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    I wasn't sure if you were looking at the drawback thing as an actual in-game Drawback worth points and the like or simply a drawback--a problem you will face as a superhero.

    I can definitely go the full on Shazaam thing and have the sword turn me into a different person and such. It will be cool.

    Also, I will go ahead and look into H4H's backstory and link our characters together. Will do more as more are accepted in.

    Glad you like Arthur.


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    My communities:

    Secret Identity: Frost
    Real Name: Jacob Calvins
    Occupation: High-School Student
    Identity: Secret
    Legal Status: Citizen of the United States
    Other Aliases: Jack, Jay, Kelvin
    Place of Birth: Pending near SF
    Marital Status: Single
    Known Relatives: Marge Calvins (mother), George Calvins (father deceased)
    Group Affiliation: None
    Base of Operations: Hixville; a small city located somewhere in-between LA and SF
    First Appearance: CHOSEN (?) #1

    History: Jacob Calvins was born as the son of George and Marge Calvins , born Niemann. Starting in his puberty, Jacob seemed to get one cold after the next, but without any viral reasons. The doctors finally thought about some kind of allergy.
    Then, he suddenly started to feel better. Sure, he seemed to have a bit of a low body temperature and get some weight (without becoming thicker), but he only get alarmed, after he cut himself with a knife and expierienced no bleeding. Instead his flesh beneath his first skin layer had the hardness of a frozen steak and he knife he dropped in shock shattered on the floor, deep-frozen.

    Jacob was always a quiet and shy kid. His medical conditions prevented him from engaging to much in the sport teams (although he isn't in a that bad physical shape) and he wasn't bright enough to hang up with the nerds. His only two passions were reading comic books and sculpting. Yes, he is one of this rare introverted artist types.

    Height: 5 ft. 8 in.
    Weight: 160 lbs (now)
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Dark-Blond
    Unusual Features: No body heat, organs in kind of cyro-stasis

    Strength Level: Frost possesses the strength of a boy his age and build who engages in regular activity. His durability is augmented by his change.

    Known Superhuman Powers: Frost possess normal human physiology with some key differences. His entire inner body is frozen solid without becoming brittle. This makes him highly resistent to most kinds of damage or critical wounds. Despite this condition, he can act normally. With modest concentration, he can absorb the heat in his vicinity into his body, creating in effect cold. After a bit of experimentation, he was able to use this to create objects from air moisture, like ice bridges for transportation or as a form of attack. He is naturally immune to cold, and can shield his clothing against the worst effects of it.
    Equipment: Frost is not known to use any kind of special equipment.

    ooc: For a common theme, I already thought to give him a sculpting skill as a hobby skill he is able to utilize in his supers career. Could be the artist connection.


    Str:12 Dex:14 Con:14 Int:12 Wis:12 Cha:10

    Tough+12 Fort+7 Reflex+7 Will+7

    Skills (9/36ranks): Acrobatics 6, Bluff 6, Concentration 11, Notice 7, Craft Sculpting 6

    Feats(7): Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Attack-Focus (ranged 2), Power Attack, Precise Shot, Uncanny Dodge Visual

    Cold Control 10 (20)
    AP: Create Object (Ice; Impervious Extra, Permanent Flaw) 10 (1)
    Ap: Blast 10 (1)
    Protection 8 (Extras: Impervious10; Drawback: Noticeable) (17)
    Immunity (poison, diease, crit, suffocation, cold) (11)

    Combat (24): Attack +6, Damage +10 (energy blast), Defense +6, Initiative +2

    Abilities 14 + Skills 9 (36 ranks) + Feats 7 + Powers 50 + Combat 24 + Saves 16 = 120

    Trade-offs: -2 Att, +2 Damage ; -2 Defense, +2 Toughness
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    Hi I'm a comic and rpg nerd. Don't hurt me, please.

    PS: English is NOT my native language!

    May the 4th be with you!


