelaxians nor the Varisians are the first settlers of this land, yet
    apart from a few badly weathered carvings signifying that the peak

    of this tower once held a brilliant light, no insight to the tower’s
    true purpose remains.

    Here is a list of commonly known locations in town:
    1) Cathedral
    3) White Deer Inn (expensive)
    10) Sandpoint Garrison
    11) Town Hall
    26) General Store
    29) Grocer's Hall (open air market)
    37) Rusty Dragon Inn
    38) Goblin Squash Stables



    Having arrived in Sandpoint yesterday afternoon, you were lucky enough to secure a room at the Rusty Dragon Inn. The few coins you had helped pay for a week in advance, even though the values of the various coinage confused you somewhat. But the Inn’s proprietor, and exotic beauty named Ameiko, was kind to you. She even took you to the stables next to the inn to “negotiate” with the stablemaster, although Ameiko did the vast majority of the talking.

    After awaking from a good nights rest with a hearty breakfast, Ameiko explains that the town is crowded for the Swallowtail Festival, which will last all day. She mentioned something about the opening of a newly built cathedral, but her descriptions of the free food all day seemed quite intriguing, and you swear you can even smell some of them already. Your nose leads you to the square outside the Cathedral…


    Your stay here in Sandpoint has been pleasant for the most part, save for the occasional stare or snub from locals and visitors alike. You’ve even secured a bed in the common sleeping room at the Rusty Dragon Inn with the few coins you get for the odd jobs and “liberation of funds”. Recently there has been steady work on the docks unloading ships, mainly goods from afar for the Swallowtail Festival, which happens today.

    While not accepted by all, you have made some friends in town, and you almost feel like you’ve made a home here. You can feel the excitement of the Festival all around, and look forward to the free food being offered by local establishments, as well as eateries from as far away as the city of Magnimar. The smells of fresh breads, pastries and meats fill your nose as vendors prepare their specialties in the square next to the Cathedral…



    Your decision to stay in Sandpoint has been good for you. The old wizard who took you in, Ilsoari Gandethus, runs the Turandarok Academy, part school, part orphanage. Old Ilsoari’s tales helped to pass the time between your studies, and although a tough teacher, you learned to also appreciate his wisdom.

    Two weeks ago Ilsoari called you into his office, and he said simply, “I have taught you all I know of the wizarding ways. Now it is time for you to seek your own way in this world. Realizing your penchant for getting in over your head, he tasked your friend Sivan to watch out for you, hoping the holy warrior can keep you on the right path. Before he says goodbye, Ilsoari gives you a spellbook and some coins, which help to secure a bed at the Rusty Dragon Inn for a few weeks until you decide what to do from here. Besides, with the Swallowtail Festival starting today, you aren’t quite ready to take that first unguided leap. The smells of fresh breads, pastries and meats fill your nose as vendors prepare their specialties in the square next to the Cathedral…



    Growing up in Sandpoint wasn’t always easy, but you made your way in the world anyway. After leaving the orphanage, Turandarok Academy, you found that life on the streets was difficult, but manageable. Even though Sheriff Balor has jailed you on occasion, he still gives you a wry smile as he gives you his “find the right path” speech.

    With the Swallowtail Festival starting today, you find it even harder to think about leaving here. You can feel the excitement in the air as booths are set up in the market next to the new Cathedral, which is being dedicated today. The smells of fresh breads, pastries and meats fill your nose as vendors prepare their specialties in the square next to the Cathedral…



    The few coins you had left did get you a lumpy bed in the common sleeping quarters of the Rusty Dragon Inn, but it is better than sleeping on the streets. The town has been abuzz for the past few days, with something the locals are calling the Swallowtail Festival. People have been coming from all over, even other Shoanti. You’ve seen other half-orcs as well, but you never seem to get anything more than a curt nod of acknowledgement. You’ve noticed a human female of the Shriikiiri-Quah staying at the Inn, but haven’t garnered the courage to speak to her. Besides, once you heard of a monastery dedicated to Irori in town called the House of Blue Stones, you have been anxious to visit.

