M&M - Chosen (Recruiting Closed)
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    M&M - Chosen (Recruiting Closed)

    So I've decided a few things recently.

    A: I really do prefer DMing for the most part.
    B: I have far too many campaign ideas for one lifetime.
    C: Nike's right. Just do it.

    So with that in mind, I present another M&M game. I've been thinking lately about the genre, and I wanted to run a game where super-powers are NOT common place.

    The world is, in fact, a world much like our own. If you told somebody "I saw so & so pick up a truck", they'd say you watch too many movies. A world where super-heros do NOT exist.

    Until now.

    Last year you were all normal people, 'average joe's' with no destiny, no greater calling, just the life ahead of you. Now, recently, you've become more, and have been struggling with, learning, and controlling your power and what to do with it.

    *Basically what I want to see for character concepts is the following:

    NORMAL people who suddenly within the last month or so developed super powers. I don't care what kind of origin they are (Magical, mutation, tech, etc), so long as your character didn't know it was coming (You didn't learn magic, you didn't design a super suit, etc). However you got your powers, it was either an accident or a mystery.

    You all have a few other things in common:
    1 - You are all between 15 and 21.
    2 - You were not extraordinary or well-trained before. (No military, no martial art masters, no super-geniuses, unless it's from your super power)
    3 - you are all from the small town of Hixville, on the California coast about half-way between San Francisco and Los Angeles, and know each other. You may be friends, relatives, or just class-mates, but you are all on a first name basis with each other. *Whether you've told anybody about your new 'powers' is up to you*

    Character Design:
    Keeping the preceding in mind, I'd like aproximately 5 characters. PL 8, 120 points, but please post concepts first.

    House Rules:
    No luck feat.
    No more than 8 ranks in any skill unless it relates to your super-power. (You were 'normal' before)
    Maximum trade-offs are 3.
    I'd prefer that you each have ONE primary power that is your characters defining super-trait. (super-strong, Shoots Lasers, Flies, etc), rather than an array of powers.

    Also, I want each character to have one MAJOR drawback. I've given some examples below
    Normal Identity(Shazam!), Major physical limitation(Daredevil), Power loss that affects all powers and/or is fairly common, or a fairly common vulnerability/weakness(Kryptonite anybody?), etc.
    The reasoning for this is b/c of how your powers work and why, which will be explained more later in the 'series'.
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