    Invisible Castle

    Pathfinder SRD (Pathfinder_OGC)

    My Houserules

    I am SpiderClan

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    Excalibur [PL 8] 120pp
    Concept: The Once and Future King, come again.
    Appearance: Male, 18 years old, 180 lbs, 5’11”. Grey eyes and light brown hair. Went out and bought a concealed vest when he realized he had serious super-hero potential with his new sword.


    STR 10
    DEX 10
    CON 14
    INT 16
    WIS 14
    CHA 16
    Subtotal: 20pp.


    BAB +3
    BDB +4
    TOUGH +8, +5 flat-footed
    FORT 4+2 Con
    REFLEX 6+0 Dex
    WILL 4+2 Will
    Subtotal: 28 pp.


    Bluff [8] +11, Computers [6] +9, Diplomacy [2] +5, Drive [4] +4, Knowledge – Current Events [6] +9, Knowledge - History [4] +7, Knowledge – Popular Culture [4] +7, Notice [4] +6, Sense Motive [6] +8.
    44 ranks total
    Subtotal: 11 pp.


    Defensive Roll [3], Dodge Focus [4], Equipment 3, Taunt, Accurate Attack, Improved Block 3, Improved Disarm 3, Improved Initiative 2, Power Attack, Weapon Bind.
    Subtotal: 22 pp.


    POWERS: Excalibur, Mystic Blade (Device 14, easy to lose, 3 pp/rank, Power Feat: Restricted: Bloodline of Arthur)
    [Deflect 8: [All ranged attacks, Reflect, Redirect; 4 pp/rank]
    Paralyzing Blow 9: [Paralyze linked to Strike; Paralyze alt save: Fort; Accurate 2, Improved Critical; alt. powers: Stunning Blow, Penetrating Flurry; 3 pp/rank]
    Stunning Blow 8: [Stun linked to Strike; Accurate 2, Improved Critical; 3 pp/rank]
    Penetrating Flurry: [Strike, Auto-fire 2, Penetrating, Accurate 2, Improved Critical; 3 pp/rank]]
    Subtotal: 43 pp.

    Compact Car, Undercover Vest, Cell phone, Desktop Computer


    Tradeoff +1 damage/-1 attack
    Paralyzing Blow melee +7 (19-20 crit.; Lethal DC 24/Paralyze Fort DC 19)
    Stunning Blow melee +7 (19-20 crit.; Lethal DC 24/Stun Fort DC 19)
    Penetrating Flurry melee +7 (Lethal DC 24; Auto-fire, Penetrating)
    Disarm melee +13 (+9 vs. Str)
    Block +9 melee /+8 ranged
    Initiative +8
    Defense +8/+2 Flat-footed
    Toughness +8/+5 Flat-footed
    Fort +6
    Ref +6
    Will +6
    Grapple +3
    Knockback -4/-2 flat-footed

    Normal Identity: Change over the course of a full round when drawing forth Excalibur (4 pps)

    Normal Identity
    Arthur King [PL 4] 33 pp


    STR 10
    DEX 10
    CON 14
    INT 16
    WIS 12
    CHA 12
    Subtotal: 14pp.


    BAB +0
    BDB +2
    TOUGH +8, +5 flat-footed
    FORT 0+2 Con
    REFLEX 0+0 Dex
    WILL 0+2 Will
    Subtotal: 4 pp.


    Bluff [8] +9, Computers [6] +9, Diplomacy [2] +3, Drive [4] +4, Knowledge – Current Events [6] +9, Knowledge - History [4] +7, Knowledge – Popular Culture [4] +7, Notice [4] +5, Sense Motive [6] +7.
    44 ranks total
    Subtotal: 11 pp.


    Equipment 3, Taunt
    Subtotal: 4 pp.

    Compact Car, Undercover Vest, Cell phone, Desktop Computer


    Tradeoff -1 defense/+1 toughness
    Punch melee +0 (nonlethal DC 15)
    Initiative +0
    Defense +2/+1 Flat-footed
    Toughness +5
    Fort +2
    Ref +0
    Will +1
    Grapple +0
    Knockback -2

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    I Defended The Walls!