    The Festival sounds intriguing, and the mention of free food makes your stomach growl. In fact, smells from the vendors preparing their wares wafts down from the square outside the Cathedral, and so your stomach commands your legs to take it there…



    You have come to like Sandpoint, as it is large enough to have all the amenities you need, but not so large that you feel lost on its streets. As a follower of Shelyn, there are more than enough places to honor her, with the Theater, the Glassworks, and Boutique being the best. And with the town now decorated for the Swallowtail Festival, which starts today, the new Cathedral can be dedicated. The new building has many fine stained glass windows, and even a small shrine dedicated to Shelyn.

    Ever since the headmaster of the Turandurok Academy gave you the task of watching out for your friend, Chaine, you have found a new purpose in your young life. Promising old Ilsoari you would follow Chaine wherever he went, Chaine hasn’t left Sandpoint yet, preferring to stay at least until the Festival is done. An excitement fills the air as vendors begin preparing the free food they will be giving out today, and the smells of fresh breads, pastries and meats fill your nose as it leads you to the square next to the Cathedral…

    More to follow...
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    Arahmid, half-orc rogue

    Arahmid woke up in good spirits today. It was the start Swallowtail Festival and he was going to attend and eat his full. He might even get the chance to pick a few pockets of those who abused the good drinks provided there. He had thought about breaking in a few homes for some burglary since so many people would attend the celebrations. He decided against it however, having had little time to scout good locations and deeming it too risky. A series of thefts during the celebrations would probably cause a major uproar and a serious search for the culprit. Life had been pretty good so far here in Sandpoint and he wasn't ready to throw it all away for minor gains. In any case, the promise of free food was simply too good to pass up.

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    The Swallowtail Festival

    A stage has been set up in front of the cathedral and a woman with short auburn hair stands in the center. Behind her sit four wooden chairs, three of them occupied. As the crowd notices her, a hush descends and all eyes turn to the stage. She smiles and begins to speak:

    "Welcome! As many of you know, my name is Kendra Deverin and I am proud to serve as mayor of this fine town. It's wonderful to see so many of you here to join us on this proud day. I'd like to extend my welcome to the many new faces I see in the crowd. I hope you all are enjoying your stay here in Sandpoint and especially if it is your first visit here I sincerely hope that you're having a wonderful time. And to all of the old faces I see today, thank you for coming and thank you for everything that each of you has done to keep this town strong in recent years. I see that even Larz Rovanky has torn himself away from work to join us today! It is truly a miracle from Desna herself! [There is quite a bit of laughter and many eyes are turned to a serious looking man dressed in all leather and wearing a sour expression on his face. Kendra waves to him and continues.] Without further ado, let me introduce your Sheriff, Belor Hemlock!"

    A dour looking Shoanti wearing a worn breastplate and a longsword belted at his waist stands and walks to the center of the stage. His head is shaved and he his eyes are constantly moving about the crowd. He shakes the Mayor's hand and begins to speak.
    "Thank you Mayor. Even in the heat of celebration, let us not forget the sad events that brought us to this day. And also let us not forget the souls that were lost five years ago. I would like you to all join me in a moment of silence to remember the lives that were lost in the fire that claimed our previous chapel on that fateful night. [The Sheriff lowers his head and the crowd joins him, many of them quite awkwardly as the silence persists. After the moment is over, the Sheriff raises his head and begins to speak again.] In remembering let us also not allow these events to repeat themselves. I am of the understanding that a bonfire is planned for tonight. I urge you all to observe caution during this event. [he clears his throat and smiles awkwardly] And ummm... Enjoy yourselves. Let me introduce the next speaker; here is Cyrdak Drokkus, proprieter of the local theatre."

    He nods to the crowd and walks back to his chair, passing the next speaker who is already on his way up to the center-stage. This man is quite a contrast to the Sheriff; he is brightly dressed, sports a well-groomed goatee, and seems to be thoroughly enjoying the day. As he reaches the center stage he loosens his collar a bit, winks into the crowd and starts to talk:

    "Well, thank you Sheriff for that uplifting oratory. Now I know this town has been through some hard times, but look at what we've accomplished [He motions towards the church.] And I'm telling you, they spared no expense with this place. Father Zantus' chamber pot? Solid gold. I kid you not, our generous nobles put a pretty copper into the construction of this joint. I think the Churches even chipped in a silver or two! I even heard a rumor that all of the Gods got together and scrounged up four gold pieces to help get this thing built! But don't take it from me, the Padre over here is the one with the direct line, he's the one you want to hear from! But before I let him get things going I'd like to take this opportunity to extend my personal invitation to each and every one of you to the new production of "The Harpy's Curse" starring the world-famous diva from Magnimar Allishanda as Avisera the harpy queen! It's all premiering tomorrow evening at the Sandpoint Theatre and it is going to be fab-u-lous! And now join me in a bit of applause for his holiness himself, Father Zantus!"

    The crowd cheers as Cyrdak motions Zantus to the center stage. The young priest looks noticedly abashed at the reception set up for him. He wears the traditional ceremonial robes of a priest of Desna and a shiny silver holy symbol about his neck. He smiles and tries to calm the crowd down, eventually speaking when the applause has subsided:
    "Ahem, thank you. Thank you Cyrdak. And thank all of you for coming to join us on this most Holy day. Today is a day of new beginnings so without boring you with long speeches, I declare the Swallowtail Festival officially underway!"

    And so the festivities begin. People give out cheers that seem to be half joy and perhaps half release. This is a new dawn for Sandpoint after The Late Unpleasantness (the term locals use to refer to the brutal serial killings of Chopper, and then the later fire that destroyed the old temple and much of the north eastern section of town). Drinks start flowing, food barrels get cracked open, and people mill around, looking to share their joy.

    Swallowtail Release

    At noon, as the new cathedral bell strikes for the first time, Father Zantus leads a small procession of his acolytes out into the square.

    Everyone quiets down again, as Father Zantus mounts the small podium once again to recount a short parable of how Desna first fell to earth and was nursed back to health by a blind child who she transformed into an immortal butterfly as a reward for her aid. As he finishes his speech, his acolytes pull back the wagon's cover, letting loose what appears to be a thousand children of Desna, a whirling, fluttering, swarming wave of Swallowtail butterflies.

    An almighty cheer rises up amongst the crowd, as young children immediately dart and scurry off after the butterflies. As you watch the joyful scene, you notice that no matter how close the children come to catching the butterflies, they never quite manage.


    Despite the entire morning having already seemingly been spent in lazy consumption, the best was yet to come. As the butterfly wagon is rolled out of the square, a small flurry of activity takes place, as all of the town's taverns set out their massive spreads of food, ALL FREE!

    Roast chickens, lobster chowder, an entire roasted venison, and the most amazing curry-spiced salmon (from Ameiko Kaijitsu). It is amazing stuff.


    As the sun begins to set, a bell tolls across the town. Everyone then seems to be heading towards the Cathedral. At the square near the church, a large crowd has gathered. Father Zantus, looking tired, but with a massive grin on his face, steps once again up to the podium. He retrieves a small stone from inside his robes. Children are still running around the stalls, getting tangled up in adults legs, high to the eyeballs on sugared apples and dried cherries. Occasionally you come across folk slumped or slouching, already in blissful states of inebriation.

    Father Zantus raises his hand, holding the stone aloft, and then throws it at his feet.

    The stone hits with a sharp retort, like the crack of distant thunder, which slices through the excited crowd as the sun's setting rays paint the western sky. A stray dog that has crawled under a nearby wagon to sleep starts awake, and the buzz of two dozen conversations quickly hushes as all heads turn toward the central podium.

    He clears his throat, takes a breath to speak, and suddenly a woman's scream slices through the air.

    A few moments later another scream rises, and then another. Beyond them a sudden surge of strange voices rises - high pitched, tittering shrieks and sounds not quite human.