    Block Shayuri

    My communities:

    Jemal, Bialaska - Looks like the situation's been resolved happily, so I'm gonna stick with Facade. If you have any feedback about those drawbacks ideas I listed, let me know...otherwise I'll just pick whichever (possibly more than one) seems to fit the build the best.

    I'll try to get a sheet up tonight.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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    Return of the Mini-Juggynaut! With the Immovable and Unstoppable I kinda imagine her a lot like Juggernaut, since she's not being moved, unless she allows herself to be moved.

    Or perhaps she's some crossbreed between Colossus and Juggernaut, even if that's not really possible since they're both males (though with mutants I guess anything is possible). :P
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    Delia in drothgery's Keep on the Shadowfell
    Supreme Girl in hero4hire's Freedom League Unlimited
    Tenna in arcanaman's Empire in the Dark
    Keira in Jemal's Past Tense
    Kira in timbuktu's Halls of the Minotaur
    Rigi the Kobold in Isidorus' Keep on the Shadowfell
    Tara in Rayex' Stranded, the confused
    Maki in ishalleatyourflesh's Monster Madness
    Aiyana in Azor Grimcleavers' Rise of the Runelords

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    Block Shalimar

    Secret Identity: -NA-
    Real Name: Carly Pope
    Occupation: High-School Student
    Place of Birth: Hixville
    Marital Status: Single
    Relatives: Meridith Gentry-Pope (mother, High School Therapist), Daniel Pope (father, Police Chief)
    Group Affiliation: None
    Base of Operations: Hixville; a small city located somewhere in-between LA and SF
    First Appearance: CHOSEN (?) #1

    History: Carly Lilith Pope is the oldest daughter of the police chief of Hixville, and despite what the towns name may imply she has lived a very artistic and sophisticated life spending many weekends in both LA and San Francisco soaking up the art and culture. She is very dedicated to her drawing and photography to the point where she has applied for early acceptance to Dartmouth for their Fine Arts program.

    Personality: Everyone seems to like Carly not because she's a cheerleader (which she isn't), or because she throws drinking parties (which she definitely doesn't); no, they like her because she is a genuinely nice person who is pleasant to be around. Carly's friends run the gammut of Jocks to geeks to drama club. The best song to describe Carly is 'I'm a bitch' because she really is a bit of everything all rolled into one. She can come across as sophisticated and intelligent one moment and completely silly and irreverent the next.

    Height: 5 ft. 8 in.
    Weight: 137 lbs
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Brownish-Red

    Known Superhuman Powers: Carly appears to be able to duplicate any skill that she observes someone making use of. She isnt quite sure about things yet, but she has decided that she should probably watch the Olympics as a test.


    Str:10 Dex:14 Con:12 Int:14 Wis:14 Cha:14

    Tough+4 Fort+7 Reflex+8 Will+8

    Skills (10/40ranks): Bluff +6(4)/+10, Computers +5(3), Craft (Artistic) +8(6), Diplomacy +6(4)/+10, Knowledge 2+ [Art 8, Pop Culture 2, Theology/ Philosophy 2, Behavioral Sciences 2], Notice +4(2), Sense Motive +8(6)

    Feats (15): Dodge Focus (3), Defensive Roll (3), Attractive (1), Connected, Benefit (Police Chiefs Daughter), Equipment 5 (25 EP), Rapid Bluff

    Reflex Memory 7 [35PP Pool] (Extra: Feats; Flaw: Standard Action; 8pp/rank 56pp)

    Combat (8)
    (4)Attack +2, Damage +0 (unarmed)
    (4)Defense +15 (11 Flat Footed)
    Initiative +2

    Abilities 18 + Skills 10 (40 ranks) + Feats 15 + Powers 56 + Combat 24 + Saves 16 = 120

    Trade-offs: +2 Attack/ -2 Damage

    Carly needs her Reflex Memory power to be able to meet her caps, until she starts to fill out her pool she will be pretty weak.
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Block hero4hire

    My communities:

    very rough sheet as I have very little time tonight.