    The crowd parts and something low to the ground races by, giggling with disturbed glee as the stray dog gives a pained yelp and then collapses to the ground. The little thing is upon it, seeming to hack and slash with abandon, and then a few seconds later it is up, holding the dog's head in its tiny hands like a trophy. A goblin!

    The little monster takes the dog's head by one ear, spins it round and round, before loosing it at Father Zantus. It hits the podium with a dull crunch, spraying tendrils of blood up the fine robes of the shocked priest.

    As blood drips from the podium, and the little goblin darts from view amidst the confusion of running people, the raucous sound of a strange song begins, chanted from shrill, scratchy voices:

    "Goblins chew and goblins bite.
    "Goblins cut and goblins fight.
    "Stab the dog and cut the horse,
    "Goblins eat and take by force!

    "Goblins race and goblins jump.
    "Goblins slash and goblins bump.
    "Burn the skin and mash the head,
    "Goblins here and you be dead!

    "Chase the baby, catch the pup.
    "Bonk the head to shut it up.
    "Bones be cracked, flesh be stewed,
    "We be goblins! You be food!"
    <spot checks>

    [OOC - battlemap coming soon]
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    Despite being poorer than dirt, the Shoanti tribeswoman wandered towards the cathedral and the festivities, guided by her stomach. Her unshaven hair, held in a ponytail and with a few feathers as 'jewelry', indicates that she is most likely considered to be a mystic amongst her people.

    It does not take her long to locate the buffet and join it, not one to say no to free food, even if it will never be as good as the food that you have hunted yourself. While she is present as the mayor speaks, she pays no attention to the words, instead focusing on all of the various wonders of this place.

    As the Goblins appear she blinks and stares at them for several seconds, but she does nothing offensively, waiting to see if this is part of the strange entertainment of this place.

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    Chaine strolls through the Festival alongside his friend Sivan, nibbling cheerfully on a piece of salmon. "Come, Sivan, you really should try this! Kaijitsu has really outdone himself." A bit of sauce dribbles down Chaine's chin as closes his eyes, savoring the taste. "Umm...fantastic! The spiciness of the sauce is just right, not too strong, not too weak." He turns to Sivan, a wide smile upon his face. "Of course, after months of my master's undercooked oatmeal and bland goat stew, just about anything would taste good!"

    The butterflies were released hours ago, but many can still be found flitting about the square. One settles onto Chaine's shoulder, causing the young wizard to laugh in joy. "That's me, Sivan! I'm as free as a butterfly now, ready to travel and learn and explore..." Chaine pauses and takes a long breath. "And all with my good friend by my side!" He playfully punches Sivan on the shoulder. "Isn't this just a perfect day for a Festival, Sivan! You should relax and enjoy yourself. What could possibly go wrong?"

    Of course, the moment those words leave his lips, unholy chaos breaks out. As the eerie, high-pitched song echoes across the square, Chaine tosses the remains of his salmon to the side and draws his starknife. "Oh, curses! Goblins! And I was having such a good time!"

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    I Defended The Walls!

    Block Shayuri

    Mellisande hurries into town from the river where she'd been washing up for the big day. She hadn't even waited for her 'good clothes' to dry completely. The day was sunny and warm though, and the chill of damp clothes faded fast. It was important to be quick though. Melli wouldn't be the only one plying the Festival crowd for coin, and the first act people saw would usually be the one they paid best for.

    She had a nice voice and sure feet, but singing and dancing wasn't her specialty. She had a schtick few in town could match...and the ones that could were generally too stodgy and bookbound to do it. Magic!

    At first glance, Mellisande was a young girl, of perhaps ten or twelve. Big, adorable blue eyes and short, scruffy white ragamuffin hair accentuated this. Her body was proportioned as if an adult woman had been somehow shrunk down though. This, and her pointy ears, set her apart from her peers. She'd worked long and hard on getting her Festival outfit ready...snug breeches and a shirt that showed enough shape to be pleasing to the eye, but with enough give, and a coat, that helped her mostly human audience not be a little disturbed by a well-formed lady the size of a child. A delicate balance indeed. She saved considerably money using little spells to color it a rich, fine burgundy that would have been expensive to dye.