    "----------Character Details---------
    Player Name: H4H
    Character Name:
    Character Alias: Overdrive
    GM's Name: Jemal
    Power Level: 8
    Power Points: 120



    ----------Ability Scores---------
    Strength: 30/10 (+10/0)
    Dexterity: 24 (+7/+2)
    Constitution: 30/10 (+10/0)
    Intelligence: 10 (0)
    Wisdom: 10 (0)
    Charisma: 10 (0)

    Toughness: +10/0
    Fortitude: +13/3
    Reflex: +13
    Willpower: +5

    Attack Bonus: +6 (melee), +3 (ranged)
    Damage Bonus: Unarmed +10/0
    Grapple: +16
    Defense Bonus: +6 (+2 flat footed)
    Initiative: +7

    ----------Lifting Capacity---------
    Light Load: 532 lbs
    Medium Load: 1064 lbs
    Heavy Load: 1600 lbs
    Max Load: 1.6 tons
    Push/Drag: 4.0 tons

    ----------Movement Rate---------
    Base Speed: 30 ft/r / 60 ft/r / 120 ft/r
    Leap: 20 ft / 10 ft / 5 ft
    Flight: 1000 ft/r

    • Acrobatics - 8 (+15)
    • Bluff - 8 (+8)
    • Climb - 5 (+15)
    • Disable Device - 5 (+5)
    • Drive - 3 (+10)
    • Escape Artist - 0 (+7)
    • Intimidate - 5 (+5)
    • Knowledge: Business - 1 (+1)
    • Knowledge: Popular Culture - 4 (+4)
    • Knowledge: Streetwise - 4 (+4)
    • Notice - 5 (+5)
    • Pilot - 1 (+8)
    • Ride - 1 (+8)
    • Search - 5 (+5)
    • Sleight of Hand - 1 (+8)
    • Stealth - 8 (+15)
    • Swim - 0 (+10)


    • Acrobatic Bluff: Feint and trick using Acrobatics rather than Bluff
    • All-out Attack: Reduce defense bonus to increase attack bonus
      Attack Focus (Melee) (3): +3 bonus to melee attack rolls
    • Dodge Focus (3): +3 dodge bonus
    • Elusive Target: Double penalties for ranged attacks against you in melee
    • Equipment (1): 5 points worth of equipment
    • Evasion (1): Suffer 1/2 damage from attacks allowing a Reflex save
    • Fast Overrun: Make multiple overrun attempts in a round
    • Fearless: Immunity to fear effects
    • Improved Overrun: +4 bonus on trip checks while overrunning
    • Move-by Action: Move both before and after a standard action
    • Power Attack: Reduce attack bonus to increase damage bonus
    • Taunt: Demoralize using Bluff rather than Intimidate
    • Uncanny Dodge: Retain your dodge bonus while flat-footed

    Adrenal Surge {} - Power Rank 20 - Cost 21 (1 * 20 + 1)
    Extras: Total Fade
    Flaws: Emotional

    Alternate Power 1 of Adrenal Surge (20/20)
    Healing {} - Power Rank 10 - Cost 20 (2 * 10)
    Extras: Total
    Flaws: Personal

    Enhanced Dexterity {} - Power Rank 10 - Cost 10 (1 * 10)

    Immunity (Fatigue Effects, Pain Descriptor) {} - Power Rank 7 - Cost 7 (1 * 7)

    Impervious Toughness {} - Power Rank 10 - Cost 11 (1 * 10 + 1)
    Power Feats: Subtle

    Pheremones {} - Power Rank 1 - Cost 4 (4 * 1)

    Suspended Animation {} - Power Rank 2 - Cost 2 (1 * 2)

    Device (Hoverboard; Easy to Lose) {} - Power Rank 1 - Cost 4 (3 * 1 + 1)
    Power Feats: Restricted (20+ Dex)

    Component of Container Device (Hoverboard; Easy to Lose)
    Flight {} - Power Rank 4 - Cost 4 (1 * 4)
    Flaws: Platform

    Component of Container Device (Hoverboard; Easy to Lose)
    Feature (Can disguise as a real skateboard) {} - Power Rank 1 - Cost 1 (1 * 1)


    Involuntary Transform - Points -3
    Description: 'Roid Rage - Freq DC 15 - Sev DC 15

    ----------Cost Summary---------
    Abilities: 4
    Combat: 12
    Saves: 14
    Skills: 16
    Feats: 18
    Powers: 59
    Drawbacks: -3
    Total Cost: 120

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    Block hero4hire

    My communities:

    I was wondering if you would consider a house rule proposed by Steve Kenson regarding the Rage feat. Specifically the 1st rank of Rage being excempt from the PL Caps.

    I think the feat would be flavorful for Overdrive but I don't want to constantly use it.

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    I Defended The Walls!

    Block Relique du Madde

    My communities:

    Edgar Allan Phillips PL 8 [120 pp]
    "Beware the paper tigers.."

    Concept: Artist with the powers of Illusion and matter creation
    Appearance: An frail 6 foot tall almost nondescript looking 18 year old boy with amber colored eyes, long unkempt black hair.

    Character Information

    Real Name: Edgar Allan Phillips
    Secret Identity:
    Occupation: Independent comic book writer/artist
    Marital Status: Single
    Age: 18
    Height: 6’0
    Weight: 140
    Hair: Long black, unkempt
    Eyes: Light Amber
    Nationality: American
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hometown: Hixville
    Place of Birth: Long Beach, Ca.

    Allegiance: Family, Friends
    Motivations: Recognition

    First Appearance: Chosen: Issue 1

    Personality: Pending.


    Edgar Allan Phillips is an 18 year old high school graduate who is the son of Milley Star, an exotic dancer turned bar tenderness, and William Phillips, her former husband who is a famed manufacturer of custom-built street rods. Edgar has one sister, Joanna, who is a student at Hixville High school.

    Edgar is an artist who lives in a cramped loft apartment above Mr. Nolan’s Used Book Paradise, where he works part time. He spends most of his free time working on his comic book, Manifest Dreamers, or hanging out at one of the Hixville’s local music venues with Mr. Nolan’s daughter, his close friend Eva.

    Edgar lived a rather uneventful life until about a week ago, when Edgar discovered that he had the ability to create illusions and temporary objects based on his artwork. That night, as Edgar was returning to his loft, he was attacked by three masked men who were trying to break into the Mr. Nolan’s bookstore. During his struggle, the unusual happened after Edgar found himself staring at a flier he created from his comic, which featured his character Mistress Natasha. As he gazed upon the image, it began to fade then soon after, a woman dressed as the character appeared and fought off his Assailants before vanishing into thin air.

    The next day, Edgar revealed what happened during when his attacked to Eva who initially did not believe his story until he demonstrated his ability by making a basket flowers appear in her hands.

    Character Sheet

    Str 10 (+0) Dex 14 (+2) Con 12 (+1) Int 16 (+3) Wis 14 (+2) Cha 12 (+1)

    Toughness +2 (+1 unarmored), Fortitude +3 (1+2), Reflexes +3 (2+1), Will +5 (2+3)

    Base Attack +1, Base Defense +5 (Defense 15, flatfooted 12), Initiative +2

    Concentration 4 (+7), Craft: Artistic 10 (+13), Craft: Structural 3 (+6), Drive 1 (+3), Knowledge: Art 3 (+5), Knowledge: Popular Culture 2 (+4), Notice 4 (+6), Profession: Illustrator 5 (+7), Profession: Writer 4 (+7)

    Equipment 4, Second Chance 1 (Create: Artistic), Skill Mastery (Concentration, Create: Artistic, Notice, Profession: Writer)

    Create Object 6 [16pp]: PF: Precise, Progression 2 (25ft), Subtle 1; Drawbacks: See Below

    Illusion 8 [53pp]: PF: Progression 4 (100ft.); Extras: Duration (Sustained), Selective Attack, Drawbacks: See Below
    • AP: Deadly Illusion 6 [48pp]: PF: Progression 4 (100ft.); Extras: Damaging, Selective Attack; Drawbacks: See Below