    While people ate and singers sang and dancers danced and acrobats...acro...batted...Mellisande called her pitch and juggled balls of light and sprayed little geysers of ribbons (that quickly evaporated) and took volunteers from her onlookers to give their foods interesting flavors. She tore a fine silk scarf and put it back as a good as new, and all the while her little bowl rattled as folk parted with spare copper...and even a few precious silver jingles. Most didn't give anything but their laughter and amusement...and that was fine too.

    She listened to the Mayor's speech from the buffet, as she ate as fast as she could (without staining the little linen frill tucked under her neck) in this, her only spare moments. There'd be a few more speeches, then people would be back to milling around, eating and looking for entertainment.

    At the sight of the dog atrocity, Mellisande spat out her mouthful of chicken! There were nights when her only friends had been little stray dogs, looking for warmth, offering companionship. Her eyes narrowed, and she clambered up onto a table.

    "Everyone grab something sharp and lets GET these bastards!!" she yelled.

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    Sivan really enjoys the festivities. He wears his polished armor and his glaive is decorated with feathers in all colors of the rainbow. Following Chaine around, he claps at the proprieters speech and hopes for seeing the play soon.

    After the shocking appearance of the goblin, he stays near to Chaine and tries to locate the source of the infernal song.


    Initiative, listen (1d20=10, 1d20=6)

    HP: 13 / 13

    AC: 16 Touch: 10 Flat-footed: 16
    Fort: +4
    Reflex: +0
    Will: +1

    Perception: +0
    Initiative: +0

    Basic Attack: Glaive +3 1d10+4 20x3
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    Arahmid, half-orc rogue

    As soon as Arahmid sees the goblin and blood, his survival instincts kick in. He tries to find a place to hide, surveys the situation and gets ready to defend himself if need there be.

    OOC: Can Arahmid's knowledge(local) skill (+4) give him any knowledge on the goblins ? ie their typical habits and way of life, something like that.
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    Block jkason


    Saktouk, half-orc monk (12 HP, AC 15)

    One of the weaknesses of having such a large form, Saktouk found, was that it needed quite a bit more feul to keep going. For all that the monks had taught him discipline, the young half-orc never could pass up a meal when it was offered. And so, for all that the prospect of visiting the local monestary intrigued him, his stomach won out in the battle of hunger over curiosity.

    Saktouk started just like most of the other festival-goers, grazing his way through the various offerings. But as he noticed more and more stares and whispers, the self-consciousness he'd been developing since arriving in town began to take hold. He loaded up his plate as full as he could and made his way under an awning out of the main flow of humanoid traffic.

    From there he ate in silence, watching the throng intermingle but otherwise doing his best despite his size to stay unobtrusive. He listened to the speeches with curiosity, clapping or falling silent as the crowd's reaction would dictated, sneaking more food whenever the tables seemed least put-upon.

    And then the goblin showed up, and even Saktouk's iron stomach turned at the sight of what the creature did to a defenseless stray. There was no honor in that killing, only spite. And as the little girl-woman called out for blood, the monk stopped trying to hide himself. Standing to his full height, he found himself cracking his knuckles, a frown exaggerating his orcish features as he looked about for the chanters to teach a lesson in how to pick fights.

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    Once the first screams rang out, it didn't take too long for the square to clear out. The dogs head hurtling through the air, spraying blood as it went, didn't help, either.

    [OOC - you are in the square as I've placed you (mostly next to vendor stalls). I took the liberty of rolling initiative ( ) for those who haven't yet. Post your actions anytime, but I'll do things in order (obviously)]

    Here is the order:
    1) CHAINE (22)
    2) SAKTOUK (18)
    3) MELLISANDE (16, Dex 14)
    4) AIYANA (16, Dex 12)
    5) ARAHMID (12)
    6) SIVAN (10)

    7) Goblins (2 - typical!!)
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