    Quickness 4 [2pp]: x25; Flaws: Painting/Drawing Only (-2)

    Art Supplies (Sketchbook, paint, brushes, pencils an pen), Camera, Cell Phone (Camera and PDA), Desktop Computer, Laptop Computer, Leather Jacket, Rebuilt/Customized 1940 Ford Coupe (AC, Alarm, Radio/Cd player, Leather Interior)

    Power Loss (-3 pp, Minor, Very Common): To use his Illusion and Create Object powers, Edgar must either draw a object/scene he wishes to create or write down a brief description of it and verbally describe it.

    Abilities 18pp + Skills 9 pp (36 ranks) + Feats 6pp + Powers 71pp + Combat 12pp + Saves 7pp – Drawbacks 3 = 120 pp

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    I Defended The Walls!

    Block Shayuri

    My communities:

    Okay, here's a sample to get things rolling, but mechanically speaking this is a complicated concept, and I could really use some input. What I have is a pair of supersenses that work by touch to sense either a genetic pattern or the material composition of the target. Once the target has been "scanned," the character can mimic it's properties, using a Shapeshifting or Object Mimic pool.

    This feels like a kind of slipshod way to design the character though. One thing I'd like to try to retain is the notion that Facade has some freedom to determine what traits go with what traits. For example:

    She scans a pigeon. Then later on she scans a reporter. She can then become that reporter (via Morph purchased with Shapeshifting), and still grow pigeon wings as well...because she scanned the pigeon traits earlier. And then, when using this winged reporter form, she could touch the sidewalk and become concrete as well...

    Shapeshift/object mimicry seems like a way to do this, but are there better ones? I was looking at using the Mimic power, for example, but I'm not sure it's legal, or would do what I'm looking for. It may also be that what I'm looking for is too broad, or too vague to be useful.

    Here's the sheet I'm using right now...still WIP of course.

    CODENAME Facade
    Concept/Archetype: Shapeshifter
    Power Level: 8
    Power Points: 120
    Experience Points:
    Hero Points: 1

    STR 10 +0 (0 PP)
    DEX 12 +1 (2 PP)
    CON 14 +2 (4 PP)
    INT 16 +3 (6 PP)
    WIS 16 +3 (6 PP)
    CHA 20 +5 (10 PP)

    SAVES 15
    TOUG +2 (+2 Con)
    FORT +7 (5 Base + 2 Con) (5 PP)
    REF +7 (6 Base + 1 Dex) (6 PP)
    WILL +7 (4 Base + 3 Wis) (4 PP)

    COMBAT 8
    INIT +1
    BASE DEF +2 (4 PP)
    DEF 12 (10 + 2 Base)
    BASE ATT +2 (4 PP)


    SKILLS 24 SP (6 PP)
    Bluff +10 (5 ranks + 5 Cha)
    Diplomacy +10 (5 ranks + 5 Cha)
    Disguise +25 (5 ranks + 5 Cha + 15 Power)
    Notice +7 (4 ranks + 3 Wis)
    Sense Motive +8 (5 ranks + 3 Wis)

    LANGUAGES (0 Ranks)

    SPEED 30/60/120

    FEATS 1
    Equipment (5) 1

    POWERS 62
    Detect DNA Pattern (Analytical, Acute), 3pp
    Detect Chemical Composition (Analytical, Acute), 3pp

    ShapeShift +3 (Only to acquire traits from 'scanned' individuals) 21pp
    Object Mimicry +4 24pp

    Regeneration (PF: Regrowth) +11 (11pp)
    - Bruised +1 (1 rnd, auto)
    - Injured +2 (5 min)
    - Unconscious +1 (1 rnd)
    - Staggered +3 (1 min)
    - Disabled +2 (1 hr)
    - Dead +1 (1 week)


    Abilities [28]
    Combat [8]
    Saves [15]
    Skills [6]
    Feats [1]
    Powers [62]
    Drawbacks [XX]
    Total [120]
    Unspent [0]

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